What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 9 of 10. 45 Comments

801: I'm skeptical about adopting GNOME 3.x until I work out a way to integrate my tiling window manager. I love them... and I like a lot of the direction of GNOME 3.x, but I don't want to give up the TWM.

Perhaps related to 22: make fallback mode better. Is it true that the fallback mode config is a binary blob? Don't do that.

Re: laptop lid. I know that GNOME won't suspend if an external display is engaged; if people knew that, they might not complain about the lack of the option to control this behavior. I think the lesson here may be communication.

GNOME is a champ. I try KDE every so often, but I'm always heading back to GNOME. Users love to gripe that you guys remove features, but the KDE kulture tries to push so many features into everything, I find it much less usable. Keep up the good work.

802: Move back toward GNOME 2.
Stop trying to emulate Apple.
Listen to your users: when you fail usability tests, you change your design.

I appreciate your effort, but now I have moved on to KDE, only using GNOME for development testing purposes. That is, making sure code runs on a GNOME-based system.

803: Built in tiling wm
Better multiscreen support (notification bar is in the way)
Same panel customization option as gnome 2

Gnome 3 was a downgrade in usability IMO. it seems overworked and trying to be a copy of OSX.

804: 1. More settings to tweak using GUI tools and not gconf-editor regedit-like approach.
2. Gnome 2.x GUI in 3.x.
3. No more backwards-incompatible changes which reduce available functionality (like it was with GDM rewrite).

805: Option for placement of Activities hotspot.
Better power management options to stop display sleeping.
Better power management to use Hibernation always instead of suspension.

More options/settings.

806: all apps in openfile should have access to the bookmarks or .gvfs should be visible (smb, sftp etc), big and ugly buttons, set one view in all sub-folders if i set "list" view all sub folders of this folder also should have this kind of view.

Great work! Thank you for your work!

807: Better/more stable sound theme customization, better embedded video playback, easier automounting of secondary hard drives.

You have my most sincere gratitude for your tireless efforts in the evolution of Linux.

808: Go back to gnome 2, Gnome 3 is a mess, or provide a Power User extension pack which makes gnome 3 more gnome 2-esque.

Go back to gnome 2, Gnome 3 is a mess, or provide a Power User extension pack which makes gnome 3 more gnome 2-esque.

809: * Faster login time

* More considered architectural decisions (Gnome seems to love creating *Kits, -daemons etc)

* More config as text in .config (lose gconf and gsettings)

810: - more configuration options w/o using g/dconf-editor etc.
- easy accessible and findable help / short cut docu
- optimize for mouse movement.

Why are there pages like https://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell/CheatSheet ?
These things should be one click away from the desktop and not a few google searches, hits and misses later on your browser.

811: -put somewhere a list of all open applications
-Not having a "minimize" button is too disturbing
-Your theme is nice but still need a lot of improvement

812: The application menu can be a bit difficult to modify. Encountered bugs with GVFS.

813: keep the top menu bar like gnome 2

814: 1. Easier configuration (like in KDE, settings for everything)
2. Better organization of windows (like Compiz Grid plugin)
3. Changing some of the default applications:
Include a "drop-down" terminal by default.
Include GNOME Activity Journal by default.
Try to use some more lightweight applications (looking at you Evolution) by default.

(NOTE: I have not used GNOME 3)

Thanks for everything. Love you! <3

815: not sure.

816: More configuration options in Gnome 3. Gnome 3 needs to be feature compatible with what we had in Gnome 2.

You need to do more feedback surveys and listen to the changes people would like to see in Gnome 3 and take them as the constructive criticism they are.

817: I will replace the U.I. from Gnome 3.x by an U.I. using Compiz + AWN.
I replace the Mono applications by a c/c++/python or anything else application, Mono applications are slow and memory hungry.
I will add some more features and configuration to gnome applications, like fileroller compression level GUI.

Add features and customization to gnome, the minimum is good, but nobody is happy with the minimum.

