What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 8 of 10. 76 Comments

2701: - integrate Zeitgeist
- provide newest Gnome for older Linux distros
- improve performance

Thanks for working on Gnome; and I hope the team one day finds time to fix all those little nits and "papercuts".

2702: Fix/Find a work around for the black shell bar in the top and bottom of my screen, so it doesn't get over my menus and statusbars.
(This is a problem mainly in non-gnome apps like eclipse, hence the "find a work around"

Get back panel applets. I miss them _so_ much.

Go back to window mode for alt+tab instead of app mode. Most programs come in one window these days anyway, and it is really annoying that terminals or chrome windows jump forward together.

You have plenty of good ideas.
Too bad you gave up on spatial nautilus.

2703: Replace gtk with a object oriented framework.

put the task bar back on the bottom.

2704: bring back the menus from GNOME 2.x, bring back the taskbar, expand fallback mode to parity with regular mode to preserve look/feel of gnome 2 for those of us who want it

listen to your community

2705: Implement the timeline way of dealing with files that was suggested by one of the Gnome developers

2706: 1) Make it much, much easier to edit the Applications, Places, and System menus.

2) Ask the user if they intend to do any 3D gaming before auto-enabling Compiz, or any of its related features.

3) Get rid of one of the bars. Having two of them takes up real estate for no good reason. I always place the trash can and window list in the upper bar, then delete the bottom bar.

Don't reinvent the wheel. If Linus himself says that Gnome 3 is crap, then that's exactly what it is. Stick to what works.

2707: Stop copying Mac OS X, it's unproductive for heavy users. It requires multiple clicks to do things.

I find it crazy that I need to install a extension to disable buttons/icons in the toolbar.

I find it crazy that I have to do a mouse gesture, click on a icon in the dock and I can't even use alt-tab to switch between windows of the same app (I know.. another "extension").

Stop copycatting Mac OS X.. I used for a year and gave up. It's for housewifes and grandparents.

2708: Go back to a useful desktop environment

I had been using gnome since close to the start, and recently installed fedora 15 with gnome 3, this was an unusable system, and I re-imaged the system to use Xfce, and currently don't have a system running gnome anymore, both the gnome 3 and unity interfaces of the various systems are completely unusable. It is sad that after over a decade of using it, I can no longer use or recommend the system.

2709: The default GNOME 3 configuration requires too much clicking and searching to launch applications.

Perhaps GNOME 3 is still too alpha or beta for productivity use but it seems to lock up the window manager a lot which makes productivity impossible.

2710: Small things, like ability to go to enter a location from the Locations menu at top, instead of only having an option to click.

Just empower users to do what they want.

Haven't tried Gnome 3 yet, so not sure what to say on that front.

Gnome 3 looks nice. Not sure it's ready in Debian yet. ;)

2711: 1. The Alt+Tab functionality of GNOME 3 is illogical, I usually have several terminals open and I now need to use Alt+` to switch between them. There is not reason to switch between application groups and it seems the only reason that limitation was made was so that previews could be shown in the Alt+Tab popup menu.

2. Notifications do not appear in front of a full screen terminal.

3. When pressing the meta key it is unnecessary to show all of the windows on the workspace. The task bar should be reimplemented as it was much more efficient. Switching windows now seems much more laborious...

I'm in the process of switching to xmonad... Gnome 2 was great Gnome 3 made way too many user interface changes that do not help me work effectively. Forcing me to learn a whole new GUI gave me the motivation to switch to a more effective interface. I refuse to learn the ins and outs of Gnome 3 when there are more effective (though less intuitive) choices available.

2712: Having not fully given GNOME 3 a chance yet, my comments may be ill-informed about the actual state of GNOME 3 and reflect what I'm afraid has happened or will happen:

* DO NOT create a new system tray API that blacklists all old tray applications, like Canonical's Unity did. (WTF is up with that?!)

