What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 2]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 30 October 2011. Page 4 of 10. 15 Comments

1301: If you have more than one panel on the same side, sometimes they change their positions - the rightist become the leftist and vice versa.

I need smart LaTEX editor like Kile in KDE, even if I'm able to install it under Gnome

I used to use KDE 3.5 (no higher versions - that's why I'm using GNOME) and I liked very much the thing called superkaramba...now I'm still missing it

The new surface looks really good. I can only say looks, because I'm using stable debian, so I'm not able to install it yet. I hope that is as useful as I saw it in some videos! (Looks like :)) great job, congrats!

1302: Nothing at all. I am satisfied with Gnome3 (gnome-shell). It just rocks!

I miss some utilities: Desktop note-taking application, Diary application and Personal Accounting software. They are available, but something more integrated with Desktop would be better.

1303: kill gnome-shell
use gnome 2
kill the idiot that invented gnome-shell

bunch of assholes that think they know whts best for the user.
You made my life worst and if this continues i'll have to change to KDE

1304: 1) Better visibility of running apps
2) Better visibility of alerts/notifications
3) Better access to files/directories such as bookmarks like in Gnome2

Stop thinking you know everything better, and assume you can pour every use-case into a netbook one.

I use a large screen secondary display and gnome3 is simply crippled. Not only does the secondary display not switch desktops when you switch the primary display. But because of trying to force users to only look at one app at a time it is hard to have multiple apps showing at the same time. Like the annoying tendency to auto-resize windows when part of the window is offscreen!

1305: 1,2,3: Configurability.

Gnome is trying hard to compete with windows/OSX to be easy to use, which is fine, however you are alienating the users who like things the way they were. The defaults can be the easy to use interface, however it should also be easy to switch back to the traditional interface.

It should also be easy to make obvious tweaks to the interface. I've been using the compiz desktop cube, so I like my workspaces to be left and right, not up and down. Is that possible to change? If not, why not?

I like the dynamic workspaces, but I'd also like to be able to wrap around the workspace list (like with desktop cube). However having the automatically created empty workspace is a waste if the workspace list wraps around. I think a nice advanced option would be to not automatically add new a workspace, but allow the user to create them. They would go either before or after the current workspace (as chosen by the user). Thus workspaces would be a circular list where the user can insert a new workspace when ever they want.

One of the reasons I use Linux is that it allows me to configure the system the way I like it, even if that doesn't makes sense to interface designers. If you take away that ability to reconfigure my interface, then I might as well be using a Mac.

1306: -Make it easier to right-click and add applets to the taskbar
-Make a way to see ALL Windows at once, regardless of which desktop you are using (perhaps by sending mouse in top-right corner?)
-Try to optimize the code to make it a little faster on older hardware

1307: 1. gnome-shell
2. gnome-shell
3. nautilus with a dash of gnome-shell

Understand your users. Listen to your users. Act appropriately on their input.

1308: Gnome Shell is OK... BUT I need to have advanced options available in some way, not forbidden.

Do not think people are stupid.

Please, let people manage advanced options, if they want to.

1309: - more customizable
- better multimonitor support (maybe more a randr issue)

1310: 1. Fix performance issues of the shell
Since I moved to GNOME 3, I'm not able to watch a movie in HD on my laptop. Also I prefer no animation than laggy animations: try to change the workspace via Ctrl+Alt+[Up|Down] multiple time in a row.
Also the shell is almost constantly using 10 to 20 percent of my CPU.

2. Fix the workflow:
Since I moved to the shell (around 6 months ago), my productivity dropped critically low. I don't really use workspaces anymore because they became unusable (which also save me from the perf issue of changing quickly between workspaces.
I need more click, or more mouse gesture to work, and I need to learn more keybindings to do basic stuff (very annoying when I'm using my laptop in my bed where I'm using only one hand).
Also what is wrong with "Power Off" ? I power off my machine for two reasons: suspend doesn't work, and mainly to start a new session with a clean system.
But I have to admit that I'm more focus on my work and less distracted with the shell: I often suffer of rage when using it so I stop my laptop and start doing some work I didn't had time to do before.

3. Fix sound (remove this pulseaudio dependency).
pulseaudio never worked well on my machine and it still doesn't work well.

1. User hate that you think he is dumb.
2. Because you think you have done a great work and it's an improvement doesn't mean it is for every body. It happen I add/change features in my softwares but people hate it. There is two solutions: 1. I made it optional and use it while my users don't use it. 2. I don't care what think my users because I know (wrongly) this is the best for them.
I try to always apply the first solution, and you are currently applying the second solution.
3. Javascript ? really ? I personally think this is the worst language. Why not using C/C++/Python/Vala or any other language ? Even web developer often admit javascript is an awful language.

