What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 2]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 30 October 2011. Page 6 of 10. 15 Comments

1501: 1. User interface
2. More aggressive approach to bug fixing
3. Faster (more responsive) window manager (we already had that with metacity)

Please, stop with the "users are retarded" kind of attitude. That's what is written all over G3. This is a nice idea for a default wallpaper though :)

Anyway, not everything is bad news. You've come a long way in evolution and epiphany developement, cleaned up deprecated code and libs, mutter is not that bad as I thought is going to be performance wise, under the hood you've done a pretty god job (although it lasted longer than you and I expected) - it's the looks of the whole thing that bothers me... And the lack of ability to tweak it.

1502: GNOME 3 is a steaming pile of horse manure, 3 changes wouldn't fix the design brain damage that seems to taken over at GNOME HQ, but I'll give it a shot :)

1) User Interface - I'm not on laptop/palm pilot/android phone, I'm on a desktop with 2MP to play with, nor am I a child with special needs, so why does it have to insist I am ?

2) Productivity, annoying stupid popups, gnome-shell getting in the way

3) Bring out gnome 3.23 as a bugfixed 2.23, and try and forget about gnome 3 having ever existed.

Don't assume the majority of your users are a) senile/brain dead/just regular stupid,

Ever hear of the "Law of Least Astonishment" ? the desktop environment and interface hasn't changed much since windows '95, nothing lasts in the computer world for that length of time without having some fundamental usabililty. If you want to have a DE that panders to the laptops/smart phones, you'd be better off having a fork of gnome than alienating your desktop user base with an experiment like gnome 3, I've given it a fair chance, and tried to work with it alongside my normal gnome 2.23 workstation, but tbh, I'll most likely move to KDE in a year or so, when 2.23 is no longer viable.

1503: Revert back to the way things were with GNOME 2

The latest GNOME plus the latest version of Ubuntu and Unity has forced me to drop GNOME completely, I am no longer a supporter of the GNOME project. I switched over to Kubuntu due to the atrocity that is GNOME 3 and Unity.

1504: Get more input/feedback from the users, how difficult or confronting this may be. When I see the release notes and see what is there for the users then I often wonder if anyone cares. Changes often seem trivial or not relevant at all. That is why I switched to Unity. Now I don't need to look at the release notes at all but know that there is an organization behind it with vast interest in the user. They'll mess up, take the heat from the user, implement improvements.
Example nautilus F3 (two file listings) had been an open request for so many years. Many people have expressed their wish for this in one form or another. It is very discouraging and demotivating when you see the time that it took.

1505: restore the old layouts 3+ is horrible i hate gnome shell, nothing else

same as above

1506: - Do not treat your users like idiots (or only idiots will use it) [L. Torvalds]
- Continue Gnome 2 development
- Focus on battery usage (=> no 3D crap etc)

Please focus on battery usage on mobile devices. Nobody should need to have 3D eyecandy stuff etc.

1507: I Like Unity Better!

1508: * GNOME should be more customizable!
* Bring back Sticky Notes! (I hate Gnote)
* GNOME needs better integration with Thunderbird/Lightning and with Pidgin.

Stop focusing on features I will never use : multitouch, social media integration, etc. What I want is a desktop! Gnome 3 fails for me, but I might just continue to use it just because I don't want to switch desktops AGAIN. I need to work!!!

1509: Integrated theme-chooser in the activities dash. Kick out the "online-accounts" and "Wacom Tablet" settings in systemsettings. The Adwaita dark theme for every window and application.

I want to have more abilities to change GNOME like I want. I want my panel-contextmenu back, where I can change the position of panel items and the position of the panel. More integrated applications like Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, Gaijm, Banshee. More preinstalled extensions like theme-chooser for the dash. The gnome-tweak-tool should be a standardpart of the system settings. A better dual screen integration would be great, so that the cursor can't go through the bottom, when I have two different sized screens and panels on both screens.

1510: Better configurability of the enviroment. GNOME tweak tool should be polished, expanded, and added to the menu.

See above.

1511: Function over form. Always.

1512: 1. Redo all icons, they are as ugly as can get, and even iconsets can't help it (something like Faenza but not forced into squares)
2. Add minimum predefined number of desktops (I like to place apps at assigned desktops)
3. Custom dock menus (damn... just use the ones defined for Unity... it cannot be that hard)

In terms of GUI GNOME advanced in good direction, but i think there still needs to be work done on how icon system works and would love to see some alternative icontheme which would replace icons of more apps (not only GNOME ones) into something uniform (think Faenza but not square).

