What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 2]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 30 October 2011. Page 3 of 10. 15 Comments

1201: Minimize/Maximize button
Way smaller window top bar

A video explaining basic window usage/workflow.

1202: add advanced settings gui
more complete file manager (more suited for professional use)

1203: do not hide configuration, expose all options to the GUI config tools

1204: - Give me back the Options (no, not only Gnome 2, also the ones from Gnome 1)
- Keep evolution stable
- Less clicks = more productivity

Turn away from windows. Its shitty, and you should stop copy that.

1205: 1) Menu activation slowdown - fix image caching and other stuff preventing menus from starting immediately;
2) Crash in gnome-shell must support "recovery mode" - possibility to restart it without logout, which could close all opened apps;
3) weather applet for gnome 3.2.

1206: Gnome-Shell design , lack of customizations

Don't want to be rude.
Just a hope that gnome team is still able to question their design decisions...and move accordingly.

1207: Go back to GNOME 2! GNOME 3 is a mess!

GNOME 3 is awful.

1208: 1) Listen to users
2) Listen to users
3) Listen to users

Redesign Gnome 3 using fallback mode as basis. 'Normal' Gnome 3 is unusable.

1209: Reduce the distance the mouse has to move to do some actions (switch workplaces)

1210: - Get rid of the bottom bar in Gnome Shell
- Make hot corners configurable (or at least add a switch to disable them)

1211: VERY important for me are these 2 points, because these are little functionalities but improve the turn-around-times tremendously:
1. In Nautilus I wish the Folder-Up-Button back.
2. In Nautilus I wish an option to display on the side the folder-tree AND the available Devices/Partitions. As alternative a FAST switch between folder-tree and Devices/Partitions (like the 2 Buttons on the lower sidepane in PCMan http://pcmanfm.sourceforge.net/intro.html)

These points are on lower priority but a nice to haves:
3. Panels should be addable to the desktop so I can add short-links from most used programs or temporarly lay down documents which need to work on in the near future.
(4. Widgets on desktop)
(5. The menu in gnome 2.x allows me to view the installed GUI-programs. So when I search a video-editing-program or burning-tool I search the menu and found that. Now in gnome 3.x my wife asked what is the name of a program for a specific task or how can she search for, without knowing the program name. So configurable program groups could help in this situation.)
(6. Shutdown Computer should be an option without a key in Menu (now is only with ALT-Key possible -> needs 2 Hands).)

The gnome 2.x versions are perfect for me. And every little shortcomming you removed from release to release.
The new gnome 3.x GUI is a very attractive new way for desktop. But in the end many steps to do a specific task is like the old ways, but represented in a new attratcive GUI. I can do all the things which I need now in gnome 3.x. But for SHORT turn-around times I wish the points from 22. to be realized. I'm a programmer and work many hours a day with the computer. So short turn-around times are very important for me. I like gnome 3.x.

1212: Support GNOME 2.x
Support GNOME 2.x
Support GNOME 2.x

Drop GNOME Shell

1213: back to gnome 2 desktop

1214: Support gnome2 FFS.
Gnome 3 broke everything.


Support gnome2 FFS.
Gnome 3 broke everything.


1215: 1. Revert back to gnome2
2. See 1
3. See 1

Thanks for screwing up my desktop.

1216: Alt-tab behavior, default colora, remove accesibility button from top

I like the idea of guided by design but you need to hear your user base more often. Much of your dictatorial decisions goes against of the spirit of free software, where part of its openess is that you can use the software in different ways than it was originally conceived. Make things more configurable, expose a lot of gsettings

1217: Destroy X by fire

1218: return the taskbar
integrate a working dock
make it customizable angain

1219: The customisation window available in GNOME 2 feels sorely missed in GNOME 3; the ability to change GTK and icons themes felt integral to the GNOME experience was a major draw to the DE. I also hope that the capability to change the colour schemes of themes will also return.

The new notification area is a huge improvement however it can be tedious to clear when there are many notifications, a context menu item to clear all of the notifications would remedy this.

The GNOME tweak tool seems like a half baked stopgap to please power users however many of these items feel like they should be integrated into the new GNOME Control Centre. This feeling is further exaggerated by the absence of this tool in a default installation. On a related note some settings are only accessible through the use of the gconf/dconf-editor. I'm scared that GNOME will fall down the same slippery slope as Windows with hiding "Advanced Settings" in a registry rather than making it part of the otherwise unified Control Centre.