* DO create a fast, reliable SEARCHABLE Start button menu a lot like Windows 7, Mint Menu, or OS X's Spotlight.

* Desktop toolbars/widgets (Start menu; task list; system tray; etc.) MUST be arbitrarily placeable and repeatable at any position on any display like in GNOME 2.

Distance yourself from Unity as much as you can.

2713: Stop changing direction every so many years, and finish and extend what is there. Reduce scripting and bytecode usage, focus on plain native code as was the original intention.

Stop designing for beginners. How long can you go on focussing only on beginners? Slowly the installed base is larger than the new users THAT WILL STICK in a new generation.

Long term stability and backwards compatibility is everything, absolutely everything. It is that why Windows rules.

2714: - Stability in new releases!
- Make nautilus screaming fast, less "desktop integrated", more basic and solid like xfce's Thunar

speed and rock solid stability above all!

2715: 1. GNOME needs an appearance configuration app with an "advanced" tab or button which would allow me to customize the appearance of everything about my desktop - not just the limited choices in the existing tool. For example, I should be able to make the window title bar any color available to my desktop using a color wheel or dropper. It should be a GTK app. I don't want to edit xml files.

2716: Unity is such a change from Gnome2 that most users will find it difficult to transition. It might also keep Windows users from converting since it is so different from Windows. Gnome-panel was a happy middle ground that was quite usable, yet not far off of Windows.

find some middle ground between Unity and Gnome-Panel. Allow users to choose.

2717: Only one thing. Get rid of, or make optional, the Shell.

See 22.

2718: kde, gnome and probably windows 8 all want to fit "us" into a phone/cloud enviornment. phones, netbooks, laptops and workstations do not replace each other and their window managers should reflect this/ i use openbox now. but i do install gedit, eog and gnumeric

2719: Allow quick-launch icons on the task bar

2720: Please provide a coherent sdk.

2721: 1) Make it easier to customize in the latest version. I shouldn't have to apt-get another program to make changes. I want to tweak a lot of things to personalize my use of the desktop.
2)A screensaver would be nice, considering my redhat desktop back in '97 had more screensaver options than the current gnome setup.
3)The ability to put even one or two quick launch icons on the top panel again. I spent so much time using the 2.x series desktop this way that I miss that. And an icon for workspaces there if I choose.

This is a bold new direction for gnome and I like most of it. Workspace changing is a royal pain in the ass, and quickly launching certain programs is too slow. The lack of screensaver options was downright baffling.

Overall I am happy with the new gnome, but it needs work in areas that 2.x already had covered in terms of being easy to customize.

New is good. Taking away choice is bad. If I wanted my desktop rigidly structured I would be using a commercial OS.

2722: Get rid of that stupid bar and bring back Applications

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. The wheel works fine. Just make it look prettier.

2723: Not sure if it’s GNOME or Ubuntu to blame, but things don’t always work as smoothly as they should. Like some application/applet fails to load on the top panel when I boot the system and such. Little hickups like these annoy me the most.

2724: 1. Go back to version 2
2. Abandon version 3
3. Make version 2 better

I applaud your attempt to make version 3 intuitive, but it just isn't working. It requires too new of graphics hardware, the computer I put together 1 year ago will not work with the new version because of the older video that is built into it. I have specifically not upgraded to the newer fedora 15 because of this issue. I hope Fedora 16 has the ability to use version 2, otherwise here comes lxde or xfce.

2725: Kill Gnome 3
Continue Gnome 2

Kill Gnome 3
Continue Gnome 2

2726: - In GNOME 3.x it is necessary to add an option to group windows in the Window Switcher.

- In GNOME 3.x it is also necessary to add an option to change the desktop font.

Tjank you for making such a great desktop.

2727: This is based on GNOME 2.x, I haven't used 3.x yet. Make it shinier, more easily configurable.