1311: add ability to move modal dialogs (this was removed in 3.x and feels like hell)
add taskbar widgets (like cpu meter etc.) as in 2.x
restore session on login (like it worked in elder 2.x and as it works in kde)

although I do think it's a good idea to experiment with UI things I really don't like the 3.x modal dialogs not being movable enough.

1312: Bring back the menus, options and monitor plugin !!

Take it easy guys because users are always grumpy ...

1313: - Theme / Fonts / Icons / Cursor configuration in control
- Shell extensions in languages other than javascript
- Better extension management system

You should have finalised the configuration system changes before 3.0.

Otherwise, the desktop is actually pretty awesome. Activities view is quite cool. Just need some configuration options back (or at the very least, less "thou shalt not extend")

1314: 1)The upper left corner as the hotspot for going to activities is a REALLY bad choice. There are so many times that I have accidentally activated it, when I didn't mean to, that it isn't funny anymore. For example, every time I highlight a URL in a browser, I invariably activate it. When I overshoot a menu (frequently), I activate it. Perhaps a better location would be where the clock is currently situated? That way the maximum distance to reach it is shorter, and it isn't in a location that is usually chock full of other functionality.

2) Make the title bars on windows in Gnome-Shell shorter.

3) The default view in "Applications" should be the list of most used applications. Having a screen full of icons in a grid in alphabetical order isn't particularly helpful. It ends up just being distracting.

1315: allow me to configure gnome to be the way I want it to be (in my case, simple gnome 2, with awn)
make it simple to remove / disable gnome-shell / unity
improve the doco to allow the above - it shoudn't take someone like myself hours to dig through guessing config file options around gnome-session to get rid of nautilus/gnome-panel, etc. as default startups... why can't there be a simple gui to choose whether you want a gnome shell; a panel; a file manager, etc. and choose which one you want for each...

think long and hard about only offering gnome-3's interface as the only one... It is not only different enough to be confronting, it is seriously bloat-heavy on the screen and continues to pop up at inopportune times... I'm going to go back to any number of alternate interface in Ubuntu 11.10 - the default is simply unproductive/unusable for me.

1316: 1) Reintroduce the full Gnome2 Interface with Gnome3 backend without crippling the Desktop Effects.
2) Fix bugs involving Radeon Graphics cards.
3) Improve Multi-Display support and configuration.

Don't Remove the Old User Interface. Gnome2 has it's share of Quirks, however Gnome3 was not completely ready when it shipped.

1317: - Make administration of desktop more simple. There must be a software to adjust all settings, don't just hide them behind the gconf-registry.

- Give access from terminal to all gnome settings. (some software are very hard to configure without GUI access)

- Keep up the good work and improve from what you've got now in your hands instead of totally re-creating.

- Co-operate even more with KDE people - you could benefit from each other and give end-users best from both worlds.

1318: Needs a persisten dock.

Put a dock on it.

1319: Remove the hard dependency for Pulseaudio in Gnome, not everyone wants it!
Separate Gnome-Shell from Mutter, so that use of different window-managers becomes possible!
Get rid of almost useless bar on top of the screen.

Listen to your Users.

1320: Gnome Tweak functionality should be built-in. Video editor! Make better use of widescreen moniors (less menus that go across the top)

Keep up the good work. I actually like GNOME 3.

1321: Don't dictate a minimal desktop, put the user back in control!
- Let me choose my fonts, sizes, skins and colours without a silly tweak tool
- Bring back the "power off" button
- Bring back the timezones and weather forecast
- Bring back the "never put monitor in DPMS" option
- Bring back the "up one directory" button in nautilus (be it optional)
- Let me actually configure networks in the network settings window (requires nm-connection-editor at the moment)
- Have optional less obtrusive notifications. I don't need 10% of my screen covered every time I receive a message in Pidgin. A simple visual change (blinking, colour, little icon) in the top right corner (text balloon) could draw attention enough. Maybe WebOS 3.0 can inspire here
- Have "locations" in the activity view next to windows and applications, showing useful folders, (local/internet) bookmarks, devices and network locations
- Let me eject media without starting nautilus (in this locations menu?)
- Let me open a new window in one click (be it optional)

... see question 22

1322: Configurabilty, Configurability, Configurability

Keep developing and improving 2.x.

1323: party hard!!

1324: Get rid of Gnome Shell.
Make it lighter.

Get rid of gnome shell.
Make it lighter.
Listen to your users.

1325: I beg Fedora and Ubuntu to go back to Gnome2.

