What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 2 of 10. 76 Comments

2101: I cant think up of 3 things, just 1 now: although GNOME is lightweight, and that is a primary characteristic of its design, I really like KDE much more than GNOME for the flexibility and features it provides to those that need them, so I wish that some of these features get included in further revisions, without sacrificing the core design of GNOME.

2102: Make the panel more like AWM
Make the window decorations alignment a configuration option
Include standard meta key lookup functionality

Most of my requirements are met in Gnome3

But please please please don't focus on touch and tablet experiences and, in preference, concentrate on keyboard users that also reluctantly use a mouse. And don't make things too big - allow condensed and comprehensive to be an option

2103: 1. Focus on direct ui speed, then add graphics in layers
2. Optimize libraries and APIs to enable more consistent "feel"
3. Allow greater menu/panel user customization (location/placement/design)

Continue to move forward, but remember what has and has not worked.

2104: Please don't push GNOME away from a desktop focus, or at least please don't remove that option completely. Regardless of the potential future positioning of tablets, smartphones, etc., I will still need my PC, and the desktop metaphor works well for me.

2105: 1) Allow Gnome 3 to change into the Gnome 2 menu layout (It is a PC not a tablet).
2) Allow me with one click and minimal cursor movement to be able to see ALL of my programs and settings menus (ie, close to what Gnome 2 does).
3) Allow / continue more right click versatility.

Pay attention to your *actual* users. We aren't installing linux on tablets with touch screens, we are installing them on full featured, functional laptops and PCs. Grandma might get a tablet for xmas, but she isn't going to install linux so while it is important to allow for ease of use, remember who your clients are: Persons who want full features and versatility enough to ditch the OS that their computer came with and install something they burned to a disk off an iso. Read the forums. Gnome 3 is making alot of your devout users abandon ship for another GUI.

2106: More bells and whistles
More speed
More menu addons

Keep up the good work,I really appreciate all that you do.

2107: GNOME 2.x is great; can't think of much I'd change. GNOME 3.x seemed somewhat over-the-top, so I didn't try using it for very long & hence cannot formulate specific changes I would make.

I have only tried GNOME 3.x for a brief period (less than a day), but I wasn't a fan from what I experienced. I had a similar reaction when I tried using the default Unity DE in Ubuntu 11.4/11.10-- the standard, simple environment I was used to had been changed so that it was no longer intuitive or simple. I'm personally opposed to my OS/DE trying to 'make things easier for me' while removing more basic functionalities I had grown accustomed to. It's not a big deal to me though; as long as support for G2.x continues, I plan to continue using that for my Linux-based systems. Maybe G3 is optimal for tablet use, but creating a universal DE that also extends to desktops/laptops is, imo, a difficult task due to the varied ways in which we interface with these devices.

As I understand, Karen Sandler is the new Executive Director of GNOME. I don't know much about her, except that attended Cooper Union (as I did), which rocks :] Congratulations to her.

2108: GNOME 2.x: Pretty much nothing. It's great!
GNOME 3.x: Everything! It's horrible! :(

2109: Just make session restoration work all the time with no chance of failing to!

2110: 1. I like the thing in Windows 7 where you can half-maximize a window by dragging it to the left or right edge. I want that in Gnome.

2. I want a better screen configuration tool. It's better than it used to be, and it occasionally is a LOT of use, but there are a lot of conditions that it's useless in.

3. Can't think of one offhand.

I use Gnome because it's a stable, useable piece of software. It's predictable, and that's nice. Too much change makes me think of looking to xfce or even something like Fluxbox. Gnome supplies enough features that I don't want to do that though.

2111: customization of desktop
more configure options
make the desktop act like a normal desktop. gnome has a tendency to do things different for the sake of being different. My first experience with GNOME was my last experience /w GNOME

as has probably already been said, stop treating end users like they're idiots and listen to the users. Pidgin Developer Syndrome gets old.