Create preference panel which has more options (so I don't need to use custom apps to have my system behave the way I want it).
Few things I would love to see in it:
* Minimum number of desktops (default can be 1 as it is now)
* Definable hibernate/shutdown (Windows has it, and on linux I never used hibernation, it just has too much problems with encrypted disks)

Separate Evolution and Calendar into different projects, pretty please?
Not that Apple does everything right, but it is one of those things I loved with them: separate apps for Mail and Calendar.

1513: 1) Change the default panel layout - windoze style panel at the bottom with 'start' button and all the rest.
2) Change the default GTK+ key theme to 'Emacs' - gosh, even WinXP does ctrl-h by default!
3) Include a commander-style file manager by default.

Ditch gnome shell along with its 'ideas' and then...

...<CAPSLOCK=ON>IMPLEMENT AT LAST SOME OF THE *SANE AND USEFUL* FEATURES<CAPSLOCK=OFF> some of wich WinXP is doing for a decade now - like the most used apps (oh yeah, gnome shell has something like this, not sure if it works right), a sane and easy-on-the-eyes default theme (again, think of Luna or whataver XP's default one is called) or even shadows from windows and menus without any hardware support (i.e. without the 'blessing' of compositing. seriously, how people can think that trading the perfomance of apps for some retarded transparancy and distracting effects could be useful, whatever you do - coding, reading, typing, whatching a movie or playing a game?) to improve "readability" of visual elements.

on the other hand dconf with a binary backend seems to be a step in the right direction - thousands of small xml files put too much of a strain on the already notorious Linux I/O (and fs) subsystem.

Collaborating with other DEs would be the ultimate goal. One DE to unite them all!

1514: Revert to GNOME2 desktop model

1515: Better Unicode coverage in the new default font.
Make it easier to share things between two computers.
Provide better ways to control long-running apps like Banshee and Tomboy.

GNOME 3 rocks. Keep up the good work.

1516: - change black backgrounds in shell to #202028
- rounded corners of panel should have radius of 5 or 6px (same as window border)
- ???

1517: I've been using fvwm for 18 years (ctwm before that) and I'm perfectly happy with it. I've no need for a desktop environment.

1518: Gnome 2.x was perfect so there is nothing to change there. Gnome 3.x however is a complete mess. I would make it more customizable, I would bring back the minimize and maximize window buttons and finally I would let nautilus handle the desktop.

Dear GNOME team, please make Gnome shell more easy to use and optimize it for small screans (fonts are too big) AND make the fallback mode look & behave EXACTLY like Gnome 2.x!

1519: Bring back the option for more user customization and legacy Gnome 2 features in Gnome-Shell, e.g , being able to move/add panels, have panel applets and launchers, I probably find the removal of any sort of visible application switcher more annoying than anything else. I understand the philosophy of the "no distraction" desktop but cannot agree with it. Nothing wrong with the default gnome-shell experience being what ever the gnome team wants it to be, but please give users back the ability to customize that experience to what they want.

Improve performance of compositing, or make it compatible with third-party compositors such as Compiz.

Failing the above being applied to the gnome-shell environment, more attention to making fallback mode more of a first-class citizen.

Be a little more sensitive to the wants and needs of your user base. While you are quite capable of delivering a quality product, you have disenfranchised a large number of former loyal Gnome users. Many Linux users, myself included, found Gnome 2 to be the best available desktop in the FOSS world (and perhaps beyond that, as well), but do not and will not like the Gnome 3 experience unless it returns functionality that we want and/or need.

KDE4x started horribly, but by now it has won back a fair number of kde 3.5 diehards. I have no doubt that the same could happen with Gnome 3, but I see it as unlikely so long as the Gnome team remains resistant to the desires of its users.

1520: Proper control panel, easily changeable themes and some sort of taskbar that fits with the shell experience, also it's rather slow and buggy sometimes.

listen to your users :)

1521: I want to be able to use gnome 2 themes in gnome 3. (Specifically, Ubuntu's Ambiance.)

Provide options for people who want to make their desktop look and behave the same way as it did in gnome 2.

