What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 3]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 19 November 2011. Page 10 of 10. 76 Comments

2901: Even more configurability. Can't think of any more right now. It's pretty good, overall. I like it.

Great work so far! Thanks very much.

2902: Revert back to Gnome 2.x.

Gnome 3.x is terrible. I really liked version 2.x -- clean, simple, elegant, well organized and easy to navigate. Since my favorite distros are now going to Gnome 3 (or worse, Unity...), I'm switching teams and going to XKCE. Sorry guys, I really want to support you and all your hard work, but I simply cannot abide the UI direction you have taken.

2903: Allow for customization of Panel just like Gnome 2. This was critical for my workflow, and one of the biggest annoyances moving to Gnome 3 (and Unity). Other issues involve poor dual-screen support, slow app searching, and generally just bad configuration options.

The new interface looks great, I love everything about the aesthetics, but the interface for launching applications is cumbersome. Especially for novice users, I've noticed they struggle to know what the names of programs are. They just remember the icon and the place in the Gnome 2 menu, now they have no way of finding the program they want. I have similar issues on occasion. There has to be a way to meld the great design improvements of Gnome 3 with the usability and customization of Gnome 2.

2904: 1. Make Unity optional (mostly for tablets) and fully support "Classic" mode.
2. Allow more options for interface customization, not fewer.
3. Understand that I know better than you how I want to interface with my own computer. Defaults are nice, but should always be optional and customizable.

See #22.

2905: From gnome 2? Nothing. It's pretty great.

The survey was unclear - all of my answers were related to Gnome 2 because that's what I use. When it says 'does GNOME work for me' this could mean 3.

2906: more config options

2907: Ability to pick and choose what panels to display;
Ability to tweak more application options from GUI;

Thanks for putting so much effort into building such a solid desktop :)

2908: Less bloat

Less bloat

2909: I use fluxbox with some parts of GNOME installed so that Firefox/Gimp/Inkscape and such use reasonable GTK settings.

I prefer to use fluxbox because all decorations/panels/desktop icons/menus remain hidden unless I explicitly want to see them.

I recently tried Unity for Ubuntu 11.04, and absolutely hate it.

I have not tried GNOME 3 or the GNOME Shell yet.

If GNOME 3 is still built on Clutter, there are some really interesting things that could be done. I am a contributor to Piccolo2D, a Java framework that has similar support for ZUIs.

I have had this concept in my head for several years, and have prototyped some parts of it in Piccolo2D. I cannot completely realize the idea without integrating Java with X window managers, and don't wish to go down that painful path.

http://sprawl.sf.net (sorry, there's nothing there except the logo)

The concept is

- the desktop "background" is actually an infinitely large ZUI canvas

- multiple "desktops" are simply view transforms over the infinitely large ZUI canvas

- files/folders/application windows all participate in semantic zooming (different representations at different view scale transforms (i.e. the zoom level))

- panels/applets are attached to the camera (similar to heads up display (HUD))

- links/waypoints/jumps to quickly transform the view from one "place" to another

The result is a true implementation of the spatial desktop metaphor. And a really big spatial desktop metaphor at that.

2910: GNOME2 is just where I want it to be, really; NetworkManager can be a pita at times, especially when it means I can't connect to a remote laptop because I'm not actually logged in on the console, but GNOME2 does just enough for me.

2911: need to add: being able to alt-tab during dragging

2912: keep working on 2.x

2913: default access to terminal from directory in use

I'd like to say that I appreciate their efforts to help the Open Source Community. I don't use Gnome daily but do use it on work computers. Will be testing Gnome three soon. This is from a OpenBox fan.

2914: please, maintain performance and simplicity

2915: Do not try to re-invent the wheel. I want the window buttons to stay where they belong, I am not an idiot who has never seen a computer before.

If you decide to break things, make them at least configurable.

2916: More tweak options

2917: 1. Fewer dependencies on applications eg Nautilus/Dolphin

2. Better support for a linear (rather than a spatial) desktop/filesystem view.
(I hate 'My Documents'!)

3. More configurability, specifically to DISABLE elements I don't want or need.

Don't dictate how things must appear, or must 'be thought about'. Recognize that there are many possible metaphors, and that my preferences might not align with yours.