2112: I went back to Gnome 2 because I hated Gnome 3 so much. I want a desktop interface, not one for tablet/mobile. Give me menus, and preferences!

Fork for mobile, don't cripple the desktop!

2113: back to gnome2 style
ability to customize
drop the HIG entirely

yes, they are making things worse every day

2114: Just one: Make it possible to figure out how things fit together again. Linux used to be a simple system, but now there are like ten daemons that communicate together and read stuff from gconf or whatnot, so when something doesn't work right (like, for instance, suddenly all elements disappear from my Mom's top and bottom panels, for no obvious reason) the only recourse is to nuke ~/.gnome and set up everything anew.

2115: Too bloated, trim it down.

2116: 1.) Go back to the 2.x way of window management, etc.
2.) See #1
3.) See #1

Stop this insanity!

2117: Give users the option of a "traditional" gnome look.

Bring back the old virtual desktops.

If you insist on having that "favorites" bar, give users the option of moving it to different locations, such as the bottom of the screen, or give them the option of having it there all the time, rather than it disappearing.

Stop breaking things! The changes that Gnome 3 have brought are as idiotic as the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

If users are accustomed to doing things a certain way, and they become very efficient in their work because of this, don't cripple them with something staggeringly new. If things are TOO different, they will look elsewhere for something that comes close to the experience they had before you fucked things up for them. If you make things TOO different, they have no reason to keep using your product. If they must learn how to do things with a new product, what's to keep them from using someone else's product (i.e. KDE). If you fuck over your users, don;t expect a lot of loyalty back.

2118: Please don't leave desktop and power users behind when implementing new tablet friendly and "grandma" friendly interfaces.

2119: No changes come to mind. GNOME is a great product that I use every day.

Keep up the good work.

2120: Not a fan of of all the big icons and new side bars (activities). Wastes real estate.

Thanks for the years of support and learning.

2121: My laptop is not a phone. Please do not treat my UI like it is. Yes, the desktop metaphor is old and in some scenarios broken, but it works most how I like to work.

2122: * I need to be able to disable stacking of similar applications on alt+tab

* Launcher should be more like Awn in terms of customisation

* Customisation of features in general should be more straightforward

2123: - More configurable without the need of an extension that does what I want: The notifications icons (systray) on top.

Please, give me the choice, not by default, to put the notifications icons (systray) on top.

Start a search from the search field on the second/third character or delay it. On my netbook it's annoying to wait for a search that I didn't want to. (Don't you want that by default? Just give the choice.

2124: 1. Get rid of Gnome Shell
2. Focus on usability and customization options
3. Fix bugs, don't reinvent the desktop

My suggestion would be to stop development of Gnome Shell and go back to the previous interface. Continue to develop Gnome 3, but stay consistent with the interface.

2125: I quit using gnome when it would not allow XV to cover its menu bar. Don't be acting like your window manager is something sacred.

In the 90's, X was considered to be huge, slow, and over-engineered. It hasn't changed much, but the computers that run it have, and now X is lean, mean, and fast. Why does GNOME consider this to be a bug?

2126: * Ability to change the bar in other monitor edges
* Custom keybindings (like changing the default windows key behavior)
* ... that's all... I REALLY like Gnome 3 concept.

2127: 1) Remove the side bar
2) Bring back an actual menu
3) Icons on the desktop

Comment: What the hell were you thinking?

2128: Not sure.

I am loving GNOME 3. It is the first real linux desktop that would make me consider a move away from mac os x.

2129: get rid of Gnome Shell
give option to run Gnome 2.3 type interface
make it run on a not that old video card (HB

I was happy with Gnome 2.3

2130: The changes to from 2 to 3 in terms of UI design are abysmal. I cannot stand it.