1522: Go back to Gnome 2.x

Go back to Gnome 2.x

1523: * Less petty politics
* More corporate outreach
* More constant API

1524: 1. lose the crappy new interface
2. make customization easier
3. give me a reason to switch back from xfce (because you lost me forcing gnome3 on me)


1525: Make gnome terminal faster

Always keep the classical 2.x look as an option.

1526: Make it more configurable/customizable.
Like KDE is !

1527: Get Ubuntu to drop Unity. Argh.

1528: More keyboard shortcuts! More ways to manipulate windows without aiming for a tiny bar at the top/a tiny corner!

Stop moving things around every other release (based on experience with ubuntu). Where the heck is the logout button?

Allow more settings and do it in a more configuration-file friendly way, e.g. let me copy-paste my settings to/from other users and write comments for more advanced settings. Give the user an alternative to the menu->window->tab->listbox->checkbox hide-and-seek for settings

1529: Allow users to easily use a WIMP interface in place of gnome-shell.

1530: Better graphics support, particularly for multiple monitors. I have had a ridiculous amount of trouble getting multiple monitors to work well. Granted this may fall under another area of linux, but it significantly degrades users experience with gnome.

Keep up the good work, and focus on making GNOME more user friendly.

1531: 1. Screensaver choices in GNOME 3
2. Add system load monitor to GNOME 3
3. Add "hibernate" to the GNOME 3 menu

1532: 1. Weight. It's a heavy foot print.
2. Nautilus. It's the best I've found, but still buggy.
3. See #1.

Thank you for all the hard work.

1533: 1. More stability in the toolbar applets (this may be better in future version, my volume or network info disappear).
2. Preferences should always be reviewed, consolidated, etc.
3. Multi-user, multi-screen, multi-seat support. Any improvements here will be both beneficial now and pay off in the future.

There is always a need to move forward, but there is a lot to be said for not breaking a good thing. Keep up the good work!

1534: * Go back to GNOME 2
* Go back to GNOME 2
* Go back to GNOME 2

More on this in my suggestions.

GNOME isn't a tablet DE. Try listening to your users; that's the only way a FOSS project can survive.

1535: Stop trying to make GNOME a touch screen OS.
Put menus back in every top level window.
Go back to GNOME 2.

I want an OS with menus, toolbars, and desktop icons. More like GNOME2 and less like GNOME 3. More like Compiz and GNOME Do, less like a touch screen OS.

1536: In GNOME 3:
More configurability and better support for multi monitor setups.

1537: I think all my gripes are fixed in 3.2

Don't let the haters get to you.

1538: Get rid of Unity

1539: make a sexier GUI with an aero look like kde, offer better cosutomization features, and ditch gnome 3


1540: Revert to 2.x interface
Revert to 2.x interface
Revert to 2.x interface

Revert to 2.x interface

1541: 1 - Keep the 2.x stream alive. Perhaps fork off a "gnome-legacy" project for those only interested in the old style of desktop.

1542: More administration controlls. I have found them lacking in some areas. Things I have used in KDE cannot be found in Gnome for example.

1543: Gnome 3 is WAY to locked up as far as options and appearance. I think that it is a resource hog as well.

Keep up the good work folks!

1544: remove mono dependencies
remove pulseaudio dependencies
remove gnomeshell

Use KDE as an example.

1545: More customization, or at least for the extensions to finally get under way.

There is a lot of hate for Gnome 3 as of now, but I'm not too critical of it's essential features. I just need more customization.

Thank you for Free Software!

1546: Polish the 2.x code, and drop all front end changes since 3.0

1547: Get rid of gnome shell, unity and other bling.

Have only tried gnome 3 in fedora. It's quite ok if you use the fallback mode. Gnome shell is unusable though. I've changed environment many times over the years but this is the first time that I completely fail to see the point of the changes. It's just bling.

1548: Stop the bitching and infighting with Ubuntu and pool some more development; does there need to be Unity and Gnome 3, both attempting to solve the same problems?

Tell Lennart Poettering to stop posting on Planet, he's a boring opinionated, jumped-up [email protected]

1549: Qt integration
Easier customization (appearance)

1550: I really liked the top-panel applets concept, and I miss it in Gnome/Unity. There are very useful applets that are not fully ported.

1551: The arrogance among some of the developers, the lack of documentation (in regards to the APIs) and the new flip-switch widget.

