What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
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2501: I switched to xfce on my Fedora 15 laptop @ home because I couldn't stand Gnome3. I gave it a fair shake. I used it in "Unity" mode for about 2 weeks and then in "Compatibility" (sorry, can't remember the terms) mode for about 4 weeks. Switched to xfce out of frustration but now love it. Fast, simple, and I can right-click on stuff. Was it completely necessary to remove right-clicking to achieve whatever it was you were trying to achieve.

To be fair I could have spent some time with Google to figure out how to add apps to a toolbar or how to drop something on my desktop but I don't have time or the desire to do that. Right-click, add icon|shortcut|launcher|whatever, done. Did you really gain that much by not including that capability?

I didn't answer questions 4-8 because you didn't specify what version. For version 2.x which I run on my fedora 14 workstation @ work, all my answers are "Completely". For version 3.0 it would be either "Not at all" or "Barely"

2502: The default configuration of the latest GNOME seems to be oriented toward tablets and touch surfaces. Most productive computing is still done with pointing devices. This is the biggest problem with the latest version. I'm not saying touch interfaces shouldn't be considered, but they should not be the default and should not influence the design of the standard, pointing device. I've switched to using XFCE and will continue to do so until GNOME gets their act back. If Gnome ends up on smart phones and tablets, that will be great, but currently it is worthless on a desktop/laptop. And I DON'T want a touch screen laptop/desktop.

See my answer to #23.

Also, this survey has several poorly worded questions. Looks more like a Slashdot poll than a true assessment of public opinion. Question 17, for instance, I use a console whenever it is more efficient/appropriate. Many operations on a computer are now very visual, making a console less effective. For these, I use the GUI. This in no way means that a GUI should ever entirely replace a console.

2503: Backport fixes in Gnome 3 to 2.x (e.g. power statistics works right on my hp mini in 3, but not in 2.x. Could be a kernel issue...)

Don't force "touchpad" front ends on desktop users. Have alternate "classic" menus.

I've always been pretty happy with Gnome stuff.

Thanks for all your work. I wish I knew enough to help code. I can at least appreciate all the volunteers that do!

2504: - bring back workspace grid (e.g. desktop of 3x3 workspaces)
- remove modal dialogs (Mac OS X sheets ripoff) like the new open file / print / etc
- better scaling on monitors with normal DPI, currently everything looks HUGE

Being the most popular desktop brings along responsibility.

Breaking the ways people have used computers for years is not respecting your users.

2505: Fix vertical mode of panels at last!

Don't go MS Windows way (a-la Unity).

2506: Gnome3:

1. bring back the app menu
2. be gentle with those of us who favor keyboard shortcuts
3. Note that fade-overs or other visuals should not obscure info but should highlight things
4. The new activities/applications thing is flashy, looks nice, but is kind-of in-your-face obtrusive.

Have a beer!

2507: 1. More recent packages in Debian
2. Quicker application startup
3. Pinning applications to workspaces

It would be nice if you would accept donations (e.g. friends of GNOME) in Euros. Don't want them lost in exchanging.

2508: The most useful feature, selecting text copies to clipboard and center click pasts - miss it beyond any thing

Being little less rude and open eared would be nice

2509: Make it look more impressive (follow KDE's lead)

Impressive as it is, it STILL looks Windows 95y. Sorry to be brutally honest here, but it needs a complete visual overhaul - not just a purple background! It might be GTK+, I don't know, but when people see me using it, they think it's a very old operating system. I switched to KDE when they went 4.3 purely on the looks.

2510: Enable options settings w/out launching a cmd-line tool
Version history of gnome settings (allowing rollback)
Fix fragility of widgets et. al. - shouldn't fail unattended :-)

Resolve your differences if you can... often fragmentation hurts.

2511: I own 5 computers (company + personal). None of them are tablets. I have 3 dual monitor setups. Please, PLEASE! do not overfocus on desining the UI for tablets. It destroys productivity for me.

Gnome2 is _perfect_. I don't want more or less choice, don't want a new paradigm. A UI's most important feature is being stable over years.