2918: I wouldn't change a thing but I do like to see new enhancements coming out.

Keep up the good work!

2919: Figure out how to successfully build and run gnome 3.2 (I think I actually got this bit, it's just gdm failing on me :)

Fast and secure remote login and access of system and programs over the new broadway html5 backend for ubiquitous connectivity?

Some kind of advanced magical shell-level built-in virtual terminal support for accessing local console and remote systems seamlessly? (where backspace and home/end keys always work :)

Keep up the great work, don't let the haters get you down. Haters gonna hate, but coders gotta code.

2920: Better monitor rotation support.

2921: I want to do more on my desktop, not less. I miss a lot GNOME 1.x where I could customize everything. And GNOME 2.x had a few controls on my system. But GNOME 3.x is "bare metal" to me.

I want more widgets easily installable and configurable.

Gedit has not changed for years, I wish it has more features, maybe not like eclipse but a lot more would be nice.

My desktop is empty! Why? That's plain stupid.

I want more not less.

Stop suppressing things and add more!!! I'm not a 12 years old, I'm a 12 years old GNOME user.

2922: Put the task bar/panel at the bottom of the screen.

Don't show user names on the login screen. As a minimum, provide an option to hide them.

Provide a GUI for use in managing GRUB settings.

Keep using the Start/Applications menu as the heart of the user interface. Do not switch to an interface like Ubuntu's Unity, Windows Metro, OS X's or the Gnome Shell UI.

2923: Sometimes widgets on the toolbars disappear and the theme randomly changes, which is a little irritating.
Better support for multiple monitors would be helpful (eg. seperate workspaces/toolbars for different screens).
Other than that, everything seems to be working fine.

I find the interface style where open windows are listed at the bottom of the screen to be the most efficient for me to use. This is because I always have my hand on the mouse but if I want to switch windows using the keyboard I have to move my hands to it. Keep the minimise/maximise/close buttons on the right hand side please.

2924: Speed. Speed. Speed.

Do you realize how hard and complicated GNOME is to build? You seriously need to refactor the dependencies. And make GNOME fast.

Also, GNOME is poorly "cooked" on Solaris: one third of the programs barely work (print manager), the other half often crashes (audio button, taskbar), and the last third doesn't work (desktop resolution, anyone?)

Your focus is clearly on Linux and it shows. It also turns users off of GNOME because GNOME is understood to be platform independent, replacement for CDE. Also if you are going to come up with a GUI, make sure it is fully cooked. Take a hint from Apple Computer.

2925: I want gnome 3 with gnome 2 panels :)

2926: 1. Give users a choice between true desktop configuration (similar config to Gnome 2x) as well as Gnome Shell for tablet-type users
2. Allow more user configuration
3. Expose the user to more complexity, not less

GNOME has been my preferred windowing environment for over 10 years until Gnome 3.x. I am sadly thinking of changing because the Gnome 3.x shell doesn't support desktop users in the same productive way as Gnome 2.x did. Fallback mode in Gnome 3.x is not the answer, and has many bugs/crashes (at least on my machine).

THANK YOU for all of your efforts over the years.

2927: 1. Bring all config options back to the GUI. Hide them under advanced tabs if needed, but make them accessible (ie. mark normal things easy, and hard things possible).

2. Make configuration accessible (ex. text files). Everything is moving to getting dumped into gconf/gconf2/binary blobs/sqlite/xml/etc... if that's the format the programs make use of, fine - BUT MAKE A WAY TO DUMP/LOAD AN EASY TO EDIT TEXT FILE! (ex. ini)

3. Don't over-invest in things that require the use of 3d and such. It should still run very fast on an old 8mb 2d video card without a loss of features (just less flashy, and maybe no hardware zoom stuff). In the same vein, make sure use of 3d when available handles many windows well (ie. after I have a lot of windows open on my 2x 2560x1600 displays, things start not working right - probably cause I'm out of video memory. I suspect better/more intelligent memory mangement is needed... even if it just pops up a warning so I know before it blows up)

Thanks for all your work. I doubt my desires are going to be the future direction of Gnome, but that's ok - there are other window managers out there. Please don't forget application interoperability with other window managers. Maybe I'm not leaning the right direction, but if I am, and if gnome goes away, I'd hope that not all the work would be lost (hopefully it'd just be a matter of moving to a different window manager or fork of an old gnome tree).