1552: 1) posisition taskbar at bottom of screen.
2) see number one.
3) see number two.

1553: 1) More configuration options and general customizability. My computer should do what I want it to do the way I want it to do. Not the other way around.
2) Add a more direct way to manage my windows and access the application menu (without having to go in "application mode" or whatever it's called or using keyboard shortcuts. It's just a waste of time.)
3) Do not hide functionality from the user; having to press alt to access the power off switch is an example. Everything should be in plain sight or easy to access anyway.

GNOME 3 is a nice toy to play with for a while, but in the long run it becomes annoying to use. And I'm sorry, but the idea that computer users all suffer from ADHD and can't keep focused on a task unless you hide all those other windows and applications from them is just stupid.

1554: 1. Give me a default theme with bloody minimize buttons and easy ways to change themes.
2. Let me change fonts again. OH GOD PLEASE!
3. Let me change screensavers without need of the CLI.

I realize that I can do pretty much anything from the command line. While I'm extremely comfortable on the command line, I gave up using distros like Slackware and Gentoo (on the desktop) years ago so that I don't NEED to use the command line for everything. As many issues as I have with Gnome3, at least it's miles ahead of Unity (at least when I pair Gnome3 up with Avant Window Navigator which fills some of the other holes I've been missing but not mentioned above). The current state of Linux on the desktop has me seriously questioning why I bother.

1555: Have windows snap/resize to 4 corners, not just the sides. Make it easier to theme/write plugins. Improve workflow for power users (no ideas atm).

1556: I'd be happier with less focus on applications and more focus on documents and people.

1557: 1. Having to press alt to shutdown (by default, anyway)
2. Bugs in multiple monitor support.
3. More customizability via settings.

1558: With gnome3 I can no longer find the windows I have open. Switching between multiple desktops is a pain... that is what I dislike the most with the changes

See above... fix that and ill stop hating gnome3 so much

1559: 1) Don't change the whole toolkit (GNOME3) to work with touch/tablet devices. touch interfaces are inherently different than desktop interfaces. Treat them as different.
2) Better video drivers that are easier to install. Maybe this isn't a GNOME issue.

I tried using Gnome3 for a few weeks. It is unusable as a desktop. It may work for tablets or touch devices (I didn't try that). However for desktop use (with lots of keyboard navigation), it is consistenly slower and requires more steps to get the equivalent amount of work done. I switched back to Gnome2.

1560: Don't hide the taskbar thing in the bottom on gnome 3 - I want it always there not just on hover

Be able to open application's main windows that are hidden. e.g. in Empathy if you have a chat window open and close the buddy list you cant get the buddy list back. Starting a fresh copy of empathy just shifts focus to your existing chat window

Have an equivalent to KDE's System Settings program

1561: 1. Make Gnome3 as customizable (or more) as Gnome2.
2. Improve the fallback of Gnome3 to function exactly as Gnome2
3. Support lower end hardware.

You are making an interface for linux. This means it should be highly customizable through the GUI and have minimal system requirements. I get the wanting to redesign Gnome for a tablet, but you are alienating most of your old user base who use desktops. Gnome3 has potential, but it has been overly simplified.

1562: It might be helpful if a blind person could use gnome. The mouse is pretty useless for blind people.

I have been dieing to contribute for years, but don't know how. I'm not a programmer but I can do other things. I just don't know how to get started.

1563: I think it would be great if all of the Desktop Environment developers would cooperate on the development of software used to configure the OS. KDE, GNOME and others all have different configuration utilitiees.

I mention this because online instructions for Linux configuration almost always uses the command line because not everyone has the same Desktop Environment. This is a big issue with my friends who are otherwise interested in Linux.

GNOME's not for me, but some people seem to like it, so keep up the good work.

1564: If GNOME 3 could add more functions to what we had in GNOME 2 instead of removing them I would be using it now. I want a window manager suitable for a desktop/notebook not for a tablet. Because of that I am switching for Xfce.

1565: Gnome should not try to be OSX on Linux.
Gnome should be consistent in presentation (all apps should look similar, not cobbled together)
Gnome needs to better support low end machines.

A Linux machine is not a Mac nor is not a Windows PC. Gnome should strive to not simply imitate, but to innovate the desktop experience. At the same time, there needs to be a consistent logic to changes being made. If a click in one part of Gnomes X, then the user should be able to expect that to carry through the rest of the experience.