2512: Metacity
The information/status applet
The default font

Simplicity can be too much of a good thing.

2513: Power off + restart options on the shutdown menu.

Use top (or reintroduce bottom) task bar to show open tasks.

Thanks for giving me a widely-supported alternative to Unity that isn't KDE.

2514: 1) More/better keyboard shortcut configurability (although by now I've adapted to what's there so I don't know that I care about this very much)

2515: Stop this absurd "dumbing down" of features. See also: Why I still use xscreensaver vs gnome-screensaver.

2516: Nothing I would like to change, just like to see an GUI added for professional / "power" users / developers.

People don't like change. If you have to change things, try fooling the people by changing stuff under the hood first, and later slowly changing the looks.

2517: No GNOME Shell
No GNOME Shell
No GNOME Shell

2518: Nautilus file manager. It locks up when copying large files to NFS drives or to local USB drives (ext2/3). The filesystem is not frozen, as file access works fine though command line or other tools. For instance vlc is able to open large files on the NFS or USB drive to which a copy operation has locked up nautilus. This behavior is observed on two quad-core machines each with 8GiB RAM.

Avoid the duplication of predefined locations in the "Places" menu. For example, there is an automounted network drive mounted using NFS which is referred to in fstab, and for which a mount point exists in the local file system. The Gnome Places menu always contains duplicate entries for this drive, one of them referring to the real mounted drive, while the other is a non-functional placeholder. The two entries are indistinguishable, except by clicking on them - one will open a Nautilus shell to the correct drive, the other will give an error message notification.

Help system. When applications are added to the system, the help system should automagically gain access to any help files installed with the application. Also, the help system should provide access to all installed manpages in a relatively seamless way (spawn a shell, if necessary).

See item 22.

2519: * should be easier to find how to configure settings

keep version 2.x

2520: Gnome shell actually makes it harder to launch apps then gnome classic in some cases, having to type the name of the program to find it is much less intuitive than the good old apps menu.

2521: Improve panel so it is as customizable as the Gnome 2 panel was.
Improve Gnome-shell so it is usable - switching desktops is really painful, notifications on bottom are stupid, etc.

Focus on power users as well as ordinary users.

2522: 1. Respect and value the opinions and preferences of current users -- they have been loyal to your efforts. Current development is obviously targeted at attracting a new (and probably larger) group of users from the 'cell phone generation'. That's fine, but don't leave the older user behind...
2. One of the major attractions of Gnome has been user flexibility in appearance and manipulation of the desktop and the underlying data contained. Current development disregards this flexibility in an effort to make the interface more simplified. In general, this is a bad move.
3. Three major Linux environments, Gnome, KDE, and Canonical, are trying to dramatically alter and simplify the user interface. Underlying technology aside, this level of change appears to be much more developer and marketing research driven than end user driven. It resembles a movement of lemmings much more than movement of technological innovators.

2523: 1) Much Much better resource management ( less memory and no cpu hogs)
2) Get fallback mode have a more Gnome2 approach
3) Extend the configurability of both Gnome-shell and fallback

It would be better to focus on performance, if gnome-shell used less resources than gnome2 the reaction wouldn't be so fierce. And it would really be better if fallback mode was more of a back to an upgrade to gnome2 and not an inconsistent 2d desktop.

2524: GNOME needs more personality. Unity, Windows 7, and MacOS all have their own basic personality that can be customized further really easily but GNOME is pure function with no soul.

2525: A greater balance between simplicity and choice. Power users should not have to manually edit config files to get basic functionality.

More documentation, complete with screenshots/videos of relevant information and in an easily accessible place (people should not have to Google for obscure answers found on old ubuntuforums threads.)

Lighter color schemes.

2526: Get rid of Unity

2527: back to normal gnome, 2, no gnome 3!

back to normal gnome, 2, no gnome 3!

2528: Settings, Interface, Modularization [enable it]

Settings, Interface, Modularization [enable it] ought to be changed

2529: 1. Stabilize desktop themes; create a tool to create / share themes.
2. Greatly expand system settings toolkit; allow application plug-ins
3. More desktop customization options

One comment: Good work, people!