2131: - grid layout for the desktop icons,
- add expanding manu items (drawer type) for lounchers and status icons (they take to much space, and I want to use only one pannel),

- grid layout for the desktop icons,
- add expanding manu items (drawer type) for lounchers and status icons (they take to much space, and I want to use only one pannel),

2132: more obvious keyboard shortcuts, emphasis on terminals, emphasis on remote mounting servers, more caching for slow internet connections when working with remote mounts

using a mouse is slow, i want to use my keyboard as often as possible

2133: Have option to make Gnome 3.2 look like Gnome 2.30, including the customizations.

Always enable "simple Gnome" session a la Gnome 2.30 even on Gnome 3.2. User interface experiments are OK but not when I have to do real work.

Make sure configuration with e.g. gconf-editor (or Gnome 3 equivalent) is easy to do.

Make sure Gnome works well on older/minimal hardware (e.g. netbooks).

2134: Generally quite happy with gnome 2.0
I have quite thin window borders, making it difficult to resize windows

maintain support for gnome2

2135: More customization, less options hidden, return to stacking wm.

Don't put your UI fetishes above user's expectations.

2136: 1. A native docking panel option. I install AWN every time I re-install my OS (previously Ubuntu, now Linux Mint).
2. A "My Computer" like location to view all the drives currently mounted or available.
3. More unicorns.

Continue making the simple, yet functional UI I've grown to love.

2137: Kill gnome 3
Kill gnome 3
Kill gnome 3

Seriously gnome 3 is a major step backwards. It takes away too much of the customizability that people depended on.

2138: 1) Auto-hide the bar across the top.
2) Compress the menu bar for apps like Firefox 7 (the portion of the bar that has the X), similar to what is displayed on Windows
3) All about maximizing screen space.

Love it. Moving in a positive direction from gnome 2. Keep up the good work!!

2139: 1. Proper Xinerama support
2. Ability to have independent virtual desktops per monitor (Xinerama)
3. Independent panels per monitor (again, Xinerama)

Support Xinerama. If you're confused as to what I'm referring to, install Enlightenment (DR17) on a computer with multiple monitors and witness how multiple monitors should be supported.



2141: Restore lost functionality from GNOME2:

1) panel applets, GET CRACKIN'!!
2) restore missing or abbreviated configuration
3) stop ignoring fallback mode, it is often the only option and is important.

Stop dicking around with social BS for a moment and get GNOME3 working as well as GNOME2 was on the desktop before adding any new crap.

2142: ditch the gnome 3 crap

gnome 3 sucks

2143: In terms of Gnome 2 I wouldn't change anything. It does exactly what I need.

My primary desktop is Gnome 2 with the Sawfish window manager.

I tried Gnome 3 in a Fedora 15 distribution and found it unusable. Having windows jump around the screen by themselves is very disconcerting. I work spacialy, using sawfish to keep 4 workspaces open with windows in pre-arranged locations. While I understand what Gnome 3 wants to do, the fact that windows move by themselves means I can not count on things being in the same place at any given time.

While this may work on a pad, it is not how I want to work on a desktop.

2144: Restore some of 2.x's compatibility.
Better integration with products other than gnome products (thunderbird, firefox, etc.)
Restore more advanced control panel options (such as power management)

2145: Restore minimize/restore buttons
Have a terminal tab
Free cake?

Keep up the awesome work, you dudes rock!

2146: I would drop the GNOME shell and go back to GNOME 2.X, Even Unity performs much better than GNOME 3 (Still the 2.x was the better GNOME)

I would drop the GNOME shell and go back to GNOME 2.X, Even Unity performs much better than GNOME 3 (Still the 2.x was the better GNOME)

2147: More options/config

2148: 1) The ability to change the background of GDM
2) Access to more settings through a GUI
3) The ability to run compiz

Overall it's a nice product; it just needs some features that existed in gnome2.x

2149: More extensions and management tool for them
Multimonitor control
Central configuration for all settings

Love the new interface, but it feel limited. Extension should help in the future, but i would include some by default. The thing that bug me the most is the multimonitor support, yes it's there but it lack the ability to control it. There's a default display but it doesn't always seem to take that screen as the primary.

