What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 7 of 10. 76 Comments

2601: * Opening website from email should stay on same virtual desktop!
* Configuring the startup volume (set fixed, not to that of previous shut down) should be easy!
* On multi monitor display, starting application should resize to screen limits better (imagine you close application on large display, but open it again on smaller display).

I love gnome3 on a laptop, but I hardly ever use a laptop. I use mathematical tools like matlab and latexila. But also email and websites. Plus I have a lot of different pdfs open. For this a lot of screen estate, virtual desktops and a pager are very convenient. Gnome2 works the fastest for me at the moment. Maybe gnome needs two teams, one that concentrates on laptops and tablets and one that concentrates on multimonitor desktops systems.

2602: Remove unity. GTK3 compability for GTK2 themes.

Function over looks. Not all computers are tablets.

2603: More options. Better programs. When something gets broke (like an icon disappears), more obvious ways of getting it back.

I find that GNOME (2.x) has a decent default setup, but that when I want to change something that seems minor, it's really hard. I also find that if I accidentally change something when I don't mean to, this lack of configurability makes it virtually impossible to fix things as they were before.

2604: I do not like the new application launcher in gnome 3. I like my desktop with my panels, that is primarily why I have switched to Xfce

2605: - Stop copying OSX. It is not a valid source of ideas. (eg: the gnome 3 system settings panel)
- More preferences (no, I don't want to switch to overview mode when I move my mouse to the corner of each monitor! I am usually moving from one monitor to another, or trying to click on something which is in the top-left corner!)
- Add more clutter. I know you like clean looks, but things got more and more cluttered over time because a lot of that clutter is useful. How should you make things less-cluttered? with preferences!

Make it ridiculously easy to add additional features to overview mode. I love overview mode (the similar but poorly-executed functionality was the only thing I liked about Unity), but when I search for something, I also want to see: matching filenames, matching file contents, emails, applications I haven't installed but can, top web results, etc)

2606: Access to "advanced" settings.
Developer attitude towards users.
Simplicity over functionality.

2607: Put the damn menu at the bottom of the screen where it belongs.
Get rid of gvfs, whatever that is
Slim it down; less crap
better KDE app integration - I don't want KDE and gnome I just want the KDE app

Every time I do a fresh install I have to spend hours getting the menu/tool bar or whatever you call it re-arranged so that I can bear to use the desktop. Please make an easy way to transport a desktop configuration that doesn't require 10,000 files in 5 million directories, and then when you tire of trying one file at time a time and copy the whole /home/user directory everything breaks miserably...
I exaggerate, but I think you get the point.

2608: Enable a minimalistic mode so that I can have a roughly consistent experience on different-strength machines.

Fully define the Nautilus view where there is a tree with both files and directories. That is the COOLEST damn feature I've ever seen and really wish it were more common, which it would be if there were a good way to refer to it other than "the Nautilus treeview with files".

Keep doing good work.

2609: Make it work properly with dual-monitor configuration.
Ability to drag window to workspace.

2610: Ditch gnome 3.0 and newer versions and go back to 2.x versions. Ditch the current gnome team and replace everyone with people that are not so close minded and consider the communities opinions and wants.


2611: Mail integration to support Thunerbird or Gmail.

2612: You know it already, otherwise you wouldnt make this survey. Let Gnome 3 die, bring back Gnome 2.

Whyn my current distribution ends support for Gnome 2, i'm going XFCE/LXDE. Gnome 3 is an insult, I'd rather switch to Windows than use Gnome 3.

2613: my desktop is a desktop. Not a tablet.
I have to spend half a day just fixing things to work how i want. Even harder to do with gnome 3 (currently using kde.)

2614: go back to 2..... make gconf easy enough my mom could use it, focus on speed

21. gnome+xmonad

2615: Change Gnome3 to be like Gnome2

Gnome 3 assumes I don't have a zillion applications. I do. I want a start menu.

2616: 1. Restore minimize button/concept in GNOME 3 by default.
2. Improved multi-monitor virtual desktop support.
3. Do not oversimplify system settings menus.

Frankly, I use Xfce now. I don't really see the wisdom in disposing of 20+ years of desktop computing UX knowhow in favor of something that appears to be optimized for tablets.

2617: Some of the current UI changes seem counterproductive, though some good work has been done in spite of this. Ease of changing UI settings is a source of frustration.