2530: - Better video card and multi-monitor support
- Better desktop and widget themes
- Can't think of a third one

Keep a separate version of 2.x and build on that since it has always worked for the majority who have used Gnome. Gnome 3 could be something for people who want to use that kind of interface.

2531: * Make it simpler to create menubar applets (GNOME 2.x)
* Make it possible to create menubar applets (GNOME 3)
* General programming interface usability improvements

When you screw with GNOME too much, you screw with my life. I thrive on the typical menubar setup, where I can have all my information readily available. I like my toolbar applets and I know that a lot of people have been complaining about GNOME 3 and frankly, I try to use it as little as I possibly can because the departure from the status quo decreases my productivity and desktop experience.

2532: More consistent integration with apps (notifications, etc,). I understand that this is the app dev's responsbility, not yours, but hooks to capture and reformat integration features designed for other WMs would be handy.

Better configurability. I understand the need to hide excessive options from basic users, but there must be some middle ground between a limited control panel, and hand-tweaking conf files.

Free pizza with every install.

2533: -none at all

2534: 1. Disable tooltips

2. Better configuration tools
gconf-editor is almost as bad as the Windows registry editor.
I typically resort to google to find the keys for the setting that I want to change.

3. Disable tooltips
Every app

Just keep doing what you are doing.
Avoid this popular path to FAIL:

Coke -> New Coke -> FAIL
KDE3 -> KDE4 -> FAIL
NetFlix -> Quickster -> FAIL

2535: As I run linux on my home computer I have no need for passwords to access user accounts. Turning them off is easy but screen locks still require passwords and turning those off is beyond the basic settings.

The criticism of gnome 3.0 is correct as far as I am concerned, I don't want to be adventurous with my user interface. I just want the user experience of 2.0 to be available in 3.0. Optionally is fine for me.

Nothing else comes to mind. 2.0 really is a killer window manager.

Listen to your users. Don't force the 3.0 changes down our throats. I've switched from ubuntu to linux mint just to be able to continue to use 2.0, that was the sole reason. I have used 3.0 for several months up to that point but I really really can't get used to it. I can't find certain options. And I can't seem to figure out the logic behind the whole document/app search.. The system just does not work.

Maybe after it's been developed thoroughly it will be a good experience but until then I'll just stick with 2.0.

2536: In Gnome 2: nothing really.
In Gnome 3: a lot. Especially being able to configure the desktop the way I want.

Stop hating your userbase.

2537: Put user options back in.
Make it work with non-3d accel. gfx systems (which are all of mine)

More oxygen, less drugs. What the heck were you thinking?!

2538: 1) A Desktop or a Laptop is not a tablet and should not be treated like one. But then again I do like parts of the new shell but it still feels like we are putting a tablet interface on a non tablet device.

2) Multi monitor support is messed up. In particular placing monitors vertical verses horizontal. Think laptop screen 1440x900 below a 24" 1920x1200 monitor. The window manager does not handle this well. Putting the monitors horizontal works fine.

2539: Please kill the crazy crap in Gnome 3 and go back to producing a useful and productive desktop environment.

2540: Simplicity related to where thing are. I'd like it to be easier to find settings, and adjust everything without the need to use the terminal. Terminal is great for stuff, but I shouldnt need to use it.

Keep up the good work!

2541: reduce number of clicks required to get to applications

pre-define virtual desktops and access them with a single click

avoid radical changes with no way to keep old functionality

2542: Go back to gnome 2!

2543: When going through windows with alt-tab, user should be allowed to select any window, including when an application has multiple windows opened.

2544: Just one thing, but a dealbreaker: Support Compiz.

I really liked the aesthetics of the Gnome shell and used it assiduously for a couple of months but in the end, it was just too static and slow and I could not do without Compiz. I missed the fluidity and the extra elbow room of the 3D desktop especially when it came to workspace switching

2545: - Better and more options for customizing the desktop experience.
- Improve "desktop" work-flow efficiency.
E.g. awesome WM's keyboard driven tiling desktop tags are great for spatial organization of windows and quick composition of window configurations.
The KDE activities are great for logical grouping of windows into various tasks at hand and switching between window sets.
Develop a model for desktop interaction which breeds these two concepts together (the shell fails horribly at this).
- Ditch GTK. It's horrible to work with. (I know this won't happen) ;)

2546: Everything should be customizable, common options through GUI, special options through editing a text file, command line, etc.

