What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
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2301: The most distressing thing for people my age is to install/upgrade to the latest/greatest version and find everything changed around. I then have to go though an uncomfortable learning experience just to be able to do what I used to be able to do.

I used to use KDE 3.5. I've repeatedly tried to use KDE 4+ but it did not feel right for me and I swiched to gnome 2+ about 2 years ago.

I'm still with Ubuntu 10.10/gnome and don't want to use unity.

Hoping I will have a gnome option with LTS 12.04.

2302: increase ease of customization and personalization

multiple windows in focus and easily accessible panels (big monitor, multiple monitors)

sane standards (three ways to suspend, weird key combo for shutdown?)

Gnome 3 is one of the most polished desktop out there and is currently my favorite surfing-on-the-couch desktop environment. For this, and for the daring new approach to a desktop I like to thank and congratulate the Gnome team. However, for my work I return to gnome 2 and (increasingly) XFCE, because I find that it is harder in gnome 3 to have a smooth workflow with simultaneous access to multiple sources of information.

2303: 1) Stop trading usefulness for usability
2) Stop trading usefulness for usability
3) Stop trading usefulness for usability

Stop trading usefulness for usability

2304: I'm a programmer, and work with many programs simultaneously. I really need a way to switch very quickly between program windows. A taskbar will be fine ;-)

2305: i like the windows 7 feature that snaps windows to the edge of the screen so they take up 1/2 of the space... it's a killer feature on widescreen displays.

alpha blended themes. people like shiny things, but it doesn't have to be fancy... just make it look sharp instead of this 1990's 'flat' default look/feel

2306: Please please PLEASE don't abandon the traditional desktop layout from Gnome 2. Many Gnome users like myself are still running Gnome on desktops and laptops with lots of screen real estate, an environment for which the new Gnome 3 interface is completely inappropriate. Sure, it's a nice design for tablets and phones, but just please don't forget about those of us with real machines!

2307: No changes

Allow users to customize Gnome 3.x to restore some of the 2.x look and feel. I use a quad core I7 desktop with a 30 inch monitor, not a smartphone and not a tablet. I do not use a touch screen, nor do I have any plans of doing so in the foreseeable future. Now that I've found something that meets my needs (Gnome 2), I have no intentions of changing my work flow to accommodate something new that's designed for a tablet or netbook. I have already been able to customize KDE to something similar to my current desktop, so will switch to that or possibly Xfce if I can no longer use Gnome. I do not wish to do that, but productivity is more important to me than the plans and aspirations of the Gnome design team. As for the argument that people such as myself fear change, I have changed many times in the past 30 years, but always for good reason, and never to follow the latest fashion trend.

2308: * Network manager applet efficiency / buginess

2309: Bring back full customization (fonts, colors, window borders, controls theme)
Honoring proxy settings should be mandatory for all applets

2310: Easily open rarely used applications
More easily access recently used documents
Directly open some commonly used folders from desktop

2311: - Get rid of the mode switcher in GNOME Shell. Jimmac had a nice
proposal some months ago
- Give me a menu option to shut down the ompute without pressing the
alt key
- The launcher in the Shell overview should not act like a dock. Just
make it a list of launchers. That menas that clicking an icon in the
launcher should always open a new instance.

Keep up the good work! GNOMe 3.x rocks. Seriously. I was unsure at the beginning, but now I cannot live without it.

2312: 1. remove the abomination, called compiz
2. make the freaking icons in menus appear instantly
3. increase stability (especially the panels)

I beg you, please stop this nonsense called Gnome 3 - make 2.x stable and we can live happily forever and ever.

2313: Make it lighter weight,
Make it faster,
Better support for scripting

2314: 1. Use plain text files as the backend for Gconf.

2. Have a "share this folder via >" context submenu for folders, with a shipped-in "HTTP" option using a custom high port.

3. Keep backwards compatibility for as long as a major version. For example, the option for showing UTC directly on the date/time applet simply disappeared from one minor version to another.

2315: (for GNOME 2; not used GNOME 3)

Make it faster.

0install.net support for launchers (i.e. drag apps from browser to launcher panel to add them).