1220: remove gnome shell and add unity as default shell. Way better usability and looks better.

Thanks for all your effort over the years. Over all the gnome environment is just amazing (except gnome shell.)

1221: Copy and paste with CTRL keys.

Changes are welcome - you rock! I want to live on and not wait and sit in my same old gold fish bowl year after year :)

1222: CardDav Support for the new Contacs app

CardDav Support for the new Contacs app

1223: - shutdown with ALT ... Windows Vista tried to enforce standby years ago and many users, including me, complained. Why did gnome the same mistake?
- Desktop Wallpaper slideshow: It's possible if you read long enough, create a XML-file and muck with dconf-editor to install it as background. Why not make it easily configurable? And correct the memory-usage Bug, gnome-shell seems to grow with each new picture in the shown in the slideshow.
- Make more things configurable, I need to change the Lid-close action often.
- Correct all the memory usage bugs, my gnome-settings-daemon uses after 2 hours uptime about 200MB RSS, gnome-shell 260MB RSS (see above)

hear the voices of the community. Most new users get to know gnome and linux by other long time linux users, and many of this long time users are upset!

1224: Toss version 3.x and go back to the 2.x series.

There's a difference between touchscreen devices (phones and tablets) and desktop/laptops. Quit trying to make one interface for all devices.

1225: 1. notifications will be always visible
2. persistent dock

1226: Performance on a netbook

Work on a more beautifull default theme

1227: - switch back to 2.x - like desktop or at least an option to do so
- more configa
- in general more flexibility

1228: * Gnome needs to respond to feedback better and collaborate with other free software efforts. e.g. Ubuntu notify vs. Gnome notify, amd catalyst driver is broken in mutter
* Gnome-shell should have been offered as an option not forced as a default - it's not ready and does not have broad enough appeal.
* Stop targetting the mythical grandma user. Your audience is people who use computers. My non-techy mum was very happy using Gnome 2 - she picked it up easily. Why? Familiarity - it was like things she'd used before. Stop trying to target a mythical user who has never used computers. Target a spectrum of consumers-prosumers-techies. Babies learn english by hearing it - not by parents speaking baby language. Be consistent, and never do the unexpected, and users will learn quickly.

The Good: Gnome shell looks very good, and GTK3 and Mutter is working very smoothly. It seems totally glitch free on my system.

The Bad: In the search for simplicity simple tasks have been made unnecessarily hard.

On Gnome Shell, I agree gnome panels were showing their age, and I'm one of the few people that thinks the gnome shell looks slick. However, choosing applications is much harder from a flat list + search than it was from the former tidy menu. Gnome shell is not ready for people who need a stable system - I liken it the more experimental DEs. Gnome team have played the situation really badly forcing the community to choose their way or the highway.

Change can be good, but not when it's change for the worse. Many people have produced coherent critiques of the problems with the new desktop, but I haven't seen the Gnome team listen to feedback much lately.

1229: 1) Semplification of the Gnome-Shell Extension management, avoiding to have extensions installed in multiple ways (repositories, git+shell, tarball) and freeze of the framework, in order to stop the need of continuative changes to the extensions themselves in order to have them running in ``GNOME 3.x.y.z but only on friday'' and things like that...

2) Dropping for good gconf and completely switch to dconf, transition phases often cause unnecessary pain to the developer and the user;

3) Allowing serious user customisation à la GNOME2, but with more organization; using and improving GNOME Tweak Tool is a great way to do it, in my opinion.

Keep up the good work!


1230: 1. configurability, I want more thing configurable in my Gnome3
2. performance: it takes ages to search for an application, sometimes it takes really too much to switch between a window and another (moving the mouse in the upper left)
3. gnome-shell: ok, it's good looking, the idea is cool.. but it's too difficult to select what you need, when you have more then 6 window open in the same workspace you can't easily see the window you need at a glance (they are too little) and zooming them doesn't help since you have to separately zoom each window...