Gnome3 is complete crap, a trainwreck. I HATE it and will NEVER use it again.
I installed XFCE now. It is a step back from Gnome2 but at least i can use my laptop with it.

1326: Keep it up!

1327: Remove Gnome-Shell and replace it with a better Metacity

Remove Gnome-Shell and replace it with a better Metacity

1328: 1. gnome-shell improvements (autohide top panel, unity like quicklist)
2. gnome-shell without need of 3D drive (similar to Unity-2D)
3. border less theme, even removing titlebar

Co-operate with KDE and Ubuntu, don't integrate mono in Gnome as required component.

1329: Get rid of GNOME Shell - bring back the tried, true and tested GNOME 2 "shell".

Stop treating Mono as the be-all and end-all to your problems. GObject is a shithole, but Vala is nice.

When creating new widgets for the next version of GTK+ or whatever, please put your time into creating widgets that make sense from a usability standpoint. I still can't figure out those bloody GtkSwitch widgets (are they on or off?). Call me slow, but you're the ones who've managed to destroy a community...

Stop treating users like retards. You may be happy with that; I prefer desktop environments that treat me like a user. If I want to set a setting through a GUI, give me an option to do so, like with GNOME 2! I don't want to resort to fucking around with GSetting commands in an X terminal or having to hack JavaScript code that will probably be overwritten by my package manager on the next update.

A shame, GNOME team, as you had a brilliant DE. Hell, I even picked up bits of GTK+ because I liked C and GTK+ so much. Now... well, time for me to get over my mental block and learn Qt. Go KDE!

1330: 1. more configuration options ( ex. lid close action ), some kind of advanced settings is needed, so the users don't need extra tools like gnome-tweak-tool to change the look and feel of gnome.
2. make it possible for the user to configure what icons to show on panel (ex. dropbox)
3. A dock on the main screen like Avant-windows-navigator

Try to listen more to the users and skip the we know what is best for you attitude. ( Ex. lid close action and no shutdown in user menu)

1331: Delete Gnome3 and evolution gnome2 (like they said: evolution not revolution!)

Yes, forget about actual Gnome3 or do it to work similar to Gnome2.

1332: Applets for gnome3
a taskbar to switch windows with one click in gnome3
more possibilities to configure the desktop

Gnome2 is better than Gnome3!

1333: drop gnome 3 & improve 2 :)

G3 lost me as a user -- I recommend KDE these days

1334: 1) Icons on the desktop.
2) More configuration options.
3) Improve favourites dock (see Docky, Cairo ...).

Add cool features to Gnome and let people choose.

1335: 1-Allow higher customization: non-extreme-powerusers currently might get stuck to the default layout/functionality since there's no simple way of customizing.

2-Create a Gnome 2.X look&feel option to more professional users that require constant visibility over many opened windows.

3-Some advanced options (power options and alike) should be shown in some way to power users without the need to use gconf. Even non-powerusers might need these to solve some technical problems with some decisions made by the dev team (suspension mode is broken in some systems).

Simply put - hear the community. Some changes generated a lot of heated discussions during the development but the dev team took a "apple-ish" stance and made them anyway.
In some ways the new gtk is brilliant and has a lot of potential but in the end it was wasted in many bad decisions in gnome-shell... Take time to reflect and start doing real usability benchmarks since gnome-shell gravely violates many heuristics based on visibility and completely screws Fitt's law.

1336: deeper integration with web applications and services
push more open / decentralized solutions for what folks use facebook and gmail, etc for.

don't stop making the difficult decisions. Gnome is finally something special. Before it was passable, but now it is tending towards awesome.

1337: - Make it Quicker
- Make it Faster
- Make it Speedier

Make it FASTER
And forget the Eye-Candy. Make it professional.

1338: stability, usability, beauty

I'm using very often a terminal even when responding to you survey.
I couldn't repsond to question 11, 12 and 13... So here is the anwers:
11: 47 - 12: 5 - 13: more than 30.

I really like Gnome - I guess I should try gnome 3 one day

1339: More configurability.
Less forced decisions.
Less hard large dependencies (pulseaudio, Mono, etc.)

Less is more true, but removing the ability to configure the desktop how the user wants destroys the freedom of choice we each use when deciding which DE we prefer in the first place.

If the plan is to continue to hide configuration then glorify dconf-editor and document the crap out of advanced tweaks with dconf-editor for ALL GNOME software. Make it wiki-easy to understand, follow, and find. Make sure every setting possible is in GSettings.

1340: 1) add the possibilty to create custom starters in an easy way
2) i think the top bar of a window could be thinner, seems like wasted space.
3) add a gui that is easy to use for tweaking the desktop. (maybe add the possibility to start custom actions for the other three active corners)

keep up the good work and ignore the gnome3 bashers!

