What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 2]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 30 October 2011. Page 5 of 10. 15 Comments

1401: They should be open to feedback.

1402: * Undo for sticky notes,
* longer support for 2.x (at least until "all" its functionality is somehow available/replicable in 3.x),
* make the Wiki usable else than via Google.

Gnome 3.x is more interesting to me than KDE4.x or Unity, but I'm gonna need back most of the applets before I would go away from 2.x (if I had to now I would switch to XFCE). Most important missing applets: workspace switcher (current 3.x solution sucks), clipboard manager, inhibit powersave.

1403: Gnome haters
Haters in general
People that likes to say 'this is a shit' to new things

Keep up the good work

1404: 1. Make it work with multiple graphic cards and multiple monitors as currently the support is non existent for real daily use.
2. In Composite mode the lower right corner approach for plugin tray is difficult. I'd prefer to have these in the top bar as well.
3. Have the customization options offered now via gnome-tweak-tool in the base control center.

Please focus on making multicard and multimonitor support really work. In the current state GNOME3 is pretty much useless for me and I've been using XFCE even I would prefer using GNOME3.

1405: Gnome shell is not for desktops, more like for phones.
Bring the old interface by default.
Some sane defaults plus some sane options to change.

Gnome shell is not for desktops, more like for phones, your users are mostly desktop users, you are commiting worst mistakes than the KDE guys in their day, but still not late to change that.
Bring the old interface by default. It's always better a Known Devil than a Unknown Devil.
Some sane defaults plus some sane options to change.

1406: GNOME shell

I want the flexibility of GNOME2 back.

1407: 1. No Dependency on Mono (This is a big shame for an OpenSource project, as Richard Stallman warned about using .NET implementation), and PulseAudio (pure ALSA please).

2. Leaving more resources for realtime graphics tasks (OpenGL)

3. Faster redraws when resizeing windows.

I don't know GNOME 3 Shell is the right way to go. I haven't tried it myself. But I heard about less configuration opions, and I read about the negative impact on OpenGL applications on Phoronix. These points are critical for me.
GNOME 3 Shell looks like an experiment to me.

Many of us don't want this iPad-look, social-chat-integrated-desktop and always-connected-to-the-cloud hype.

So instead, GNOME-Devs, please listen more to what users say.
Develop Gnome 2 in parallel, for the many users who keep their feet firmly on the ground.

1408: Make wireless work. Bluetooth has never been able to pair reliably from its introduction - it either won't take the "use 0000" setting, or won't even try or who knows what else. Network manager finds every AP I drive by to work, but can't find the one at my desk - you idiots hate a refresh button, and think having to wait minutes for it to automagically appear is better. MacOSX and Windows are 1000x better.

Go back to the rich panel applets - I would like to know when my battery is dying.

Make everything EASILY configurable back to the GNOME2 desktop. The emulation is mostly broken. I'm moving to XFCE.

Let everyone quit and replace them with members actually interested in what users want, not their idiosyncratic ideas about what makes a good experience like the minutes delay for access points and the removal of the ability to monitor things from the panel and the other junk.

The existing team hasn't listened to anything for the last 5 years, just went out on their own keeping the horrible features, getting rid of good things, and making arbitrary and capricious UI and configuration changes.

Ignore Mark's Shuttleworthless suggestions and ideas.

1409: the interface feels too intrusive
more customization options
top action bar too big and doesn't do anything

The only reason i am still using gnome is because i don't like KDE even more.

1410: Get a window list for god's sake. We are not going to use this DE on iPad.

Just because you want to create something different, do not get rid of usability. We want more options to tweak.

1411: Less mono.
Better integration between Gnome software.
More modular, less requirements on gnome as a whole.

My main problem with Gnome against every other DE is that it has to have 3D and a good graphics card. The shell should have been designed with a normal 2D environment first and then added the 3D effects if the computer supported it.
Also please allow the dock bar thing to be shown without having to go to activities. Even if it broke the "flow" of the theory behind the desktop, it would increase the useability.
Oh and as also stated, the alt - turnoff is stupid.

1412: 1. Make the Gnome shell optional and not the default
2. Kill Gnome 3 Fallback and use a migrated Gnome 2 Desktop instead
3. Make it more modular/less dependend on all the other components, it should be easier for the user to integrate certain parts into other DEs without having to install the half DE

Gnome is one of the most popular DE out there for a reason. People use it for a reason, keep in mind that that reason is what keep the whole Community together.
You are not in the position to make huge experiments and you can't simply force something upon your users, because unlike with Windows, they actually have a choice.
If you want to fuck up with your users, fine, but don't complain that all of the sudden 3/4 of the userbase are migrating to Xfce, LXDE and other DEs that are more similar to Gnome 2 than even Gnome 3's Fallback session.