I'm currently running Gnome 3.2 on Ubuntu 11.10

Unity sucks

2150: The activities workflow:
opening multiple apps in succession is annoying
finding an app installed that I rarely use but don't know the name
for example I installed a game on my laptop for my kids it is
rarely used so everytime they ask to play it I spend 5-10 mins
looking for it
Dual monitor issues
Items on the non-main monitor follow all workspaces and I would
prefer it didn't
Minor UI issues
Having to hold alt to shutdown
A way to configure the date displayed at the top
(I want the date, not just day)
The shell often hits 100% CPU usage and I have to alt-f2 -> r
No 'desktop' anymore, icons, quick access to frequent launch
icons etc (I would want them back)

Nope Looking forward to seeing if 3.2 makes everything better or creates greater annoyance.

2151: 1.- Give Customization options back to the users... for example... allow the user to change the behavior of the shutdown button/menu. and change the colors of the environment, just like gnome 2 did.

2.- Unlock the panels and notification area.

3.- Get compiz working with gnome3, or offer something better (or just as good) mutter feels like a downgrade.

listen to your users... give them what they want, and run new ideas by them... and they'll love you back ;~)

2152: Gnome 2.x: Allow the usage of the Meta-Key for standard keyboard shortcuts
Gnome 3.x: Allow Icons/Folders on the "desktop", more customization, add shortcuts to panels

The blatant disregard of user feedback regarding Gnome 3.0 was appaling. Numbers pulled out of your behinds and then saying "users want it like that" and similar stunts were really frustrating.

2153: Less bloat: visually and in resources used

2154: Less memory, more consistency, less bugs.

Find out users wishes, then develop in that direction.

2155: Easier settings for optimization of desktop options for slower CPUs / less memory.

2156: Give the end user more control
Fire your designer
Give the end user more control

Fire your designer

2157: 1. Rethink the concept of desktop and workspaces.
2. Make GNOME an intuitive non distracting out of the box experience for standard users, and a powerful flexible tool for the rest of us.

2158: 1. Rethink the concept of desktop and workspaces.
2. Make GNOME an intuitive non distracting out of the box experience for standard users, and a powerful flexible tool for the rest of us.

2159: put back panel apps
put back good task switching
put back easy way to launch apps

Quit trying to tell people what they want. If you think users are being distracted too much, give them ways to remove the distractions, don't take away what they use. It's their problem, let them deal with it instead of making everyone deal with trying to figure out how to get their productivity back.

2160: -Start menu like Windows 7 - you know minimize all windows in down right corner, transparent menu (or at least pre-included settings with default installation)

2161: Nothing, I guess. I'm currently looking for a replacement. Over the years gnome has slowly but consistently worked towards sacrificing usability, customisation, and gutting it's userbase's existing workflow techniques in favor of dumbed down candy HIG specs that, with each iteration, prevent users from doing more things that were previously possible.
Gnome is no longer something I want to use. Metacity was blow number 1, and gnomeshell is the final, decisive blow.
I'd install it on my mom's computer if I had any confidence that the interface tomorrow would be the same as the interface today. She, like the entire target audience that you seem to be designing for, doesn't want to relearn how to use her computer every few years. I got her a mac.

2162: screensaver configurability
use fuse instead of a custom virtual file system
add a simple way to bind key combinations to start a program

2163: Unity. Unity. Unity.

I refuse to use Unity.

2164: Focus less on touch interfaces, netbooks, etc. Get back to the basics of making a good desktop user interface. I would much rather see something along the lines of improving Gnome 2 rather than the switch that is 3.

2165: I'll rather express it with questions:
1. How to minimise a window?
2. How can I see my window list (without distraction)?
3. How can I thank you (seriously)?

Join with unity (and ubuntu) efforts i.e. convince them to invest in gnome!
I believe gnome3 is conceptually a way much stronger than Unity, but it still needs a bit of polish (integration, plugins, costumisability, fallback mode ...).
I really hope GNOME will manage to survive harsh times it is living right now and become a visionary leader in the desktop field.


