What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
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701: 1.Make gtk/gtk+ apps look better in KDE

2.When bringing up the options of an application, make it a seperate window.

3.Change the default theme to something that is not a non-white or an off white color

See above.


702: A)I would kill in the most slow and painful way whoever had the idea to mix it with Unity in Ubuntu!!!!

B)I would add options in the gui to allow small tweaks regarding the configuration options in the pannels and other areas in the look and feel area that usually require either gconf or some weird config files vodoo edit.

C) Check again option A

For me Gnome is without a doubt the best desktop environment avaible (in any OS for that matter), and you should feel proud of yourselves.

But remember, change is a good thing when increases funtionality or makes the interface more acessible, but lately what i´m seeing is change for the sake of change, and because of that for the first time in years i´m considering switching from gnome to another DE.

Also have attention to where you keep the config files, and make sure they are man readable (without some l33t knowledge in xml or some other format).

May the Gnu be with you.

703: More customization, more customization, more customization.

Add more customization!

704: Perhaps instead I'll list three things I have changed with patches in my installation of GNOME:

1. Patch gdm to show the full date rather than just the day name (and since 3.2, not use some awful gnome-shell based greeter)

2. Patch nautilus' toolbar to have an Up button which I find useful, rather than useless Back and Forward buttons. nautilus is a file manager not a web browser.

3. I've installed an icon theme restoring the nice blue arrow icons from GNOME 2.28 - rather than have endless grey icons on grey backgrounds. I also restored the bits to make the "Show text in icons" option actually work - and no, I don't use the previews to read my text files, but the previews make text files much more easy to distinguish from other files. Otherwise, text files and unknown files have the same icon, or text files have a blank icon and unknown files have an icon with lines (of text?).

I used gnome-shell for about 2 or 3 weeks when GNOME 3.0 was new, but eventually got fed up with it and switched to using just openbox, although I continue to use individual GNOME programs like gnome-terminal, nautilus, gedit, eog etc.

Basic functions like switching between windows or switching workspaces used to be an instant single click on the panel - but with GNOME shell you've got to switch to the overview first. And alt-tab behaviour also got changed at the same time, to make it doubly difficult to switch between windows. And the dynamic number of workspaces is annoying if you are used to keeping different tasks on certain workspaces.

I did consider patching nautilus 3.2 to use the old 1024 based (MiB, GiB) units, but perhaps instead I should be looking for a different file manager.

Overall, GNOME seems to concentrate on forcing an increasing number of stupid ideas on people, with no preferences to reverse things like that, and adding what I consider "useless junk" like the online accounts stuff in 3.2.

705: The only thing I would change in GNOME is to add more functions in the right click menus, such as to have the option with a file associated with VLC give me the option to add the file to VLCs playlist. Perhaps it's there and I'm doing it wrong?

Keep up the good work, and don't try too hard to fix something that's not broken. I feel in some ways that gnome 3 is an ease of use regression from gnome 2.

706: I wish Gnome 3 had a poweruser mode with proper panel, proper multi display support, many many configuration options

Please don't think all your users are too stupid to actually use their computers. People actually like easy keyboard shortcuts (e.g. DEL in nautilus) and the possibility to configure most parts of their desktop.
Gnome shell, as it is, should be optional. It makes things much worse on large or multiple screens! - Can't say for tablets or netbooks...
Please make the fallback mode more usable, feature rich and compositing!

707: * Revert to classic desktop mode
* Implement a decent taskbar
* Again, revert to the classic desktop mode :)

Please, give back to us the classic interface of Gnome!