2928: Nothing at the moment.

2929: Lighter, Faster, and more Customizable

Stop trying to dumb down the laptop/desktop into tablet-mode, because you're only hurting yourselves and you WILL lose the few geeks that still use ÄĹ“nome (or GNU/Linux in the desktop for that matter).

2930: 1. I'm not sure if this is due to GNOME or the version of distribution, but it seems better support for video hardware acceleration would make sense.

It performs pretty well, certainly faster/better than KDE, but compared to Windows, it seems a little sluggish on screen repaints, etc.

Distributions I've run:
Ubuntu 6, 7, 8, 10.04 LTS, 11.04
OpenSuse 11.3, 11.4
Kubuntu 7 - 11.04

2. Possibly experimenting with circular (flower) menus. If I click the applications menu, why not surround my cursor with the next level of menus. Then over time, a person could habitually gesture to the appropriate clock point in the menu. This will take the user to the same application or next menu level every-time. Probably difficult to implement, but could be a game changer for non-touch environments

3. when I click on games menu - automatically have robot deliver a beer

if you so desire. Contact me at [email protected]m

2931: gnome 3 and 3.2 lack of native configuration, lack of native customization capabilities; mutter is really slow compared to compiz compositing ! don't mind lauching app via command shortcut (always done this) but not having an app menu (or something like this is painfull). gnome 3/3.2 really annoying switching between multiple app.

If i had a tablet i certainly use gnome 3+ on it but i'am on a laptop with a real decent keyboard ... so provide me shortcut customization and decent app menu and decent speed for a window manager (not a effects manager) and maybe i could use gnome 3. now i turn mylsef to xfce wich is simple, faster and customizable

2932: Add more custimization options.

2933: 1. Make it more modular and more integrated. Truly create the correct abstractions and use them in the applications to properly integrate between them.
2. Simplify its programmability at the API level. Again abstractions + simplicity. No new languages (vala?) or potentially problematic languages (C#). Just make the correct abstractions without the complexity of the GObject system.

2934: Notifications in Gnome 3. Shouldn't be at the bottom.

2935: Gnome 2.x seemed to have easier access to a greater selection of system settings.

Allow Gnome to use other mail/calendar clients other than evolution.

2936: 1) treat me like an adult. I should have choices that the design team took away
2) see above
3) I bought a large monitor to run multiple apps, not to have them run full screen

I will probably never again use gnome per se. I do install it so that I can use some gnome apps in XFCE

2937: have total control on gnome-panel (add/remove stuff, position, ... etc).
I'm miss the three main menus (Apps/Places/System).

It's a good idea to be able to go back to gnome classic, but I wish I have more power/control over my desktop like in old version.
Change is good, but if you end up breaking my experience in my computer, I may just give other desktops environments a chance.
After Gnu/Linux is all about choices.
Thanks for all your efforts.

2938: 1. More customization options

Not everybody wants the same recipe. Otherwise we wouldnt have umpteen different car models!

2939: multi monitor support like kde 4.5
Notifications like growl (macosx)
Launcher like quicksilver or alfred

Keep apps like gnome2 and make multimonitor like kde 4.5 with twinview. Gnome 3 configuration seems lacking because lots of it is not shown in the settings panels. Do not pin a monitor in a virtual desktop.

2940: I wouldn't even try...

2941: _ Settings
_ Power-user interface
_ A different version for tablet

My computers are not tablets, please stop to do like it is.
My netbook and my mum laptop don't run openGL and the fallback mode is awful.
My mum like to discover settings by herself, like in windows or GNOME 2 or KDE, she hate this "dumb interface".