818: User interface (windows, buttons, icons, etc.) should be smaller like in KDE or Windows.

819: I dont know :) maybe icons and some things that was in erlier versions of gnome like weather etc

I like the way you do the things but you should listen to the people what they want...

820: 1. Keep the REAL classic Desktop in 3.x

2. discard ghtumb versions >2.10.11; 2.10.11 was the best, i found no other program on linux which has all the features (custom commands on hotkeys) and ease of use

3. implement drag&drop and a proper context menu in the "main menu" (not menu bar)

gnome 2.x is really cool
i might have to convince myself to try Unity and/or the Gnome Shell :\

thank you for your work!

821: Gnome 3
1. One click shutdown option
2. When you click the applications tab, it would faster and more productive to move your mouse straight down from the "Windows / Applications" tabs to select the application category desired.
3. That's all that hits me

Keep up the great work.

822: - Shutdown in menu without the need to press shift
- When using alt+tab with many open windows they should be presented in more than one row
- the exposè-like effect is useless when you have a lot of similarly looking windows, e.g., matlab + editor + pdf viewer + browser + other things with a white background. I think that simply placing the icon of the apps on the miniatures will be a HUGE improvement

I kinda miss the minimize button. I do not miss the taskbar, only the minimize button. There are some cases when you need to hide what you are doing (e.g., reading personal e-mails and someone approaches). I know this can be done using alt+tab, but I think that a "send-to-back" button would be nice to have.
Also I think that the community should be more open to criticism (e.g., the shutdown thing.)
On GNOME2 I sometimes had to tweak gnome settings via gconf. I do not remember what was the issue but finding documentation was quite hard.
I like not to have icons on the desktop (this forces me to organize my files better), however it just seems a lot of unused space. I personally hate widgets, pasmoids and so on, but maybe something like "recently used" or "most used" things would be nice to have. Further more, this can be context-related and present applications and files that are correlate with the applications you are running.

However you really did a great work!

823: listen to your Users, don't assume thing we might do or not.

824: Revert to Gnome2-panel
Revert to Gnome2-panel
Revert to Gnome2-panel
No, gnome3-fallback is not the equivalent.

Stop turning the UI into tablet-only interface.
Hildon does a better job on a tablet than gnome-shell does by far.
gnome-shell is the Vista of UI, that is to say, too convoluted and bad default settings that can only be changed in a "registry editor" (dconf)

825: I'd stick to 2.x version.

Overall, great job, but I am not so keen to switch version 3.x.Thanks!

826: 1) the way it displays icon in the gnome-shell dock for running applications: it seems to not follow child processus of the .desktop shortcut and display the generic icon of the program rather than the .desktop one.
2) Add blur effect in mutter.
3) Add better customization interface and support (other than gnome-tweaks)

I realy enjoy the gnome experience. But gnome 3 realy seems to be featureless than Gnome 2 was. I hope that will change in the near future. Keep up the good work guys. Cheers.

827: I think it's to integrated with its default set of programs Rhythmbox or Empathy for example, and when I want to change those defaults, the integration is not so seamless has I would like it to be.

Try to make it a little bit lightweight, it's getting to heavy for net-books.

828: 1) Remove all traces of GNOME 3
2) Remove any programmer who thought GNOME 3 was a good idea
3) Continue making GNOME 2 the best available computing environment in existence.

I am very sorry that I do not like GNOME 3 at all. I understand the need to create new things and develop fun new features and code, but why did you have to destroy everything that GNOME was? I never would have believed GNOME would do this, especially after what happened with KDE 4. I have used GNU/Linux exclusively since 1994 and am fearful of what I will have to use in the future. I hope more people contribute to the GNOME 2 fork called Mate. I would if I had more time, but when I am not working (I'm at work right now too), I have a wife and kids and other responsibilities. If I could get a day job where I could contribute to something like Mate, I would, but my specialties are more on the server-side of things, not desktop. Sorry.