2618: 1) Go back to gnome 2. if gnome 3 stays, I will likely switch to LXDE or XFCE. I cannot be productive in that env. I typically run ten desktops at once each with different windows in them.
2) Fork Gnome 3 from Gnome 2 and have support for both. I think there is a place for gnome 3, maybe on some of the new devices.
3) If gnome 3 is to stay please allow for some of the many feature that were removed. (Desktop, panels, applets, start menu)

Please listen to us and support a fork. If you want to go do Gnome 3, then awesome! But please don't kill Gnome 2. There are too many of us who really do prefer it!!

Eric J Krejci
Search and you'll find my email if you want to contact me.
PS I have spent some time trying to learn Gnome 3, and I will continue to do so because I'll probably have people who will need help with it. But I don't see myself using it.

2619: Modal dialog management -- application bar notification is flaky with them; see next comment.

New windows from applications on a different workspace should appear on the same workspace as the application, not the current one.

GNOME 3's interface may be suitable for touch devices, but it's an abomination for desktops.

2620: I would put task bar at the bottom,
I would make sure the "cancel" button is not missing on any settings dialog
I would put modern icons (though there has been some improvement in the last few years)

2621: Ditch sidebar, no unified menu system

Do not go the way of unity cause it's total shit if I wanted a mac I'd buy one.

2622: Cut epiphany loose - GNOME doesn't need a bundled browser, there are lots of browsers. Lose the dedicated help browser (which reminds me a bit of GNU info).

I find their overall direction in GNOME 3 troubling. Simplify, fine - but leave controls exposable. "blob" configuration registry is a poor design choice.

And may they NEVER license under anything but GPL2.

2623: I hope 3.x does not follow Unity.
Evolution is still my favorite, but has a few bugs/misbehavior.
How I wish Gnome had an RAD environment like Visual Studio 2008.
(I guess these were not the kind of answers you were expecting, but I don't have too many issues with Gnome. And I hope to try 3.x soon.)

A long-lasting bug I also experienced and reported has been expired and deleted, instead of being fixed: recursive symlinks crash nautilus. I have not used 3.x yet, I hope it's been fixed there, otherwise expiring bugs is not an indication of quality.

2624: Ass the ability to make the desktop image change regularly -- one of my favorite KDE features. That is about it.

2625: written in QT

2626: + please give us a 2.x interface on 3.x GTK libs. It would be very welcome for us with a typical setup: 15in laptop, two-button mouse and no touch interface
+ usability also entails making it easy to apply relevant changes to the interface (eg font size). A tweak program is not the solution: crucial options should be at hand (eg in context menus)
+ keep minimized windows, why hide them behind the top corner? panel auto-hide works fine: takes no extra screen space and you don't have to click at specific spot - just move the cursor down

+ I understand the 3.x interface on small(ish) touch devices, but what's the advantage of the new interface for a typical laptop setup, eg non-tactile, 15in screen screen and two-button mouse?
+ Gnome 2.x was a reasonable balance between "easy/familiar" and "flexible", it was tried and tested. Why can't we have both the "classic" 2.x interface plus a "small/touch-screen" alternative?
+ I am considering alternatives, such as "downsizing" to LXDE or XFCE

2627: Stop removing user configuration options
Stop assuming all users are unable to navigate complex menus
Stop trying to emulate OSX

2628: The windows key that is ubiquitous on keyboards these days should bring up the start menu like it does on windoez with a default configuration. Also, the current screenshot default key is something that I seem to press accidentally frenquently.

Love you people. Thank you.

2629: Too simple of a interface

2630: Make it easier to alt-tab to different windows without having to remember whether the desired window is the same application as the open window and use a different shortcut key

Make it easier to open a new window of an application without having to remember whether or not you already have that application open

Make it possible to reorder desktops (this is only necessary because desktops tend to close on their own when the user doesn't intend for them to close)

2631: Get rid of gnome 3 in favor of 2.x

2632: Bettter Theme
Change the first page to directly display Activities

2633: put the taskbar back. now? it's two mouse clicks to get to a window that's underneath the window I am currently in stupid not to have a taskbar. don't rely on obscure hot key combinations to do simple things like "shut down".

3.x? sure it's pretty, but you've sacrificed form over function.

I don't care how "pretty" a screen is if it takes me longer to complete a given task.

