What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 3 of 10. 76 Comments

2201: * Permanent workspaces, I'm used to have four with different roles.
* Do not group my terminal windows in alt-tab view.
* When I select terminal in activities i want a _new_ terminal window.

2202: Go back to the look of 2.x...

2203: remove DBUS, use standard IPC like CORBA
remove pulseaudio, is beyond broken
remove gconf, use normal textfiles

2204: I don't know which of these really apply to Gnome as opposed to other aspects of a Desktop system, but anyway here you go:

1. Focus behavior: No matter what settings I tried (also in compiz), either applications steal focus while typing or I'm missing some dialogs about which I should be notified. Windows should *never* steal keyboard focus and never come to the foreground when a user is typing. Notify the user of important events instead.

2. Program startup indicator: A desktop environment should always visually notify a user when a GUI-based program is starting---but as mentioned in the previous point the starting program ought not steal the focus or come to the foreground when the user is clicking or typing.

3. Extensive drag & drop support: This is probably not a Gnome thing for the most part, but if the Gnome developers can find means to encourage application developers to support more drag & drap extensively, particularly to desktops and file manager windows, by all means go ahead with it. Linux generally lacks in support for drag & drop, spring-loaded folders, etc.

1. Please NEVER experiment with your users, i.e. if a new behavior or feature is implemented, ALWAYS make it optional.

2. Please do not try to mimic OS X or Windows, they both started to suck quite a while ago. (OS X 9 is definitely more usable than Lion for sure.)

3. A desktop and window manager needs to be tuned to a large screen size like 1920x1080, because that's what people use for work. Full screen applications are a big step back.

4. Keep it simple and make it fast.

2205: the comunity

2206: - Add more options. More customization capabilities for the end user.
- Rethink nautilus. It needs to be redesigned from the ground up.
- Add window tiling options! That would be fun.

I love your work. But make it better :)

2207: Less bloatware, stop dumbing down the UI, less libraries.

Unity was a harebrained idea and should be treated as such, not pushed into mainline. It's bloated, ugly, slow, and it handles windows horribly.

2208: Stop changing things
Add the option to swap OK/Cancel buttons

Stop changing things
Stop trying to be Apple, you're not
You're not smarter than your users (even if you think you are)

2209: I have seen Gnome 3 on a tablet and it looks great. makes me want to use it on that platform. But for now I primarily use a desktop/laptop and the experience is horrid. Also most of the configuration options have been stripped out of the desktop. When I do some research on how to change something to my liking I see a Gnome dev quoted as saying something like "There is no need for a user to..." This is the main reason I no longer use Gnome. If I wanted someone to tell me what my desktop experience should be, I would be using a proprietary OS.

2210: Snap windows to edge a'la Windows 7 by default without configuring compiz.

Adopt the way Linux Mint menu launcher works, it's the only thing I really miss to make myself more productive.

... I cannot think of a third one though, which must mean you're awesome!

Never become Unity...... and keep up the good work!

2211: 1) It should be simpler to open new windows. This is a common activity and right clicking and choosing new window is too slow. This should be the default.

2) Desktops need to be able to span horizontally. I frequently have 5+ desktops and it is too slow/too much work to scroll from top to bottom.

3) Nautilus should allow user to specify a path to run a file with. I do not have desktop entries for every singe executable file and could not find the proper application for an obscure file format because the application did not put a file in /usr/share/applications/.

Please make gnome more usable for people that need many windows open that span multiple desktops.

2212: - Gnome 3 should provide all the extensions to create a workflow similar to that of gnome 2, out of the box.
- Multi-monitor setup: if the primary screen is on the right, the hot corner is difficult to get to. The wallpaper on the biggest screen does not fully scale.
- The tetris clone is terrible at the moment (too many columns, ..).

I guess that the transition from 2 to 3 would have been smoother if my distribution (ubuntu) would have paid a bit more attention to it.

2213: Roll it back to Gnome 2

Don't sacrifice usability for the majority of your users to simplify the experience for new users.

2214: - nautilus
- gdm

provide an alternate file manager, as nautilus has become way too unstable and resource-hungry.

2215: Less bugs, better look, better utils.

I beg you to stop with this disastrous GNOME shell appproach! This is just a bunch of non sense

2216: - expose advanced user featuers in separate menus
- make task switching saner
- less waste of screen estate

2217: An easier way to configure contextual menus of files or folders.