829: Fix the Evolution + Exchange interface
Stop this silly idea of change for changes sake (aka gnome v3).
Have compiz (or equivalent) built in by default.

If it ain't broke, don't fix. I am not a fan of Gnome 3 :-(

830: Icon sizes are too big
Removing menue bar alltogether
Moving close button to left side

Memory usage are too much
Performance can be improved
Font rendering can be improved

831: More quick-acces items centered within mouse-reach (hot corner...).
Usage of all three mouse buttons.
More tweakability.

You are doing an excellent job! GNOME 3 looks awesome, but it still has quite a way to perfect.

832: GTK+, Usability, General look and feel

833: - Network Manager support for bridging and bonding

834: Quality assurance. In recent years (since 3.0 GNOME probably), I've encountered so many bugs and unfinished stuff that I've not been able to use the thing, despite liking the concept and being tolerant to usability regressions regarding my customs. (Ranging from dual monitor not working through corrupted gsettings database to little annoyances such as not being able to close the Firefox about box).

Speed. The desktop grew way too big, the startup times on systems with rotating media are beyond ridiculous. (That said, things seem to have improved with GNOME 3.x, apart from that it still takes ages for GDM to load).

Virtual desktops. This is about the only usability regression that really bothers me. I used think of my desktops as of 4x2 table, dedicating the upper row to my usual activities (mail, terminal, browser and im or music), while dedicating the bottom row to temporary activities (launching gimp to replace head of a rhinoceros with Richard Stallman's). Now it can't be two-dimensional and empty desktops disappear.

Keep the good work! I'm really impressed with all the work you've done and it made life easier for me. Recent developments (be it Unity, which I'd be using were it available for my distribution or GNOME Shell) show a lot of promise to me.

835: gnome-terminal transparencies are as smooth as the same feature in XFCE, panel system in Gnome3 and gnome-shell seems to work slower than the setup I had in Gnome2.

The initial release of Gnome3 was handled very poorly. While my hardware always supported the requirements of Gnome3, I found the experience to be slower and clunkier than Gnome2 was for me (it may be because I was on Ubuntu and had to go through quite a bit of trouble to enable Shell and disable Unity). In instances where I clicked the icon or "activity" for the Terminal, I almost always had to wait 2-4 seconds longer than it took for the same application to open in Gnome2.

I am also not a fan of the way window placement works nor do I ever need or use the "Activities" manager or window or whatever it's called. Unlike many users, I never had an issue with window placement or finding the right window for my application. That being said, this is probably a great improvement for most users, and it doesn't affect my workflow the way I am sure most complain it does.

Unrelated to Gnome3, I have been unhappy with the switch of IM clients to Empathy for quite some time. While I am sure there are many great features in Empathy and the new framework, it is still missing crucial features that I rely upon in Pidgin (notably OTR support). What you gain in features like video chat, you have seemingly lost in support for plugins like OTR, which I believe is used pretty heavily among certain power users. I have read comments about relying on the IM protocol for encryption, but some protocols have poor built-in encryption and certain situations force one to use said protocol. OTR was a nice compromise between crappy protocol and pseudo-secure commuication, a compromise that is not supported in Empathy.

I have since switched to XFCE, since it was seemingly the fastest way to keep my workflow and not waste time learning a new system. I would like to take this opportunity to note that just because I am not a fan of the new Gnome, it does not mean the efforts of the team are unappreciated. I hope that the direction Gnome is moving in ends up being very successful and beneficial to the community.. I just won't be with you guys. Sorry.

836: More keyboard friendly
More integrated (it's making some progress though in the social media) but also weather, calendar, todo, bugtracking are crucial

keep it flowing - don't overregulate - it's ok to try out new things like this gnome3 even if there's lots of (or rather loud) negative reactions

837: An option to have tiling facilities

Keep up the good work ! :)

838: Make it snapier

839: Make it snapier

840: Easier use of plugins

841: 1 Innovation is good, but stop forcing crazy ideas on me (ref gnome-shell).