2547: - More user configuration Option. Less is Good, but user should be allowed to easly tweak for their need !
- Mono/Java as a main/default language for "desktop"? Really?

- The new Gnome 3 as a big potential, but it is not yet ready.
- Keep the good work!!! People who only complaint should come and help you if they are not happy !

2548: 1. Add more configuration options.
2. Turn off compositing by default.
3. Quit trying to copy Mac/Windows.

Default install of eye candy is Windows/Mac, not linux. But let us have tho option to install it ourselves.

2549: More graphical ways of changing settings, feels unnecessary to have to use gconf, textfiles or extra special program to just change simple settings.

More help from the environment when things go pearshaped (Like for example telling me *why* GNOME shell can't start or why it can't load basic themes and so on)

Add more support for navigating and using the desktop environment only using the keyboard.

2550: - Screen lock on LID event
- horizontal and vertical workspace arrangement with gnome-shell
- (easy) disable of auto-shutdown with critical battery

- more configuration possibilities with gsettings for advanced users

2551: - An easier way to extend Gnome Shell to adapt it to specific needs
- Bring back a theme selection GUI
- Add more keyboards shortcut to manage windows

I consider that Gnome 3 still has a year of work needed before it gets more usable than Gnome 2 in all cases. Don't listen to people if they can't argument.

2552: 1. Alt+Tab switcher. The whole Alt+~ thing to switch between instances of the same application is ridiculous.

2. The default icons are UGLY. Come on, it's 2011, not 1995.

3. That thing where notifications move around in the bottom of screen when I try to click them so that they can display text. It's like they don't want to be clicked on.

The whole Alt+~ thing to switch between instances of the same application is ridiculous. It would be much better implemented like the Compiz application switcher.

2553: change the 3d look of the UI to look more flat and stylish
make it intuitive and easier to switch open applications

2554: 1. fixed 2D grid of workspaces
2. simple setup for hotkey and keyboard shortcuts
(specifically to launch terminal, and change workspace)
3. option to hide all "bars" and screen decor

Like it or not, gnome's primary user is (and forever will be) linux developers. With gnome3 we have been leaving in droves.

2555: More customizability in Gnome 3.
Keep Gnome 2 as an option ---it's really the best for desktops.
Have Gnome conduct an official usability survey.

Listen to your users; we're getting impatient. (Heck, Linus already left...)

2556: Toolbars, Taskbars, and Applets similar to 2.x in 3.x.
New windows always on top except while typing.

Don't forgot the desktop. It seems that 3.x is aimed at following the herd toward focusing on pad computers.

2557: 1. Don't put the list of applications running in a modal window. This makes the process of multitasking much slower if you don't use the key bindings.
2. Selecting applications out of a huge uncategorized list is slow.
3. Where'd all the settings go in the control center!? I can't even adjust my font antialiasing and hinting methods without gnome tweak tool anymore. Getting desktop icons and some font options back shouldn't require a third party tool or diving into configuration files manually.

The new interface is very nice and modern - but I feel too many options have been removed, useful customizations are limited to nonexistent, and using my computer is more of a battle with my desktop shell than actually getting anything done these days.

You've definitely got it in you for some fantastic upcoming releases. Let's see GNOME shine!

2558: Polish GNOME 3 more
Add support more online account services
Better online accounts integration like syncing offline

2559: more configurability

2560: more configurability
mac menu bar

2561: - A way to add a bottom task-bar, like GNOME2. Easy switching is key to productability.

- Simple Customization. One shouldn't have to hack GNOME3 into submission to get it to work efficiently.

- Let us decide! Make an option to go with a "Classic GNOME" look if we decide. No need for a fork or another Desktop Enviroment.

2562: Bring back the gnone 2.X panel and applications including Bonobo.

Don't use ALT RightClick because I only have one hand when putting stuff on the panel.