2316: 1) drop the smartphone interface (i already own a smartphone)
2) see #1
3) see #2

Fork gnome

2317: Bring back Minimize and Maximize by default!!! Don't rely so much on dragging as this is awkward with a mouse. Also, dragging is hard for those with disabilities.

Improve accessibility in Gnome 3 by not relying so much on precision dragging. At the very least, there should be swipes, shortcuts, and hotkeys for common actions.

2318: 1. Make it easier to UNDERSTAND how to do what I want to do.
2. Make it easier to understand WHAT is the current state of my open programs.
3. Make it easier to FIND programs, whether from the Applications menu, or open programs (i.e., bring back the menu bar!)

You guys have great imagination and vision. Don't waste it. When you make big changes like this, users want to be able to understand them. Usability and ease-of-use are meaningless if the UI is not plainly understandable. Conversely, superficial simplicity is useless if the UI is not easy to use.

I think somehow, the UI for GNOME 3 manages to be simple, yet hard to understand, and at the same time harder to use. Just to give one example: starting a program from the Applications menu requires--for any program not deemed "most commonly used"--no less than 3 clicks on points ranging from top left corner to right edge, then back to the middle, assuming the scrollbar is not needed. That's a huge step backwards.

I really like the big icons, the focus on simplicity, and the touch-friendly nature of GNOME 3. That vision just needs to be steered with more compassion for the folks who have to figure it all out from scratch, and then use it every day.

2319: Make the system preferences more comprehensive
Take out the requirement to hold Alt to shut down
Implement a way to switch between windows of an application (I think Gnome 3.2 does this, but I haven't taken the time to upgrade yet)

Use more surveys to see what the users actually WANT in their GUI. Users don't always know what they want, but they can certainly tell you what they DON'T want.

2320: Greater control of options
Easier version to version conversion
Better clipboard manager

I was a KDE user until they switched to their 4.x version. I switched to Gnome greater Desktop control. I had switched to KDE from Gnome for the same reason before that. I feel as if the desktop environment is being managed away from users.

2321: Stop depending on X and roll your own.

2322: Nothing, nothing, and nothing.

2323: 1. Provide better preference and configuration dialogs for things that significantly affect the user experience. You shouldn't have to open gconf-editor to manipulate the window control buttons.

2. I'd like to see a more configurable indicator applet.

3. Generally better control over the environment, or more obvious access to the appropriate tools. For instance, it's faster to use a CLI volume control for PCM, Line, and Mic volume than to try to hunt down a GUI alternative for the pitiful default control.

Keep up the good work. I had to nitpick in order to come up with three real changes and I think they all relate to the same thing. Give us choices and don't remove or cripple old functionality.

2324: Better integration of tracker.
A javascript extension implementing a graphical system monitor integrated in the top bar.
Better integration of network manager in the control center.

Continue your good work. gnome-shell is a really well done desktop shell.

2325: better multi monitor support

don't break things

2326: Listen to the users and give them choice how they want to use the desktop. But be quick! Because if you continue like these there won't be any gnome users left in a few years time.

2327: The file browser (nautilus)
Look and feel
GNOME main menu (launcher menu)

2328: better assingment of keybindings in overview(change the workspace, change between window and applications view with a key combo, etc.) what I want most

more customizability(i.e. move clock without using a shell extension and the like)

bring applets back

2329: Speed improvements. My netbook runs terribly with gnome 3.2. Decide on whether gnome is a desktop/laptop gui or a tablet gui and make the UI consistent. It feels schizophrenic. Gnome is also sometimes too minimalistic. It wouldn't hurt to make some options available.

2330: More coherence and control over software installation and use so they don't break the gui, easy way to troubleshoot or fix by own self instead of looking through forums and such and finally don't try to make one gui for multiple formats (smartphones, pda's, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.).

I acknowledge their effort and strongly encourage they keep up with the project. Gnome 3 is new and it will take time to take off and become what everyone expect of it.

2331: Make it softer. The visual experience is a bit harsh compared to KDE and some others.

Keep up the good work. Haters will always have some BS to spew, but you guys do an excellent job and to change how you do things would change what Gnome is.

2332: Back to Gnome 2

Dont forget the power users with multiple screens

2333: Stop turning it into a cell phone UI.

2334: Get rid of the interface-nazis.
Lack of customization.