708: · Speed up the app search in the Activities overlay
· Put more of the gnome-tweak-tool options back into the main system (customisability is an absolute must for linux desktops)
· fix the onscreen keyboard (doesn't always show, like when trying to type in the shell-chat-popups)
· (Fourth thing, sorry) - when things are added to the dock and it shrinks in size to allow for the extra height, it should only shrink by the required amount rather than a whole step down (it looks a bit messy)

Keep up the good work!
Personally, I really like where the Gnome Desktop is heading. For me, it is fast, responsive and simple to use - the only problems I have had are in the shell's search function (very slow), and the amount it crashes (resizing chrome/chromium seems to crash it occasionally, especially when I use alt+middle click).

709: Better multi-monitor setup. The desktop has to change on both screens, not just on primary!

It needs definitely more testing. There are still unpolished corners.

710: 1. Dbus. It's gotta go (see my comment below)
2. Revert to GDM2, or at least fix GDM3 so it can be customised. And not by editing XML files in obscure places, either.
3. Get rid of the bloat.

1. Stop assuming users are stupid or easily confused, and allow things to be customised.
2. Get rid of dbus, or at least redesign it so that I don't have to reboot every time it gets upgraded.
3. Listen to users, not developers, when you want to decide where Gnome should be going.

711: Stop the infatuation with tablets/touch and remember where your users are (desktop/workstation)

712: More gnome-shell extensions
Documentation for writing gnome-shell extensions

Keep up the good work and don't get upset about all the negative feedback.

713: - Better customization possibilities.
- Update Gnome apps more regularly.
- More bugfixes, more often.

- Polish the product first. More customization options, update documentation, fix bugs and update the Gnome apps first. Then add more big features.

714: - Please let us make some configuration / choices in options : Nautilus background, icon themes, screensaver... as it was available and very fully customizable in Gnome 2. I know Gnome 3 is young, but please make some preferences possible.

- Clean the http://projects.gnome.org/ page : some programs are old and no more developed, a little cleaning would be great.

You do a very hard and good job, but some developers should perhaps be awara that their preferences are not systematically other users' and that these should also be considered with respect.

Best regards.

715: 1. distance of cursor movement (e.g. when launch a program I don't actually know its name.)
2. usability of nautilus file manager.
3. ability to browse applications as a list rather than just icons.

thank you.



718: I'd love it if it were more easy to strip the eye candy and additional stuff I really have absolutely no need for.

I keep GNOME installed on most of my machines because it does an excellent job of simplifying many tasks, but I'm also often annoyed by the instability and bloatedness of recent releases. While I am aware that as desktop environments grow increasingly complex, this really can't be avoided. What can, however, be improved would be the ability to disable modules and eye candy that I don't really need. While I can do this to some extent, I'd love the ability to use a different file manager than Nautilus - I don't really like it much.

For whatever reason, Gnome feels "sticky" to me. That's not of much use, I'm sure.

Anyhow, Gnome really excels at being usable by everyone - it does not interfere (unbearably) with the computer-adept, and is able to assist those who are less so.

Generally, good job, and thank you very much. :)

719: Better dual-monitor support
Compatibility with ATI's display drivers(GNOME3)

720: About GNOME 3 :
1 Panel applets.
2 Desktop. Options how the desktop should behave like in KED 4.x
3 The main menu. Currently it is very cumbersome and ineffective. The perfect menu is the traditional cascading menu style but with a search box added at the bottom.
4 More more more more configuration options.

GNOME 3 is the future but for now it is useless. If you want to introduce something radically new, you should do it in a way that if comfortable for the user.

The mouse clicks and keyboard typing should(must) be reduced to minimum.

And most of all listen to the people!

721: The dash (left side dock in overview) needs to be scrollable. I use a 10 inch netbook (1024 x 600 screen res) and typically have 30 windows open at a time.. and some icons disappear from the dash as new windows are opened.

Keep up the great work! Long Live GNOME!

722: 1) Get rid of the Gnome 3.0 shell
2) Return to the Gnome 2 branch
3) Never brake a working & well know desktop (Gnome 2)

Please, dear gnome devs, do not screw up the Linux desktop experience as Unity currently does. Gnome 2 still works nicely and always will. I switched from Gnome 3 to XFCE because this resembles what looks closely to Gnome 2

723: Zeitgeist integrated by default.
PowerOff button visable at all times in the session menu.
If no windows open, activities view should open on applications tab.