2728: Have the same layout style and task switcher as of Gnome 2. Gnome 3 task switcher is horrible to use for those who use keyboard shortcuts massively instead of using the slow mouse method. Have simple clean mode for the server environments and those who don't care for wasteful slow eye candy.

2729: Include Linux Mint extensions
Better documentation
Window tiling applet (such as x-tile) installed by default (or at least in the repositories!).

Ability to switch seemlessly between Gnome 3 and classic would have had me using 3 ages ago. But as it is now, I haven't, because I find 2 more usable in most things I do (even though 3 would have been more usable in a very small number of scenarios).

2730: I am an old curmudgeon who likes the standard WIMP environment I've gotten used to and wants it to remain available as an easily accesible option. I HATE Unity with the burning passion of 1000 suns, and have always hated almost every single design decision about Mac OS X's interface. I have spent a few weeks trying to get used to both and regretting it. I do not use any dock on top of gnome now, and have postponed upgrading to natty until I am sure I have a good gui option tat I like.

My desperate plea is that you keep a gnome-2-like interface available as an easily selectable option as you insist on making other shiny interfaces available to people that may be unusable to some of us old farts (like say Linus).

Most importantly though thanks a million, more than I can express, for all that you have done so far and for Gnome!! You guys rock!

2731: They should admit that Gnome 3 is major step backwards for a sizeable proportion of their user base.

2732: Make gnome 3.* 100% backwards compatible with gnome 2.2

Don't deprecate features that programmers have built into their programs.

2733: Move panel to left-hand side for us minority right-handed people (or at least make it customizable).
Allow much, much, much more customization, reduce wasted vertical space, support multiple monitors better.
Make it easier for those of us who have multiple instances of the same applications to launch and navigate with alt-tab.

Desktop and Nautilus look good, animations are smooth, and seems to run quickly. I tried to use GNOME 3 for a few months. I found myself fighting it too much, so I went with XFCE since GNOME 2 is dead. I can't see a better paradigm than WIMP for my needs. GNOME 2 was damn near perfect.

2734: Easy email notification
Easy IM contact list
Easy power off button

2735: Proper settings manager support for focus-follows-mouse, rather than having to hack dconf/gconf.

Allow system tray icons to appear on the top bar.

Put a 'power off' option on the main menu.

While I'm mostly impressed with Gnome 3, I have to spend too much time hacking gconf/dconf to make it usable. One size does not fit all --- please put back all the configuration options that got taken out. Focus follows mouse, font size configuration, the ability to disable automount, applets, panels, etc. Preventing the user doing something they want to do does not make for a better user experience.

2736: Gnome 3 is silly

Give up, xfce is better

2737: I would make the dock extension the default, include maximize and minimize buttons (instead of just close), and enable desktop icons by default.

2738: Ability to run multiple instances of Gnome out of the same home folder. .gvfs is a pita, and the plethora of .folders is simply annoying. Better management and settings tools.

There seem to be a complete dearth of enterprise management tools for linux and if Gnome wants to participate on the enterprise desktop it sorely needs them. Webmin does a fair amount of stuff fairly well, however it seems to be mostly redhat specific and it's not particularly user friendly. I'd love to see a proper gnome native ldap client/manager tool. A nice tool for troubleshooting and managing gconf company wide with documentation to go with it.

2739: alt-tab switching between windows sucks!
I would like to have either icons on the desktop or add launchers to the bar at top.
I would like to have a task bar showing my minimized or all windows.

GNOME 2 was fast and easy to use. GNOME 3 is a serious step backwards. Things that used to be quick now require additional steps. I realize most things only require a single additional step or learning a new way to do it, which once you have learned it becomes quick again, regardless, there was no reason to change it other than for the sake of change. Most importantly, ALT-TAB sucks! I have been a long time KDE user and I like the changes made with KDE 4. I personally enjoy some nice desktop effects to enhance the look. GNOME does an excellent job of transitions and transparency and it looks gorgeous, KDE on the other hand looks good as well, but is not nearly as smooth as GNOME with the basic effects. This is the only thing GNOME has going for it against KDE. In every other way, I believe, KDE kills GNOME. It is more functional, it is quicker, and in every case I can think of, it is better integrated into other applications.