2218: 1. Ability to turn off Activities view, providing a "desktop" option.
2. A global menu to save vertical space.
3. Ability to define hotspots on the screen sides and corners.

There are many users that just need a flexible open-source desktop OS. Gnome2 was incredibly good in this regard; gnome3 doesn't cut it because the Activities view keeps interrupting normal workflow. Just the ability to turn off the Activities view, leaving a plain old desktop, would be huge.

2219: more customization

2220: 1. Remove the name expansion/hiding of the notification area
2. Add a "Log Out..." button by default
3. Make more documentation available, possible a guided tour like what Windows has/had

A good show of consideration for constructive feedback and a better PR effort would defuse some of the perceived tension between the team and the community.

2221: less strict "no, you cannot change that" policies

2222: 1. Restore Alt + Tab to the way it was in GNOME 2
2. Restore one's ability to define workspaces in terms of rows and columns.
3. Support multi-head such that each head can have its own independent workspaces without having to use multiple X screens (such as 0:0.0, 0:0.1, etc.)

Great job on the new version, but some of the old options are quite useful, and quite frankly having to Alt+Tab, left, down, right in order to switch back to my other text editor window is /insanely/ counterproductive.

The Alt+Tab extension doesn't help either, because currently it cannot be configured to restrict itself to a single desktop, so a myriad of superfluous entries always show up in the list.

2223: keep rocking

2224: 1. Configurability. Since 2.x there is little I can do to change my core experience. Both the shell and the fallback mode are static, and the extensions I can install on the shell seem to crash it or not work right. Also, I shouldn't have to install third party tweaking software (gnome-tweak-tool) to change something as basic as my theme.

2. The shell is completely broken for my workflow. I need multiple terminal instances and multiple documents open at once which doesn't work with the current shell paradigm. There is no easy way on screen for me to know what's open at a given time. Also, starting anything in shell takes one or two more motions to accomplish (since I use the mouse primarily) the same thing that I can do in 2.x. I know keyboard shortcuts are nifty but as an academic researcher I'm often using my left hand to consult hardbound materials which makes me either have to use extra motions with the mouse or move up to the keyboard to accomplish what I would have in 2.x. Basically, shell requires hundreds of extra actions each session which makes it a chore to use. Also, having overlay pop up is a jarring transition that really annoys me. Not to mention the applications screen which makes finding anything impossible. Categories are useful.

3. Make fallback mode an official part of the Gnome 3 experience. You don't have to jettison the shell, people may like it. Fallback mode works great for a lot of us though. It behaves exactly how I want it to (like 2.x). All it could use is some configurability like panel movement or the ability to add and subtract applets like bonobo. Or make a shell extension that works like fallback mode instead of having that overlay.

I love GNOME but I think you've ignored a big chunk your user base. The GNOME 3 stuff looks great (GTK3, applets, etc) and fallback mode works really well. Shell is just unusable for some of us, though. I'd like Gnome devs to acknowledge that the core user experience that was in place since 2.0 is still a valid way to do things. Fallback mode should have been made an equal option in the shell roll out. I haven't given up on GNOME, but if you ditch fallback I will have to find something else.

2225: 1.make it more complex
2. make it faster
3. make it easy for the user to customize everything.

2226: Stop removing options.

Don't treat users as idiots.

2227: 1) No more simplification, add "advanced" tabs in configuration tools!
2) Don't choose what's good for me!
3) Please!

See above.

2228: Keep gnome 2 alive. I will not use gnome3. Tried it and Unity and want some of the drugs the devs are smoking because they have to be high to think that is productive.

I need to interact with Windows 98, XP, and 7, plus various flavors of Linux desktops and the last thing I need is gnome to be so vastly different. I need to get stuff done and have found the best way for me to work, so just stop tring to shoehorn me into something that doesn't work for me.

Or not, I see XFCE is really nice. I moved from KDE to Gnome when the KDE4 crap hit the fan and I'm ready to move to XFCE now that Gnome sucks.

2229: remove unity

2230: 1) Make features more discoverable (no holding alt to see shutdown, ...)
2) Work better with hardware like (Intel Desktop Board D525MW) the fallback mode caused me switch to KDE
3) Don't tie in applications tightly (like assuming evolution for calendaring ( I use thunderbird).

It seem to be that the Desktop is looking cooler, but less functional. It seem like the design is more for a tablet.

Also, please let me pick my keyboard layout for login. That used to exist and now it is a big pain that it doesn't.