Keep up the good work :)

724: More customization options without the need of "dconf/gconf" secrets. More customization options, because there is not even hidden in most cases.

I'm not a dumb.

725: * Configurability of mouse shortcuts. For example:
CTRL+ALT+Mouse Wheel to change virtual desktops
Middle mouse button to activate the activities overview, etc...

* Exposure of certain fuctionality currently hidden. For example:
Shutdown/restart computer instead of suspend
Fonts configuration

* Exposure of empathy/music player controls directly on the desktop (similar to Ubuntu's indicators)

726: 1. More options in the control center
2. Improved application menu
3. Minimize button

Keep up the good work.

727: 1. I like the layout and function of Gnome 2. I hate how all the major desktop environments feel the need to change their shit every couple years. I'd kill for a little consistency.
2. Same as above
3. Same as above

728: 1. Add a classic GNOME2.x style desktop along with GNOME shell

Please do not replace a widely used program (GNOME 2.x desktop) with something new (GNOME Shell) overnight. Thats not a good idea. I think GNOME is losing its user base due to this. I used to use GNOME 2.x. Then I tried GNOME Shell. I started with a positive attitude. But after 2/3 months I quit. Now a days, I use KDE.

729: 1. Restore GNOME 2
2. Restore GNOME 2
3. Restore GNOME 2

I'm still using GNOME 2 on my Ubuntu LTS netbook, but on my desktop I switched to XFCE. I don't think I'll ever switch back to GNOME.

730: 1. more customizability
2. better pixel efficiency. Linux has always failed in my mind with space usage in the traditional desktop.
3. better integration with other software/services. Don't eat up unnecessary space on my screen that could be used by my content or useful information.

I appreciate that you're trying, and simplicity is great, but the goal is not simplicity. The goal is to have a powerful desktop. Re-imagine workflows all you want, but I want to be able to do as much as possible as quickly as possible. And because what I do is different than what other people do, it should be customizable. The only thing I should see is my content (a website, a movie, my code). At all times I should be a mere thought away from any action, but not encumbered by a cluttered interface. Good luck, I feel that gnome shell is a step in the right direction.

731: 1. Default icon set.
2. Default icon set.
3. Default icon set.

732: -Provide more configuration settings
-Add more plugins to gnome 3 shell

733: backend configurability (gconf keys for things would be nice, instead of just dismissing the feature as unnecessary)

DITCH gnome 3 - it's trashy

actually listen to your user base... we're suggesting things based on our usage and how we'd like it to be different

734: 1. make switching between applications/tabs super easy when lots of them running
2. i'm not sure its gnome: make text rendering beautiful(osx?) and consistent between apps (gtk, qt, java swing, browser renderers)

735: Enable the desktop functionality
Faster applications search
Zeitgeist integration

736: make it do what I want it to do

treat your users as a human, every human has a preference, allow them to set it

737: Better integration with popular apps (e.g. Skype, Google Earth), rethinking of notifications method, properly working network settings applet

738: complete the transition of gconf-editor, better/more ability and function from "system-settings".

Needs much better chat integration. Right it's great to receive chats, not so great to initiate chates.

Keep up the great work!

739: - Support and develop the fallback mode to get the functionality of Gnome 2.

- In the new Gnome 3, you cannot set the refresh rate of the monitor.
(And the wrong refresh rate is set by default.) I use an CRT monitor, and I have to open the terminal and use xrandr in order to get the correct refresh rate.

- I would like support for KDE-like widgets (in the fallback mode)

740: More customization.

I've moved on since GNOME 2.x. I currently use variants of LXDE, XFCE, Awesome WM, and Compiz. GNOME 3.x is not flexible enough for me.