Keep supporting Metacity and leave the user EASILY choose if they want to use metacity or gnome-shell.
DO NOT remove options, it's ok to hide them but user don't like to see them removed!
ALT modifier to shutdown? You kidding? How is a not expert user (your targed) supposed to know it?

Please, next time you choose to make a big switch like this make sure you'll do it with a continual community feedback.

1231: better custimization, better ui for evolution an/or seperate its parts

1232: less space around user interface elements and window chrome (especially in Gnome 3.x).
offer more configuration options.
performance, performance, performance.

1233: I like the direction of its development already. I'd only love to have a real version of Adwaita for GTK2 until apps like darktable, GIMP and Inkscape move to GTK3.

Keep working and don't mind the retards who'd rather make an insulting assumption than sit and think for one minute.

1234: 1. I would like to see an easy way to use themes, plugins, extension and so on.

2. Nautiulus: better handling with Copying, Moving, Deleting, Search (files, folders, documents,...) -> Zeitgeist, Indexing? Trackersearch?

3. Better Power Managment

1. First, thank you all. :)

2. Stay on this path, but be ready for some corrections and flexibility (community, extensions,...).

1235: Dash, Dock and Nautilus

You can sometimes look on users mockups

1236: 1. Add support for GNOME-panel to GNOME 3, I don't want to upgrade to GNOME 3 and have to relearn every single UI paradigm.

2. Improve fallback support to 2D rendering (more a Compiz problem than GNOME, but its usually enabled by default).

1237: Keyboard shortcuts shown in menus. (not yet using gnome3)
EFFICIENT SYSTEM MONITOR, that would not use 30% CPU.

KDE team are not your competition but colleges from similar project! Communicate with them, share with them... they have some really nice ideas

1238: KEEP. A. REAL. DESKTOP. INTERFACE. PLEASE!!!! Either trash Gnome Shell, OR at least maintain the real desktop.

Fix issues in the panels where shortcut locations and panel applets get all confuzzled.

Refer to first point ^^

I have tried Gnome Shell. I tried to give it a chance. I couldn't stand it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't throw away a great interface! It's what has kept me with GNOME all these years, and I don't want to have to switch.

1239: The Activities menu and the workspaces are two far from one another. Also the program launcher is horrible. I don't always want to use my keyboard to do everything.

Otherwise gnome-shell is a decent desktop. Although I have combined it with avant window navigator and do not use the Activities or Workspace switcher

1. Be able to disable the activies menu, due to awn I don't need it
2. Fix the notification panel, it seems to be in the way alot
3. Bring back the weather and timezone panels, they are sorely needed

1240: POWER OFF button easy to find, without the "press ALT" thing.
An quick slideshow or somthing similar that shows you how to play with gnome, for a newbie.
I don't like the idea that I have to install another software in order to customize thing, that should be built in (I'm using ubuntu 11.10)

I tryied Gnome 3 being unsatisfied with Unity, and immediately "felt at home". You guys are great. Your DM just need to be a bit easier for people that aren't power users: yesterday night my wife asked me "how am I supposed to switch off the computer". That kind of things must be fixed :)

1241: it is broken, fix it

drop the God complex, actually that fits for XORG guys too

1242: Integrate Tracker with Gnome Shell

Push Evolution

Make Multitouch work

I love Gnome 3.x and the Gnome-Shell UX!

1243: Gnome 3 is really bad IMO.
They should go back to simple and efficient stuff as they had in GNOME 2.

1244: Тhere is a memory leak in gnome-shell that has to be fixed. Nothing else.

GNOME 3 is the best desktop ever, Is simply sophisticated from every perspective. I am waiting for the day when Windows and Apple will come up with the same design, so I can laugh out loud. Keep good work!

1245: give us back a shutdown / restart option.

A Laptop (with working suspend / resume) user suspends by closing the lid. The change to only show suspend in the user menu was unnecessary and a hassle for the rare occasion you want to shutdown, or god forbid you are a dual-booter.

After 7 months of this crap, I have yet to see a sane explanation for this change.