What have you done ?!

2335: Nautilus (better select, rename, display options, performance) (I love Windows explorer)

More intuitive look/feel configuration

Gnome 3 seems to be ahead of its time, in the sense that it kind of looks like what MS is doing with Windows 8. This totally makes sense in regards to a tablet (touch) interface, but not so much for pointer-driven methodology. Maybe consider (deep breath here) forking?

2336: The 3d requirement has made it difficult/impossible to work in a VM - so far I haven't been able to get any version of Gnome 3 running in VirtualBox, even with 3D enabled. I've tried various live CDs. It would be great if Gnome 3 worked with just regular 2D cards...

Gnome needs to be able to easily handle switching between dozens of browser windows/tabs and dozens of terminal windows, by name.

Unity did this the wrong way. I described it to friends as going back to 1986 to run Switcher on the Mac, and pretending that multiple-window environments never happened. If all you're running is a browser and terminals, switching between all your browser windows and all your terminal windows isn't helpful. Tiny pictures of terminal windows that all look kind of the same isn't helpful.

The phrase 'recognition vs recall' is also important - with Gnome 2 you could noodle through the list of apps in the menu and discover new things. With Unity's launcher, you have to start typing the first few letters. This may be faster if you're an expert, but finding new apps in the first place is much harder now.

How does this critique of Unity relate to Gnome? Please don't make the same mistakes...

2337: Keep Gnome 2 around as a second option for the coming few years.

Good job! Since a long time I've found Gnome the best UI I've ever used. Gnome 3 is not bad, but for now Gnome 2 is simply what I'm used to. I like how Microsoft is planning to move users to Metro with Windows 8: both old and new will be available in Win8, so that means for some years. Allows us animals of habit to slowly get used to to what is my any measure a major overhaul of the desktop paradigm.

2338: Maybe have more desktop widgets like for KDE or Android.

To me, Gnome 3 is a step backwards for Desktops.

2339: Have more targeted UI's rather than just one. Something like Plasma Active. That way you can have a Gnome 2.x like environment with a noob friendly Gnome 3 style thing. Would work nicely.

Keep the Gnome thing rocking!

2340: Gnome3/3.2:
I dislike that there is no dedicated/persistent taskbar or dock. To me, for the way I work, I feel it is a major regression not to have that. I don't care if it gets implemented as a unity style dock, or the old gnome2 panel...I want something like it. The shell extension that exists to do it now is not any good. It doesn't hide, and I can't change where it shows. I just don't like it.

I want panel applets back. Shell extensions are fine, but there has to be a way to get the old panel applets to work as shell extensions. I suggest you work on that, as currently I am missing enough functionality that I don't use gnome3 by default. The thing that makes panel applets so good, is that your windows don't cover them up...they are always(nearly) visible. I for one thought that was a killer feature of gnome2.

I'm not sold on the "search for what you want to run from a wall of apps" idea. I do like it as a feature, but I do not like it as the primary method of running an application. I want the option to have a traditional menu system like in gnome2, if I so choose (I"m not saying it has to be default) I found the old menu REALLY intuitive. I'm not always sure what to search for, but the categories of the old menu system worked pretty well most of the time, and I could navigate it really easy via keyboard. I can't do it as fast in gnome3, even with the categories on the side. It should be possible to have either-or, or maybe both.

Simplifying the UI is great, and a much needed thing. However, I, and many like me are programmers, and we use linux to get work done. Some of the features being stripped in the name of simplicity, and lack of configurability is literally ruining linux for me as a desktop OS for my uses. As your work will be included by default by most if not all the popular distros, you have a responsibility to at least attempt not to piss off the people that got linux where it is today, the nerds. Telling me I can just use gnome2 is not realistic, as it's no longer properly supported (by the gnome team or distros), and bugs aren't going to get fixed. Gnome3 isn't the worst thing ever. I like it for much of what it is, but there are issues, and it would be great if they were addressed. (more configurable, task bar/dock, panel applets, that's the big stuff for me, other wise I'm OK with gnome3)

2341: Don't make change for the sake of change. Learn from the mistakes of KDE 4. Fundamentally the purpose of a GUI is to allow you to execute multiple programs at onece, manipulate files and share information between programs.