2 Respect the power users. Don't to tell me how to use my PC, but help me use my PC the way I want

3 Stop calling every option a bad option. Configurability is sometimes good. The good usability of compiz is a proof of that (it behaves the way _I_ want it to).

I love that the GNOME community do some innovation instead of simply copying GUI designs from existing OS's. My problem is that I can't stand people telling me "hey, I have just decided that you are going to completely change the way you interact with your PC". My reply then is simply: "No, you have not".

842: The new version (3.x) I think it sucks.

Yes...Please make the new GNOME (3.x) like the old one (2.x).

843: The evaluation process for new features.

844: Gnome 3 is worse than Gnome 2

845: Much, much more customization--e.g., location of docks, GUI customization of settings, etc. etc.

GNOME is great, and I like the minimalist aesthetic, but there needs to be much more customizability. One size does not fit all.

846: 1. Less candy
2. More professional look
3. Lasso selecting in nautilus (detail view mode)

I'd like GNOME to look something like windows 2000 was, not the colors or the graphics, but generally mor 'simple, lightweight and professional'. I would also like to have more tweaking options in some sort of control center.

847: I want a visual notation that more than one window is open, besides moving the mouse to the left top corner.

If the desktop isn't a viable storage place, nautilus shouldn't be able to save to it, or make a integrated desktop location for these files for easy use. Files can get lost if you save to that location and don't realize.

I want to turn of the screen saver but I cannot. this is dumb. My best option is one hour?

KISS cannot apply if you make things harder to accomplish.
Pidgin is still better than Empathy.

848: Gnome's own scrolldown terminal (like guake)

Split Evolution in separate components

849: I can't use gnome shell with my ati hd2900 pro graphic card. Catalyst are sluggish and open source gallium driver always has lookups.

Gnome shell seems sometimes to be not polished. For example, the new gdm in 3.2 look like a toy (to big, rude rounded corner,...). Details matters.

The default icon theme looks ugly and break the whole theme design.

850: 1.easier theme installation
2.allow more virtual desktops expanding horizontally
3.general performance improvements

851: 1. Fork gnome 2 because 3 is years away from being usable if it ever will.

2. Give control back to the users. Configuration options, are all that's required to solve most peoples irritations.

3. Do away with the autocratic usabilty teams and replace them with public debate and voting. Nothing gets in or is stripped out without a majority USER vote.

I once told my mother in law to "just install all updates". Unfortunately she did, she upgraded to Fedora 15 and absolutely hates it. She wants me to downgrade her machine back to Fedora 14 (GNOME 2). GNOME 3 is even too dumbed down for a 65 year old woman.

852: Make gstreamer more solid or replace it with vlc, mplayer, vorbis libraries (i mainly have sound quality problems with flac/mp3s and distros having poor default codec support)
Make liter weight terminal emulators and file managers (im using XFCE and LXDE ones)

Am waiting for improvements to Gnome3 before upgrade. Probably do it with openSUSE 12.1.
Keep going with gnome 3 i have confidence that you will get it back to gnome 2 useability with new interface.

853: - More customisation (at least less regression from Gnome 2)
- More open-minded (eg. Unity IS Gnome 3, Gnome is forking itself by refusing even the idea of Unity as "just an other shell for Gnome 3". I mean, even if you personally don't like it, what's the point of excluding it from the Gnome project?).
- Start doing some real usability testing (you could ask Canonical for sponsorship, I'm serious), you may discover that current Gnome designers should indeed listen Gnome users criticisms.

Forget about this Gnome OS thing. Gnome has to remain a platform of mutually integrated and NON-UNIQUE apps (not one media player, not one shell...). Let OS vendors cherry pick what they want. And allow this cherry picking to produce a consistent desktop without needing billions of patches. Please (re)make Gnome open.