2231: Never provide a feature only to take it away in a following release, without an easy intuitive way of turning it back on.

Listen to your community.

2232: 1. Window management: I would like the option of direct buttons for "always on top" and "on all desktops" as first class buttons, not down in the dropdown.

2. Glipper should be a first-class panel applet, packaged as part of gnome-core; it should also be actually stable. (parcellite is a decent alternative though).

3. Make it easier to re-enable the PC-spkr. I know a lot of people prefer to turn it off, but I like having it, using a short 50ms 440Hz beep. This is far more useful at the console; the gstreamer alternative has too much latency, and is very very loud when wearing headphones! (remember to also enable set-show-all-if-ambiguous in .inputrc)

I love the way that GNOME focuses on keeping things simple, easy to use, and that most of the time, there are sane defaults that just work.

I also love the fact that gconftool lets me easily, scriptably, set up a desktop how I like it.

And I love the way that GNOME is really a set of separate tools that go well together or apart: the window-manager, the panel, the gtk-config, and the selected apps can all be swapped in and out.

BUT, it is becoming increasingly LESS configurable, and GNOME isn't providing enough support for the geeks/Unixy people.

Also, it's perfectly OK to change the defaults, but please don't release a new version (Gnome3!) until it has support for configuring it back to be the old way.

2233: More configurations are needed and it also needs many more themes for me to want to look at it.

Keep trying, you can't please everyone so just keep going your way while at least trying to incorporate what others say and want. In the end if only two people use it and are happy then that should be all that matters. Good job so far everybody and I can't wait to see what you come up with a few years down the line with Gnome 3.

2234: Make gnome-shell disappear (3x)

Keep it int.

2235: 1. Drop Mono based apps from core and extra
2. Drop bloated Evolution and break it into one-job apps.
3. Use drawings with the Clutter

Thank you guys. I cant' live without GNOME.
You are m(mostly) the same guys wrote the GNOME 2. If your decision in writing GNOME 2 is true then your new decision must be true. And I believe you.

2236: less memory hungry, be fluid like mac osx and windows 7 gui, easier to create shortcuts.

2237: Keep Gnome 2 style for Desktop, Gnome 3 for tablets
Let the user dynamically change between a 2x style and a 3x style

2238: Do not dumb down things.
Give us alternative to Unity
Do not dumb down things.

Please, please listen to people.
I have installed Mint Linux to computers for several casual users. Those people were used to Windows 95 and XP and wouldn't be willing to use Linux with Unity interface. Unity might be better for a handheld or netbook, but not for a serous user that needs to run several terminals and lots of programs.

Look at Mint Linux 11.
This is as close to perfect as any system I have seen.

Before switching to Mint Linux I was very happy user of various KDE based systems running on KDE 3.XY
Then the clusterfuck called KDE 4.0 came and I had no choice than to switch to Gnome 2.something. I was unhappy with Gnome until I discovered Mint Linux.

2239: This applies to Gnome 2: only one panel to the bottom, Windows style.
I stripped out things from the panels and collapsed them into a single one at the bottom of the desktop, Windows style.

I would ask you to make no changes and just keep it working on new hardware. Gnome 2 is fine, no need to touch it, but I know that nobody would keep working on a static project, unless paid to do so.

2240: Stick with 2.x
Throw gnome-screensaver in the bit bucket where it belongs

Configurability is not an evil thing; the user is not the enemy to be prevented from doing what he wishes.

2241: Default always on top/always on bottom button on window decorations

gnome-terminal's name is too long (think konsole, which is much shorter and does not have a dash in it).

alt+f2 launcher should pass unrecognised strings to a bash shell which *does* parse .bashrc, so that bash aliases would be recognised and I wouldn't have to fire up a shell for one-off stuff like mounting personal network drives over sshfs.

Otherwise, stellar. The desktop is responsive and does what I want it to do, which is get out of the way.

Thanks! I appreciate your work!

2242: 1. RDP similar to what Windows has so that remote desktop would work better than VNC. Particularly with integrted audio.

2. Integrate support for TV remote controls.

2243: Accessibility, text to speech integration.
orca blows!
All I really need is just a key combination to read what I have selected.

Accessibility needs improvement.

orca blows!

All I really need is just a key combination to read what I have selected.

2244: Include gnome-shell with Ubuntu by default
Improve Vino VNC access via gnome. Seems to work with Unity in Ubuntu 11.10, but not Gnome-3
More flexibility under an "advanced options" menu, keeping simplicity for most users, but allowing flexibility for power users.