Several years ago I was primarily a KDE user (up to 3.5). I left after v4. Partially it was because of the instability, but mostly it was because of the direction they were taking. There was much more abstraction being introduced between what was actually happening (programs running, files being managed and changed) and what the user experience was.

2342: I haven't yet used Gnome 3.2. I wish that most of the rough edges in Gnome 3.0 and also to have some more configuration options. Distributions should install gnome-tweak-tool because Gnome 3.0 seemed horrible to me before I found about that program.

I would like to try 3.2 first, then file enhancement requests. I'm pretty sure there will be some. Searching installed desktop programs is a killer feature for me and many advanced users. Linus complained how difficult it is to open a new terminal window in Gnome 3. I tried popup menu from an existing terminal window and there it was, "Open a new terminal"! :D Many people have complained they had to change their old habits, but people do it everytime in similar situations, they see change as a threat, not a possibility.

My nearly computer-illiterate mom is btw very happily using Gnome 3.0 as she quite often had problems understanding Gnome 2.x and asking for my help by phone even to do the simplest things. As you probably agree, that was a maintenance nightmare, so Thank You very much everybody!

2343: More lightweight, more modular

2344: 1. Don't fix what's not broken. Stop removing user choices, concentrate in providing a customisable user experience like One that is provided by Firefox + it's plugins. It would be much better if you could've concentrated on evolution rather on complete abandoning of old desktop paradigms.

2. Stop storing config files in BLOBS.

Thank you for a great work! GNOME 2 have been serving my needs for 5 years!

It is a pity that I am forced to abandon GNOME because of it's recent change in design paradigm(GNOME 3).

Please stop removing user choices. Storing configuration files in BLOBS is a terrible idea too.

Best regards,
Good luck!
Hope you will find your new niсhe with GNOME 3.

2345: Make alt functionality more clear i.e. pressing alt in menu to view "shutdown". Does this happen elsewhere? I don't know.

Make notification bar on bottom more clear. Perhaps an icon that will encourage the user to mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

I would like to be able to change my default view in activities. I would like to be able to view my applications instead of open windows by default.

Overall, I am satisfied. I would like more control over desktop management, but I like it. Very slick defaults with some confusing bits.

2346: Make it more like KDE

2347: 1. Integrated mouse-gesture support
2. Easier to customize sounds/icons
3. Make the "About Me" dialog useful

Keep up the great work.

2348: Let's settle for 2.

Please make it possible in 3.2.X to revert to a panel system like 2.x. (I have finally figured out how to do this, but some functionality seems to have been lost.) I don't want to just keep using old stuff, because it's not supported, but I don't want to go backwards with the new stuff.

A good linux window manager / desktop should have at least the functionality of windows XP. You should be able to arrange things in task bars - add launchers, add shortcuts, have good context sensitive menus, and change and adjust behaviour you don't like. We were almost there with version 2.x. 3.0 & 3.2 are a step backwards.

Not everybody likes iPhones. Not everybody wants their desktop computer to look and feel and act like an iPhone. Having stuff that's pretty is nice, but do the old hands have to give up their panel interface and learn to work an iPhone because it's fashionable? Do we have to go back to running our machines from the term because there's no other way to do things?

Improving the interface shouldn't mean dumbing it down. It shouldn't mean losing functionality, or ease of use, or efficiency of use. Changing from one workspace to another used to take one mouse click. Now it takes 3, on opposite sides of the screen. How is that an improvement?

If you want to build stuff for tablets and fondle slabs, that's fine. But that shouldn't be the default for a desktop computer. Panel is a GOOD system for a desktop. Why go away from that?

2349: The new desktop design/layout was over-simplified. Change is a good thing generally. However, Gnome 3.x was too simple for my liking.

The work from this team has been fantastic over the years. I am unsure what happened with version 3. I enjoy trying different operating systems, desktops, applications, etc, but this was too much. It felt like it was modeled after other O/S'es. If I knew what I could do to help, I would. I look forward to future releases. Good luck.

2350: Improve CD burning, evolution localization support, and metacity's/compiz's.

2351: - widgets to work more like they do on android.
- more tablet friendly interface.
- the weather app to actually work

Thank you for all your work.