2166: Nothing yet...

Keep up the good work! I've been using Unity on Ubuntu for the past few months, but I recently had the opportunity to check out GNOME 3 on a Fedora system. I forgot how easy it was in GNOME 3 to view all open windows and how quickly I could move them in between workspaces. I often have many applications running and often use a variable number of workspaces to try and keep things organized. When I have around 5 windows open on 2 different workspaces, it seems faster to move between them and manage workspaces in GNOME 3 than unity. This may be due to the fact I don't have to click to navigate between windows and workspaces, which I've found surprisingly nice: rather than clicking on a tiny icon, viewing all windows requires merely a gesture, and viewing workspaces requires one more gesture. I really miss this ability in Unity.

As I mentioned, I have not been using Unity that long, and as I learn more shortcuts in Unity, my view could change, but after an initial look, I would have to say GNOME 3 has been easier for me personally.

2167: 1. make fallback mode closer to 2.x
2. make it fully customizable for power users
3. let users put files on their desktop or anywhere else they want on their own computers

I'm not a Gnome 3.x hater at all, but some things are just ridiculous. You've got to know your market and realize that power users want control over everything, and if you take that away they will leave. Have whatever defaults you want, as long as I can set it up the way I like it I don't care. That's the only thing that makes Gnome 3.x worse than 2.x, and that's why I'm in the process of choosing a new DE, if I want limitations I'll install windows.

2168: - stop taking my computer for a smartphone and return to a useful Desktop environment with a menu, a taskbar, a Desktop area etc...
- have actual features, not just "absence of features that we are so proud of as to call them features" such as letting me restart my computer for the desktop. Being proud of forcing me to logout THEN restart and not letting select my keyboard type at the login stage is idiocy. When I can do less, these are REGRESSIONS, not evolutions.

- more customization
- stopping taking users for complete idiots

2169: Keep the 2.x line alive. I prefer that interface for a Desktop over the 3.x line.

Message boxes with an action and a cancel can be annoying. Having cancel on the left side instead of right drives me up a wall sometimes.

Can't think of anything else.

Please go back to the 2.x interface for desktops and keep the 3.x interface for tablets and phones. I really don't want 3.x on my desktop or laptop.

2170: * Bring the options back from Gnome2. Really, less options suck,less configuration sucks. I can't even change icons. Don't tell me to use a 3rd party app for that.

eg, Proxy manager was nice in Gnome2; why can't I have that?

Some serious thought into Shell. I'm not saying gnome2 UI was better, NO but shell is not good enough. The workflow in shell sucks!

2171: 1) improve window manager choice
2) stop dumbing it down
3) make a commitment to all X11-based platforms, not just linux.

listen to your power users. make it more tunable/tweakable; never remove a setting; never regress functionality (for instance, why can't you set desktop names when you have compiz enabled?)

I'm still on gnome 2 and based on what I've heard is coming in gnome 3 I'm going to stay here for a while or move to KDE.

2172: I have been a linux user since September, 1994. My first distro was Yggdrasil 1.0. From 1999 until 2003 I was a devout WindowMaker user. I started using Gnome as my desktop of choice in 2003, and used it religiously until the moment that the Gnome 3x announcement came out and I saw what was happening. I am now using Arch Linux with xmonad as my desktop, and I have to say that it is a real PITA compared to the integration that is Gnome.

Despite the pain of manual configuration and a complete lack of tools to manage integration with apps, applets, notifications, etc., I am in charge of how my computer works, and more importantly, how it works FOR me. From my side of this affair, it is working better for me than ever.

Gnome Foundation, Red Hat, Fedora (my distro of choice since the pre-Core 1 days), Ubuntu, all of you holier than thou shove ware loosers: I tried to stick with you, but you pushed me away. I am done with you.

2173: There's a bug in empathy's communication with the google chat servers, I would get that fixed.

Drop Evolution in favor of Thunderbird and a calendaring application (preferably separate applications as there is no reason that email and calendaring need to be in one application).