Keep going, v3 is a huge improvement, with plenty of room for future growth.

Consider Android apps in Gnome, and Gnome apps on Android.

2245: Stick with 2.x
Throw gnome-screensaver in the bit bucket where it belongs

Configurability is not an evil thing; the user is not the enemy to be prevented from doing what he wishes.

2246: GNOME 3. They should not have abandoned the old desktop metaphor.

Do a GNOME3 version of the GNOME2 desktop, with full compiz support.

2247: simple accessibility (and documentation) of features that don't exist in the menus. (an improved gconftool)

a gnome-terminal that starts faster, and preferably allows per-instance settings via command-line arguments (eg foreground/background colour)

right-clicking on a menu entry needs to be able to bring up a Properties box so that I can work out what application the menu entry calls. (Currently an issue with GNOME 2.30.2, haven't tried later versions.)

2248: better task switching
better gnome-panel
better integration of evolution (+ faster)

2249: better multimonitor support. the gnome 3 interface seems like it was designed on a touchpad, with not a lot of consideration for multimonitor usage patterns.

focus follows mouse fully supported

status bars that don't require a mouse-over to check

Gnome 3 is horrible to use on multimonitor. Looks nice (eye candy) but it is much less productive for me to use it. quit taking away options and functionality. allow me status bars that i don't have to mouse-over to check (pain especially when using synergy+ with different computer monitor directly below)

2250: 1. Make it easier to configure
2. Make it more traditional, so standard icons are in std locations
3. Better support for dual screen users

Stop trying to imitate Apple and OSX. Linux is best at being linux

2251: - No registry-styled preferences to edit -- introduce a quality, comprehensive settings manager.

- Better window management -- optional power-user capabilities.
- Drag and drop with Alt-Tab
- keyboard-based window placement
( resurrect Mutter plugins? )

- Bring back and improve customizibility.

(At least the buggy taskbar from 2.x is deprecated)

Integration with KDE-related techs would be nice now that technologies such as zeitgeist, nepomuk, and strigi are maturing--avoid work duplication.

2252: - Gnome shell (tablet only)
- Dconf (get rid of binary blobs, they should be text files)
- Bring back the 2.0 bar.

2253: Make it more like KDE
Merge Gnome and KDE
Make it as good as KDE

Make it more like KDE
Merge Gnome and KDE
Make it as good as KDE

2254: Ability to see at a glance on the panel what apps are running and how much resources they are using. Also should be able to see what icons in the left panel represent running apps and what are automatic shortcuts.

Proper multiple monitor support with automatic detection of monitor profiles.

Better tiling support in standard gnome. Windows should automatically resize in tiled.

Clock/calendar with time zones !

2255: Keep the look of gnome 2

2256: 1. Easier custom menus on the panel.

2. Drag and drop panel objects when not locked in place. Having to choose the move option every time is bothersome.

3. Bring back the GNOME 2.x styling.

Please stop trying to clone Unity. Unity is a terrible desktop environment. Please revert back to the GNOME 2.x style interface or at least give a simple option to switch back.

2257: File chooser

2258: 1. GTK widgets in general seem to take up a lot of space compared to kde widgets. (e.g. buttons, items in treeviews etc). Because of this gnome does not do well on a screen that is less than 1024px tall.

2. Tiling of some kind would be great.

3. The ridiculous dependency tree of gnome. gnome does not need to be the largest thing on my desktop. Additionally many gnome things do vaporous things e.g. fuse (I can't tell the difference between a system with fuse running and one without it running). Furthermore, gdm is huge, processes intensive beast and all it does is let me log in graphically.

4. Browsing network shares with nautilus is confusing at best. I can always see lots of machines that I get an error if I try to look inside. I cannot see samba shares (randomly). etc make this feature work in a simple but limited way or get rid of it.

You're the de-facto standard for a DE and you are extremely popular in the linux world. Your the baseline, the default. When you change things people phreak out. That's a good thing. Keep innovating! :)

I've recently started using awesome because it is lightweight and I can avoid using the mouse much more often. I have a soft spot for gnome. It's what I learned linux on :)

2259: (NOTE: I've been trying GNOME 3 since it was released earlier in the year. Mainly KDE user with some XFCE).

1. Icon spacing in nautilus never seem 'right'. There are either
massive white spaces or not enough room. Dolphin in KDE seems to get this almost spot on.