1413: I'd either get rid of the gnome-shell, or at least make it not so darn slow.

I'd also get rid of PulseAudio. From what I can tell, there is absolutely no reason to use it, it decreases the system resources avaliable for other things, and it causes my sound to stop working.

I'd also make GNOME 3 apps work when run outside of GNOME. Why can't I run file-roller or gnome-terminal if GNOME isn't running? And why does evince use the default GTK+ theme if it's not run under GNOME?

If you want to make GNOME work with PulseAudio, fine. But don't make it a requirement please.

Also, could you please make nautilus usable in other environments? It's the only Linux file-manager that doesn't drive me crazy, but it only works in GNOME.

Thank you very much for all the hard work over the years. There have been a few missteps recently, but GNOME has a lot of potential and I'd really like to see it do well.

1414: make the decorations and widgets smaller,
invent some useful features for a second monitor,
reposition the topbar to the side

Try to create some sort of GNOME2-Mode, just for those who can't (yet) live with the new look.

1415: -Ditch gnome shell
-Go back being awesome
-Concentrate on stability rather than new features

Changing to KDE for the lesser evil

1416: Well i would change the gnome3. I think that create new things is good but to reinvent in worse manner it's not an evolution. I think that there is an wrong assumption of what user need. For my company I wanted linux base desktop, but with Gnome3 even for simple user it's not productive. Assuming what is best for others is not democratic, maybe gnome3 should come as a option an not as a imposition. The gnome3 concept is nice and pretty but it's not functional, make user lose lot of time to get simpler job done. The version 2 was very objective on everything. I wonder if gnome3 programmers a really using gnome 3 as development environment to see the drawbacks.

My suggestion with no offence to designer, think about practical use of the desktop and not only enthusiastic use just because you are developing it. Another problem is customizing, everyone move to Linux because you can do whatever you want to your desktop but gnome3 think you shouldn't do it. Better to focus on better fallback at least.

1417: we're already hearing a lot of bitching about gnome 3... some (a lot?) of that is just people averse to change imo. "it doesn't support that one thing that I do differently from everybody else, so it's USELESS, BROKEN, A PILE OF SHIT!!!" I think the vitriol is short-sighted to the point of being foolish. however, there may yet be good ideas intermixed. I don't envy you trying to sort it all out, but the more you can do, the better gnome will be. of course, you won't agree with all the ideas, but the more you can consider thoughtfully the better...

aside from that...
I do feel that gnome has sometimes tried (too hard) to be simple. I'm aware of, and use, gconf-editor, and so long as I can find stuff in there, then I can live with the simplicity on the front end. just please don't ever try to guess what I want to do and interject -- when you get it wrong, I'll be one of those vitriolic users that I already hate so much! I would personally take a very conservative approach when reducing easily accessible options. you may expand the user base by attracting OSX or Windows users, but there's a trade-off then with your existing power users. the latter may be easily upset and noisy, but they are still valuable. gnome is beautiful, and integrates well with office environments, but at some point it could be dumbed down to the point where it's just not fun to use. and then who cares what environment you're using...

1418: I filled in this survey without comments previously - but after reading that article mentioning some of other people's comments, I wanted to come back and add my own.

I'm very very happy with the progression of Gnome 3, I use it at work and at home, and has always been very stable and fast for me - I was very impressed with the stability of the initial 3.0 release. I also like the hard line that the team has taken as to how they want the Gnome experience to be.

It pains me to see the glut of negativity that the teams gets for their work. I hope that it does not discourage the progress of the Gnome team, and they continue to focus on their vision.

Thanks Gnome team :)

1419: Improve Activities->Applications. It loads slow and browsing is slow.

Figure out some quicker way to switch between open apps and managing many open windows.

Fix all of Nautilus bugs.

I miss wobbly windows :)

Please listen to what users have to say. Some of them have an idea what is needed.

Polish Gnome 3. It is good but very glitchy.

1420: Attitude of the developers
Configurability of Gnome - you may know better what the user wants than I do, I know better what /I/ want than you do.
Willingness of the developers to listen

Listen to your users. Criticism is helping you create a better product. Vilifying people with bad news makes you weaker.