1341: More engagement with the community.
Better developer documentation (think Android)
A dedicated Gnome OS for end users so the choices of distributions don't cause issues when trying to bughunt.

I appreciate there's a lot of bikeshedding but some of it's useful. My biggest complaint has been the power off removal - that impacted me and my partner with data loss.

1342: 1. Improve evolution mail suite. It's a great app but it needs some love. New features and improvements get their way into evolution very slowly.
2. Integrate tracker more tightly with desktop
3. Improve control panel. The panel in its current state(gnome 3.0) is far from being easy to use.

1343: 1) Need a better way to change options.
2) Need a shortcut to open applications in the Gnome Shell; Super → write → Enter is okay but not that fast.
3) Better way to download and change themes

Try to accept other opinions.

1344: Revert back to gnome 2 and polish it up.

I'm not a fan of Gnome 3, I find it less usable and have gone to xfce because of this. Won't be going back to gnome unless major changes occur again.

1345: - Let me hide the top panel in Gnome 3.x

- Ship also a dark version of the default theme

- Ship Gnome 3.x in Debian

keep up, good work!

1346: Development seems to be headed in the wrong direction. MacOS is only popular because it comes on Macintosh computers, not for its sake. If it were, there would be a *lot* more hacintoshes. The few that are out there are curious people, people who just want to say "I did it", and people forced to support a variety of platforms and who don't want to carry around an extra machine. Please, don't use MacOS as your goal for a UI.

Eye candy doesn't make a useful desktop. Sometimes the more visually appealing solution is the better one, but it's not the better solution *because* it's more visually appealing.

1347: Gnome3 suggestions:
1. reduce the linear mouse distance and numbers of clicks required for common tasks such as launching applications
2. reduce the number of keyboard and mouse context switches for finding and launching applications; Gnome 2.32 uses mouse solely to locate and launch applications; similar means in Gnome 3 requires moving the mouse to top-left corner, a click or two, and then typing; lots of user effort and lots of non-contiguous user actions -- meaning context switching between keyboard and mouse
3. switching between virtual desktops used to be so easy; point at a panel widget; now there's a confusing pop-out with app thumbnails that often look the same with few clues to differentiate; requires user to focus on navigation rather than on task (another mental context switch)

Gnome 2.32 is awesome! Gnome 3 isn't ready for primetime.

Put some focus on fleshing out the utility of the shell now that the base infrastructure has been built. All that scriptability should be put to use by focusing on improving usability and ease of movement while reducing the numbers of user context switches (mouse/keyboard) and providing more clues to the user when several very similar windows/apps are presented (e.g. terminals).

1348: gnome shell of course
also the new system to monitor battery power since gnome 3 is nothing but headaches for my netbook

listen to your users

1349: Speed up the development of GNOME Shell.

In contrast to others, I like it very much. It helps me to focus on the application without missing important messages.

Stay cool on the contrasts. Following the design driven way.

Don't go the KDE way, which makes the option like a submarine control board.

1350: Network proxy settings no longer allows me to specify exceptions for local network addresses or domains.

Gnome Shell extensions shouldn't fail to load just because Gnome Shell updated to a new point release.

The applications list should be cached in some manner so I'm not waiting 10-15 seconds for it to generate the list every time I want to start something. I've gone back to using Synapse for launching apps because of that.

I really like the direction that Gnome Shell is moving in. The simple and discreet desktop chrome looks good and stays out of the way, and the overlays are well done. I just wish the existing settings applets hadn't been neutered in the process.

1351: 1. The default theme, for a modern one, like Elementary's one.
2. The Window buttons behaviour, some aplications, like Firefox, when we go at Help - About Firefox, no close button is found, so Dialog windows must have a close button.
3. Some good stuff from GNOME 2 is missing or broken. The rule is to keep them with improvements.

Please, give us options to personalize GNOME!
We are in 2011 and we do not have a great sound theme manager, for example. I want to set a sound to an event as simple as I do at KDE.
Please, look at Control Panel from KDE, integrate with KDE as an unique team.
Do not use harmul technologies.
Please listen to us.

1352: 1. Reduce the size of the HUGE default font, and use a good-looking one (i.e. Droid)
2. Use a proper good-looking GTK/shell/icons theme instead of this ugly default that stinks of 1995.
3. Improve the way fonts are displayed: fix the bad kerning, antialiasing, etc.

1353: I'd like to see
- smoother animation of window action and progress bar
- much nicer icon sets
- a better program for hardware management

Drop GTK!