2352: 1) The ability to tell the name of program that you have an icon for. You can't give bug reports when you don't even know the name of what you're running.
2) Far, far, FAR more flexibility in setting up the desktop and how you want things to work.
3) Document ALL of the widgets, including their internal configuration files. I can't count how many times I've had to reset gnome to a known configuration because I couldn't figure out how to de-corrupt a config file, when I could even find it.

Learn to listen to your users.

2353: 1. more cohesive standard apps to be installed alongside gnome
2. more optimizations regarding screen realestate and how the fullscreen paradigm in gnome 3 uses it, for example switching a huge 27 inch ultrahd imac screen back and forth is more cumborsome for concentration than on a small phone screen.

good work, very impressive, more work needed to set a new standard beyond proprietary os's

2354: Bring back gnome applet.
Facilitate the addition of application in the application list and to the dock (adding custom .desktop files), we could just drag an icon in the dock for it to be locked there.
Better integration with today technologies (facebook and others, email, android, iphone, etc.)

There has been lots of critics on Gnome-shell but personnally I think it was great. It's not perfect some integration and polishing need to be done but overall I like the way it react (much better than Unity !). Maybe an option to bring back the old interface should be added (for the ones that didn't like the change...). Thanks for your efforts and keep going !

2355: Toolbar style cannot be changed in Gnome 3.2 (icons only, for example)
An alternative to Gnome-Shell (like the Gnome 2.x desktop) that doesn't force me to use it this way and no other (f.e. starter, desktop switching, accessibilty menu, mode switching)
Introduce more cnfiguration options in case I don't like the default (and only) behaviors

Stop concentrating on touch screens, and stop forcing me to use the desktop your way. Thank you.

2356: No Gnome 3

No Gnome 3

2357: * Better multi-monitor arrangement support for laptops and people who frequently switch monitors (the ability to have multiple panel layouts automatically recalled when the applicable monitor setup is restored)
* The ability to select files and other items in nautilus and bring up a window to perform console commands on the file sets (somewhat like dterm for OS X, http://decimus.net/DTerm )
* The ability to revert to a 2.x-like panel layout (with a movable clock, please) in Gnome 3.x

* Keep up the great work, and don't forget to be ultimately user focused. Great technology is awesome, but if it's a bad user experience it's all for naught.

2358: 1. Continue support/build of Gnome 2--allow Gnome 3 optional.

1. Survey users first, then implement changes.

2359: I would change the desktop switcher, task bar, and application menu to those of gnome 2.x

Hiding configuration options does NOT equal ease of use.

2360: More ways to personalize the desktop.

Please let me put my desktop the way I want it. If I want to someone skilled to do all the work and decide what is best for me, I will use Apple products.

2361: The position of my applets change when I change monitor resolutions,
for example: if I have the clock applet on position 0 docked to the right, If I connect an external monitor with a different resolution, sometimes it changes to position 1400 docked to the left. When I change back to the laptop monitor, some positions get mixed

Please, don't stop supporting gnome2.

2362: I use a keyboard and mouse, give me back a 'start' button with menus.
I do not use a tablet, do not force a tabletesque desktop on me.
Allow an easier / permanent switch to a 2.x resembling desktop (I hate to say it but similar to what Micro$oft is doing with Windowz 8).

Above comment, as much as many of us lament Micro$oft, the ability to 'choose' the new Metro desktop or use an underlying 'shell' is invaluable. Please investigate and present this option to the community.

2363: * Make it decent

* Make it decent

2364: Remove metacity as the default window manager and instead use something that actually manages windows (remembers on which workspace to put windows, allows me to make some windows unfocusable, undecorated, unresizable and so on) rather than just showing them. Compiz is OK, but it adds a lot of other stuff that I don't need that needs a lot of memory and drains the battery.

Add per-application proxy settings.

Please keep maintaining GNOME 2.

2365: - Stop forcing changes upon users. Fine, let new versions have new features / new design but make it a user choice.
- Make GNOME3 possible to use exactly like GNOME2 gui-wise with top panel etc.
- Work harder with fixing stability than driving forward making UI-changes

Listen to the users more! Without them, you are nothing.