1421: Gnome shell paradigm does not work. Revert to standard desktop setup.

Add "advanced" buttons back to configuration.

You tried to innovate, and it didn't work. No harm no foul. You can still fix this.

1422: Make it Stable
Make Nautilus looking good again
No Idea

1423: - Bring back the good old desktop interface from GNOME2, make it like they do it in KDE where they have multiple interfaces for multiple targets.
- Add more features, not remove them
- Make the file save/open dialog like it is in KDE

Stop treating desktop as being a tablet.

1424: 1. Replace Gnome Shell with gnome-panel from 2.32, or at least make the fallback function the same as gnome-panel from 2.32

2. Fix Evolution as Thunderbird isn't a very good replacement for IMAP

3. Stop hiding all the configuration options in gconf

Get rid of Gnome Shell or make the fallback more closely resemble gnome-panel 2.x. Gnome Shell, Unity and Windows 8 are all abominations, trying to chase after the tablet space, that Apple already owns, at the cost of desktop/laptop usability will come back to haunt all of you as your users switch in droves to XFCE, LXDE, etc.

I'm stuck on Ubuntu 11.04 running Gnome 2.32, not Unity, until I figure out what to use next. I have tried Gnome 3.2 out on Fedora and Ubuntu 11.10, disabling Unity there also, but it sucks just like Unity. I have been a Linux developer for 16 years and using Gnome for most of the ~ 13 years it has been around but I will not be continuing unless this mess is resolved. I had seriously thought of abandoning Linux entirely and just switching back to Windows until I saw what they are planning to do with the Windows 8 start menu, wtf? Have all desktop developers across the board been brain damaged?

1425: Get Gnome to listen to their user base. The current actions by the team seem to completely disregard any opinion of the user base.

Listen to your users. Stop thinking that you know better than them. You are delivering a product to a user base. Even if that product is free, it should still attempt to satisfy the wants of that user base.

1426: I plan to move to gnome3 (running ubuntu).
1) more complete system settings.
2) bring back taskbar
3) fix bugs, halt features

Yes, concentrate on fixing existing bugs instead of bringing new features (except for taskbar and complete system settings)

1427: More/better applet support in Gnome 3. No one's rewritten the old applet for Gnome 3.

1428: trim it down
make it less like kde
go a completely new diection

Pay attention to Linus

1429: Quicktile/Compiz Grid like window tiling
Faster search
Chromium theme

1430: gnome 3 is completely broken, should wait a few years to release it while you make it feature compatible with gnome 2. also make mutter more configurable like fvwm or openbox. add a right click root menu. kill the binary blobs with fire. i wont use anything without a right click root menu!

1431: - More preferences. It's ok to hide some options from basic users but e.g. fonts settings, gtk and window decoration themes should be selectable without Gnome-Tweak (maybe behind Advanced button).

- More collaboration between Gnome and KDE projects.
- And more importantly more cooperation with Unity (and Canonical in general). Overlay scrollbars and global menu should be default on Gnome.

1432: Evolution: I don't like all-in-one mail+contacts+calendar programs, I would prefer it be split into multiple programs that can talk to each other (like KDE's PIM suite)
Lifera: It's just way too slow
Empathy: No OTR support

There isn't enough customizibality in GNOME programs, I'm used to KDE where pretty much everything was customizable.

1433: abandon GNOME 3.x altogether and go back to the GNOME 2.x codebase and improve on that!

Users are _NOT_ stupid. Stop treating us like that! Stop taking options away!!

1434: Keep it!

Better fallback mode would be nice though. It should have the same workflow as the full shell.

1435: Trim the insanely large dependency tree.
I don't need them

Listen to users.
Reduce weight.
Allow configuration, do not prescribe what you think I want

1436: More customizable.
Ability to revert.
Layer settings and such

Continue with your vision but know that is the users that make or break a venture.

1437: Notifications
Music Player
Video Player

Someone decided that the user shouldn't be disturbed by notifications, and therefore they are added to that hidden bar; what if I DO need to be disturbed by notifications? I feel I now miss most of the times I get pinged in IRC or in a jabber chat room, and I just see the notifications in the hidden bar too late.

1438: - Add an option to use more Gnome2-like stuff.
- Get easier configuration of Gnome 3.
- Make using pulseaudio optional.

When using "forced fall-back mode" in Gnome 3, please group icons on the panel more tight. On my laptop I'm using the panel on the left side of the screen, the icons leave less space to other elements.