854: Screensaver configuration.
Automatic matching of gtk2 & gtk3 themes, e.g. gtk2 adwaita has horrendous clearlooks style.
Provide standard work-around for any specific Linux dependency, so will work flawlessly on any BSD or Unix as well as Linux.

Make available demo videos of Gnome 3.x running on every device possible, especially tablets and laptops. Videos should show comprehensive examples of work-flows for common tasks, and how Gnome uses specific input devices such as track-pads of Macbook Pro/Air and similar specialised hardware. In short, that's a marketing push.

855: Nautilus: put multiple file operations from/to the same disk(s) into one cue and work on only one cue item simultaneously (avoid fragmentation and/or seektime for best performance)
Gnome-Shell: finish the idea of a mozilla like addon market for the gnome-shell experience soon (themes and functional extensions are important because Gnome 3 can never be completely perfect for everybody)
Gnome-Shell: finish Zeitgeist

856: - Better multi-monitor support (hideous confusing top bar on second monitor, fully respect primary monitor no matter which monitor set-up)
- Remove the redundant Universal Access icon in the top-right panel
- Create a visual and usability correct way to minimize/hide applications/windows.
- Create a way to know and see what actually happens when closing applications. E.g. close empathy now and it will keep running in the background without you knowing it. There is no indication in the activity view that it is still running. Suppose you want to hide Empathy but want to make sure it is still running to allow you to receive messages. There is no way to do it. You just have to assume it is still running. On the other hand, if you close Firefox it will actually quit. Very inconsistent, very confusing.

Please, PLEASE, pretty please, test more with 3D graphic cards with the FOSS drivers AND proprietary drivers and actually communicate accordingly with ATI and NVIDIA about it as much as possible.

Take GNOME (3.0) Shell for example. It should never have been released because of the ATI rainbow colour issues. Instead of a year it could have been resolved in a month if GNOME actually notified ATI about it. Yes, ATI could have acted earlier based on user feedback, but GNOME should have done so before the official release, allowing ATI to be prepared for it.

Now with Ubuntu 11.10 it is even worse, MUCH worse. The latest 11.9 ATI drivers can't even be installed at all for an ATI HD6950. On a clean reinstalled system I should add. Graphical issues occur with the FOSS drivers. All this while there is no acceptable properly functioning fall-back. Yes, Ubuntu is mostly to blame for releasing Ubuntu 11.10 in such a state, but again, GNOME could have done a better job communicating with ATI before releasing GNOME 3.2.

Try it, they welcome it completely.

857: more access to change the theme using; or some tools to do that!

Good job fellas: Just keep going on! :)

858: More easy customazing options

859: More customisation in gnome 3. Specifically the ability to create, move and remove panels, as well as the ability to change the behaivour of gnome shell.

860: 1. Fire the design team
2. Bring back desktop icons
3. Redesign GNOME intuitively

Forget philosophy and start making something that is worth using.

You failed the community.

861: Minimize buttons back on by default.
No more evolution as backend for anything, or at least split the calendaring features out.
A much better control panel and ability to tweak basic options without gconf-editor.

Make a better looking theme for Gnome 3.

862: -More configurability, reasonably integrated into the GUI and Desktop.
Including: Better configurable Toolbars, desktop widgets, menus, general workflow etc.

-Support a QT theme backend in GTK3. QT uses gnome themes if necessary, why cant GTK use QT themes.

Keep up the good work. Linux needs diversity, gnome3 was a good choice!

863: For G3.2: make the system settings control panel complete (ie not dive down to gconf)
allow shell extensions by default (without gnome tweak)
stop using so much damn white-space padding on window borders etc

Gnome 3 is a bold but refreshing direction. However as an experienced tech user, I do wish you would allow advanced config (such as extensions, widgets, gadgets etc) on top of the default simple interface.

864: memory management, easier gnome config (gui option),

add wayland support for gnome 2.x and 3.x

865: Also show running (only running) applications on the top bar;
More flexibility and configuration options (especially on fallback);
Make the application launcher appear with Alt-F2 by default and provide plugins to it (like a calculator);
Extra: Please, be the first to match KDE's KRunner quality... Really, that thing is great.