2942: Nothing significant - Gnome 2 is great - it gets out of my way while enabling me to work.

Gnome 3 (and Unity) are interesting,but they fit one model of work. Not everyone uses a tablet/netbook, many people use multiple consoles and multiple windows, focus-follows-mouse has valid workflow applications, and there are many people who use Linux (and Gnome) on large-monitor workstations where the Gnome 3 model is not the most convenient. Please don't forget them!

2943: * Full support for the Gnome2.x approach in later kernels
* Drop the UX approach of Gnome3
* *listen to the community of actual users*

Gnome3 makes the user experience akin to using a toy, and is completely useless in a professional or business environment. For those hoping to use Gnome to ease the transition from Windows or MacOS to Linux, Gnome3 is not a viable option, especially in large organisations or for large groups of users.

2944: I'd like to have more tools for configuring/tweaking my desktop and laptop experience.

2945: Make gnome panel looks better, more customizable

2946: The ability to actually customize how things are laid out and more transparency on how to change GNOMEs default behaviour. Having idiot proof defaults is fine for mass market appeal, but I actually need to be able to get shit done with my desktop.

2947: Good support for vertical panels

Have an option in Gnome 3 to fall back to Gnome 2 behaviour

2948: I'll probably move entirely to XFCE rather than Gnome 3 or Unity (assuming I stay with Ubuntu).

2949: preview would have some basic image editing options.

2950: First to say - I'm using computer to do an actual job and I'm not a hipster...
1. Give me back control of customizability of anything in gnome (hide it under the button which says "Advanced" and means I can do any customizations to any object: like panel size, border size, I want to remove stupid clock from middle to right and A LOT of other stuff)
2. Give me back panel or any sort of persistent application holder (like panel), as I can switch to them easily + it supports for A LOT of applications + make alt tab multirow as it can't handle a lot in straight line (if nothing comes up in mind - borrow that from W7)
3. Get rid of stupid on demand dekstops, I organize my work in terms of workspaces, and say I have 5 projects + my desktop, so it's 6, I KNOW that 6 is mine, so I put all my shit in there, now I can't because of at least one app in WS, really stupid idea, I don't get the idea behid, can't imagine one just filled up one WS and the decided to continue on other and then what, where is my app?)

Don't design gnome for hipsters, there are people working in that environment with MOUSE (the thing with couple of buttons).
Don't design it for noobs/inexperienced/cats, if it's needed hide all advanced stuff in one stupid button in control panel which says - Advanced, when I press that generally everything is customizable.
Don't make stupid assumptions how people are working on computer, ASK THEM (and NOT those who code/desing Gnome, but PUBLIC survey) before assuming crazy things.
Don't go "we know what's best for you anytime anywhere" route, that is stupid.

A lot more things, but don't get me wrong, I'm for innovations but not for cutting functionality. I think Unity's desktops are a lot more nicer, but that Dash or whatever which holds apps, shuld be customizable at least to show only tasks on current WS.
Borrow Folder view and especially Activities (as they are in KDE) those are brilliant.

I really hope I would be able to leave my G2 self maitained desktop after some time, gnome is generally good for work, it's somehow professional (G2 I mean) to KDE, if KDE could have SIPE client, proper MAPI support, transparent KIO support (like GVFS have) then farewell gnome, KDE is just functional.

2951: awn as standard

2952: Let me pick which edge of the screen to put the Launcher on

2953: Make it as customizable as KDE. The problem with GNOME 3 is that you either take it or leave it. I'm using KDE now and have it set up to work like GNOME 2.x and I love it.

Make the defaults whatever you like, but not allowing the user to customize their experience is a serious mistake.

2954: 1. More options for advanced stuff, or at least easily accessible documentation for tweaking gsettings
2. Vertical space is limited on widescreen monitors and especially Netbooks. The tile bar and menu bar need to be trimmed down. Unity's attempt at this is rather hackish but a step in the right direction.
3. My experience with running KDE (Qt) apps has been less than stellar. Better interoperability with KDE apps is needed

Keep up the good work! And don't listen to the whiners.