2634: alt-tab constrained to one workspace, meta-tab for all apps
more themes
more tweak options

2635: Go back to Gnome 2! It worked fine with Metacity. With hours of configuring, I can almost replicate that, but it is full of bugs, bugs that were fixed in Gnome 2.

GO BACK TO GNOME 2!!!!!!!!!

Maybe make Gnome 3 available for children who like to play. I need to get work done.
Xfce is not ready for prime time.

2636: - system settings (more options and details)
- fallback mode
- access to dash

Thank you!

2637: Better multi monitor support (workspace movement, aiming for hot spots on edges between monitors)
More out of the box customization support (fonts, screensaver, window management)
Mutter is a little buggy/has unexpected behavior with window placement and moving of windows, especially when coming out of Activities view in multi monitor mode.

I think the newest version of Gnome (3.2) has some improvements over the 2.x version. I like the ease of shortcut use, and window tiling support is nice (if a bit limited).

My biggest concern is the lack of feature completeness for desktop management when compared to the previous versions of Gnome. I'm hopeful that those issues will be addressed as they have been in previous Gnome series (going from 2.0 to later 2.x releases for example).

2638: 1. Get rid of the unity iconbar in gnome 3.0.
2. Make gnome 3.0 notification area work like in 2.x.

Set your defaults as you see fit, just allow users to tweak the environment to do 1. and 2. That's the whole reason I'm sticking with 2.x.

Unity is a cool idea, if you run it on 7" or 10" netbook. It SUCKS COMPLETELY if you run it on 24" full-hd desktop. While I acknowledge that there are many users of small form devices (I'm one of them), you also should acknowledge that there are users with large displays.

2639: - greater customization (including customizing the window manager, or making it easier to change window managers)

- better documentation of existing customization options

- don't abandon Gnome 2.x! Please!

2640: 1. Completely scrap Gnome Shell and work on improving the Gnome 2.x user interface. That was the perfect desktop environment, and to ditch it is a mistake.
2. Be more responsive to the user base, especially with regards to Gnome Shell. You very well could be wrong that the new user interface is what people want or need.
3. Improve documentation. It is currently very bad for many programs.

Be more responsive to the user base.

2641: 1. A shutdown option without hitting the alt key.
2. I'd like to minimize windows again.
3. I'd like the restore last session option back or at least a easy way to start certain applications on login.

2642: Better Composition Support

2643: Don't go overboard with reducing configurability.

Reuse good software from other projects (e.g. KDE, Mozilla). You don't always have to invent your own.

2644: Screensaver support HAS to return, customizable mouse icons, and the gnome shell should really be more customizable- ie the top bar other than just black and something other than mutter.

The gnome 3 desktop is absolutely fantastic! Stable and smooth. Unfortunately, you guys took away SO much customizing ability. Please re-implement that back.

2645: bring back proper favourites list.

when you point at an icon after a search the full filename on a file should be displayed. Text description is currently truncated.

support for multiple monitors on both motherboard video(INTEL) and external video card(nvidia for example)
Option to fix the video mode on an 2nd monitor when settings not available because of KVM switch. This never worked under GNOME 2, wouldn't save as default.

I dont' like having to do an extra step to open a file, or select between the applications I have open. The Gnome 3 desktop has been a royal fuckup in terms of unnecessary extra work I need to do to get something done.

2646: follow the IEEE 1295 standard
remove windows task bar/start menu etc - iconise windows normally
Use and obey standard X resources, not some binary blob thing

If I wanted to use a menu hell windows like computer I'd install windows. As Gnome is mandatory for my employers Linux distro I am forced to partially use it.

2647: GNOME 3 completely broke multiple desktops for me.

1) I'm used to remembering where desktops are positioned relative to a 2x2 grid. The "stripe" makes it harder to remember where things are. The dynamic nature of desktops being created or destroyed breaks things for people who like to keep their desktops organized by position. Say you want to have your browser on your "top" desktop. Now put apps in the next five. Now close your browser (or have it crash). Now...how many steps does it take to return your browser to the "top" desktop, and keep all the other desktops the way they were.

2) I can't make any sense of the new alt-tab behavior. It just doesn't work for me. Fix it.

3) I am ashamed to admit it, but I'm a sloppy-mouse-focus guy.