2563: 1. Throw Gnome 3 into the trash bin.

2. Throw Gnome 3 into the trash bin.

3. Throw Gnome 3 into the trash bin.

Yes, throw Gnome 3 into the trash bin.

2564: The text in the "Applicatios" menu is much too small, it would be nice to be able to adjust it without making the fonts everywhere else larger.
Easier access to recently used files.
smaller menu bar

2565: 1. Enforce consistency. For example, some dialogs have yes / no options while others no / yes.
2. Replace all the viewer applications (pdfs, images) with just a single one. And generally I don't want to use.
3. More options. KDE over does it, but sometimes I wish I could right click on something and change the way it works, but most of the times I get the feeling nothing will happen, or a menu will appear with 3 or 4 options of which two are "Help" and "About".

*Hire* a professional designer, that really knows his stuff and has what it takes to build something great, accessible that doesn't look like a OSX clone. I'm not kidding. Frankly I would pay for this and I believe that I'm not alone.

2566: 1. This may be more of a GTK+ vs. Qt thing but consistent theming or styles between GTK+ and Qt apps.

2. Have a concise way to disable the gnome-panel so that one can use an alternate panel exclusively such as AWN. Changing gnome-session settings in gconf-editor had no effect. I was able to figure it out eventually by messing with some files but the information on the topic was conflicting.

3. Remove gnome-panel dependencies from evolution. I don't use evolution and so whenever I install a GNOME distro, I remove it. This is mostly trivial but I have to make sure to remove only select evolution packages because if I remove them all (say evolution-data-server-common), then I'll loose gnome-panel which I've accidently done before.

Keep up the good work.

2567: 1) Change the default layout of gnome-shell to something more usable

2) Stabilize gnome-shell

3) Make it easier to determine what is actually wrong when gnome-shell crashes (see 1) so that I don't have to guess which extension is causing the problem (when it's never an extension anyway)

I completely agree that gnome 2.x was outdated looking and seriously needed a complete overhaul, so thank you for that.

However, I can honestly say that Gnome 1.0 was a more usable desktop than the most recent release. I will never switch to KDE because it's worse in every way, but I'm sick of this openbox desktop I've been using lately and had high hopes for gnome 3.x. I really wanted to like it, I did - but it's just not usable for me.

2568: 1) Make Gnome 3 more configurable like Gnome 2 was; perhaps hiding the options until the user flips an "i'm an expert" switch.

2) Add the useful features from compiz Gnome 3 currently lacks. Especially the shelf plugin.

2569: ... now I can't think of anything...

Handwriting recognition. Cursive, not cellwriter. That's the only thing Windows has going for it in my business.

2570: bring back the applets avaialable in gnome 2, throw them into the bottom notification bar in gnome 3. I miss my system stats being right there on the screen.

Also better dual screen support would be nice, the ability to have dual screen workspaces was lost in gnome 2 to 3.

The above is probably stuff you are already aware of.

There was a learning curve involved with moving to gnome 3, but just like the original switch to linux, once the initial shock is over, and the frustration of "I have to do it this way now" is gone(particularly the looking for a task bar to switch windows :) I think I ended up with a cleaner, better performing interface that allows me to focus on the task at hand. Thanks for everything, you guys rock!

2571: get rid of mono
stop trying to cater to tablets and desktop users simultaneously ... they are too different
I'm a professional user not a casual user, unity is near useless for me

2572: Make most of the add-ons that seem to be missing from this version of Gnome, those that were in 2.x, available in the next version of Gnome. Specifically the ability the easily theme and shut off the machine without a additional key/step.

Keep up the good work. Listen to your core audience and try to take the 'hate' that seems to be prevalent in recent weeks/months in strives.

2573: Have GNOME 2 like behaviour available as a fallback in GNOME 3.
Have GNOME 2 like behaviour available as a fallback in GNOME 3.
Have GNOME 2 like behaviour available as a fallback in GNOME 3.

Have GNOME 2 like behaviour available as a fallback in GNOME 3.