2740: what ever three changes would get me closer to GNOME 2.3

Provide an alternative experience which is at least on par with GNOME 2.3

2741: decrippling, decrippling, decrippling

please stop treating your users like children.

2742: My suggestion is to make to types os gnome, one for touch devices and another for the tradicional pc without all that touch crap! :)

2743: 1. Stop imitating Apple.

2. Remove unnecessary empty space around things. This is a major problem on a small laptop screen where every pixel counts.

3. Fix bugs.

2744: Its just been a few days of experience with GNOME 3.0. Its all nice and dandy but somethings I miss from 2.x:

1) Widgets, for cpu usage and weather primarily
2) Shutdown button w/o having to logout or open a console
3) Left click on the often used applications tray should open another instance of the application

Please don't remove functionality for simplicity.

2745: Actual Help Files. A lot better configuration.

2746: Enhance configurability, while keeping it simple.
Please fix the proxy configuration UI!
Think again your 'WTF' choices, like Alt+Click to shutdown.

- Communicate your design choices to your end users. (mailing-lists are not sufficient)
- Keep up with the good work, don't feel distracted by previous users who dislike the new paradigm. They should switch to another DE, there are plenty of them.
- Collaborate with the KDE team and Canonical.

2747: Make Gnome 3 vanish from the earth, I find it unusable and will be forced to try other desktops when Gnome 2 is no longer supported by Linux mint, debian, or some other debian based distro.

What were you thinking, or smoking when you came up with Gnome 3? Its a nightmare, its unusable.

2748: Offer proper configuration options with a friendly GUI, not some options hidden in a seperate tweak tool
The ability to change power settings with a GUI like what is considered critical battery charge level
Less rude responses by the developers to legitimate questions

2749: it would be gnome three shell

drop shell, you were on right track with gnome 2.32 desktop

2750: 1. revert back to gnome 2 desktop.
2. improve gnome 2 desktop look.
3. better system settings.

Yes, make "gnome classic" a fullblown option. I hate the new interface as it interferes with my workflow. It does not make anything easier or more intuitive, on the opposite it makes the usage a frustrating experience. The gnome 2 interfece was so much better and transparent, and I would love to see that even better and improved to perfection. At the moment, I'm looking for another WM, even though I've been loyal to gnome for so many years. Hope the future is bright for old and new users though.

2751: Stop trying to out-Microsoft Microsoft AND/OR out-Apple Apple.

2752: 1. Make a better filemanager than nautilus
2. Keep Gnome-2 UI as an option in Gnome-3
3. Improve the menu system (add more sub-groups or categories)
4. Add active feedback applets to system-tray (e.g. Status Monitors for: CPU, Ethernet, GPU, WiFi, Hard Disk Drive, Memory, etc.)

Please make it easier for users to report bugs and make suggestions to improve Gnome. I went from about 99% productivity in Gnome 2.x too almost 0% in Gnome 3.x desktop. Gnome 3.x desktop is very beautiful but not very useful for me. After upgrading to Fedora 15 I was forced to switch my desktop to Xfce-4.8. I am still using some Gnome applications, such as Nautilus.

2753: 1) Less resource intensive
2) Better built in file/folder sharing (inevitably I end up needing to add smbfs to get file sharing to work. I am currently Ubuntu 10.04 LTS).
3) Integrated notifications: Google+, GMail, Google Calendar

I prefer the GNOME 2.x desktop environment over the GNOME 3.x.

Also, great work on the GNOME desktop!

2754: 1. more configurability, I'm not a noob
2. port gnome2 to gtk3
3. profile sync

gnome 3 sucks on the desktop. I can see how it might be useful for tablets and touch, but why not keep gnome3 like gnome2 for desktop users, and only show the new shell for touch users?