1354: App launcher/taskbar; task switching;

1355: * "We know what you want"-mentality.
* Unfriendliness towards non-Gnome apps from library developers (notably GTK)
* Stop treating users like idiots (or only idiots will use your software)

less options != less confusing

1356: 1. Invest more effort into evolution. It needs an overhaul.
2. Restore apps for customizing appearance. Outsourcing that stuff to a cumbersome "tweak" tool is just silly. For christsake, why would you make it so awkward, by default, to shutdown the computer?
3. Embrace Abiword & Gnumeric.

Listen to your users.

1357: 1. Get back more options
2. Fix the graphics and audio crashes and problems
3. Arrange desktops sideways

Don't treat users as idiots. Don't pretend we were primarily targeting novice users while we're not. Embrace and support power users, they're the ones contributing and using the system the most.

1358: - Smaller default font size
- Make default accels keys more "classic"

1359: Go back to gnome2.
Split gnome-shell to an optional and non-required component.
Give back old control center.

1360: Language indicator with flags

keep positive -- you are doing a nice job!

1361: More testing,
More user testing,

(GNOME 3.x feels rushed and some basic features are missing eg. control panels)

More GNOME 2.x add-ons ported to GNOME 3.x

I love the idea behind the new Activities browser, and being able to simply hit the Super key and type a few characters to launch a program. However, a lot of basic features from GNOME 2.x are missing, and some things were disabled (icons on the desktop, many control panels) without any ability to re-enable them (aside from a hack) or not backwards compatible (system proxy settings).

Also, typing in the search field in the Activities browser is a bit laggy. Maybe instead of hanging after every letter entered while it searches, it could stop the current search and start the new one when the user types another letter.

1362: 1. Clearer advanced configuration for advanced users (as in not just gconf).

2. Better application integration, especially for Qt apps.

3. Better looking default themes.

Some sort of tutorial for GNOME 3 when starting it for the first time. Some new usage patterns might be less than obvious for users who have not used GNOME 3 before.

1363: nothing really grates with me or springs to mind.

minimise and resize windows in Gnome 3 may be a change too far for me

1364: Let gnome2 remain optional.

Let gnome2 remain optional.

1365: Less RAM usage
Better keyboard navigation support (ie in the Activities overview, window manipulation)
A more robust, better-supported Gnome Shell extension framework (which I think is coming in future versions)

Keep up the good work. For every loud-mouthed naysayer stuck in 1995, there are many more people dissatisfied with old paradigms and excited to give something new a chance.

For what it's worth, I was customizing my Gnome 2.X installs so much that they were essentially like Gnome-Shell...heavy use of Gnome Do, completely clean desktop, etc.

1366: Configuration of simple things/tasks is way too complicated. Getting it to show time with seconds was horrible and it is incorrect. To avoid this I check my GkrellM which I always bring up so not a real problem, but shows a lack of completeness and ease of use on Gnome. There are other configurations which I don't even intend to try to accomplish as I have much too much to get done without worrying about usability in the shell (minimize/enlarge of window for example. Using Alt to invoke shutdown must have been a major decision on the Gnome analysts part, but most of us would just prefer it remained the old way.

Some of the changes were just not necessary. This is similar tothe decison by the Fedora team to remove the shutdown/restart choice from the login. For those of us on KVM systems which sometimes don't start the keyboard and mouse appropriately it was a disaster. Same types of things here in Gnome. USER FRIENDLY should be the keyword.

1367: better compositing quality (e.g. merge with compiz)
better system tools integration
fast forward

keep up your awesome work!

1368: - Improve clipboard managment
- Switch to gitorious
- Improve developer story

Keep rocking!!

1369: More configurability, less padding around text, better email client.

In contrast to all the GNOME 3 haters out there, I LOVE GNOME 3. After a week I was tossing the mouse to the upper left hand corner on every computer I used (WinXP, Mac, GNOME 2), and getting mad when nothing happened. Thanks for the great new desktop!

1370: Enable Compiz
Make things speedier and lightweight
Make extensions easily installable and available!

1371: Focus back on desktop, not everyone is using a tablet-like device, or using only that. Make a specific version if you really feel the urge to chase the tablets crowd.

Don't assume everyone is either someone new who needs to be protected from himself or someone willing to spend hours to find out how to make even the most trivial customisation.
Some of us want a productive environment that can be tailored to our specific needs with a minimal waste of time.

Not everyone uses only one application at a time, don't hinder those who don't.

Make GNOME "substance *and* style", not "style over substance" (though kudos to the graphic team for the GNOME shell appearance, it's the only good thing about it).

On a positive note, I appreciate the progress on the colour management front.

1372: This survey is useless. Gnome team never listens to users.