1246: - applications more integrated in the interface
- configurability(i sometimes want it to stop doing things automatically)
- more artwork(its basically ugly, even if its not trying to be a minimal DE)

I'm not using gnome3(i'm using Unity for now, and like it), but Unity does a risky thing departing from the standard desktop experience to new ground. On the desktop i've already switched to kde, as gnome simply sucks. Its not lettimg me do enough, but it cant be left alone to do things on his own either.
Gnome is nice as a middle DE, not full with effects, but not minimal either. Its losing that aspect now and entering the high-end battle, leaving an open niche for "mostly minimal desktops".
Why not improve on what you already have? Add application shortcuts, add some facilities to monitor the system, add more eye-candy.

1247: control + page up/down to control (+ shift) + tab, as it's more accesible, especially on notebooks or maybe a possibility in the options for changing it.

Better single user system handling. You don't need the overhead of gdm for single user systems. (auto-login to locked screen)

The pre-installed user icons shouldn't look like copied from windows xp

1248: Make Gnome 3.x as flexible operationally as Gnome 2.x

Wake-up. before it's too late. Many people moving to Mint to escape Gnome 3.x and Unity.

1249: shutdown option in the status menu
meta-x shortcuts for applications in the doc (like unity)
remove the titlebar for maximized windows

GNOME3 is a great product but still fairly young. Please continue the inspired work and listen to widespread calls for little tweaks here and there to make it rock even more ;-)
Thanks for all the fish!

1250: 1. Reintroduce hierarchical application launcher
2. Reintroduce grid workspace view like former Gnome 3 versions
3. Take all decision power from the current team and give it to someone who makes more sane decisions.

Dumbing Gnome down is fine as long as there is a way for advanced users to get to their advanced stuff.
Gnome 3 is in a nutshell a good start but it lacks a lot of stuff. And the team is constantly creating regressions.
They should just start to concentrate more on the users and their needs (or at least REALLY good argument, why they don't).

1251: Why everything is so big in GNOME 3? I have an 20" display, and graphical elements (tabs, buttons, etc.) are enormous, but on the text in them? Why?

1252: More configurable. Saner defaults. Not being a nanny of the stupidest user on earth.

1253: 1. return the gnome panel with menu and applets
2. easier way to revert bad usability decisions
3. change the developer's "we-know-better-than-users" attitude, simply because they don't (unlike for example apple's devs who do)

Stop forcing users to ride this "gnome 3" dead horse. Look at Apple's desktop and realize they've almost been there in gnome 2.x, which was a mature desktop easily understandable for even my grandparents (together with Compiz we even had unbeatable eye-candy).

1254: 1. Stick with GNOME 2.x.
2. Enhance the file manager (see Nautilus Elementary).
3. Keep configurability available to users.

I've used several DE (XFCE, LXDE) until I found GNOME 2. It gave me the tools I need to use, well integrated and lets me work without getting in my way. I've tried GNOME 3 and Unity but I find it completely unusable for daily tasks (Eric Raymond recent rant nails it).

1255: - move the application bar from the top to the bottom or make it like a dock bar

not for now

1256: * Make the things easier to find, do not take what he thinks is right for me.
* Ubuntu indicators on GNOME Shell
* Love for Nautilus, better left sidebar and more responsivity on folder opening.

Less authoritarian and more humble.

1257: 1.) Gnome3 wastes more space than a pig in a bathtub. Let users decide how to organize their desktop. Let users customize. Your consistency is my inefficiency. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you're as smart as your user base.

2.) What's with the Tablet/Touchscreen/Icon UI? Gnome3 & Unity devs have their keyboards where they don't belong. This has to be one of the most assinine "innovations" since scented toilet paper. You folks might swallow your narcissism and arrogance just long enough to give the rest of us a text menu.

3.) Learn from Netflix. If your ideas suck, stop investing time in them.

1.) Stop assuming you're smarter than your user base.
2.) If an OS can't reflect my preferences, then it's ineffective, inefficient, not my OS, not one I' going to use.
3.) The very fact that you weren't interested in this survey -- well, hell, you might as well just give us all the finger.

I presently use XFCE, KDE, Gnome2.

1258: gnome shell = total shit, remove it
i want my panels back

improved gnome 2

stop trying to convert tablet users, my desktop is a desktop not a m.fing. ipad

1259: Gnome 3.2 is a great product. Congratulations !

1260: Return to Gnome2 / Improvement of Gnome3 Fallback to behave the same way as Gnome2

Please improve the gnome 3 fallback mode to be like Gnome 2. There are many people who don't want the change of Gnome3.