1439: Remove Shell, bring back old (but gold) interface and listening to the community.


1440: - Integrated window tiling mode
- faster switching between windows
- Syncing with SyncML servers

Don't forget that your userbase still is made of geeks.

1441: easier customization
easier individual software installation
windows games compatibility

1442: 1. I would change the message tray area. I know this is already in the works and the developers are aware of the many problems. I don't have a better suggestions than what they have, I just would implement it even if they don't have the perfect solution yet (it's difficult to make it worse than it is, the acordeon specially)

2. Add a setting to disable suspending on closing the laptop lid, which would allow me to stop using gnome-tweak-tool. It can be just a setting, is something I changed only once, since I can just ask the computer to suspend.

Awesome work with the GNOME 3, congratulations. Just keep up the good work and would you please lose the condecending tone? (for the few who have it). Thanks!

1443: I've gone to Xfce. It's too late for GNOME. You've adopted an interface suitable for touch tablets but no touch tablets run GNOME.

Abandon 3. Or accept that only the Gtk GNOME apps are of use and the DE itself should be deprecated in favour of focusing on the app components

1444: Current user interface, Gnome 2 interface was clean
Absence of usability

Bring back the clean and uncluttered gnome 2 interface

1445: 1. Remove Nautilus in favour to Marlin.
2. Return the simplistic 2D GNOME 2.x interface, install alongside GNOME Shell if need be or have a dock similar to Docky.
3. Return the customisation and functionality that GNOME 2.x had.
4. Add a "Shutdown" option instead of this Alt+Suspend hilarity.

Please consider the community suggestions. Even my 50-55 year old, non-technical parents are having trouble using this so-called "simple to use" Desktop Environment that is GNOME Shell.

1446: I'll need to try 3.2 I guess. But gnome shell doesn't work for me at all. Tried it for a month and simply could not get used to it.

Something back to resembling the old version. I like some of the ideas in gnome shell, but it did not feel finished to me.

1447: 1. Gnome 3/Shell. The user experience is terrible. The GTK3 and the environment itself is excellent, but the shell is horrible.

2. Performance. Gnome 2 did not perform as well as LXDE but was ok, however Gnome 3 is dead slow.

3. Terminal Server performance. OpenGL effects may be cool, but software rendering on VNC or network-transparent XGL is plain horrible. Even rendering in a VirtualGL-like solution that can use a server-side GPU is horrible.

Please think of the terminal server/virtual desktop users. TS/VDI is a growing market and one that benefits *nix-platforms. Even if some solutions work decently with OpenGL, it uses more CPU and bandwidth.

1448: I'd only have a usable desktop with shortcuts and optional mounted drives rather than a plain wallpaper.

1449: 1. Drag and drop working in Gnome 3.
2. Solve usability problems in Gnome 3 (like NetworkManager).
3. More customization in Gnome 3.

If something ain't broken don't rewrite it from scratch and start over. Sure, it's a different approach and could even get better with time, but using a junior desktop after a mature one has it's toll on users.

Nevertheless, thank you for your work.

1450: 1. Revert to classic gnome

1451: Go back to 2.X UI, I tried 3.0 and absolutely hate it.

1452: Go back to Gnome 2
Fix the bugs in Gnome 3 (like my icons are not here)
Fix xchat so notification appear and persist

1453: Less mouse clicks = better. Therefore, in Evolution why do I need to click on the second pane to enable the directory chooser on top of the pane?

Make modifying things like icons easy. Why do we need to install extra tools to configure the look of the desktop?

Make it easy for me to find my programs.

Make it stable. Currently on Ubuntu 11.10 it's so unstable that it's unusable.

1454: 1) Bring back the icons for the menu entries and buttons (by default)
-- More pleasant to use
-- Better usability
2) Actually care about the general consensus of the GNOME community pertaining to interface changes
3) Work with Ubuntu to bring over more of their changes that have been successful.

1455: 1. Better integration with the rest of the world. I.e. promote interoperability with non-GNOME things. Sometimes the best program for a task is not a GNOME one.

2. Better responses in bugzilla. This varies from component to component, but there are a lot of bugs that linger for way to long without a response. "Sorry, we cannot fix this anytime soon" is way better than complete silence.

3. Think a bit more about bug fixes and don't focus quite as much about getting new shiny features in place.

Be mindful of the whole "death by a thousand paper cuts". From what I've seen of gnome shell, it's not fundamentally bad, just lots and lots of minor annoyances. Unfortunately that can quickly add up to a major problem.