When people say "Well, GNOME 3 wasn't designed with (me|developers|power users) in mind" or "It was designed for a tablet/phone", stop getting defensive and saying things like "Well, we're power users, we like it" or "That's not true!". What users really mean is that it doesn't *feel* like it was designed for them - whether it was.

GNOME 3 doesn't feel like it was designed for me.

2648: 1. Expose some of the features only available via gconf so that they are in the GUI configuration tools.
2. Fix GDM so it is configurable via a GUI without me having to use KDM - not a huge issue, as I usually start in runlevel 3.
3. Bring back window shading like gnome 1; see problem 1.

Hey, I could help with some of these - I write C/C++ amongst many other languages. Let me know which one I can implements (my personal preference being 1)
I will probably have more things to think of but I'm using a Mac as I fill this questionnaire out.

Nope, keep up the good work. I did use GNOME3 on Fedora something or other but didn't like it. Didn't like Unity either - Alt-F2 didn't do what I wanted. Besides, where were the keyboard shortcuts so I could open gnome-terminal and be truly happy again?

The Mac OSX dock model doesn't work properly - you can't beat the task approach of the Windows 95 task manager.

Don't fix things that aren't broken.

I stopped using KDE when it hit 4 and became a massive exercise in bloat and shininess for the sake of it.

2649: Hm, this is a tough question.

There's a feature I've been wanting supported by GNOME for a while now, and that's to natively support a different background for each desktop. Currently I'm using Compiz to do this, but it requires disabling Nautilus' rendering the desktop, which means I can't have any desktop icons.

I'd also like to see the login manager more customizable. In gdm2, I think it was, you could change the background, and lots of other cool stuff. This disappeared in gdm3 and I've yet to find any way to customize it without digging through confusing config files hidden away in the filesystem somewhere. A GUI for this would be very nice.

Good work. I've been using GNOME since I started using Linux, and currently I can't find a reason to switch away. Though I'll admit I'm not completely sold on GNOME 3.

2650: 1. expose font settings normally, use xorg dpi and pt like everyone else
2. make gnome language-aware (not layout-aware) so apps pick up the right spell-checker automatically (like windows 95)
3. restore gnome2 app switching so I don't need to run everything full-screen and can cut and paste from app to app without spending seconds trying to find the target app window

Too much effort hoping to reinvent the desktop experience from scratch, too little focus on solid predictable releases people can trust their data with

Users are not guinea pigs

What's the point of pushing a new generation of core GNOME apps when the last one is still not stable (evo has been over-featured from the start, and still crashes all the time)

2651: 1. Implement configurability (like KDE)
2. Drop Pulseaudio req., use OSS/ALSA directly
3. Drop OpenGL req. for gnome-shell

* Stop removing features
* Listen to users' suggestions and wishes
* Think! before! changing things!

2652: 1. Easier theming/skinning (AFAIK devs don't like the idea, they prefer the single gnome visual identity)
2. Extension handling
3. Better volume control applet, I think that per application volume sliders should be available by one click, not the 3 click way as it is now

Keep up the good work.

2653: No shutdown option in panel-menu.
Give shell overlay more gnome do-like functionality.
Embrace tracker.

2654: thank you very much :-) please keep Gnome well away from Unity, it's a nightmare.

2655: Less bloat
Less bloat
Less bloat

2656: 1. vertical workspaces and configurable (static) number of them
2. better integration of shell applets
3. fix the bug that shows my screen for 2-3 seconds before locking it after suspend

Gnome 3 is on a nice way, but i would like to have more configuration possibilities (even they are hidden).
Sorry for not contributing in so many years, i am a poor student

2657: 1. Less radical, more gradual changes from Gnome 2 to Gnome 3.
2. More customization options similar or better than Gnome 2's level.
3. Better plugins compatibility between versions.

Don't shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring so many good ideas, suggestions and critiques from your userbase.

2658: 1) Better system tray. It can be challenging to click on icons that slide back and forth.
2) I have problems disabling slow-keys. I absolutely must use applications which involve holding down the shift key for long periods. This triggers slow-keys, and I can't figure out how to stop that from happening.

Keep working! Gnome has become my favorite desktop suite, and I look forward to future improvements.

2659: 1. A simple way to revert gnome back to default settings if things get screwed up and I don't know how to fix it.