Keep up the good work, but remember that desktops still exist. Not everything is touch-based, yet.

866: 1. More UI polish in the 3.x series. This spans a number of areas such as addressing the lack of support for the ATI Catalyst driver (ATI are of course part of the problem here too), through to stuttering animations with mutter.

2. Extensions in 3.x are problematic running in the same context as the shell. Firstly, you need to relogin again to enable them - that's such a strong barrier to testing and playing around with them that I rarely bother to install new ones - I don't want to have to close down all my apps, restart them again and remember what I was doing. The same design decision also means that extensions can crash the shell which displays an overlay telling you to logout! Extensions should run in their own JS environments and use DBUS to communicate with services exposed by the shell.

3. Dual-head support is currently a mess - it's much better than during the betas where is was unusable, but the whole thing where the non-primary monitor contains all of the windows from all workspaces is ridiculous. If I'm on the first desktop and click on Activities, it should only show all the windows that are on the first desktop on both monitors. Same for the second desktop and so on. I've actually been meaning to dig into the shell code and change this because it's currently a joke - it goes against the idea of using different desktops for different activities when they all get shown together anyway.

The three things I mentioned above are my only suggestions :)

867: 1 - i think its time to add cancel to all gnome configuration tools so reverting back the changes would not be a chore.
2 - more user friendly gnome config tool, the current one is a zoo of repeating config items take clue from kde 3.5

868: In GNOME 3: yet easier way to replace shell with another WM (e.g. Awesome). Especially some easy way to have separate settings for full GNOME Shell session and another GNOME session (this example does not work for me: https://makandracards.com/makandra/1367-running-the-awesome-window-manager-within-gnome).

Improve keyboard-centric usage in 3.

869: 1. Make shutdown the default exit behavior. I have an extension doing that now.

2. Incorporate the functions of Gnome Tweak Tool into System Settings

3. The hot corner and the Chrome back button are too close and I often hit the hot corner by accident. Make the hot corner able to be switched off, I am happy to click on "Activities" instead.

Please keep developing fallback mode. The are hundreds of millions of old computers without the graphics punch to run shell.

870: More options to config

871: 1. ability to configure networks like was possible in gnome 2.x (same proxy for all protocols / adhoc wireless / 802.1q)
2. ability to change the fricking screensaver with ease!
3. ability to right click for more options...

gnome 3 really isn't too bad and has some good shit in it :)

872: 1. Get back to a proper classic gnome look and feel
2. Make nautilus faster, lighter
3. Kill Evolution from the process table. Kill it with fire

Please bring back a real/working/proper gnome 2.x look and feel.

873: 1) Right clicking by default.
2) Simpler option to show only the desktop.
3) More stylish, minimalistic default fonts.

874: Gnome 3 is a counterproductive mess, switch back to or fork Gnome2.

Because Of the mess that is Gnome 3 and the end of support for Gnome 2, I have now fully switched to KDE.

875: alt for shutdown
easier to configure laptop to not sleep on lid close
better network manager (retarded that i cant see my assigned fixed ip in the summary, or edit configurations for connections im not using and theres no way to elevate priv)

gnome 3 is pretty cool with desktop layout but theres alot of options missing from sys config menus

876: More options. More emphasis in privacy. More control over the desktop.

877: - Fallback mode as default, gnome-shell as optional netbook/touchscreen mode
- Port more of the features from gnome-shell to the fallback mode, such as better integrated messages and clutter instead of metacity
- More conservative approach to the desktop metaphor

Just give up on gnome-shell already

878: Not a big fan of the new gnome shell. There are some good things, but it just feels to clunky and slow.

879: Would prefer more advanced notification bar icons, and more of them (for applications with long background processes, and better support for KDE apps.