1373: Add better tiling support to Gnome 3
Allow users to access more "advanced settings" (like setting refresh rate of the attached monitor, easy setting of GDM stuff, more configurable backlight policies for laptops and many more)
Reduce the CPU usage (I use fallback mode on my AMD C60-based netbook because of that)

Try to be more open and try to explain why certain things are done a certain way. The gnome3 website with videos was a good start, it should expand.
Many people don't know how tho shut down their computers from menu, because they don't know about pressing the Alt key. This should not happen!
Make an interactive "feature tour" on user's desktops!

1374: It needs to be WAY more configurable, like it used to be before gnome-shell arrived, and this configuration needs to be possible via the Gnome GUI, not via the command line.

You should definitely be able to configure the dock/launcher to always be visible.

Listen to users instead of telling them that everything that doesn't work anymore is that way by design so it won't be fixed.

1375: 1. Add more configurability in general - I love how streamlined and clean gnome is but some more configuration would be nice (in particular how many lines the scrollwheel on the mouse scrolls (I think this is a GTK limitation?) and some more touchpad configurability: tap top right to middle click, tap top left to right click etc.)

2. Don't be afraid to add a little bloat in the name of some more advanced features (while I prefere KDE in general less than gnome, it still has some pretty neat features)

3. Try to limit how much a user NEEDS to use a terminal to do something. This ties in with more configuration request a little I guess. But it would be sweet to have more automated configuration of xorg.conf and more multimonitor/monitor configuration without having to bring up a terminal prompt.

Don't be afraid to realise who your real users are - typical Linux users ARE more technically proficient in general and we do like a clean, streamlined user interface... but DON'T push too hard with this no-configuration user-friendlyness stuff. While my grandmother COULD use a well-configured Linux distro, she likely won't. Please dont over-simplify GNOME3 (and gnome in general) too much - remember who your users are!!

And THANK YOU! for making such a nice desktop environment - just because I have some complaints and comments to make doesn't mean I don't love GNOME:), good work guys and gals.

1376: 1. Add more configurability in general - I love how streamlined and clean gnome is but some more configuration would be nice (in particular how many lines the scrollwheel on the mouse scrolls (I think this is a GTK limitation?) and some more touchpad configurability: tap top right to middle click, tap top left to right click etc.)

2. Don't be afraid to add a little bloat in the name of some more advanced features (while I prefere KDE in general less than gnome, it still has some pretty neat features)

3. Try to limit how much a user NEEDS to use a terminal to do something. This ties in with more configuration request a little I guess. But it would be sweet to have more automated configuration of xorg.conf and more multimonitor/monitor configuration without having to bring up a terminal prompt.

Don't be afraid to realise who your real users are - typical Linux users ARE more technically proficient in general and we do like a clean, streamlined user interface... but DON'T push too hard with this no-configuration user-friendlyness stuff. While my grandmother COULD use a well-configured Linux distro, she likely won't. Please dont over-simplify GNOME3 (and gnome in general) too much - remember who your users are!!

And THANK YOU! for making such a nice desktop environment - just because I have some complaints and comments to make doesn't mean I don't love GNOME:), good work guys and gals.

1377: Use of space - A bit less whitespace in the layout/themes.
Notifications - A way to indicate notifications exist without moving pointer to corner.
GVFS - mounts more easily accessible in terminal without having to go to ~/.gvfs.

1378: 1. Do multi-monitor-virtual desktop correctly. (See Enlightenment).
2. Work better with different window managers.
3. Fix all the missing things.. Sticky keys, no system monitor, etc.

I keep switching virtual desktops to get back to my IM window. Maybe a Guake like setup?

1379: Put back Power Off by default in menu
Default font settings

1380: To many features of gnome 3 feels half done and lacking in performance (for example the application menu/page/drawer/whatever-it-is-called take seconds to print out on every computer I have tried gnome 3.x on).
Make it simple to edit colors/themes as (as it was in gnome 2.x).

1381: - recent documents available from GNOME Shell
- suspend / power off in menu should be configurable
- flesh out the fallback mode and support it fully for those who whine about GNOME3

Only words of encouragement. While I use xmonad on my desktop (GNOME3 only on the netbook), my wife (moderately well aquainted with computers and socialized on Windows) and a Chinese taxi driver and his son (never touched a computer before) love GNOME3 on their computers. It is intuitive and almost completely disappears when working with it. There are minor problems with the Chinese translation which is not available for some components, but other than that the direction is right and the results are impressive.

When I'm on the way I really enjoy using GNOME3. The keyboard shortcuts are well-configured and typing to find a program is the quickest way to access installed software.

Thank you, GNOME team. Your work is very much appreciated.