I like the design direction gnome-shell and know that with time it will only get better. Looking forward to extensions.gnome.org.


2955: Just give my configuration options back.

2956: 1. Get rid of the GNOME3 interface
2. Bring back GNOME2 features

2957: Use a tiling-capable WM by default.

Provide better support for multiple monitors, especially laptop/external configurations. I don't know who is responsible for the various parts, but currently I have to resort to third party scripts to get things to work smoothly. Even MSWindows does a better job.

Make it easier to find and edit the configuration. I know you guys want to keep it simple, which I like, but occasionally there are random annoyances that need fixing and I don't want to have to change to something as overpowered as KDE.

Listen to your users! (this survey is a good step). If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Concentrate on fixing things that are actually broken, i.e bugs. Most people I know want stability and things to just work. From what I've read Gnome3 is not for me. It's definitely useful for things to work well with smaller screens, but changing things around too much is not good for me. Change for the sake of change is not user-friendly.

2958: 1) GNOME 3.0 is missing the applets (CPU monitor, network monitor, HDD monitor).

2) The modern GTK+ file chooser is much harder to navigate using the keyboard compared to, say, Windows XP.

Usability studies?

2959: 1) Shift the balance back to more features/power vs ease-of-use
2) Stop killing the traditional desktop

Please remember who the actual users are.
Every other windowing system out there is getting easier & easier, dumber & dumber. We need a choice for power users. And since your users have already chosen Linux, it's probably a safe bet they want more options instead of less, more customization instead of less, more GNOME and less KDE/Windows/OSX/horrible-tablet-based-conglomeration-of-crap.
That being said, thank you so much for all of the work that you do! You're fellow programmers admire & appreciate it. :)

2960: Memory footprint -- Gnome-terminal -- Resident size 10m, xterm 4056
(according to top) Even the clock applet is like 11m(!).

2961: Nothing really, other than I like GNOME 2 and was not pleased with Unity that Ubuntu has introduced (I'm not sure how closely that is coupled with GNOME 3)

I like the interface of GNOME 2 and will not be using newer interfaces like Unity.

2962: Gnome3 (shell) must reintroduce panels
taskbar and workplace switcher must be easily available
Topscreen menu's to browse through your applications and locations
It would be nice if these nice features of Gnome2 can be combined with the good points of Gnome3

As stated before: The Gnome2-desktop is the most user friendly desktop I ever used.Bring this functionality to Gnome3 (panels, taskbar...)

2963: 1.) Optional tiling support and other modes for window management.
2.) More tracker, more Zeitgeist.

2964: completely get read of gconf, get back unix keybinding, get a real way to configure through edition of texte file, and documentation of coinfiguration. Get back remote display of application which was broken by gnome mis-design

Stop making gnome components compulsory for programs, and allow people to not use it.

2965: More customization options, do not impose non-changeable defaults

2966: More keyboard accessibility

Don't listen to the haters.

2967: The monitor preferences panel should allow you to set custom resolutions and refresh rates more easily, based on what the video card supports. Often my monitor is not correctly detected (especially TVs) and the optimal resolution is not even listed, even when "Detect Monitors" is used.

Nothing else I can think of at the moment

The work in creating GUI management tools for administrative tasks and hardware configuration is great, keep it up

2968: more customization

Gnome should be modular and not force users down any given upgrade path/user interface

2969: Its good work. There will always be issues, but feel heartened.

2970: 1. Don't switch between applications, like in OS X -- switch between windows, like in all other desktop environments. At least make it very simple to get back the old behaviour. Actually, I'm not completely sure if this is Unity's fault. If so, please excuse me.

2. Documentation within programs.

The following may be outdated by a year or so.

Every time I have looked at the docs for some program, it has been on the following form:


File menu:
... Open: Open a file.
... Save: Save file.


This kind of documentation is just a waste of time for everybody. It would really be better to ship without it. On the plus side, it is probably very easy to translate, but it adds absolutely nothing of value.

Usually when I reach for the manual, it is because I want to search for some specific keyword or phrase, and see if there are any notes pertaining to it. It would be far more interesting to find the programmer's notes regarding e.g. weird file formats, or use cases for the program, or really anything non-obvious that relates to the program.