1261: - do not encourage javascript projects
- a modern toolkit, animation, dom..
- keep portability and stability in mind

1262: Ability to easily add/remove/arrange items in application list (make Alacarte obsolete)

More themes, including animated themes

Voice control

1263: More focus on non GNU/Linux operating systems in the future.

Increased collaboration with KDE through FreeDesktop -- if we decide to do something different, it should be discussed with KDE community members as well, and a compromise might be reached, or KDE like our way better than theirs (or vice versa!).

Move from a set release cycle to a release cycle of stable and complete software. It's better to provide stable software than it is to hit a 6 month release cycle. Those users who care about having the latest software have enough incentive to compile it themselves, or use their distribution's unstable branch/tree/package.

1264: Switch back to 2.x style of work

You lost me and it will be hard to get me back. :(

1265: No option to change behavior when closing laptop's lid, this is a must (I use my laptop as a desktop and I download torrents a lot so I need a way to only shut down screen, not put my system on sleep).

Listen to your users.

1266: Add a window list to the panels again

1267: Bring Gnome panel back simple

1268: 1. Add more configuration options.
2. Make startup faster.
3. Add more configuration options.

Try to engage more with your community, more polls/surveys. Try to strike a better balance between computing for five year olds and computing for adults, but all in all I think you're actually doing alright. If you hack Gnome3 around a bit and ignore a few bugs/limitations it's A-OK!

1269: No one I know personally likes GNOME 3 or Unity better than GNOME 2. The default gnome-shell theme is ridiculous and the new UI elements are unnecessary. I have tried to customize keybindings to make the experience more traditional, but the GNOME 3 user next to me has cursed every time he tries to switch windows since Fedora 15 came out.

It's fine to pay attention to what you want, but also pay attention to your users. I believe you're smart enough to do both.

1270: please give us back application menu

1271: 3.x should achieve parity in functionality with gnome 2.x, so that I can switch to it

Do not release major new versions, before they contain at least the same functionality and allow for the same customizability as the previous version

1272: 1) Roll back to a Gnome2-like interface.

2) Possibility to chose the desktop integrated mail client and calendar client that manages gnome's calendar. Evolution is waaaaaaaaaaaaay far from being perfect, hangs a lot, and is not as light as other clients.

3) Gnome should not try to impose over its community the looks of its desktop, it should be more customizable, less "shelly", etc

Please forget about Shell, or at least do a traditional, working, light, functional, customaziable, different app compatible desktop.

You are going in the wrong direction, Gnome2 was neat, light, app-rich, themable, etc

Shell is slow, unthemable, scares the traditional desktop users, seems to work properly only on a narrow array of apps, too much dependent on hardware support, etc

Gnome3 without shell is ugly, unresponsive, has all the same problems of Shell plus the fact it just feels like a broken Shell interface, it is just awful!

1273: 1. Fix NetworkManager (it's incredibly flakey).
2. Do some actual user testing.
3. Stop removing features people use/stop being insane.

What's happened? Gnome used to be pretty cool and obvious how to do things, and now it's gone entirely mental. Perhaps it's time to have some proper user testing of all the wacky desktop ideas which are just getting shoehorned into gnome!

1274: Fix bugs (lock ups, rendering issues, etc), make configuration options more accessible (including those that are available but are not in easy to find, or intuitive, locations), more toys.

Keep it up! Gnome 3 is a great release, and a great foundation. I use both gnome 2 and gnome 3 on a daily basis, (gnome 2 on systems that I admin because 3 is not yet stable) one thing that I have noticed is that I feel sluggish and awkward whenever I have to use the gnome 2 desktop now, I just can't want to use it any more. I can't wait to see what's next.

1275: i'd like very much gnome 2, not at (almost) all the version 3.
cool ideas, but poorly implemented and too much pushed over the horizon, difficult for new and old users

i like very much the attitide to make thing works good, with less capabilities, but very good.
it really upset the end users, to change things under they feet

this survey, too, is too vague, it doesn't ask pratically anything relevant

1276: I think you a re doing a good job

thanks for the outstanding new deatures in gnome 3 there is a lot of pissing and moaning going on, but they will get over it or do something else. took a lot of balls to do gnome 3

1277: Better multiple monitor support. I'm using the setup from:


Its okay, but I do not like that all windows on one monitor appear in the 'expose' display, instead of just windows from that display on that workspace.