1566: refine skinning, right click edit bookmarks, refine gnome 2 experience

don't force the tablet

1567: Removing the fondness of removing features. We don't all use laptops with small screens, we don't all one one monitor, etc.

Not all of your users are computer-illiterate consumers. Some of us are business users, and this trend towards toy interfaces (such as GNOME 3, Unity, KDE4, Windows 8 etc) just annoys me: it throws away 30 years of understanding for users and replaces it with something experimental but fashionable.

1568: Re-add the ability to have window switcher, add ability to remove hot-spot in Activity Corner, and just let me click it. I constantly am triggering it accidentally when I go from mouse to keyboard.

Keep up the good work!

1569: 1) Memory Usage
2) Default support for window transparency
3) KDE like configurability

Great work fellas, keep it up. I know how hard it is to develop and how easy it is to ask for things. Thank you very much for taking me away from Windoze.

1570: Gnome3 is unusable for power users. I want to see the gnome2 approach go back to being supported.
Better performance on lower power machines

Credit where credit's due, I like the idea of people trying out new things. The gnome2 interface was essentially the 16-year-old Win95 model. Thing is, that model works. The new approach doesn't, at least for me.

1571: Please go back to GNOME 2. GNOME 3 really is an "unholy mess." The usability is horrible and I had to switch to XFCE in order to get any work done. I wish the developers would actually listen to the users rather than going off and ruining a great product.

I will never use GNOME again until the interface is at least as usable as XFCE orGNOME 2, and until Compiz runs well on it.

1572: get rid of pulseaudio

1573: Get it back on Ubuntu as an option.
Not sure beyond that, I reallly really liked it, sad to see it's no longer the standard on Ubuntu. ;_;

Nope, keep up the good work!

1574: - Restore a decent selection of Advanced settings for pro users
- Bring us configurable toolbars and configurable virtual desktops. Make semi-useless top menu bar optional
- and for godness sake, make windows resizing using Alt + mouse click use the THIRD button like everyone else. The SECOND button on a lot of mice is the mouse wheel, which makes the movement extremely hard if not nearly impossible on some models.


Things that I love about Gnome:

- effort to make the desktop look really nice. It's one of the main reason I (used to) use Gnome (2.x) instead of KDE (I switched to XFCE, and I'm not happy about it).

- effort to innovate new features instead of merely copying Mac or Win. That's what I like about the Gnome 3 effort. Unfortunately it's not sufficiently configurable for me for day-to-day operations as a pro software engineer, but it's a step in the right direction. Please listen to your user base and be responsive to their needs.

1575: - implement unity's top title bar without the left icon bar. I think it saves space.
- find a way to remove the bottom bar but still know which programs are running.

1576: Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell and Gnome Shell

Yes. Please keep an option to use the old GNOME 2.x layout and appearance. Gnome Shell is not suited for everybody.

1577: Not such a resource hog. Fewer dependencies for applications.

1578: - The package manager sometime has an inexplicably slow startup time
- Support package clean uninstall (ie: stray dependency removal) like in APT
- Allow user-defined shortcuts in the left pane of Nautilus

Keep up the good work. GNOME Shell is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, some people require more time to realize this than others.

1579: Keep it lean and simple. It's a major plus, that's why I don't use KDE, too many things to set...

1580: don't know

1581: Gnome 3.x might be suited for tablets and basic users but it feels very restrictive compared to 2.x for me. Considering switching to KDE for the first time :-/

1582: - Better interface options for power users
- Better / seamless integration with on-line services
- More visual appeal (that can be turned off it annoys people) / own visual identity

1583: -Unity-like dock
-Customizable launcher panels
-Window priority (not just "always on top")

1584: Option to make gnome-3 look more like gnome-2 (much like the gnome-3 fallback mode).
Specifically: task-bar at bottom, launch-menus (Applications, Places),
ability to drag launch icons into top bar.

Don't try to force people to use a new paradigm. Offer it to them without removing the old ways of doing things and see if they adopt it.