2660: 1. Reduce memory footprint of frequently used libraries and core applications like Evolution.
2. Improve support for writing applications and applets in high-level languages like Python, by improving documentation and development tools.
3. Increase the number of high-quality GNOME applications – KDE often provides better alternatives while GNOME counterparts are unfinished and appear to develop more slowly.

It should be possible to provide a "standard" GNOME for regular users while at the same time allowing power users to use GNOME for their special needs. Usability and user experience counts, but it is different for different kinds of users.

2661: a)More stability. Sometimes one stuck program crash whole desktop enviroment.
b)Tuned font collection. I don't know why, but default fonts always looks better in Windows.

Do not try to add more and more features, better make stable as rock and blazing fast environment. Sometimes "less is more".

2662: More customization in Gnome 3 Desktop.

2663: ease to access/use more customization options.

2664: Option for a Gnome 2 look and in Gnome 3 or a transitional mode

2665: - Menu system layout
- Gnome Panel stability / corruption issues
- CPU usage

You have done an amazing job with Gnome 3, though I have only tested it a couple of times. I use Debian so it is difficult for me to install it in my environments, though I am looking very much forward to using it as my main IDE. Working with distributions to help integrate it into 'Stable' and other version trees is crucial for its widespread adoption. I also hope that Gnome 3 will work closely with the LTSP team (ltsp.org) to make it as good as it can be in terminal server/thin client environments. This is absolutely paramount to education, as they are moving to LTSP a lot these days. Thank you for all that you do! [email protected]

2666: 1) Use the existing, lovely gnome 2.x desktop as a fallback, instead of the new fallback in 3.2, or improve that massively. 2) Switch PyGI to Py3k by default (in time). 3) Backport API improvements to Gnome 2 and support it for another two years

You rock :-) Please don't neglect Gnome 2.x.

2667: I would allow more/easier customization of window manager functions like "shading" the windows and editing the menus to add favorite apps.
I would fix the gdm stuff to allow customizations again if thats not fixed already.
I find searching for the right customizations through the menus tiring. I would not mix gnome preferences options with other types of menu options like software updates etc.

Thank you for all of your hard work. What you are doing very much appreciated. And its important.

I would explore ways to remove "aiming" from our interaction with the computer. Aiming a mouse to cascade through a menu tree seems "stressful". I would imagine it gets more difficult with age as well. I think its a design mistake to expect people to precision aim the mouse pointer to perform an interaction. The scroll wheel seems more ideal for fine-motor-control selection processes, yet its not supported in your menus. If you see your whole arm move to accomplish a task, I would re-think it.

2668: Integrate project such as gnome-do.
Better diagram draw tool / improve dia

Drop the 3.x effort and make 2.x better with integrated gnome-do. Fix screen resizing issues. Bettet/more applications.

2669: I feel that GNOME Shell should be dropped. It's a downgrade. It removed most features we had with GNOME 2, and this is coming from someone that actually enjoyed KDE 4.0 despite it being bad (but not as bad as GNOME Shell). GNOME Shell removed most of what made GNOME good, and no one seemed to care that the majority opinion was against this change.

Drop GNOME Shell, and do something better.

2670: I would revert the horrible Gnome 3 interface back to Gnome 2.

Gnome 2 allowed me to have 10 virtual desktops, each one with a specific purpose. I put windows on the desktop for different purposes, so I know where they are. I have to have this feature to get my work done because I do so many different things from web development to running mainframes. Gnome 3 does not allow me to do this, since the desktops can only be created dynamically. Further, even Gnome 2 compatibility mode under Gnome 3 doesn't allow a fixed number of virtual desktops. For that reason, I have moved to KDE. I have been a Fedora user since the mid-to-late 90s when it was Red Hat 4-5. I should not have to change the way I've been developing software for a decade or more under Gnome because a feature that has always worked is suddenly crippled. I am a professional software developer. We're the people who use Linux. Don't cripple Gnome for some audience who wants Linux to look like an iPad or smart phone. Gnome 3 is the worst kind of fiat way of forcing people to change how they work. My answer to that was to move to KDE.

I would not mind if Gnome had a new mode that could be turned on to make the desktop look like an iPad. Choice is good. What I don't like is having the way I've used my computer for years suddenly crippled with no recourse.

There are other things wrong with Gnome 3, but this was the deal-breaker for me. I'm very happy under KDE, now that I've had time to get used to some differences. KDE does everything Gnome 2 did.