2. There needs to be an easy way to install & change themes/icons etc.

3. Give me a minimise button and something to minimise to i.e. a dock that is constantly on-screen. There are a number of dock implementations because USERS WANT THEM.

Make the interface customisable. If people don't like the defaults and there is no easy way to change them, they will likely just not use GNOME any more.

2260: when I try out gnome 3 I'll get back to you, It still doesn't look ready/stable/sane enough for my likings..

Work! And the keep working!

2261: - include friendly interfaces to more ui customizations

- make the fallback mode the priority for development for people that actually have to multitask (work on restoring the full functionality of gnome 2.32 before starting on new experiments with ui)

please try to introduce new stuff alongside the old or at least maintain the old version until the new one is near the feature level of what it is replacing

2262: Back to gnome2 style

Kill gnome-shell

2263: Gnome 3 should become netbook friendly, so different default theme with less horizontal space used. Some standard applets/indicators should come back (weather, system monitor) in the default desktop.

Carry on, neglect the negativity by some users/devs.

2264: I would not change anything in Gnome 2.x. I've read and heard about the fiasco in Gnome 3.x and when I upgrade my distro I WILL be moving either to KDE or other windowing program. I want versatility and flexibility.

Ask your users before making such huge changes in the program. Just because "you" think something is an improvement does not make it so. One of the reasons I've been using Gnome for all these years is because it was so versatile and flexible. Gnome 3.x appears to take all of that away from the end user.

2265: 1. Make things configurable! Feel free to active a dumbass user mode by default, but please make it possible for more advanced users to tweak various settings.

2. The fact that Apple has been successful with various touch devices does _not_ mean that all computer interaction is done with a touch interface. I do 99% of my work using POMAK (plain old mouse and keyboard) please get all these touch optimized interface experiments out of my face, they make me a lot less productive!

3. Don't change to many things to quickly! I absolutely loved the steady incremental changes!

1. Start listening to the community, I really don't like this "we know what you want better than yourself" attitude.

2266: more extensions for the gnome-shell
more online accounts (e.g. facebook)
Bug fixing

2267: The activites layer is awesome! I like the big thumbnails.

The bottom panel could need some more work though. It can sometimes be hard to select the running program.

Evolution is bad and too heavy. Both Thunderbird and postal ranks higher for me at the moment. It is great though that Google Calendar are possible to integrate with the clock applet nowadays.

* A GUI manager for Maximum.. overall improvements of Maximum would be nice.
* A better theme-manager. Gnome-tweak-tool are less than optimal.
* A better social web experience.. incorporate sharing and using the most common services. Like Facebook, Twitter and G+.

2268: The window management - takes up terrible amount of space on small screens
The speed - pain to use on even mid-to-high end devices
Can't think of anything else now.

Work together with OTHER people. Don't say no to something just because they are not part of the team. Take ideas from Unity - the indicators work great, take ideas from KDE - much more modifiable, and from the other as well, there's always something.

You can make it great, but at the current state I could not get anybody new to use it - they've found it a pain and couldn't stand using it, unlike with Unity/KDE.

2269: 1) Go back to supporting multi-tasking and power users
2) Make the system configurable
3) Make everything smaller. The new huge icons look like a 2 year old kids pencil.

Stop trying to be Apple

2270: Startup time, default settings, and customization options.

You guys (and gals) are doing an amazing job! Just keep up with the continuous progress, and regular updates.

2271: I hate the accordion animation in the message tray.

I hate the accordion animation in the message tray.

2272: Only one change and that is to keep a gnome around that works like 2.x (menu wise and such). Don't like the 3.2 look. Not very userfreindly. I see it as a big step backwards.

2273: Go back to gnome 2

Go back from gnome 2

2274: GNOME 3 is an incredible regresssion in comparison to GNOME 2. I cannot understand how it is possible to release a new version which is not features-wise with the previous one. I know this is hard work to replace such a piece of software, but arguments like: "this is not yet a priority" do not work when speaking of features present in a present version. For example, why should I need to install a tweak tool to choose the fonts, arguably the most important element of the GUI!

By the way, the GNOME 3 interface (GNOME shell) completely fails to adress a major problem with nowadays laptops: a large majority of them are wide-screen, and so the shell should *not* need any taskbar at the top and/or bottom of the screen. Vertical space matters! GNOME 2 was barely better as the GNOME panel never worked really well in vertical mode. So far only the Windows 7 taksbar seems to mereally satisfying in this regard. It hurts to admit that...