Yet, most docs I've seen instead contain a (long) list, describing each menu item by way of restating its name using slightly more words.

3. I'd bring back gnome-typing-monitor :) It was gone in Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm pretty sure that was a GNOME3 thing, not a Ubuntu thing.

Sorry if I conflated Ubuntu-specific issues with GNOME ones. Keep up the great work!

2971: keep the classic 2.x look and feel, stop concentrating on the desktop and concentrate on ease of use, try to look a bit more serious.

Keep up the good work but forget about the trends.

2972: Nothing really, other than I like GNOME 2 and was not pleased with Unity that Ubuntu has introduced (I'm not sure how closely that is coupled with GNOME 3)

I like the interface of GNOME 2 and will not be using newer interfaces like Unity.

2973: Real session management and remebrance so that when I login, all of the windows I had open previously actually open.

2974: There should be a switch to revert back to pre-3.0 behavior.

2975: 1 - Put menus in superior panel, so there's more space for apps
2 - file-roller needs to remember the last directory which I extracted files
3 - More integrated desktop and apps, like save images in Images folder, media in Videos folder, documents (odt, txt, pdf, etc.) in Documents folder and gets photo/music/video manager catalogs this new images/musics/videos.

2976: 1. Reduce memory footprint
2. Workspace cycle
3. Add/improve user-friendly configuration tool for the window manager

Centralize and polish gnome-shell extensions management (similar to firefox add-ons)

2977: Fix the keyboard shortcuts config in gnome2
Keep drivers and hardware stuff like out of Gnome

2978: More Configuration Options.
Revert back to Metacity.
Remove Graphic Effects.

Bring back sanity:
- right click
- minimize and maximize
- desktop shortcuts

2979: There's nothing right about GNOME shell. I'm hoping for a successful GNOME 2 fork.

2980: 1 - Focus gnome-shell on fast efficient launching of programs via mouse. The current design requires too much mousework to launch a program versus gnome 2 menu. Typing on the keyboard is not a good substitute. Simply listing the existing program names should alert people to the futility of attempting to memorize them (which is what even typing the first letter or two requires).

2 - Focus on providing clear stable widgets to gnome-shell that users can rely on as first class citizens of the desktop. Current focus seems to regard any personal widget choice as a nuisance.

Acknowledge and value the technical userbase that IS your current userbase. Phrases like "you aren't the target userbase" are ugly and alienating.

2981: Less dumbing-down; though the attitude so far has been to not let it slip into becoming sugar-candy-mountain like some KDE releases... some UI-choices have really hindered configurability, etc.
Ofcourse.. i entirely abhor the movement towards 'mac-ification' of Gnome (and Unity). The whole 'session'-based nonsense really rubs me the wrong way. Moving menu-bars to the top; moving iconify/maximize/close icons around FOR NO GOOD REASON.. etc.

Please realize more who your users are. It's one thing to decide 'we need an entirely new paradigm because of $fashionable_ui_design_reason_du_jour.. but some people actually depend on their environment being semi-stable and NOT having to jump through muscle-memory hoops every few years just to continue doing the same things they were doing. Within 'one way of looking at things', there's still enough sexy work to be done to make things better. But i really wonder if the 'shell' is the way. Ofcourse, for NEW users; an entirely new UI doesnt really matter much. For old users, it'll be the reason why they switch....

2982: Better keyboard shortcuts; I want to do everything with the keyboard and never touch the mouse;

The menu is clearly made for a tablet, while most GNOME users are NOT using tablets -- what's the point?

Lower system requirements: I would glady give up a lot of jazz so that my laptop isn't running at 140F because of all the fancy stuff going on.

Please don't forget about us desktop/laptop users. We're the majority and tablet users are the minority. Considering who UNIX users typically are, we're probably going to be using PCs for a long time too...

2983: Make WPA-Enterprise work with 3.2

Integrated Shell extensions with Gnome

Let me do more with Application icons - for example, in Unity I can make Chrome open a regular window or incognito window from the dock, I can't in Gnome Shell.