1456: 1. Developer attitude. The project seems to attract people whose attitudes are always "I know better than you." and it gets magnified.
2. Making configuration more obvious. This ties in with #1.
3. Actually everything really ties into 1.

Learn to listen. I mean really listen, not just stand quietly and then go back to what you thought was best in the first place. If you can't do that, then quit piggy backing on other projects and companies OS's and go make your own one that you are responsible for.

1457: Desktop

Don't release buggy, regression-filled software. It is not professional.

1458: - Some sort of persistent on-screen indication of when there's something in the message tray
- removal of the text labels from the message tray
- adding a poweroff entry to the user menu

1459: GNOME 3 is a much bigger change from GNOME 2 than the changes from MacOS 9 to MacOS X and the changes from Windows XP to Vista were. There would have been less confusion and ire if a transitional approach had been taken.

I'd like to see the data from the usability tests that were used to support these changes. A lot of the design feels arbitrary like the UI in a sci-fi movie. And honestly, I'm not sure what device this UI targets.

I applaud GNOME for being willing to take bold steps and spending effort on aesthetic appeal, but GNOME seems to have fallen into the KDE spiral of preferring bling to usability.

1460: Abandon Gnome 3 Shell and it's dumbed down configurability and usability , bring back Gnome 2's easy configurability.
I'd fire the whole design team by the way.....

Listen to your users, not only to the designers, your new Function follows Design paradigm is the worst thing ever. And if you don't want to abandon the Gnome 3 Mobile device GUI, give us something usable for productivity desktop computers and stop kicking the prolonged backs of your long time loyal users

1461: Add a taskbar, add a non-OpenGL mode in order to avoid performance slodowns in games using ati-dri.

I'm nearly fully satisfied with GNOME team choices, despite all the whine around it. I couldn't go back to KDE, which I tried so many times : they really should hire designers and learn to make applications which haven't 36.000 menu entries or borders.

1462: gnome-shell - I tried GNOME 3 and had to go back to GNOME 2, I need a functional desktop, and gnome-shell is just not it! I rely on static workspaces (I use key short-cuts to jump between them).

Access to Emacs key bindings without having to run magic registry editors

GNOME should give me *options* for how I want my desktop to work, rather than just take them away. Right now GNOME is forcing stuff down my throat, which was invented by a small group of people who just happen to like those settings, but the rest of the World doesn't necessarily agree.

It would be nice if the GNOME project started looking at the needs of existing users, rather than constantly telling them that they just have to adapt to whatever is new in the latest GNOME.

People rely on computers with keyboards and will continue to do so, please stop creating a desktop that was designed solely for touch screens - we need something that actually works.

1463: version 2 great, don't care for version 3 at this time. Feel it needs a couple of years to become usable

Get it working before dumping releases onto the world.

1464: Easy bar customization and option to see past notificacions.
Fix the gnome-shell memleak.

Stop asking users to grab, compile and install gnome with debugging symbols and practically find the bugs in the code themselves.

1465: Fix the totally brain dead approach to configuration settings. I am using Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome 3.2 and Unity, and I have to say I am terribly disappointed with the new system settings tool. Quite frankly, it sucks. Too many basic options have been removed with no pointers to documentation explaining how to change the settings with gsettings on the command line.

Fix Nautilus.

Support Unity indicators as an external dependency so that more standard Gnome applications will use them.

Quit arguing with Canonical and start working with them again. The whole "Canonical isn't playing nicely with us" shtick is getting tired. I may be forced to use Red Hat at work, but I will always use a Debian based distribution at home...and Ubuntu is my choice. If Gnome continues to pick fights for no good reason, Kubuntu here I come!

1466: 1. fglrx support (compiz works, no excuses); 2. top bar not taking screen space (maybe clock and notifications always on top with window buttons and title on the left); 3. full appearance settings manager (a complete control panel in fact).

Keep up the good work. I know how hard it is to rewrite everything, but I also know how necessary it might be. G3 is very nice already, it needs only some of the raw power G2 had.

1467: More familiar options from other destops.

1468: 1.I would bring back all the extended configuration options that were in Gnome 2 or at least incorporate gnome-tweak-tool into gnome-control-centre.

2.I would develop the idea of gnome-shell extensions into a full-fledged extension system a la Firefox.

3.Aesthetics.It's always been a sore point for GTK. Now I kind of like the Adwaita window theme (especially a 'thinner' version of it) but I think its widget set needs work and Gnome needs a default,usable,pleasant theme.