741: It could be a good idea to put effort in explaining some changes

742: 1. Bring back productivity, i.e., predictable behaviour, keyboard control, etc.

2. Bring back and extend configurability (not along the lines of dconf). People not interested in configuration will ignore it anyway.

3. Don't force software on your users. Most people I know don't use and don't want to use most of the bundled software (like their browser, chat program, games, or office suite -- how can I fully deinstall the chat program? I don't need the bubble and my name there.

4. (Yes, a fourth point.) Get a designers worth their name. People that know the medium. Use metaphors that work and make sense. The first time I tried Gnome 3, I had to use Google to find out how to shutdown.

There's so many small annoyances, like disabling the desktop by default. I am actually annoyed by how many people asked me to re-enable it (and disable the default icons.) Why were the arrow keys in Nautilus broken? Where did all the functionality for the right mouse button go? Some stuff in Gnome 3 is great, don't get me wrong, but generally, it's not thought out well.

See 22.

743: Better support of proprietary drivers.

744: 1) Allow advanced users to customize (although it's fine if they have to click an "advanced" button to get at the full array of options).

2) Consider uncommon setups that aren't really all that uncommon (multiple displays, high resolution, small screens, etc.).

3) Don't let bug reports and _patches_ languish for years in bugzilla.

Please don't assume that users are all idiots and jerks.

745: Desktop-centric, not tablet-centric

Thank you for your work. I appreciate it though misguided it might be.

746: Accordion behaviour on the bottom right
Stop needing to press Alt to shutdown
A more organized Application menu.

747: I urge you not to forget about those of us who have multiple windows open (and visible, be it or not on multiple monitors) because of improved productivity. The traditional desktop has many benefits over the netbook/tablet inspired single-window mode.

If the former is eschewed for the latter, GNOME (and Ubuntu's Unity too) will end up ceding market share to KDE, LXDE and others among those who use their computers other than casually. Catering to the lowest denominator should not be at the expense of a substantial part of its current userbase, I think.

748: Have support for compiz or at least some extensions that give similar results

Better fglrx compatibility (or at least work with ati to fix issues)

Be able to use different window managers

Please be open to the communities suggestions

749: Better application menu and launcher.

Option to make sidebar visible at all times.

Built-in system-monitor widgets for taskbar like gnome 2.3

Bring Ubuntu back on board. New notification UI is awesome.

750: Nothing in 2.3.

751: - the top of the window is too big, it takes so much place
- the access of instant messager is boring when you want to speak with somebody (when you want to engage, not when somebody wants to talk to you (this, is perfect)...)-> maybe you could create a notification when somebody is connected?...

Be strong, you're great!

752: applets in panel,and it needs to be able to change position on the desktop.

753: 1. Burn gnome shell in H*** (alongside unity...)
2. Replace nautilus with something faster and less cluttered
3. Make the gnome team fix the Years old bugs instead of pretending they're not there.

Stop being stuck up assholes and actually listed to what your users want instead of dumping useless crap on us.


Very annoyed, (not any more)GNOME user.

754: Get GNOME 2 user experience (with tweaks) back, with cleaned up codebase built on top of GTK3.

Stop the tabletization.
GNOME 2 was good, both for absolute beginners and power users.
GNOME 3 might be decent for people who have _never_ used a computer.
However, most people today, even your grandma or kid, are used to Windows or Mac style UIs on the PC. When they move to GNOME 2, the interface is intuitive and easy to learn, the concepts are not much different. GNOME 3 is a shock to them, too different. They don't want to spend hours/days/weeks getting used to it, so they go back to Windows. GNOME 3 might be decent for tablets, then again, I don't use them. But it's horrible on large-screen desktops. KDE did their job right, with developing separate UIs for tablet/mobile and PC. Both are good for their purpose, so I moved there. Meanwhile, XFCE will replace GNOME 2, get to its feature level and surpass it.