2366: 1) get it lighter
2) get it smoother, lots of round corners etc
3) get it natively animated so i don't need compiz and any other plugin

just to keep the good work cause u guys r doing fine, just try to spread more new upgrades from time to time so people don't forget about gnome brand. that's actually more a comercial suggestion lol.

2367: I would end the culture of "innovation". Screwing with people's workflows in order to get a UI that works for a smartphone is not appreciated.

It was good while it lasted. Onto something else...

2368: 1. can GNOME 3.x and continue the GNOME 2.x desktop behavior -- it is close to perfect.
2. can GNOME 3.x and continue the GNOME 2.x desktop behavior -- it is close to perfect.
3. can GNOME 3.x and continue the GNOME 2.x desktop behavior -- it is close to perfect.

If it ain't broken don't fix it

2369: 1. I would add an option to have traditional desktop, panels and menus in Gnome 3.x
2. Generally speaking, I would make Gnome 3.x more customisable
3. I would either ditch or really improve the Nautilus file manager (currently slow and unreliable)

I've been using Gnome for a long time, I've helped with localisation in my own language and submitting bug reports, I greatly appreciated the incremental development cycle of Gnome 2.x: while not perfect it did what I need, and still does. When the new shells came out (Gnome Shell, Ubuntu Unity) I tried both but couldn't force me to like either of them: apart from 'fixable' problems (slow, resource hungry, buggy ... expected for a x.0 release) they are a major regression in the way I use my computer, requiring more time (and more clicks, and moving from keyboard to mouse, etc.) to do what I want to do. I hope that the Gnome developers realise that they have gone the wrong way for a large part of their existing base and will introduce a 2.x-like environment on top of the Gnome 3 framework.

2370: 1. Give me back control, I like things a particular way (simplicity to get work done is a high priority).
2. Get rid of (or allow to be turned off) all eye-candy; I don't need much (Xfce gives more than enough. Truthfully, I was a < KDE3.5 fan for many years, but 4.0 went the way of Gnome 2, so I am now using Xfce (and I used to be a Gnome fan in the 1.0 days)).
3. Windows 95 was a "good" UI, the latest Vista, Win7 is GARBAGE for the common denominator, don't go down this road, take the high road as Linux users are Niche by association.

1. Stop trying to be Mac or Windows>=XP.
2. Go back to functionality over pretty.
3. If you're going to do pretty, get it perfect before releasing it, and/or allow it to be turned off completely.
4. Media is just one use of a desktop, mostly it's just to manage my applications and let me get work done, so make it intuitive to get the important things done and then flexible to allow the "fun" when it's wanted (at that time only).

2371: Make it more customizable - more like KDE!

I don't like the look and feel of GNOME - the window decorations, the menus, etc. It looks really old.

I use KDE because I can create multiple taskbars and put them wherever on the screen that I want. I also like the fine-grained controls it gives me over window behavior. I really like the taskbar applets.

If Gnome fixed these things, I'd consider switching back.

I've never really understood Gnome's philosophy. While I understand that simplicity is generally a good thing, Gnome seems to be over-simplified. It would be nice to have more control over the look-and-feel of my desktop (see previous question), and window behaviors.

2372: Make it easier to find tweaks to the interface. The GUI tools don't seem to keep up with the config file options, and finding out how to do something or finding the meaning of a particular option seems to take hours of searching the Internet.

I really hate the interface of Gnome 3.2 as implemented in Ubuntu 11.10. I don't see any support for applets in the little ribbon across the top of the page, and the fact that an application's window bar seems to integrate into the top ribbon drives me nuts. The large icons in the launch bar along the left side of the screen seems cartoonish to me, and at first, it wasn't obvious to me how to tell how many windows an application had open. Selecting a specific window for a running application (i.e., one of two Firefox windows) seems much more cumbersome than it used to be. I apologize if any of this is Ubuntu's fault; I'm about ready to reformat and install another distribution on the computer with Ubuntu 11.10 because the changes are so disagreeable to me.

2373: 1. Only one bar
2. Put it at the bottom of the screen.
3. Put one "start button"-like button instead of the menus.

Make it less like MAC OS and more like Windows.