Make music streaming plugins for pandora, last.fm, &c. a priority for rhythmbox, banshee, &c.

2174: These are applicable to GNOME 3.2+
1. More control over notifications; like turn off notifications for specific things such as chat or change the location of the notifications.
2. Allow a bit more native configuration; like removing the bottom bar etc.
3. Allow icon sizing. The icons in the Application portion are huge.

2175: The notification area is really annoying. For example, if I have downloaded something in chrome and I go to close the download bar at the bottom I usually hit the notification area instead. Also the way that the names of the applications extend and retract make it difficult to hit what you want to. The name of the applications should all be completely extended and when space runs out then you should have them collapse.

It would be nice to be able to change the gtk color schemes like we used to in appearance preferences.

Windowlist extension should be added to the official etension repo.

Keep up the good work.

2176: 1) Remove the upper-left gesture in Gnome 3, Gnome2 took less effor to open applications, especially with launchers.
2) Add panels back to Gnome 3.
3) Add an easy to use system monitor like in Gnome2

Stop trying to be hip, concentrate less on dumb animations or compiz-type things. The activities gesture and animation are a waste of time.

2177: Activities screen

2178: 1. Retain the 3-menu structure of 2.x (apps, places, system).
2. Quit adding junk to the taskbar/panel that I personally don't need or use (most of it).

Retain the 3-menu structure of 2.x (apps, places, system).

2179: Adding minimize to windows in G3
Being able to shutdown without having to first log out in G3 (Come on, really?!!)
More documentation on the "hidden" settings (GConf), which seem to control core Gnome workings

Listen to the users, for crying out loud! Don't remove stuff that was in a previous version for changes sake!
On the plus side, G3 does look really nice, so well done there.

2180: Add a 2D fallback option that would essentially replicate Gnome 2.

Change for the sake of change is bad. Breaking APIs frustrate developers away. Moving targets are a pain to deal with. Multiple in-use versions of the same software are even harder to support. Doing things like this harms Linux software creation or lead to poorly-integrated software, which in turn harms Linux adoption due to lack of good software.

2181: Im an old dog.
Just because the gearshift is "easier to use" when mounted to
The windshield doesn't mean i enjoy relearning its new "better" position.
I like KDE's ease of configuration.

I dont have a touchscreen OR a holodeck.
Why this new paradigm?

2182: - Integrate Avant Window Navigator
- Fix various bugs
- Add shortcuts for moving windows right/left and between monitors ala Windows 7

Keep up the great work! Fix bugs!

2183: A better (more efficient and intuitive) method to access applications -- the "Activities" menu requires too many mouse clicks and even searching with text to find applications. Easier customization, such as themes and plugins (difficult in Gnome 3).

2184: I really only have one thing to say, which is that I'd change it back to how it was in 2.x. That was pretty much the perfect Linux DE for me in terms of layout and how it worked. I felt very much at home in 2.x but GNOME 3.x just didn't work out for me.

2185: PLEASE go back to GNOME 2. I hate version 3.

PLEASE go back to GNOME 2. I hate version 3.

2186: better feedback (e.g. cursor changes, etc.) when doing something; better themes and better management of them (e.g. don't show me themes I can't use in this version of Gnome); screensavers that actually let you change parameters (even Windows lets you do that!)

Gotta be honest; the screensaver thing pisses me off. I expected better of you people.

2187: Stop dumbing it down

2188: Roll back the UI changes for Gnome3
Allow more alteration to controls/UI elements
Make per-user menus

Please stop steamrolling over peoples' suggestions just because you like a certain thing. Part of UI design is talking to actual users and accepting their input. Nobody will use a system that runs only a single certain way, because almost nobody will accept the entire unmodified package. Everyone will want to tweak or remove or modify at least something to suit their style.

Also, entirely upending the whole UI paradigm without allowing at least an option to use a "classic" UI is the reason I'll not be using gnome3. At this point, I'd rather just not run a linux UI at all, which is sad.