If I were you I wouldn't pay to much attention to all the people dissatisfied with Gnome 3 in its present state.

You've got a vision,stick to it.

After all neither Mac OS X nor KDE 4,nor Windows Vista/7 were any good or liked in their first incarnation.

I really prefer gnome-shell to Unity although they do implement the same concepts (a lateral dock,a pervasive search engine,an emphasis put on applications and not windows,the playing down of the dated desktop metaphor).

Being resitant to change is human nature but so is adaptability.

1469: 1) Fix Evince so it remembers settings like it used to.
2) Stop messing up the background chooser - users should always be able to see the full path to a background, its filetype, and its resolution. Please stop just trying to make it look like a Mac.
3) Make "raise_on_click=false" a fully-supported feature of the window manager.

Please do not neglect your professional Workstation users! With Unity and Gnome Shell coming to the fore, it seems that there is no desktop environment that caters to our needs. What are those needs? Opening a new terminal as quickly as possible is a big one that those newer environments have neglected; this is trivial to do in Gnome2+GnomeDo.

Another need is for professional window management. Why is every modern window manager inferior to Solaris's MWM when it comes to meeting the needs of professional users? It doesn't take much: focus-on-mouseover, no-raise-on-click, and window snapping are the biggies. Please don't adopt eye candy if it breaks usability (ultra-thin window borders have caused huge problems here, as the "fixes" allow things like focus oscillating between windows and the ability to accidentally focus windows on other workspaces).

Thirdly, when you do something right, please don't break it. Gnome Terminal, Evince, and Eye-of-Gnome are FANTASTIC applications! They have a single purpose, and they do it well in a minimalistic manner (once you turn off toolbars, etc.). The ability to bring up an image or plot as quickly as possible without any other distractions is crucial in a professional environment. Unfortunately, Evince has started to regress and has gotten unpredictable in terms of windows sizing and toolbar visibility.

Finally, please resist all temptations to just copy the Mac (which Ubuntu is all too willing to give in to). We are professional users who want a professional interface; if we wanted a Mac, we'd buy one. Personally, I'd rather be running CDE (and I'm being serious).

1470: get rid of gnome shell, or change it radically to make it properly extensible at least. have no hope gnome shell developers will make radical changes to gnome shell ux, therefore it shall provide proper extensions points for customization without the need of copy-and-pasting 90% of reach feature for doing minimal customizations.

listen to your users, they have real concerns. get some real UX designers involved, don't rely on gfx artists that heard about a few books about UX design. the ux flaws in gnome shell are gross.

1471: * drop gnome-shell
* improve multiscreen (it's already good, but can be better)
* drop 3d requirement

Don't think users are stupid... Users who aren't stupid will move to other DE/wm/whatever.

1472: Mutter sucks in many aspects. Mutter -> kwin
Tray icons support sucks. Move it back to top panel.
Improve overview mode, it has so much potential.

Do proper QA, stop releasing broken software.
Take care of look and feel of your software:
- icons (not symbolic) look bad by today's standard
- different icons in totem, rhythmbox, etc. ?
- don't mix bright and dark themes (eog and totem)
- provide better integration with qt/kde and gtk2
Stop removing USEFUL features.

But all in all good job! Love gnome!

1473: 1.) "Cancel-Button" needed in Options (like in windows "OK" and "Cancel")

GNOME Options/Configuratons ar too spartanic

1474: 1.- I really miss being able to add launchers to the topmost bar
2.- when pressing the meta key, you can start typing in to seach... Or you can click on applications. The issue is the categories are all the way to the right and that makes no sense to me (hotspot is all the way to the upper left, and then you have to travel all the way back with the mouse)
3.- again, when hitting the meta key, you start typing to a point where you have a few suggestions, but the one you want is not the first one. I haven't found a way to navigate these options with the keyboard (the first one is the only one that can be selected)

1.- Customization is a very big deal for power users
- Launchers for apps that are used frequently
- rearrange items on the top bar

2.- Make the pager visible directly from the desktop; it doesn't make sense to me to HAVE to hit the meta key to get to the pager that shows the virtual desktops

1475: integrate applications tab in the window manager -> switching from a sheet in libreoffice to another sheet in the same file should be the same as switching between 2 sheets of 2 different files (or a tab in firefox, etc)
Integrate thunderbird into gnome 3 as it's the only good multiplatform client (evolution would be much better, but it only runs on linux...so I can't use a different mail client that the other 90% of the clients in my office)

1476: 1) activities panel: finding stuff is a pita
2) make a faster / more accessible application switcher
3) the above must be mouse driven, withh the smallest number of clicks possible, no typing and no keyboard shortcuts (only aloud as an alternative).