Get rid of Evolution, or at least the dependency on Evolution for calendar support.

Speed up Nautilus, or make it 'lighter weight'.

Don't take the hate personally. Once I got used to it, I'm definitely more efficient with Gnome 3 than I was with Gnome 2.X.

1278: More configuration
Option for configurable top/bottom/side panels
Re-add features such as the ability to add additional timezones to the date/clock.
Ability to snap/pin icons on the toolbar.
Too many other things to list....

Get artists and people that can create beautiful themes involved ...

First impressions count. Give the users a visual feast and you may find the user and contribution base grow.

1279: Make it more straightforward to open new windows of the same application on the gnome shell -> writing "terminal" on the dash should open a new window instead of recalling an old one. I have alt+tab for that.

Make the notifications more intrusive. I miss most of them and people get angry at me 'cause I let them talking to themselves on instant messaging.

Easier theming.

I guess this is old news but: please listen to your users. I understand your problem: people are resistant to change, but to innovate, change is needed. The point is: make it easier to change. Make the changes incremental, support old software longer, give options to the user to ressemble their old desktops, research which kind of customization they do to their environments and give the option for them to do the same.

1280: - The way gnome-shell handles multi-screen is strange. Only one of the screens benefit from virtual workspaces.
- For some apps (e.g., terminal) opening just a window has a huge downside to productivity. Plus, navigation between several windows of the same app forces me to: slowdown because of the way ALT+TAB works or use the mouse to get to overview of opened windows.
- Navigation in the apps list only accept the up/down directional keys. This conflicts with the visual mapping of the icons on screen: if i want to go to the right icon, i should use the right directional key. Plus, there is no way to use the keyboard to navigate the open windows.

I like the simplicity and productivity mindset that you used to create gnome-shell. Yet, you seem to have forgotten the power users, not those who want 1K options to choose from but those who *primarly* use keyboard for everythings. How Gnome-shell is ATM forces the use of the mouse for trivial tasks.
Please keep things simple but also make sure that it is also simple for several use cases (novice or tech-savy alike).

1281: - bring back the original the desktop experience

I would use the same Desktop we all know and love, but using GTK 3, maybe fork Gnome2, and re-implement it using GTK3.

1282: - bring back the original the desktop experience

I would use the same Desktop we all know and love, but using GTK 3, maybe fork Gnome2, and re-implement it using GTK3.

1283: Remove the shell from the desktop. It makes me feel like I'm a small child and have to be told the proper way to do things. GTF out of my way and let me use the computer. Mutter is all good and great for those who like it, but compiz (non-ubuntu hax0red version) is also a great window manager. Requiring a specific window manager to truly use a desktop environment is maddening.

Make the "fallback" non-shell version of GNOME more than just an afterthought. Not everything thinks Mutter is good as a window manager.

1284: More plugin for epiphany ( like no script, and https everywhere )
Better handling of multi user chat in empathy
More integration

Keep doing a good job

1285: Multi display setups should have more flexibility and less policy.

Make things more obvious, never before have i had to resort to reading the "manual" to find out how to do things. I thought you people where into usability. So far G3 has been a big threshold to get by, and i really wanted to like the thing.

Documentation, its obvious that it's needed. (This could perhaps be some collisions with ubuntu but many keyboard shortcuts, as noted in the documentation, seems none functional here)

The Gnome3 _sucks_ at multidisplay setups. Please give users the possibility to combine all screens to a single workspace!

The assumption that any none primary display is a standalone display such as a projector is deeply flawed.

1286: Make it less buggy.
Make it use less resources KDE4.7.2 uses alot less.
Stop being fools and cooperate more with kde and stop reinventing everything again as always thats already done in other desktops only to make it an gnome standard that everyone should adopt.