2574: 1) allow me to add widgets of my choice (performance monitor, custom notification apps, etc) to a persistently visible area on the screen (top bar?)
2) Allow an easier way to start arbitrary applications of my choice without having to type the name of the app in some search bar. Destop/notification bar icons worked fine.
3) allow me to customize my desktop and other areas of the screen in a manner similar to Gnome 2 (drag icon to desktop, RMB to add to toolbar). A visual environment should allow visual means for almost every customization task.

Gnome 3 and Unity have made it far more difficult for me to switch between applications, particularly across different virtual desktops. In addition, the inability to place widget of my choice, such as a performance monitor or notification system in a toolbar or other persistently visible area of the desktop makes those versions of Gnome almost completely unusable. I have been trying to use Gnome 3 (Fedora 15) for almost 4 months and I still find it frustrating. I have no problem switching between desktop environments (KDE->Gnome 2->WinXP->XFCE), so it is not as if I am frozen in time. However, the Gnome 3 developers' instance that their way is "better" in annoying and condescending and flies in the face of obvious deficiencies. I want very much to like Gnome 3, but it disappoints me every day.

2575: My workstation is not a mobile device...don't make me use a UI better suited for a smartphone.

The tailoring of the UI to the finger-poking approach of tablets is extremely off-putting from a productivity standpoint, and the "classic" interface is only a shadow of it's highly-customizeable former self.

What have I gained if i have to click on three seperate items before I get anywhere, rather than just being able to create a launcher on a panel or directly on the desktop? I am a fan of robust, customizeable interfaces, but in light of the introduction of gnome shell, I have fallen back on LXDE as my GUI of choice.

These are indeed sad times.

2576: 1) Allow for some customization of the gnome-shell (icon sizes, etc.)
2) Work on memory footprint and speed
3) Add the menu in the top bar like OS X or Ubuntu Unity would be nice for small screens (maybe an option in case a user has a large screen).

Gnome team has a reputation for not listening to users - I know it is unfounded, but something really needs to be done about it. Also, it appears that there is some tension between Gnome and Ubuntu. My preference is Gnome-shell vs Unity, but Unity does do some things really well (and simply, too). Maybe harvest some of their enhancements would be helpful for everyone.

2577: outdated finish

2578: 1.) Design
- Make dialogs fit onto a laptop screen
- Maybe a Ubuntu 10.11/GTK+ bug, GtkFileChooser has badly aligned widgets... the content with the files and the content with the short cuts (folders, disk) are of different height, starts looking like KDE...

1.) Resources
- Work with lower resolutions, don't waste 40 pixel for a bigger
title bar
- Don't pick a badly readable font as default
- Look into areas were GTK+3 takes more memory and is slower, with
all the cleanup it should be the opposite

2579: 1/ Remove the "toy" feel from later releases (3+). "Classic desktop" option does not work for me as well as the actual previous release.

2/ Get rid of the Dock (Gnome should be program-centric, not document centric).

3/ Allow a layout for a toolbar to have 2 rows, as in the old IceWM. One row would be a few toolbar icons followed by a command line input field, the other row could have the Menu and Window List

Go back to 2.x

2580: I want my GNOME 2 applets back!
I want my icons on the desktop, not hidden in a menu that I have to move the mouse to get to.
I don't like the autocollapsing of desktops when the last window is closed. I have specific desktops for specific purposes and want the windows to stay where I put them.

2581: Customization (eg put back in choice of font size)
Reduce memory consumption
don't require compositing

You are over simplifying to the point it is unusable

2582: Nautilus integration with other application for right click activation/options (very useful in Windows).

Do not make radical changes for the sake of changes or being cool. Stability and maintaining the knowledge already gained by users is important.

2583: Bring back Gnome 2 as the primary Desktop and make your silly Gnome 3 for people that don't need to get things done with there computer (other than surfing the net). I fucking hate Gnome 3 and will never again be installed on one of my computers.

2584: Improving speed, Reducing requirements, more support for low end hardware

keep up the awesome work!

2585: 1.- I would drop gnome-shell
2.- I'd improve the core apps (aka nautilus, rhythmbox)
3.- I'd take efficiency over graphic effects.