Make applications easier and faster to access and find a way to reintegrate applets. Cpu, memory and network activity is invaluable realtime information feedback on your machine and needs to be visible at all times.

1477: 1. Stop gnome 3 and bring back gnome 2


1478: 1. Allow people to hide some of their "recently used" files. I don't want to show photos I did on vacation to my audience.
2. Evolution is a way too complex for average users. It might be good for work (groupware) but it's just too much for private users.
3. I found 3 different parts of gnome with 3 different ways to set an avatar. (Empathy, System Settings, Contact Manager). I'd love to see that unified.

Please try to allow external developers to extend the "advanced setting" application. I'd love to see more hidden settings in there.

1479: Improve notifications.

Keep with the iterations. I didn't like the first releases in the GNOME 2 series but it turned out really well. GNOME 3 has started out better IMHO.

1480: More and better integration

Keep rocking !!!

1481: 1) make panel items movable again
2) make fallback mode more usefull
3) fix introspection to work in a crosscompile environment

Keep up the good work, don't get distracted by trolls!

1482: Saner defaults, Easier configurability with more options, Nautilus

Listen to your users

1483: gnome 2.2 is pretty much perfect for me, just turn off desktop effects, and get my work done

should've stuck with gnome 2.23 and continued to improve it rather than going the gnome 3 route, I'll add my comments about gnome 3's fails in a separate survey entry

1484: 1. We have the right to choose between GNOME shell or classic GNOME
interface, make both available and *decent*.
2. Make desktop setting configurable by *proper* UI like KDE
(not those by gconf or alike, not acceptable)
e.g. focus follow mouse, raise on click and those advanced settings
3. In summary, let us to decide how to use the computer.

Don't teach us how to use the Desktop because we are not idiot.

IIRC, Jason Clinton said about FFM in LWN:

"FFM is utterly broken on modern desktops and you're in the tiny, tiny minority. If you want it to work, you can't really demand that they do the coding for you, can you?"

Something like these made me very angry.

1485: 1. improve the openness of the development
2. set honorable behavior in public discussions
and constructive listening to criticism
3. fill up the feature gap between GNOME 2 and GNOME 3

Based on a few trials, GNOME 3 is clearly a GOOD step forward. Unfortunately it forgot part the furniture during the move. By doing so, it leaves behind some of the users and supporters (and even some developers). I would have not think that the GNOME project can afford such luxury.

Overall GNOME 3 seems to be an unfinished platform that still needs 1-2 years of work before reaching maturity.

I am also seriously concerned by the aggressive reactions of GNOME active members in public discussions regarding criticism on GNOME 3 and regarding the making of this survey.

I wonder if the situation is due to a lower number of active developers and a concentration of these developers into companies.

I hope the situation converges with more satisfaction.
I'll help as much as I can.

1486: Make the GTK Theme easier to change, add back some of the configuration options removed during the transition to Gnome 3 and add optional Unity-like global menu support (which is really handy on devices with small displays like my laptop).

I like Gnome Shell and find it both easier to use and looking better than the old Gnome Panels.

I would like to see more context menu actions (as planned with Zeitgeist) for applications in gnome shell.

1487: Inability to place the panel/dock/launcher whatever it is called at the bottom of the screen. Moving from apps to workspaces across widescrean monitors means you are necessarily forcing the maximum mouse movement back and forth across the screen. Placing the panel at the bottom would reduce the mouse movement by 50% automatically.

I would like to see the gnome project stop wasting space at the top of the screen, and adopt a universal menu system already. Having a single clock centered on the top panel is of no use to me and it wastes vertical space on my laptop.

The overview is visually unappealing with "floating" buttons for "windows" and "applications", they dont resemble any other clickable item on the desktop, and look like text on a wallpaper since they just hover with no container. The need to select applications or "windows" after clicking the upper left corner indicates that the windows and applications and search should just be 3 items in a menu activated by a click on the upper left corner. It would reduce mouse movement greatly and make use of the left edge of the screen as an artificial barrier to help you select the item you want from the menu.

Keep trying to improve the desktop, but listen to users a bit more. Just because something is implemented as designed, does not mean the design was good to begin with.