2755: -make sure other window managers will continue to work with the GNOME environment.

Two things attract me to the Linux desktop--conservatism and customizability. Give me tools that have been proven to work in the field for years and the option to change those tools when I need to. The GNOME Shell doesn't do either of those, and therefore defeats the purpose of my using Linux--so I run in "Classic" mode with a different window manager,

2756: - Bring back the 2.x look and usability, with the desktop converted to gtk3

- replace most apps with superior, more actively improved ones

- integrate more apps under the gnome umbrella

- radically update the infrastructure

- get with the times. this is 2011, tape and tarballs suck for anyone except hairy hippies with smelly armpits.

- replace gnome leads, spokesmen, wannabe philoshopers and developers

- giving (back?) control of the project to the community. gnome team's nonsensical heavyhanded approach to progress control is as bad as microsoft or apple's. Our way or die of a heart attack. Even those juggernauts allow difference and customization.

- allow external contributions, instead of shunning everything by default.

- collaborate with downstream and distros to get all and any improvements merged into mainline gnome (including new APIs).

- seriously, fatten those changelogs. I feel bad when I see gnome's minuscule changelogs compared to KDE's (no, translation string edits are NOT meaningful changes to brag about in announcements).

- get much more serious sponsorship

2757: ability to change keyboard shortcuts (for file information for instance), abiltiy to give different colours to folders to sort them (i never used emblems, not clear)

hope some features lost in the transition to gnome3 will be compensated, it looks too much like a smartphone and less information is visible on screen, seems made to look simple but in reality it hides functionality which makes it more complicated to do what you want to do.

2758: I'd like a default (and optional) QuickSilver-like program launcher similar to what is available in Enlightenment.

GNOME should allow for more customization for Power Users.

Optional Metro Interface.

2759: I would get ride of the touch screen interface "Gnome 3"

Fire every programer with a Mac, because there making Gnome into OSX. We're not going keep using the crap you provide Gnome 3, User will abandon gnome and start a new desktop environment.

2760: 1) Expose configuration options to user
2) Window selection / movement hotkeys
3) Real (i.e., menu-driven) application launcher in addition to iOS-style app icons.

2761: user interface, user interface, user interface.

time to disband.

2762: Multi-monitor support does not play well with multiple virtual desktops. My second monitor gets "locked" to one desktop.

Add some type of rich error reporting feature, or a step by step guide to reporting linux issues.

Put shutdown in the menu

Try to remove posts from Ubuntu websites that have old irrelevant help information from older versions of Ubuntu.

2763: Revert gnome-shell to something not awful. Re-introduce all the appearance settings stuff that got stripped out. Re-introduce support for desktop integration stuff that got stripped out. Fix multi-monitor support.

This dumbing down of the desktop is not for me. If I wanted GNOME3, I'd run Android instead, it's a much better idiot proof environment. I want power and design and configurability in my workstation, GNOME3 is a massive step backwards.

Plus... so, so buggy. Could you at least /try/ to debug things before pushing them out as "stable"?

2764: 1) Improve (not abandon) the spatial desktop / file navigator.

2) GNOME wide address book support (i.e. a defined API not just relying on evolution/whatever else.)

3) Goto 1

Keep on gnom'in!

2765: 1. Revive Beagle/Desktop Search.
2. Allow desktop settings to be stored in the cloud.
3. Enforce dotfiles to reside in ~/.config

The strategy for extension languages needs to be sorted out. Guile is unloved and misunderstood. Mono is anathema for the anti-Microsoft crowd. Python has some traction, but GTK doesn't seem ready for primetime with Python 3.0 (core apps should eat a little more dogfood) and it's difficult to develop core GNOME components with it. There needs to be a mature, high level language option that everybody can live with and gets GNOME's blessing.