880: mint menu

Available to keep window list and minimize windows to task bar in Gnome 3

881: 0. More customizing options, instead of it's current status: You get what you get, and no changes are possible(almost).
1. Usability improvements in the composite. Take KWin for example(Dashboard, search in "Present windows", Multiple activities, custom settings per application...)
2. Drop mono completely out of use in GNOME.

Don't be afraid of changes. GNOME was the best thing for a desktop 4-5 years ago, but now computers are different and the way we use them is different.

This GNOME 3 step was big and radical, but good. It had to be done, but don't forget that big/small(don't know, actually...) part of the users want to have control of what is happening on their machine.

So again: More customizable options is what GNOME is missing right now.


882: I will speak for GNOME 3.x.

1. Allow users to fix a number of workspaces and set them up as in GNOME 2.x

2. Allow users to add a GNOME Panel at the bottom with a window list

3. When you go to "Activities", and try to launch a program either by searching or navigating with mouse, GNOME 3.x tries to open up a running instance of the program, if there is one. I would like for there to be the option to launch a new instance no matter what.

GNOME 2.x was amazing, and so far GNOME 3 looks beautiful but it tries to force the user to interact in different ways. I wish there was a little more freedom and easy customizability; this is Linux after all.

883: Bring it back to GNOME 2
Bring it back to GNOME 2
Bring it back to GNOME 2

Get your shit together.

884: I like gnome3 as it is now. It is very simple and easy to use. But maybe good IDE (like xcode or qt) needed. Some realy good dev docs or screen casts like peep code.

885: In gnome 3:

1. Give me the option of bringing up the dock without having to bring up the overlay. It requires a lot of effort to move the mouse to the top corner, then select the program i want. If I could bring up the dock by moving the mouse over to the side of the screen (or just have the option of keeping it visible) it would take much less effort to manage programs. On a related note, I would copy the windows 7 taskbar more than the OS X dock. I'm not saying that because I'm a windows fan (because i'm not), but I think the windows 7 taskbar works pretty well.

2. I think the new instant messenger integration is really fantastic for receiving messages, but I find myself expecting to be able to send messages from the shell instead of bringing up empathy.

3. I liked the "places" menu in gnome 2. It was very handy for accessing commonly used folders. I'd like to see something like it put back in gnome 3.

Something I think really differentiates open source software from proprietary software is integration. OSS can offer integration in ways that's not really possible with proprietary software where everyone is competing for dollars with everyone else. I think this should the way that open source desktops really differentiate themselves from Windows/OS X, etc. For example, the new online accounts functionality is fantastic; a great example of integration that wouldn't really be possible in the proprietary world.

Some other things i'd like to see: A more rubust password management system (like KeePassX), but integrated into epiphany, and elsewhere in GNOME.

Give epiphany some love. It needs adblock-like functionality built in and then I could use it instead of firefox.

886: 1. A better search mechanism in gnome-shell like that of Gnome-Do or Firefox awesomebar, that actually learns from previous searches so that after a few searches you have to type in less characters.
2. A clearer way of identification of application windows in the overview. The overview keeps disorienting me a bit and I never can spot a window instantly. Maybe something like categories based on applications can be made, together with a big version of the application icon.
3. A window list like in Gnome2 so that windows/applications can be switched to instantly without disturbing animations. That is not because I need it, but my mother (61) has just had a weekend with Unity, and she misses the overview and doesn't get the 'launcher'. She explicitly misses her window list. Also I run gnome 2 at our kitchen pc because my roommates probably wouldn't understand gnome-shell with all it's animations. I really like gnome-shell, but that is because I work with/in it all day and know all the shortcuts and learned the tricks. People who are 'new' or just do not use the system day in/day out might be scared/disturbed by the overview animation that is triggered by moving the mouse in the hot corner.

I think GNOME is on the right track! There are still some small issues to attend to but I think all will work out well.
Only thing I personally miss from Gnome2 is Gedit 2 with the LaTeX plugin...
Thank you all for a nice desktop environment!