Fix the fucking regressions first.

Make Shell extensions a first-class citizen of Gnome, they're fucking awesome.

That said, Gnome shell is awesome - fast, smart and aesthetically pleasing. Fix the regressions and I'll love it completely.

2984: bring it back to Gnome2 and make it faster.

Please, stop thinking that users are stupid. Do not remove configuration options, make assumptions, and make major design reworks without asking US the end user. Eye candy is nice, but it must make life easier, not complicate things, or increase frustration. The comments made by Torvalds where justified (and yes a bit harsh, but he is Finnish!) in as much as assuming that the end user is a monkey that needs training, guiding, being told everything, etc.

2985: more lightweight (lower system resources)
more flexible/customizable
avoid regressions

keep up the hard work!

2986: I do not use it, so it is hard to tell.

2987: Leave it tha hell alone. Stop making gratuitous changes for awhile and focus on working out existing bugs. My employees and I use computers to get work done and not to play with or constantly re-learn the user interface and how various software works.

Oh, and while you're at it, see if you can smack some sense into the Canonical knuckleheads. Same issues.

2988: Some configs are not easy for "rooks" in Linux.
Some people do not understand why devices hav 3 or 4 different names in Linux.

Well, a/m are rather technical/system remarks - but are valid for GUI too.

Just shortly

Thx for great job.
I think that earlier or later I will switch to 3.x

2989: get back Gnome 2.x on ubuntu :) (that's just one)

2990: Don't change what works and:
Gnome 3 feels limited in comparison to Gnome 2 and previous versions.

If possible give Gnome 3 the feel of it's previous versions, it's flexibility for customization.

2991: 1). Quit trying to automate everything. You break stuff
2). Allow me more control in configuration options.
3). Kill -9 gconf and give me nice warm text files for configs.

Please don't take any more options away. If I wanted a Mac I would buy a Mac.

2992: Nothing comes to mind

Please, please, please continue to support version 2. I don't know anyone who likes Unity/Gnome3/insanity.

2993: Greater emphasis on GNOME3 fallback mode.

GNOME3 is driving people away in their thousands, which is sad. Features have been taken away from them in GNOME3 fallback mode.

2994: - Oversimplification of Gnome 3.0
- Put more configuration options for advanced users
- Better multi display support

Don't oversimplify or you will loose, I can't stand Gnome 3 as it stands.

2995: 1. Gnome 3.x eats up too much desktop space, borders too thick, etc.
2. New Gnome is more click intensive to do the same things as in Gnome 2.x
3. Add back all the missing options from Gnome 2.x

Gnome 3.x should have been called Gnome Shell 1.x and Gnome 2.x should have been maintained further or at least Gnome 3.x should have been developed further so that people could go from 2.x to 3.x without missing most of their desktop and being forced to either get 3rd party repos with gnome 2 or switch to xfce

2996: For Gnome 3:
1) I always want to see what Windows are open (task bar) and activate them with a single click
2) Single click for program menu
3) gconf is nearly as horrible as the Windows Registry

Gnome 2 was great. Currently I'm usinge XFCE. I've checked out Gnome 3.2 in FC16 beta - still not impressed.

2997: Carry on with gnome 2 desktop ( lokk a like )
Develop a default server desktop with useful server tools particurly GUI tools. Really not much use having openoffice on a server.

I do not understand why you cannot provide "legacy" gnome 2 like dektop on top of Gnome 3.

I don't care about search. Don't you remember the 00's when MS were derided for their stupod search dog. Why is everybody copying Apple and their dumb library approach. You haven't a clue where anything is as the stupid library searches everywhere and gives you a unified view.

2998: More customization with respect to which notification icons I can see, and less binary config data (see ESRs post regarding this topic).

2999: Gnome-shell, gnome-panels, nautilus

Bring back the old GNOME 2 type desktop.

3000: Small usability things left and right but overall I am very happy with it. Please note that I am a gnome 2.x user, haven't seen 3 yet, though I heard horrible horrible things about it.

Keep up the good work.

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