2766: 1.Shortcuts on the desktop

2.Customizeable taskbars

2767: Nothing at this point. With the changes that came to Gnome with 3.0, I stopped using Gnome as my primary desktop and went back to windows. At this time I have no plans on returning to Gnome because of the direction the Devs are taking it.

I used gnome from first public release until 3.0. I advocated it to others, showed it off at every chance to anyone I could. I purchased Ximian gear and preview releases. I was a fanboi for sure, and now I wont use it, anyone that asks me about linux, I direct them to other desktops. Kudos on ignoring your users.

Ex-Gnome User

2768: 1. Provide the functionality of Gnome 2 in Gnome 3.
2. Allow more flexibility in Gnome 3 configuration.
3. Transition changes in, rather than dumping Gnome 2 all at once for something new.

If you're going to make drastic changes to how window management works (like was done in Gnome 3), provide an easy way for users to revert that behavior. I understand you're trying to broaden your user base, but you are loosing a lot of long time users in the process. What works for Mac OS users does not necessarily work for kernel developers.

2769: Put the logout and shutdown back in the system menu, or provide an easy way to put it back in.

Thank you for all your hard work! I love the environment and plan to replace unity with it when I finally upgrade my ubuntu installs (or switch to mint). I've heard people say it's bloated, but it doesn't seem so to me: it works great even on the budget hardware I use. Faster's always better, but don't sacrifice the excellent utility you've built.

2770: just a bit too visually sparse. I don't have a sense of a "footprint" to begin work with. I had somewhat the same objections when I started to use Unity, but the simple icon bar helped overcome that feeling. Top the top-left corner thing is amazing. I love the flash, and activation, it's completely slick. Make it do more and it's a win.

Keep pushing forward, and ignore the idiots who want to go back to 2.0


2772: * When saving a file for the first time, the focus should automatically return to the file name input field even if you fist browse to other directories.

* The places drop-down should allow more items to be displayed before they're forced into "Bookmarks" submenu. Ideally this number should be configurable (even only through gconf-editor).

* Add Miller Columns view to Nautilus.

Stop dumbing down everything. There should be a balance between too many and not enough options. You've went too far with Gnome 3.

2773: - Calendar integration with something other than evolution
- better open window/application navigation (expose like view is good for 10 or less windows)
- distinction between window and application (similar to MacOS X)

- less javascript code
- testing gnome with experienced users (i have 15 gvim windows with code open most of the time, how to quickly find the right window?)

2774: 1. I want a TWM style icon manager that I can put on a vertical bar on the side of my screen. GNOME has not had a application list that has worked oriented vertically for some time. Screens are wide, not tall, so I don't want to waste space at the bottom.

2. I want a simple to edit "start" menu. I should be able to drag, drop, create short cuts in the menu as easily as Windows does.

3. The only reason I switched to GNOME back in the day was that I could have all I had with tvtwm and I could Alt-Tab between windows. There is no reason to replace Alt-Tab with something else.

Stop trying to make things more Mac like. Stop trying to make things "easy" to use at the cost of customization and experienced users. GUI design is too faddish. It's OK to add features, but stop changing the fundamental ways we use a windowing GUI. We're not all going to be using touch displays on tablets.

2775: When using the mouse, Gnome 3 makes selecting any program not in your quick list difficult.

1. Click top-left corner of the screen.
2. Move the mouse completely across the screen to choose Programs.
3. Select the program group.
4. Find your program.

Simplify this process.

Gnome 2 seemed to have much better integration of devices with the desktop. Changing the volume, network or USB devices was straight forward. Gnome 3 lost this and needs to have it back.

I cannot install native NVidia drivers without fear of crashing my laptop when running Gnome 3. Hence, I cannot use hardware acceleration. Compiz is not good enough. I need to have a simple method of getting NVidia drivers on my laptop if I want them and I need to have peace of mind that I will not spend then next 10 hours repairing a dead computer just because I ran gedit.