887: Don't do tablet interfaces. The majority of us use desktops.
Better window management (a la tiling WM)

888: 1. There should actually be configuration options.

2. Configuration options should be available in configuration menus, and not hidden away in obscure settings programs.

3. EASILY ACCESSIBLE options to change the theme, colour scheme, fonts, and disable annoying animation effects

Options for user choice and customization are important. You shouldn't lock them away or remove them.

889: - add a two-panel file browser
- add a system monitor widget
- better integrate empathy into gnome-shell

890: 1. The braindead urge to obliterate the notification area. Put empathy icon back in there and leave the applets where they are!

2. The obscure configuration system

891: 1) Built-in window-tiling options. I don't need automatic tiling; I just want to be able to send windows to predefined areas of the screen with a quick keyboard shortcut (similar to Compiz Grid). Lack of support for this in GNOME 3 is the main reason I don't use it.

2) See #1.

3) I'm also not a fan of the automatic management of workspaces in GNOME 3, compared to their layout in previous versions.

Ask users what they want (i.e. don't be like Apple or Canonical), and don't stick desktop users with a tablet interface.

Overall, GNOME 3 wasn't as scary as I expected it to be (after the trauma of KDE 3.5 vs 4.0), and I was glad to see that the built-in search feature was similar to gnome-do (which I also depend on).

892: I really don't like the path GNOME seems to be taking, since the appeareance of GNOME 3 I'm not a GNOME user anymore and moved to XFCE.

893: 1.Involve file management within gnome shell,may be by incorporating zeitgeist.

2. Nautilus can improve a lot i think

3. Evolution should be more user friendly like thunderbird.

tighter integration with other software projects like libre office and mozilla should be there. gnome office suite needs improvement in supporting ms-office formats.

894: Make customizations much easier. Bring back the menu like in GNOME 2.x where it has Applications, Places and System. Easier to use (but less dumbed down) UI.

GNOME 2.x is a great DE that is much more better than the UI of windows and OSX. I think GNOME 3 has the potential to be just as great but it needs to be less dumbed down and more friendly for the user. It also lacks a lot of customization out of the box since you need to install a tweak tool and enable extensions.

895: Gnome-3 is causing me difficulties. Gnome-shell and the new WM are not for me. I now use a combined Gnome-2/KDE desktop and I'm seriously considering migrating to a simple KDE desktop with IceWM and XTerm or
something similar.

896: What happened to Gnome 3? I have been a loyal gnome fan for a long time. I am currently transitioning to awesome wm. Gnome3 is designed for someone other than me.

897: Better customization
Thinner title bars
Better "tradicional" fallback mode

Try to reduce mouse clicks to perform tasks, or try to make a more complete fallback mode (same as GNOME 2.X).

898: remove the gnome lib requirments out of the end user applications
scrap gnome-shell and keep gnome panel
make gnome panel more configurable.

you need to keep reducing the inter dependency of your end user applications.
if i like something like rythmebox, i shouldn't have to install a crap load of other programs just to have the support for one program if they aren't really related to each other.

the dependencies should mostly be gtk3 and most ui functionality should be there. we shouldn't need gnome specific functionality in a gnome lib, either make it good enough to not need reimplementation in gtk3, or lower its implementation the application level.

i think tat gnome has actually been going in this direction for some time and thats a good thing. we just need to finish that up.

in a similar fashion, gnome has historically often implemented functionality in a gui gnome Dependant application that really should be a core system capability. example of this is how with no gui running, putting a cd into the computer doesn't automatically mount the disk, but boot up gnome and all of a sudden it does. thats not a gnome Dependant ability.

899: ...
Give full control to users, just like in 2.x.

Stop assuming that we users are an idiot and cannot do everything on our own. Stop ignoring users.

900: The theme needs to be lighter and have transparency.

My Ethernet card does not work so that too. (8111b from realtek)

make a proper distro for gnome and remove all the uneeded icons from launcher.

Make a full distro for gnome based off ubuntu or debian.

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