2671: Back to normal desktop.
No more Unity-style desktop.

Revert to the desktop used in the Gnome 2 series.

2672: 1. Alt+tab while dragging a file should really work. So much faster than dragging to the taskbar, then wait for the window menu to open, then drag to the right item in window menu, then wait for window to appear before finally letting go of the button.

2. WiFi connection menu available for all concurrent users, not just the first that logs in.

3. Being able to filter files in file save / file open dialog by typing stuff like *string*.png to show only png-files containing "string" in the name.

You have done a great job with G3 but I still keep recommending G2 to anyone asking who is currently on Windows because of the familiar interface. Maybe I'll start recommending it for newbies next year.

2673: i am taking this survey because I felt absolutely out of place when using ubuntu 11.10. I liked how new interface looks. But the primary reason I use linux is its customization and gnome 3 have almost took it away. Please give us same level of flexibility back in gnome

2674: I would like to have advanced GUI-configuration options. A lot of things is only accessible using tedious config files.
I would keep the old-style GNOME-look in parallel with gnome-shell
Regarding logging into wireless networks windows seem to know that one has typed a passphrase wrong or similar things wile gnome-network manager just tries and tries and tries, I have lost a lot of good time on that

2675: Allow users choice! I want all the option dialogs available directly, not only through obscure tools/menu's. The GNOME file dialog is horrible compared to KDE, no network protocol support.

2676: Re: Gnome 3.0 (haven't used 3.2)
Needs a menu bar indicating programs that are currently open
Needs easier shortcut bar like in Gnome 2.0
Clicking on an icon in the navigation menu (thing that comes up when you hit the Meta key) should open a new window, not take you to the current.

Very pretty. You all rock.

2677: Don't go down the road of Unity, or get caught up in the hype of having a PC desktop working the same as a smart phone, thet are not the same animal.

2678: Remove the requirement for 3d

2679: i am taking this survey because I felt absolutely out of place when using ubuntu 11.10. I liked how new interface looks. But the primary reason I use linux is its customization and gnome 3 have almost took it away. Please give us same level of flexibility back in gnome

2680: 1. Enough with the neutering of everything. For instance, I want to be able to have and configure my screensavers, just like in Windows 95.
2. The focus on just one application at a time is kind of annoying.
3. I don't like the default GNOME applications, and wish there was better integration for more popular alternatives, i.e. Firefox, Pidgin, and Thunderbird (or even mutt, as that is what I use).

Simply put, we are mostly adults here. Intelligent adults. Stop treating us like children. A focus on usability and simplicity served you well in the past. However, removing features != simplicity. Rather, that is a tremendous pain in the ass. KDE is now my primary DE on my main work computer because compared to GNOME it is god-tier. You want screensaver? BAM! Screensavers. You want to CONFIGURE your screensaver? No big deal, here you go. Change themes? Why didn't you ask sooner? Easy access to everything and the ability to put anything wherever? Knock yourself out. It's a breath of fresh air and literally made me giddy with excitement when I realized what it could do over GNOME 3 and Unity (though I do admit I've come to appreciate Unity's global menu bar providing extra free space to work). GNOME 2.x was on the right track, aside from the decision to remove the Interface tab and the lack of screensaver configurability. Other than that, I loved it and it was a pleasure to use. Think about that.

2681: 1. More complete keyboard shortcut control (e.g. there's no keyboard shortcut for tiling the windows like you can do with the mouse)
2. Re-enable Nautilus to manage the desktop by default
3. Make the bar at the bottom less annoying (it's the full width of the screen, why do icons need to expand right when you hover over them - Fitt's Law!)

Not sure if this holds true for the entire GNOME team, but when you join the IRC channel either there's noone there or they tell you that you shouldn't complain because obviously you're wrong, period. Either way, I can respect that YOU programmed this, but that's no excuse to behave like you were Gods.

2682: Make gconf/orbit not lose it's mind when your session crashes or when you log in multiple times with the same home directory (say, on NFS-mounted central $HOME)

2683: All the functionality of gnome2 is lost on the V3. It is unusable for most people.

2684: 1. Let the user have the ability to choose whether to have one setting for interface language and another for regional settings. This is _very_ hard to accomplish in Gnome 2.30 today.
2. More accessible options for users to tweak the system.
3. Better GUI file management. Nautilus is a disaster especially when using context menu in a "full" file pane.