Maintain and make GNOME 2 available so long as GNOME 3 does not offer at least the same features. In the mean time, GNOME 3 should juste be a prototype interface for curious people. At the moment I switched to XFCE, but I still hope that one day GNOME will be again usable for me.

2275: 1. Ensure future versions continue to run on 1920 pixel wide monitors without issue.

2. Ensure future versions continue to run on Intel Atom processors.

3. can't think of a third.

None at this time.

2276: This may be a bit too KDE-ish, but I wouldn't mind having a few more features of Compiz directly in Gnome (and stable). I think Gnome is far too staid an interface for 2011.

The notification panel is not universally used by apps. I don't know if that is a gnome thing or an app thing, but giving the user a unified approach that makes sense is good.

Please don't ever go the way Unity is going in terms of UI. PLEASE. From a usability standpoint, I find Unity to be confusing and painful. Please don't make Gnome become that.

Better support for multiple monitors would be nice. But then again, that might be an Xorg thing and not a gnome thing. Well, except for maybe having the panel span multiple displays (maybe it can, I could never figure it out).

I know a lot of people harp on the not-so-great features of Gnome, but having used gnome since about 2000, there is a lot I like (like Galeon). Don't forget that. You guys have made a difference in many lives and made us embrace and love using our (Linux) machines that much more. I think that gets filtered out sometimes in all the forum posts and slashdot rants. I've used gnome as my desktop for over 10 years now (until Ubuntu started making me use Unity), and I think I'll be back.

2277: customize

Get your vision back together, keep the user in mind and don´t treat them like idiots.

2278: Nothing, I really REALLY RREEAALLLLYY like Gnome, especially after I've been on Windows or Mac.

The Gnome Team is AWESOME !!!

Thanks from Philadelphia.

2279: I would keep the Gnome 2 desktop experience.

I would have better documentation and gui support for the gnome extensions.

I would aim for a an application architecture that is simple and secure so that there would be a chance if some malicious person got into my computer that they would not immediately own everything.

I tried gnome 3 in fedora 15. I had a visceral reaction gnome 3. I have never had a emotional reaction to a piece of software. Gnome 3 punches my buttons into complete unusability. I don't hate Gnome 3 but I find it impossible to use the new desktop metaphor.

2280: Please ditch Gnome 3.0 and stick to good old Gnome 2.0 or I'll never use Gnome again.

2281: 1. Support and interact with KDE KIO-slaves

2. Create/support a common backend for File Open/Save type dialogs with OpenDesktop and KDE, so that apps from either DE feel native

3. File picker dialogs (File Open/Save) should obey single-click browsing and opening if other parts of a Gnome app are configured that way. Double-clicking in the picker is confusing and difficult if the rest of the desktop is single click.

Stop removing features. I didn't use GNOME to begin with and every update to the GNOME apps seem to have fewer features.

2282: Menu placement
Window buttons

2283: All these are for Gnome3

1) Abillity to change more basic options. Ex: Font size, menu behavior, icon size.
2) Ability to show what windows are open without pressng the "windows key". An example is when a popup window is opened in a browser, you don't see it.
3) Notifications should not be hidden away att the bottom right of the screen.

2284: In GNOME 2 a change reduced the number of active desktops possible to 16. I used to run 24 desktops so I could spread my work out. Now I make due with 16 but would like to see that limitation removed.

I liked how in FVWM it was possible to have applications extend across desktops. This worked out well for windows that were larger than the actual display resolution. This feature would be nice enhancement for the desktop switcher.

Metacity likes to lock up from time to time when I use NX to make my desktop accessible from work and home. I can fix it by doing a 'nohup metacity --replace &' but the bug would be nice to see fixed.

I like my desktops to be flexible and feature rich. The walled garden/dumbed down user interfaces do not appeal to me.

2285: bring back gnome-panel as it used to be in gnome2, I'm not saying moving backwards, just restore order in universe, the current gnome-panel hackis found in eg. ubuntu is like playing with a dead fish. It needs to have the same feeling as before.

fix gnome-panel, i moved unhappily to xfce. It sucks compared to gnome2, but more and more dist are moving to gnome3, so I better start learning a new window manager (xfce at the moment). I will go back in no time once the issuees is resolved.