I really liked Gnome 2. I was very disappointed with Gnome 3 by comparison. Compared to KDE 4, I found Gnome 2 to be more stable and to have a better integrated desktop experience. Since Gnome 3 came out, I have switched back to KDE 4 for the exact same reasons I switched to Gnome in the first place.

Please fix Gnome. I liked it. I want to like it again.

2776: Expand the limited System Settings tool in Gnome 3.0+
Add a small selection of complete shell themes to Appearances.
Improved multi-touch support for touch screens

2777: Better resource management (aka "I don't have an infinite amount of RAM and CPU for the window manager to consume.)

Stop with the no-value-added eye-candy.

Stop trying to emulate Windows or OS X. Make changes that are internally consistent with the Gnome philosophy, rather than just chasing the Joneses.

I do not seek a "user experience" out of my computer's operating ssytem and desktop window manager. The paradigm shift from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 was catastrophic, to the point that I switched over to Xfce exclusively. Gnome 3 doesn't run well on my machines that are not ultra-modern top-of-the-line hardware. FC15 with Xfce runs beautifully on my Celeron E3300 dual-core rig, where Gnome 3 is poop slow. Quite frankly, Gnome 3 interferes with my ability to use my computer.

2778: Better network configuration for people who use laptops on different networks daily. For example, proxy settings should be tied to actual network. 2.* proxy manager is just bad if you use laptop and switch between multiple networks..

Mostly kudos to all of you!

2779: I would only extend scriptability. Everything else I would do it myself.

Keep up the good work.

2780: Make it faster.

2781: I'd like to urge GNOME and XFCE to work together closely, so that on a common foundation GNOME could provide a unorthodox desktop shell while XFCE provides a traditional desktop metaphor.

2782: Ability to tell my laptop not to kill itself when I close the lid. More setting without install gnome-tweak-tool or whatever it's called.

Don't just sit around when you hear complaints. Do something about them. Also, don't let pride get in your way.

2783: Minimizing and maximizing is important.
Can the dock just stay there?
Not sure what else.

2784: 1. faster responsiveness
2. more focused on people who know how to use computers instead of retards
3. fewer related required libraries

Stupid people dont use linux, so why focus on them?

2785: Add ability to change default grid size for arranging icons on the desktop!

Nautilus: Easier to find file search feature, add a button above/next to address bar in addition to menu option

Nautilus: Provide an option to disable recent files/folders

2786: 1] If i have a drive mounted via fstab, but am away from that network, and try to open nautilus or empty trash, nautilus freezes for quite some time/won't open.

other than that can't think of anything.

Please remember that my computer isn't a tablet, and huge menu icons look stupid on a 24" monitor (/looks at that other gnome-based gui)

2787: default theme (look'n'feel) and a better more coherent (and bug proof) default icon set, anti-aliased font, and desktop background.

also even if the system admin tools are great (that's what I love about gnome), the focus of gnome maintainer (and developers) should be to keep improving them. Make them better, fix bugs, and add functionality.

Most of the time nobody want to improve them because they just works, and because it's a very hard task to make them work on every distrib / system. But they are so important. Nobody realises that

But think about it

What is the first impression, or the first programs you use when installing an OS or a desktop manager. It's the settings tools.

Other things that needs love in gnome:
gnome-panel (this has been started by ubuntu and their notification status things, but seems to be dropped since they switched to unity)
compiz (way too buggy for me to use) or metacity (or anything that is supposed to replace that) - I still can't resize my windows easily using the mouse (1px border them... blame the theme writer or the theme API ? I always need to edit themes by hand to add a little padding to make it user-friendly)
and last but not least, GTK. this always needs some love.

I'm really interested in UI and desktop manager in general. I've been following Gnome 3 development since the beginning, and have to say the ideas that came from that have been really good in general. The implementation instead have been a little bit ... disappointing I would say. Mostly because of the UI design.