Stop being fools and cooperate more with kde and stop reinventing everything again as always thats already done in other desktops only to make it an gnome standard that everyone should adopt.
Gnome is the buggiest DE around and it crashes and is full with bugs and you treat your users like idiots, if you make an DE for idiots then only idiots will use it.
Kde uses alot less memory and cpu and is stable so i will switch to it, thanks for making my choice so easy.
And gconf is horrible and i feel that it shouldn't be like that in 2011.
Get your heads out of your ass and listen more to your users or there won't be anyone left.
I remember when gnome wasn't usable and buggy but that did get sorted out eventually and now you put it back to that unusable state.
You lost me for kde and i used to be a big fan.
But kde isn't perfect you still need to turn off "the evil triplets" on slower boxes.

1287: 1. Make it a desktop, for a desktop or laptop computer. Not a touch screen.
2. Performance improvment. I want to work, not look at pretty effects.
3. make it much easier to configure gnome the way I want to use it.

Keep new gnome to attract new user. and 2.x for those that like choice.

1288: - Make Gnome Online Accounts pluggable so we can have more third-party development of services that work with it. It's currently a ridiculous portal to Google only, while I have to enter all my other account information somewhere else. Not elegant.

- Rethink multi-monitor strategy - currently virtual desktops only work on the first monitor, which isn't ideal

- Make the space next to the Activities button/hotspot more useful - currently it doesn't seem to do anything but show the current open app and allow you to quit it - seems redundant to me.

Keep up the good Gnome 3 work - though maybe next time keep the old branch going (just for bugfixes) until migration concerns are ironed out ;)

1289: Switch back to GNOME 2 (where Compiz can be used)

Just keep it really simple and don't fix what is not broken.

1290: Restore rightclick option menus, alt-rightclick just obfuscates basic functionality.
Provide a standard application menu and dock.
Restore standard window switching behaviour of alt-tab. Per application window switching just complicates a simple workflow.

Gnome 3 changes too much. The changes do not provide a well tested incrementally improved user interface. It throws away the many small user interface features that help me work efficiently.

1291: GNOME Shell
Task Bar
Notification Icons

Change GNOME Shell. Make something similar to GNOME 2.x. A lot of people would be happier if you do that.

1292: I would recommend to partially to Gnome2.x interface to increase usability. Gnome3 has some interesting points, but it is not actually user friendly. Unity is more friendlly, but I don't like it for desktop/laptop usage, while it works for netbooks incredibly well.

Keep up the good work, but listen to the community more.

1293: fix bugs instead of adding insane stuff

1294: please add a simple yet complete configuration GUI to gconf/dconf - no one should be be ever forced to edit files to change their icon theme... by gods - it's the XXI century people! a little bit more general configurability (ie. changing the position of the panels) would be nice also and if not lower the amount of stuff floating around the screen - like the pop-ups, notifications etc.

don't release if it's not done (missing essential functionality) - put non computer science people/people from the GNOME project/non linux people in front of your work - let them play around and ask them what they like/dislike - then make the according changes - maybe it wont be something you like but something they can use

1295: 1. (re-)allow configuration
2. return some kind of task bar
3. make the fallback mode more similar to the accelerated mode (i.e. task launcher)

1296: Drop mono
Return to gnome 2 or build a gnome desktop from kde tech
Evolve not revolve

GTK was created as a free toolkit, gnome as the first free desktop, now we have tainted this freedom using mono and having a powerfull toolkit like qt there is no need to maintain gtk for other than backwards compatibility, writing a new gtk and left your userbase behind is just wrong. Please consider to merge with qt&kde devs, port the old software to the new framework and make the classic desktops and if you want the new one with plasma.

1297: - More customisability by allowing tweaking dconf.

Please stop considering users being idiots.

1298: stop the tablet/phone wanna-be insanity..

listen to users...

1299: desktop switching
more options to customize gnome.
i would rather see system tray in the top panel than hidden on the bottom.

If you want to use gnome-shell on desktop or standard laptop with no touchscreen it is complete pain in the ass. just simple desktop switching is procedure now. you have to go all the way to the top left then to the right across the whole screen just to switch to another desktop. also you have fast launcher hidden(dock on the left) in the activities screen Why?! System tray: this is most ridiculous thing of all I think. You basicly separated it into two places I have useless crap like accessibility and bluetooth still visible on the top, but when I try to display clementine player window or see new messages in pidgin I have to go to the bottom and reveal another panel. I never seen any DE separating notification area into two places. Its totally confusing and illogical.

1300: Don't know

Good job!

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