2374: The unity stuff included in Ubuntu 11.04 is crap that slowed me down. It was unusable on multi-monitor setups. It was completely un-discoverable, and included no tips/tricks or getting started guide. I replaced it with the classic desktop. I am holding off upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 until I'm sure that I won't be forced into Unity.

2375: Add the Mint Menu by default.
Allow regex when you search through files by just typing in nautilus.
Allow more customisation options to be easily available.

Keep up the good work.

2376: Honestly I wish it would be trimmed-down into more of a barebones DE along the likes of XFCE or even Openbox, but I'm sure I'm in the minority here. It just seems like it takes too long to load, has too many moving parts, and lack of text-file configurability (using gConf reminds me too much of the Windows Registry)

don't take my criticism as a bad thing, I think the GNOME team is doing an incredible job pushing forward with the Linux desktop, and I suspect my small gripes are largely minority-based, I just wish there were a scaled-down version of GNOME

2377: 1) Remember window sizes and positions properly
2) Should not have to right-click on a desktop icon in order to get focus on the desktop (yes, I use desktop icons--stop trying to get rid of them!)
3) When the desktop crashes or hangs, and I have to kill it, the memory of my entire desktop layout should not also be wiped out.

Stop adding "features" (which are almost always useless to me these days) until you fix the bugs and glitches (many of which have been there for years).

2378: - needs to be more configurable
- less reliance on mouse, better keyboard control
- revert to gnome 2 desktop model

Gnome 3 is moving in the wrong direction and has pushed me to switch to XFCE.

2379: make it easier to find the more obscure settings and features. I'm using KDE because I have more options with it then I ever did with Gnome

2380: 1) All the window manager extensions barely work and have horrible, horrible bugs in them, make your own hardware-accelerated window manager/layer/extension/etc. (ie: Wind0w$ Aero)

2) Have ONE area to change settings, not ten bajillion ones. Unless I already know what I'm looking for, I cannot easily find where to enable/disable features

3) Allow me to uninstall bits of gnome without removing giant swaths or disabling other parts. Why oh why do I need evolution? Answer: I don't. Never use it. It sucks, I cannot get rid of it without removing half a dozen other packages because you put in stupid dependencies.

Gnome 3 should look like Gnome 2. Either by default or an option. I understand that the whole 'gnome 2 internals are almost unmaintainable', well great. Fix up the internals, call it gnome 3, make it look the same.

Allow me to actually remove Evolution without breaking half a dozen other packages.

Allow me to uninstall some, but not all of the Gnome games.

Allow me to GRAPHICALLY add/remove items from "Places" without resorting to EDITING CONFIG FILES BY HAND.

Allow me with one button click disable ALL assistive technologies. Right now I must do them one at a time per technology.

Hardware accelerated native window manager/user interface.

A more user friendly way of moving (for example) the minimise/maximise/close buttons from the left -> right of the window without having to know the internal parsing scheme that Gnome uses to determine the location and edit this in the registry.

Abandon the UI of Gnome 3, if/when Debian adopts Gnome 3, I'm expecting to switch to XFCE. I'll try out Gnome 3, but nothing I've read makes me believe it is any good.

A better area to find documentation. Right now isn't very good.

A better way to contact GNOME developers. Mailing lists are *SO* 15 years ago.

Remember that users are not idiots, and you are not Apple. Be on the Python vs. Perl side of "one way of doing things vs. multiple ways of doing things". Power with Simplicity.

2381: Liked both bars at bottom and all open apps showing ala windows.
Don't know how to move top bar down and/or create new one.
Don't like using applications pulldown - want icons on bar again.

2382: make it more configurable

the changes for on us by 3.x was a step in the wrong direction

2383: Lower required system resources
Allow right click in a folder to open terminal (stupid, I know, but SO handy)

2384: Treating the user less like a moron.

2385: Dual monitor support for laptops (second monitor not always connected) x3

Thx guys!

2386: 1. Give the user more power to tailor it to his needs if we're talking about GNOME 3

2. Get rid of gconf and the configuration blobs

3. Use a better default file-manager than Nautilus

I know it's hard work, and you can't please everyone. But PLEASE don't try to obfuscate settings from users. If I wanted that as a user, I could just as well buy a Mac with OSX on it. Other than that, keep up the good work!!!