1382: 1. Get GTK+ out of the Gnome project, as GNOME should be utilizing GTK, not controlling it.
2. Bring back configuration options, netbooks that crash on suspend crash on lid close in GNOME 3 because you can't change it's behavior on lid close!
3. Tell gconf to gtfo, and simplify your system so that you don't _need_ a registry to create hell.

Please, guys, remember that GTK != GNOME! GTK 3 crashes when you try to resize windows if you're not in GNOME, and depends on way too much shit now. This is nonsense and extremely annoying. You're even creating bugs that you then port back to gtk2 with things such as the file chooser dialog's "recently used" nonsense.

1383: Stop the stupid "not developed here' mentality and start working WITH Kde on open desktop standards. I'm so sick of seeing Gnomes half-baked one-off solutions to problems that seriously need cooperation between different DE's. Start putting some effort into real long-term solutions instead of 'Gnome Only' solutions. Every time I see a Gnome Dev I want to bitch slap them.

Go die in a fire.

1384: More setting options! (might be hidden, but should be well documented)

1385: [Disclaimer - I haven't used 3.2 just yet]

I have a lot to say here about workspaces and task switching. I'm finding it harder to remember what task is on which workspace.

When a number of applications are involved in the work-flow, it's a hassle to organise the windows you want so that they're side-by-side.

Maybe (a) "task switcher per half-monitor"

or better (b) work-flow is a graph - provide a way to visualise this (within a workspace maybe). Temporary key bindings might allow someone to quickly juxtapose any two applications in the workspace.

I'm sure you folks get a ton of ideas for improvement: managing multiple tasks is my only real beef with gnome-shell.

First off - good job on gnome-shell. Thank you :)

I had to really think while defending gnome-shell design decisions a couple of times. In wishing I knew more about those decisions, what about a plugin that adds a "explain" menu item to every feature of gnome-shell. The user might then get a link to (or actual) text or video that explains what that thing is, why it's that way, and a tip on how to use it best :)


1386: 1. Revert Gnome 3 to Gnome 2
2. Failing 1, make Gnome 3 more customisable to the level of Gnome 2.
3. Failing 1 & 2, Throw a match on the Gnome project and go work on KDE.

Don't feel you have to reinvent the user experience because someone that likes buzz words has told you too. The desktop metaphor worked well for many years because it was a good association between the real desktop and the one on our screens. I see no strong association with anything in Gnome 3. The Gnome 2 design could have had minor adjustments and would have been much better received.

1387: Bring back the features from 2.X
Enable one click install of themes
Enable applets in top bar
Do not waste my screen with huge empty bars

Stop thinking that you know whats best for all users
Do not remove functionality between versions
If you cant think of a scenario for a feature, it does not mean it users don't need it. Don't tell us "why would you want to do that?"
Grow up, admit you produced a version that kills productivity a users mostly hate it(because you made us feel like idiots), stop the excuses and PLEASE start taking the input from us(us users who still hope for better Gnome and did not jump to KDE)

1388: Extended tweaking of .gconf*/.gnome* files. Better documentation would go a long way helping it.
The gdm screen should be more flexible, like, having to configure an account as a system one in order for it not to show up is an awful way of doing it.

Suggestion, don't do/add anything for the user that he (we) cant disable/remove.

1389: Bring back the menu. It's not the windows menu where apps are sorted by COMPANY which is illogical and unhelpful. We had the FDO spec of categories and a really nicely sorted tight menu. It was easy to launch stuff with few mouse clicks a barely a flick of the mouse. Now I have to click, and either TYPE to search or move the mouse to the OTEHR side of the screen to activate showing more apps. It horrendeously slow and what if new people don't know that the music player is called "Rhythmbox" or "Banshee". They won't find it. It's terrible.

Wobbly windows. We invnted them. They give windows a much more substantial feel. And now we've... LOST them? Tragic.

Screensavers. Really? You got rid of those? Electricsheep is georgeous and now I can't have it... instead I get a blank screen.
Thanks for nothing.

Talk to users. Don't hide on IRC or wherever it is you make your decisions based on no input and info.

1390: Better integration with online services
Possibility to tweak more options natively

1391: 1. Better configuration options
2. Ditch gconf
3. Options for multiple desktop layouts (like the plasma workspace in recent KDE versions)

1392: • There needs to be some kind of persistent indication (or periodic reminder) of unattended notifications in the messaging tray. (Interestingly, iOS 5's notification tray has the same problem.)
• Less people whining from the peanut gallery.
• I'd like to wave a magic wand and free GNOME from the vicious clutches of dangerous programming languages from the 60s.

Keep rocking; don't let the baying hoards grind you down.