2286: Go back in time to a point where GNOME 3 never existed. It is atrocious. My responses to the above questions about my satisfaction with GNOME are based on GNOME 2, and NOT GNOME 3. For GNOME 3, my answer would be "Not at all" for all of them.

Scrap GNOME 3. At the very least, give users an easy, straightforward option for an interface that is exactly like GNOME 2. You've made the interface a ridiculous, complicated experience and alienated users. I saw the comment on a forum where someone was trying to change the default terminal, and a GNOME developer responded saying that GNOME 3 isn't designed for the type of people who want to change their default terminal. Really? Is this still for Linux? You're telling me that a UI for THE OS for people who want to tweak everything they possibly can, is difficult to tweak by design? Then get the fuck off my computer. Any open source team that purposely alienates their users like that doesn't deserve users. It is truly insulting to make such assumptions. That attitude is appalling, and the attitude that anyone would like a tablet-style UI for desktop computing, with no other option, is asinine and idiotic. GNOME 3 makes everything a pain. It takes many more clicks to do the same things, and the lack of a taskbar and removal of the usability of the panels is the worst design decision I've ever heard of. GNOME should be turned back into something that's actually usable and doesn't introduce change just for the sake of change. If the current GNOME team refuses to do that, the project should be forked. I am sticking to GNOME 2 for now, because it's awesome, and when it's so outdated that I have to switch, I definitely won't be switching to GNOME 3 in its current form.

2287: it should allow me to remove panels, it should allow me to change my login screen, a few settings don't always stay changed.

I don't know if these issues are specific to my distro or inherent problems with gnome.

keep up the good work

2288: - Usually in GNOME you can do something easily, or not at all, so I would add more advanced configuration options.
- screenlets/gdesklets are horrible. There is no consistency and no centralized way to configure.
- I think GNOME looks like a basic desktop with patched add-ons (compiz, screenlets). Maybe a bit more tighter integration?

- Thanks for helping us to give you feedback. And thanks for all the work you do to make things better.

2289: None, not that the project doesn't need an enema, but any suggestions coming from this survey will be ran through the filter that it is coming from moronix and discarded.

If you think anyone wants to use your half-baked software you are crazier than RMS.

2290: 1. Improve handling of and switching between many wired and wireless networks with various configurations.
2. and 3. Other that adding some subtle eye-candy, why change something, that works so well?

As of now, GNOME is very well polished - please, do not change it into some kind of cellphone GUI, or at least - not as a default configuration.

2291: Reinstate the tabbed window bar at the bottom of the screen so I don't have to continually go to the "Activities" corner in order to switch windows. Also, place the time/date preferences back to the upper right corner and please bring back the built-in weather/location addition (a la Gnome 2.x)

2292: 1) 2.x style desktop switcher
2) Have desktop folder context (all programs in the same desktop have the same default folders, printers, etc.)
3) Have hierarchical selection of programs (e.g. not have to search for programs)

Listen to users. Gnome desktops used to be something I could recommend to friends and acquaintances.

2293: More configurability
Easier configurability

2294: 1. It'd be nice if there was a lighter color option for the activities bar.
2. From nautilus you can right click on a file and pin it to the favorites bar.
3. Pull down facebook/yahoo/etc... accounts too.

I love how far GNOME has come. I am eternally grate for all the hard work you have done.

2295: Drop the philosophy that simple == better.

Strike a balance rather than go all in either way.

Drop GNOME 3.

2296: I would:
1. Remove the bar on top of bar on top (the top bar without the app bar would be nice). 2. Make cut-paste more robust and give it several levels of "storage". 3. Enable dragging an icon from a window without activating the window.

I almost wrote "Why would I want a smelly foot on my desktop", but I guess I should keep the trolling to Slashdot so that you'll take my other responses seriously. :)

2297: 1. Add right-click area to nautilus for copy/paste/new folder etc. Currently right-clicking while in list view gives operations for the file/directory you happened to click on. I don't want to have to navigate up a level to paste a file in a directory simply because the view pane is full.
2. Also in nautilus, allow split pane horizontally while in icon view, vertical pane for list view and compact view.

2298: 1) Attitude of the developers
2) restore 2.x functionality
3) -

Accept you have made mistakes, fix them.

2299: Better support for window manager customization.

I'm super scared about GNOME 3. I have yet to switch, but I hear scary things. I hated Unity. GNOME 2 is awesome.

2300: I really think the classic look-and-feel of the 2.x series should be kept as a viable and up-to-date alternative.

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