1488: -configurability
-look and feel
-fucking simplification on everything finally making it a pain in the ass doing any simple thing

-stop thinking you know better than your users what they wanna do and how.
-if you do something not really good looking, at least do it lightweight and fast.
-be smarter! propose ALTERNATIVES to your choices, when you know they won't content everyone.

1489: * There are still bugs with the top Panel bar ... widgets sometimes drop out on their own or even overlap.
* Better integration with VNC server or other remote desktop services. Sometimes when I start an app in one desktop, I cannot start it in another.

Great job guys! Really appreciate you all working on bringing a good desktop experience on Linux.

1490: Better integration with platform (power management and other tools) = don't (try too much to) roll your own.
Better collaboration with KDE to make a unified desktop experience (freedesktop.org).

work with the KDE guys. you love the same things, why work separate. I know there is a language/library thing but you can find ways to better collaborate.

1491: Bring the back the normal Alt + Tab.
More customization options.
Workspaces are weird, they are not so easy to use.

You're doing an amazing job, but please, listen to your users and don't try to be smarter than us. That's why we are using open source, because the other alternatives (Windows, Mac OS X) think they know better than us and they are trying to impose their beliefs. Please do not be like them.

1492: More stability on older config
Simplify configuration

1493: More personalization options (at least make a noob and a pro control center).
More respect for the standards (this is really important).
Some minor changes to the UI for lessen the needed clicks.

Work with the KDE team, push again in the same direction. Make GTK apps well integrated in other environments.

1494: Revert back to the legacy shell
Remove .NET dependencies
Stabilize existing applications

There's really nothing to suggest at this point. I'm fairly certain that we'll see a fork in the near future. Unity (a bad shell) has already replaced gnome-shell (a really bad shell). Users that want something different (from unity) are moving to other non-gnome solutions. I guess my only suggestion is that you do your best to learn from this, and use the resulting wisdom in Gnome's next incarnation.

1495: User menu
More Options
Dock on desktop

1496: Go back to the old interface
Let me customize my desktop
Improve reaction speed in the desktop - it feels sluggish

I am trying to use Gnome on a laptop PC and to be honest, the latest version makes no sense for desktop systems: it is ugly and does not allow for any reasonable level of customization. My suggestions to the development team:

1) Don't try to build one interface for all devices - what works on a mobile device may not be appropriate for a desktop/laptop system.
2) Focus on building a fast and stable desktop.
3) Provide options to easily customize the interface. It doesn't need to be much, but enough that users can feel that they have control of their desktops.
4) Make intelligent use of graphical bells and whistles. This is where Apple excels - subtle graphical tricks can make the difference between users seeing the interface as being clunky and extremely sleek.

For now, I'm moving back to KDE or maybe enlightenment. This version is Gnome simply isn't for me.

1497: 1. More traditional window management on laptop / desktop devices. I would love gnome if I had a tablet that would run it, but in the mean time I'm using unity for the love of a nice long bar across part of the screen to quickly appear and disappear when I've made my selection. A persistent dock, even one that only shows open apps is really needed IMO.

2. Notifications, messages, w/e, should all come through from the tray, or if that's none-too aesthetically pleasing, from the top right of the screen right below, with popups opening leftwards.

3. The theme is blocky and for me not pleasant to look at. I would not show this to a windows user.

1498: - Get rid of Mono
- Get rid of Gnome Shell
- Get more features

GNOME 3 is a disaster for me, very unproductive workspace. In the end I switched to KDE for the first time in my life and I couldn't be happier with KDE now. It is the best computer workspace I have ever used. GNOME 2 was just OK but not irritating enough like GNOME 3 so I didn't start looking at alternatives back then. I also tried Unity and it is even worse than GNOME 3. GNOME and Unity developers should just take a look at KDE Plasma and see how it is supposed to be done. Plasma is even so flexible that they could jst tweak it a bit and create the same interface as they have now, without the need to waste so much time rewriting everything from scratch.

1499: Implement proper multi-monitor support (applies for more than 2 monitors as well)
Implement a service-discovery (zeroconf) extension for gnome shell
Give up on GTK and use QT

1500: Smaller title bar

X-Chat notfication. Seriously, it's a shit when someone talks to you and you can't know becouse the blinking xchat icon is not visible.

Evince is bad, no one use it. Please provide a decent integration for Thunderbird.

Easy interface to personalize and customize.


Small icons compatibility in applications menu.

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