2189: 1) Go back to Gnome 2
2) Go back to Gnome 2
3) Seriously, what was wrong with Gnome 2? I love it!

I took this survey from the perspective of Gnome 2. I am very satisfied with Gnome 2. If I were to take this survey from the perspective of Gnome 3, I am _not_ satisfied as it does _not_ do what I want it to and it is _not_ easy to use. I am all about updating Gnome to make it look better, but this progression of forcing everything into one of those *^%#@$! tablet interfaces is one of the stupidest ideas anyone has ever come up with in my opinion. I don't have a tablet, don't want a tablet, don't like tablets, and I certainly, beyond any shadow of a doubt, don't want my desktop looking like a tablet!

I loath Gnome 3 and I am now searching for desktop alternatives as most every distro is moving to 3 it seems. Unfortunately, I can't find anything I like nearly as much as Gnome 2. I have tried most all of them recently and I am not as happy with them as I was with Gnome 2. I can use KDE, but I don't like it. XFCE annoys me. Enlightenment and LXDE just wouldn't do what I wanted. I just don't have a good alternative to Gnome 2. The closest I have gotten to a useable interface for me is EvilWM with a ton of scripting and extensions. Sadly, that would not work for many and it still isn't as nice as Gnome 2 for my needs.

2190: - More configuration options through GUI.

2191: Listen to your users. I am not saying do as they say, but give thought to why they say it.

2192: with 2.x, make it easier to change/customize the Places menu. The only method I know of now is to edit a text file.

I love the 2.x environment, I will stay in it as long as I possibly can. Thank you for producing an awesome desktop environment.

2193: don't drop functionality
don't increase the number of steps to reach the same functionality
modularize more

evolution instead of revolution

2194: Give me CONFIGURABLE panels.
Don't assume I need the most dumbed-down options upon install (are there even any options to change?) and stop trying to look like Unity.
Is GNOME made for the GNOME developers or for end-users? Listen to your user base or you will not have a user base to listen to.

GNOME 2.* had horrible, buggy panels. GNOME 3.* looks like UNITY and can't be configured. Therefore, I have switched to KDE and will not reconsider GNOME until it has decent configuration options. I do not recommend GNOME in its current state to anyone.

2195: - pasting of files should not paste the filename in the folder-file-search-box
- most changes i want to gnome will come with the 3.2 release

none, that i can think of at this moment

2196: 1. give the user easy ways of configuring his desktop

2. use a powerful window manager which could for instance use optimized algorithms for window placement

3. use less computer resources

2197: I would try and find some compromise between how Gnome 2.x worked and Gnome 3.

2198: Nautilus, Nautilus, Nautilus
why nautilus is the only file manager without rubber banding in list view is beyond me.
nautilus has no provision for switching to su to perform file ops. This makes it useless for about half my work.
The resistance to a second viewpane was just ridiculous.
Historically, Nautilus has gotten in my way so much I just use the command line for file ops.

1-that Gnome stop thinking it always knows what's best for users, and be a bit more receptive to their ideas
2-I don't need a mobile UI on an 18 inch screen. - at least let me reconfigure Gnome 3 into a menu-driven UI like Gnome 2 if I want

2199: I took this survey because someone said you were looking for non-gnome using Linux users also. Sorry if it's not much help.

2200: 1) add a preference to disable file sorting algo which does some tricks trying to sort 2001105-bbb before 20110122-aaa (in file or directory names)
2) decrease the number of background processes running all the time for some obscure reasons
3) try to minimize memory footprint and improve performance

The direction in which GNOME3 is going is completely wrong; it doesn't enhance usability, promotes searching instead of choosing, completely breaks user experience during upgrade from GNOME2 (all preferences and settings practically lost). It tries to make a change just for the purpose of itself, for example why switch window close widgets to the left corner? The explanation I read is rather vague, it seems that they had to make something for everyone to notice (wow, this must be the new environment!).

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