2387: Make it for the desktop and not for the touchscreen. Make a different version entirely for touchscreens. If that doesnt work, then fuck touchscreens. Really. I'm a developer, not a finger-pointing-browser user.

Make your product work for the majority of people who are using it: developers.

Have you ever used Gnome 3? I find it hard to believe given the complete piece of shit you released.
And stop with the "users are dumb, better REMOVE options, not add them" nonsense.
Really? Really?

Put in defaults, that's fine, and put in the capability (without the need to install a completely new application for that) to change things. Let the user be in control.

Last but not least, listen to your users. I know you all have HUGE egos and all of you think they're the best developer ever to walk the earth, please listen to what your users have to say. Especially to those that critique you.

2388: 1. Unwarranted changes
2. Unwarranted changes
3. Unwarranted changes

The default GNOME environment should be so good that distros will be "forced" to use it

2389: Most people that use Linux with GNOME, arent 5 years old. Stop making a GUI for 5 yr olds and actuallu make it functional for technical users!

see above

2390: Purge Gnome 3. The entire design went in the wrong direction. it might be OK for the mentally challenged--however it removed much of the functionality required to actually perform "WORK" with a Computer.

Start back with Gnome2.x. Fix bugs. Then grab an Amiga running AmigaOS 3.1 or a BeBox and start to write specifications as to how to evolve a _functional_ multi-tasking desktop GUI.

Yes--get a BeBox or an Amiga. Interact. Learn. Copy.

2391: 1) I like the MAC OS X column view. I wish that was available in Nautilus.

I'm unimpressed with attempts thus far to make desktop environments look like phones and tablets. I consider myself a power user. I'm also a developer and have many things going on at once. These desktop environments are more difficult to use. I'm not saying this because "I'm just used to the old way." I think traditional desktops and tablet-style desktops each have there place, but I'd like to continue the option to choose which one I want on a given system.

2392: better fallback mode in gnome 3

2393: I have tried to use gnome 3. I don't like it. Here's why: I HATE how the only way to get to new programs is to click on "activities". I hate how to get to the workspace switcher is clicking on "activities" then go all the way to the right on my 24 inch monitor and clicking on the desktop after waiting for them to be viewable. I hate that when I click on activities every window I have open pops up. I open about 40 program windows. It makes me seasick. I hate that I can't click on terminal and...open a new terminal. I hate that gnome as a whole is laggy on my 3 year old computer that was top of the line at the time. I hate that I can't have icons, put anything in the whatever-the-taskbar-is-called-now. I hate that I can barely change anything about the look of it. I hate how my second monitor doesn't change when i change desktops. I would change all of that. And more!

Please stop abusing gnome. It didn't do anything to hurt you, why would you do this to it? I loved it for 10 years. I'm using xfce now. I want to use gnome again. Just fix it. Please.

2394: Nothing, although stability would be nice (how much of that is due to GNOME and how much to the distro, I don't know...)

About this survey: Question #17 needs an intermediate option between "when i have no other option" and "i can't live without them", something alone the lines of "sometimes, when it makes sense", which is what I would have chosen.

2395: Keep it simple, light and clean. Standard look and feel. Stop changing media management every iteration.

2396: FORK Gnome 2
Evolution of the desktop, not a messy, chaotic and unwanted revolution
Let USERS influence future development

Stop repeating the same mistakes that the KDE team has made.
LEARN from these mistakes.
Listen to users
Don't be arrogant...

2397: 1. easier customization in GNOME - It took me several hours to get it working as I want:
1a. turning off virtual desktops (workspaces)
1b. making dock always visible and appear on the right in single-monitor config and between monitors in dual-monitor one
1c. adding poweroff option (sorry, suspend/hibernat still does not work well for me)
1d. adding my application to the dock

2. more stable - I experienced a few crashes

3. better documentation for gnome-shell extension writing - it took me much too many hours to find it out

Thank you.

Please, improve G3 - it is still not usable for many - had I not been able to customize with significant effort I would switch to XFCE/LXDE.

2398: easier customizability for shortcuts, more speed, less memory consumption

2399: Better integration between applications.

2400: I find the lack of configuration choices in GNOME disappointing and is the primary reason I don't use it for any extended period

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