1393: 1. Bring back the neat drag and drop nautilus shortcuts

Prepare a basic GNOME testsuite (a la xfstests) which is published with distros; seed it with some good examples; announce it well and developers will add tests, including for corner cases. Add the infrastructure to have it run nightly on different distros with freshly cooked code.

Most of the processes crashing I have experienced (on supposedly stable distros) are within GNOME...alamak!

1394: I would separate the GTK+ stack from the notion of a desktop, splitting e.g. GtkApplication and GtkAppChooser notions and widgets out from the GUI toolkit and into a separate desktop-support library, and return libunique to a separate existence. I would fix the file chooser dialog which has unconfigurably defaulted to a "recent files" view since v2.24.6. I would also fix the numerous bugs in GTK3 that make it difficult to use outside of GNOME (e.g. client-side window resizing trapping the cursor and requiring the program be closed with the keyboard before the mouse is again usable). The conglomeration of GNOME-centered features in GTK is very upsetting because GTK+ is the most effective and consistent toolkit available to open-source developers, but it seems that it has recently been moving away from the GTK+2.x trend of cleanup in terms of library separation and moving back toward the GNOME 1.x setup of few, complicated libraries. This makes it difficult to use the hard work of GNOME developers in projects that are not intended for GNOME desktop environments exclusively. This trend is also displayed in the way GTK+ and Glib have been increasingly enforcing policies akin to those of a desktop environment in recent versions (e.g. recent files listing and application choosers with .desktop files). These features are not inherently bad, by any means, but they belong in a desktop environment, not in a GUI toolkit and a C utility library. Writing classic unix-style programs using GTK+ is becoming more difficult and this is very upsetting; no other toolkit seems as effective, and those which look comparable have the problems that GTK+ seems to be developing.

I would like to see focus on making sure GNOME follows a path that is good for both GNOME itself and for those who benefit and contribute to GNOME without using the desktop environment as a whole. I'd like to see developers who make sure their software works properly and cleanly without the GNOME daemons running or installed, and I'd like to see libraries that do one consistent task and build on other libraries to do so, instead of placing desktop-environment functionality into a user-interface toolkit. I work on several projects using parts of the GNOME stack (e.g. dbus, GTK+, GdkPixbuf, GObject), and recognize the powerful features these libraries provide, and I hope that some of the recent trends in GNOME development do not make the programs I write into a desktop environment in of themselves. This does not help users which are not running GNOME, as that was their initial decision. The stack beneath the desktop itself should provide a basis on which the desktop may be implemented, but they shouldn't be a desktop environment themselves. It's both poor organization of code and poor support of various user needs.

1395: More configurability
New simplified mail and calendar application
Task dock visible outside of the activites overview

I like very much the ideas and style behind GNOME 3, especially the simplicity and the integration with the cloud. But I miss a lot in configurability, and we a new highly-integrated PIM suite.

1396: Continue with Gnome 2.x!
Give configuration-options for smaller displays.
Improve Evolutions IMAP- and SPAM-Filter-Abilities or replace it by e.g. Thunderbird

Discard 3.x and Continue the work on 2.x

1397: GNOME3.2 expanded upon the social media integration, specifically with Google accounts and Empathy. I understand the desire for distraction free computing, but I think that it could be confusing for some users to have these accounts hidden or backgrounded. I think perhaps empathy and evolution should be linked somewhere by actionable icons; either in the far-right user module on the shell (where you have your name, online accounts, system settings, etc), or perhaps with icons of their own. It seems weird to have to start empathy and evolution separately if they are already being monitored by gnome-shell.

I'm sure these are planned for future development, but:
1) Reach the level of preference and settings utilities as compared to GNOME2.32. I.e., login screen settings, theme/font settings. Some of these are addressed by gnome-tweak-tool; but it would be nice to have these as default GNOME3 apps.
2) Implement the official gnome-shell-user-extension website, these extensions need to be showcased for users who desire more customization with the desktop.

1398: 1. Would turn the message tray in a WebOS3-like menu that pops out of the top bar, which would make it easier to use and notifications harder to miss
2. Would make chats pinnable so that I can quickly talk to people I'm working with

Keep rocking!

1399: I would like email/IM notifications to remain at the bottom of my screen until I see them. I think it's weird that USB-drive plug-in notifications remain there until I dismiss them (I inserted the drive, so I am already aware that that happened), but that my email/IM notifications disappear quickly so I miss them if I'm not watching my monitor.

option to autohide the top bar when windows are maximized.

ability to pick windows in the overview with keyboard navigation.

I love Gnome 3.2, keep up the good work.

1400: GNOME 3 is great. Keep up the good work.

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