Listen to your user base when trying to contact you and suggest improvements. Be patient and be forgiving. I have tried and been almost bashed when suggesting things about language/regional settings. You always seem to think that you are right and the users are wrong. Not a good approach.

2685: Simplify, improve performance, figure out what you are doing with the notifications.

Dont try and go touchscreen.

2686: Too much focus on touch in 3.x

Networking widget doesn't expand as much as needed on complex wireless
Networks and people with lots of vpn options and / or mobile networks

2687: Concerned abt moving to next LTS ubuntu due to GNOME3 issues

2688: Gnome 3

Go back to gnome 2

2689: More user customization options

Good work. I like gnome 3.2, 3.0 not so much.

2690: Remove Mono dependencies
Make it faster and lighter
Less Hardware requirements

2691: Remove the title bar when a window is maximized (as does Unity)
Reduce the cpu usage (~3% permanently on my computer)

Thanks for your work!!

2692: Give up on UI in gnome3 and go back to gnome2
make the ui a simple option
add expose (a la mac)

2693: -Better nuts and bolts flexibility.
-Lighter on system resources.
-Prevent GNOME 3 from ever being developed... seriously guys, I'm all for pioneering UI improvements, but you threw out 30+ years of efficiency research and desktop standards to pursue poorly designed, half-baked ideas that somehow were actually *worse* than KDE4.

The only reason I started using Gnome to begin with was because of the usability and system resource trainwreck that was KDE4. Now that you have completely abandoned any semblance of common sense yourselves with your desktop design, I'm left having to migrate myself and several other users to yet *another* DE (likely XFCE) due to your insistence on being really unique and pursuing poorly thought through desktop UI choices. Thanks for increasing my workload and having to retrain people for a second time in three years just to keep current security patches on their systems.

2694: make bugs go away :)

I can suggest only to continue support of Gnome 2.x. It is much better for me - all the features of Gnome 3.x just slow me down.

2695: Its sluggishness, difficulty to configure, bad reliability.

A complete re-write, based on the qualitative properties of the "ideal" desktop environment.

2696: 1.) Add back in the shutdown option. Using Alt+click is NOT intuitive.
2.) It needs to be easier to install and switch between new themes.
3.) More complete versions of GNOME Shell need to come with Ubuntu, and possibly other distros, missing things like Documents, Sushi, etc.

See the three things above.

2697: Almost nothing. I love GNOME 2 and I'm very reluctant to switch to GNOME3, but I haven't tried it yet, as I'm using Debian stable. I just miss a good indexer, like Mac OS Spotlight.

I believe that GNOME 2 paradigm is very familiar to most computer users and that it should not be drastically changed. Furthermore, I believe that what free software desktop environments need is better applications not new paradigms. When people switch to GNU/Linux always say: "oh this app doesn't do this", "I miss that app". The beauty of the desktop is scondary.

All effords should be applied in imporoving current e-mail, calendaring and browsing experiences. I would like to be able to sync my calendars between computer and smartphone without using Google Calendar, which is virtually the only easy to use option.

I believe that both the GNOME project and Ubuntu (Unity) are loosing focus. If the desktop is beautiful but its applications are not good enough, people won't use free software.

2698: The bloat (as in dependencies - would be nice if more of the functionality was optional at runtime rather than compile time)

The new desktop metaphor - obviously personal preference here, but it's also obvious that I'm not alone

The ability to configure each program on its own, with individual text conf files. No GConf, no dconf, no anything like that.

(Sorry, I've got four things I want to mention) Improve the documentation. No adaption of new technologies without reasonably complete documentation. This may slow down the adoption of new tech, but when that tech is adopted, it will be usable by more than the GNOME devs.

see question #22.

2699: Customizability, like change settings of an xscreensaver, switch menu icons on and off and easily switch between compiz and metacity etc.

Add an 'expert' section to edit bits regular users won't but I will. Flexibility is one of the major points I use Linux and FreeBSD to begin with.

Revert back from GNOME3 to GNOME2, or at least continue development on both.

I have 3 screens, 2 in portrait mode along side a landscape widescreen. GNOME3 doesn't work with it at all. So, I'd suggest better support for multi-monitor-setups.

2700: Add a task bar.
Add a button to poweroff the computer.
Add a task bar!!!!!

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