1585: 1) reduce the bloat, too many applets at load time
2) optimize the code for better performance/lower memory footprint

1586: 1) use more resource friendly programs
2) appeal to power users and new linux users

no longer use gnome as i found the new interface to be 'dumbed down' a little, and i will take minimal over flashy any day. I've moved to awesomeWM but I enjoy seeing what the future holds for this project

1587: 1. Window focus behaviour. Look over the shoulder of a graphics designer using a Mac. The way he can use the system should be the goal. He has palette windows floating that appear only when he has his image window focused. Clicking on the tools un the palette window doesn't unfocus his image window. (And no, single window mode is not the answer)
2. Mouse click input lag. I use Windows, Mac and Gnome. Only in Gnome do I often miss an object when dragging because the click to drag is registered only when the mouse cursor has already been moved away in the dragging motion.

Bring even more radical interface changes on the way. Don't wait for Microsoft Metro and then emulate.

1588: Fork gnome 2 because it is awesome.
rm -rf gnome3
get gnome developers to listen to its users

My ratings are only for gnome2. Gnome 3 SUCKS. Screw you and gnome 3 . You guys really f*** things up this time. This is the straw that broke the camels back. You have taken a perfectly great desktop and utterly ruined it. Finally totally alienating the advanced users and ease of customization, plugins etc. You have lost a long time user and supporter. I am surprised your not naming it totalariantop with shell11 for developers out of touch with its user base. F*** YOU

1589: The whole "gnome 3 vs unity" thing is really sad. A big waste of effort, and bad for the community at large.

1590: Remove the horrible mess that is Gnome-Shell, increase documentation for developers and users, and I would work on making the core applications of Gnome more stable.

Stop treating your users like idiots and actually take the advice of the dedicated Gnome users, they are only here to help and use a quality peice of software. Look beyond what you see and realise that many of your users are leaving the Gnome project completly for desktop environments they see as more stable KDE, LXDE, Xfce, ect.

1591: More "advanced" options exposed through the UI
File type handlers easier to change/view.
Hidden scrollbars until in use or curs in scrollbar area.

1592: - Stop making me stupid.
- Stop reinventing things that work.
- Stop UI redesigns that are making me think where are the simplest stuff like OK or Cancel button.

- Mix 2.x with 3.x, learn from Xfce, Lxde and KDE in terms of usability
- Listen to users.

1593: Support for making GNOME 3 look like GNOME 2 (optionally)

1594: 1. The applets having confusing or incomplete descriptions and are difficult to find when removed e.g. the networking icon is a repeated nuisance (great to use, hard to add)...unexpectedly bundle with notifications? and doesn't always show up unless a command line is used.
2. The software add/remove entry on the main menu doesn't support updating the software, which is under system->administration...they seem equally important and should both require admin rights. I suggest keeping them next to each other wherever they are.
3. I wish GNOME themes were as easy to switch/apply as Firefox personas.

I appreciate the work you do knowing that it's impossible to please everyone. Keep up the great work, and thanks for all you do in the open source community.

1595: Bring back GNOME 2's ability for me to configure my own "User Experience". I don't need the GNOME Developers taking responsibility for that. I'm a big boy, I can manage my own config. GNOME Developers can take responsibility for the newbies and the lazy folks. Give old codgers their flexibility back. That's the whole point of XWindows, isn't it? It should be configurable the way a User wants to see it -- regardless of what the Developers think.

See above.

Let me turn off 3D and acceleration. YOU may think they're required, but I don't. The XServer and XClients don't always live on the same box. Not everyone wants a compositing window manager.

1596: Always like speed improvements

KDE's kill-window functionality is useful

Fix tiling backgrounds in panels for larger sizes (scale panel to 40px with gradient bg - it repeats, not scales).

Keep with the mission. Don't get distracted by KDE or Unity. Don't assume people are screaming out for 'intelligent launchers' and such.

1597: 1- More options to control the touchpad settings on laptops (as in KDE4 has, 2 finger scrolling, middle click with 2 finger click, etc)
2- Get rid of MONO
3- Ship a decent text editor by default since GEdit is lacking in several areas (auto highlighting, copy/paste with middle click has a different behavior compared to other GTK applications)

Supporting the 2.X series a little longer until the 3.X series is ready for mainstream use.

1598: Gnome-shell - tray/indicator that a Thunderbird plugin can use to put the number of new email. This seems to be impossible with the current gnome-shell.

Gnome-shell - why does it have to be such an ordeal to customize it a little?

1599: Make it pretty.

Stop copying the Mac UI, if I wanted a Mac I'd buy one.

1600: Make it pretty.

Stop copying the Mac UI, if I wanted a Mac I'd buy one.

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