Stop trying to convert GNOME into OSX.

2586: Too little configurability

Too slow

Too patronizing

Asking why people use linux and doesn't use GNOME should be informative.

2587: Keep / Improve compiz would be the easy route...


I mostly use several (over a 12 virtual desktops), and requite they be easy to navigate. To wit: desktop has to re-create them on start-up. I love the compiz Desktop Expose mode (zoom out to all desktops).. early previews of gnome3 had this, but was crippled by combining desktop expose with Window expose. (along with the overlapping X close buttons, made it unuseable). Also, arranging Desktops on 2D grid (rather than all in a row) is very helpful.

Intergrage Docky/AWN or a suitable replacement. Use that instead of the current Gnome dock bar that is only accessed by zooming out your whole desktop / window expose / whatever you call that mess.

Nothing I would feel comfortable saying to someone's face.

2588: 1) Not force me to change to GNOME 3
2) Not force me to change to GNOME 3
3) Not force me to change to GNOME 3

2589: Add some of the options back they removed, desktop settings etc.

Login screen, I'm not able to change this using a GUI in Gnome3, I haven't looked too far into it, and since I've stopped using Gnome3 I haven't needed to. But small things like this make it more difficult for me to use Gnome3. I know in certain software applications there is advanced menus, and simple menus, why can't we have the option to choose the simplified version, or the full version?

Thanks for your work, but please keep from making such drastic changes without users having a way to "go-back" to how it was before. I know it's free software, and people can change the code if they wanted to, but some people can't code, and I'm a novice at best. Also, why fix something that's not broken?

2590: 1) Follow standard desktop UI paradigms.
2) Don't chase the tablet UI. Android has won this for linux.
3) Work to attract Windows users who will be frustrated by the Windows 8/Metro UI. Give them a home with a desktop paradigm they're familiar with.

You are all amazing, I'm impressed by your work every day.

2591: The GNOME devs have shown they're not really interested in user feedback and the paradigm they wish to push is more important to them than user needs/critiques.

I've decided that, other than the Mac at work, I will switch to XFCE (and dabble with awesomewm).

Get over yourselves. I realize you've put a lot of work into this project, but it's one that, from what I've seen, few people are really interested in.

2592: Lighter, Less apps, Usabilaity

2593: - I don't like the desktop changer in Gnome 3.0 (from when I've tried it). I like to use a standard 2x2 grid of desktops rather than have the number of desktops controlled by gnome.

Just the above changes to the desktop switcher. Thanks!

2594: 1. Ability to make dock visible all the time, kinda like in Windows you can right click Taskbar and say hide or don't hide.
2- Mouse wheel sensitivity setting
3. I can't think of any

Gnome 3 is the first Linux DE that I like to use. Before I always settled with Xfce, but that was just because all other options sucked even more. Gnome 3 looks beautiful, is easy to use and keeps out of my way.

2595: configurable workspaces as in gnome2
configurable workspaces as in gnome2
configurable workspaces as in gnome2

configurable workspaces as in gnome2

2596: Better monitor rotation support.

2597: To provide the best support for tiling window managers by optimizing the panel and launcher to support this type of window manager.

To allow the network manager applet to be multi-user (when multiple users are logged in only one can use the nmapplet)

Keep up the good work! I've been a happy GNOME 2 user for five years (through Debian stable and Ubuntu).

2598: 1. Widgets/applets. I'd like to use my desktop for some information applets.
2. Workspaces. Being able to save and restore workspaces would be cool. For projects or recurring tasks.
3. Support for other mail and IM clients integrated into the shell (like Pidgin or Thunderbird).

Keep up the great work! GNOME 3 is really cool. I'm still getting used to it (only started using it the other day when it became available in Debian Unstable) but it's very polished and quick.

2599: - replace gnome-shell by metacity (or anythink with a window list)
- push vala usage
- create a website for all api and other documentation, including gtk/gnome language bindings.

Ggnome 2.x was great for doing real work, gnome 3 isn't suitable for "power users" anymore. You focus too much on dumbing down the UI instead of making it more versatile.

2600: Simple configuration

Keep it pretty

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