It was improved along the way, but does still looks very unprofessional to me, compared to Mac OS X, or even Windows. Seems like it doesn't compete in the same category.

Why do you think every distrib have to change the look'n'feel of GTK for example, to make it look a little bit better ? By doing so, unfortunately, they reduce Gnome visibility. Gnome is the desktop, it's the distrib (or it was)

I hope Gnome gets better in the future, and get a professional look'n'feel (I still hope for it after all those years)

Keep the good work !

2788: merging it into KDE to kill off wasted effort for limited number of Linux programmers.


Please spend more time in KDE.

2789: get rid of gnome shell. I moved to Xfce on my home pC because gnome 3 is so bad. I don't know why removing good information from the screen and replacing it with eye candy was seen as a good thing. I still use gnome 2 on my work PC, when that isn't available I'll be moving it to Xfce also.

Give me back my always visible information. The desktop switcher and window list panel apps were great, why can't they be available on the gnome 3 panel. As it is, the gnome 3 panel is just a waste of space.

2790: Communication really needs to improve, the whole Unity / Gnome Shell thing is the best example. Gnome developers think that they know best what users want, this is just plain wrong!

Focus on the things that really need work. Empathy still can't send files via icq and msn for example. Take a look at other projects like elementary for example, they have some really great ideas.

2791: i only have one thing... apart from polish and keeping it up to date gnome 2 is perfect for me, so:


please do not force a tablet / touch interface upon us mouse users. thanks.

2792: Improve Alt-Tab switching; make it per-desktop not per application.

2793: 1.- I would maintain the menu button as an option someway.

2794: I've had to migrate to KDE, because Gnome 3 has removed basic, critical functionality like the desktop pager.

Toss version 3 and rethink.

2795: Select multiple apps from the overview window.
Make it easier to extend the search system in the overview window.
Pass non-alphanumeric key pressed through the overview window to the desktop (like pressing the media "Play" key to start music on QuodLibet")

Most of the people who whine the loudest have little interest in contributing - so please continue to work with those of us who do contribute!

2796: 1) Consistent functionality with and without compositing (especially task management and virtual desktops, see Gnome 2.x).
2) Compact, browsable menu (see Gnome 2.x).
3) Usable desktop space for work in progress, mounted drives, etc (see Gnome 2.x).

Human memory is spatial. I remember where I put things, where I read them, where I am, where I'm going. So, going looking for windows, programs, etc. in the places I put them or left them is completely natural and effortless. That's the beauty of the Gnome 2 menu system and task bar, and that spatial organization is completely broken in Gnome 3. As much as I wanted to like Gnome 3, using it leaves me constantly feeling lost and confused, searching for windows and applications. It's like I parked my car at the store and then you moved it. Sure, I can bring up a map to get to where the car went, but I'd much rather it just always be where I put it.

2797: Option interface choices for... a lot more. Hide them behind an "Advanced options" pane or something, but don't force people to do every change but the extremely basic ones in gconf

Real mount points for gvfs

A good interface for assigning shortcuts along with presets for mimicking major other OSes. There's a lot that can said about Windows, but 7 have very functional and effective keyboard shortcuts for window manipulation out of the box.

The "any color as long as it's black"-approach is getting old. Don't discard choices, at least provide a decent GUI for customizing the options that are actually customisable.

2798: Keep improving GNOME 3.
Minimize any possible dependencies to mono.

2799: Better customization
Less mouse activity or a better keyboard usability
Restore GNOME 2 applets

Try to listen to your users, restore the functionality from GNOME 2 at least as a fallback mode, try to bring a 2D accelerated GNOME 3, add customization options as default.

2800: get rid of gnome apps
get rid of gnome panel, nautilus etc
get rid of gnome window manager
gnome should be just a set of user interface libraries and UI design guidelines

stop being so smart-ass and think you know better what users want.

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