755: More customization, which is easily accessible. I like the defaults for myself personally, and I understand that to appeal to a larger consumer base, a lot of the customization needs to be simplified, but I'd like to see a way to quickly and easily get to the 'advanced' settings or something like that.

I also need to see a lot of bug fixes. I've been having minor issues that aren't show stoppers, but are still annoyances. If the next release cycle or two were focused entirely on removing paper cuts rather than adding new functionality, I would be very happy.

I see need for a lot of minor bug fixes. I've been having minor issues that aren't show stoppers, but are still annoyances. If the next release cycle or two were focused entirely on removing paper cuts rather than adding new functionality, I would be very happy.

756: Even thought Unity (Ubuntu 11.10) have inproved a lot, I think there is still roo for some improvements for instance the settings manager could have more fine configurations like network settings.

The top bar could enable one to add/remove widgets to it like "System monitor" etc.

The improvements you people done are amazing. Great work thank you.

757: Find a way to expose hidden options in setup dialog (e.g. Remote desktop port).
Streamlined interfaces: consistent across apps and less bulky (smaller toolbars would be a plus).

758: Make it easy to add extensions.
Make it easy to theme.
Please, for the love of God, let system administrators disable the user list on GDM.

Keep it up!

759: Listening more to the users
Voting in bugzilla
Options for advanced users

Be more open to criticism.

760: more tools to personalize (icons, themes,...)
in dash, filters on the left

thank you !

761: 1. Integrate the notification bar into the menu bar.
2. Make the menu bar more customizable, eg: able to enable/disable accessability/network/bluetooth
3. Have actual screensavers instead of just a black screen.

1. Integrate the notification bar into the menu bar.
2. Make the menu bar more customizable, eg: able to enable/disable accessability/network/bluetooth
3. Have actual screensavers instead of just a black screen.

762: 1) Unify and standarize set of libraries.
2) Make advance features discoverable by users (not in a text file)
3) More right button/middle button usage for advanced users

I've always thought Gnome's team is doing a great job. It is not my desktop of choice but It is one that I enjoy using when I have to.

I believe Gnome desktop is very pragmatic from the UI point of view... And I like that a lot... But being pragmatic I also feel lacking the power of customization that other environments offer (at least, I usually discover what I want is possible but requires a little bit of terminal-fu).

In general applications are consistent, but I find the programming side of gnome confusing... Too many changes, too many libraries... Perhaps it is not true anymore, but dependencies from gnome-desktop on debian are huge.

763: Totem: The interface seriously needs a redesign. It takes lots of (vertical) space and is just ugly.
Shell: Rethink some design approaches: Is it really necessary to have two tray areas? It just feels wrong. Is it really a good idea to get rid of the classic applications menu? The current approach involves too much mouse movement, imho. Btw.: Switching between applications involves too much mouse movement as well.
Nautilus: Nautilus seriously needs a more sophisticated bookmark system.
File-Chooser: Choosing an image is annoying since the image previews are way too small to recognize them.

Decide whether you want to optimize your applications for tablets/touch devices or the desktop. The current approach trying to have both leaves you with a system which is kind of annoying to use.
Although GNOME's quality is very good overall, it should still center more on usability and efficiency.

764: Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell

765: add more configuration options for advanced users

766: Removable devices indicator on top bar, instead of message tray.

Reorder workspaces when dragging them, instead of moving the windows.

Show date in the top bar by default.

Get rid of title bar once and for all; close button is too dangerous and not frequently used.

767: The hidden shutdown menu option
Document the default and allow change of gnome-power-manager policy
Invest in remote computing - integrate (opensource) web apps, remote desktops, improve integratio of remote storage
Encourage development of tablet focused shell

I don't mind gnome team making bold design decisions but there needs to be some sort of change management process along with them. The hidden shutdown menu option and I cannot see anyway to vote for a change. I have no idea where to raise my voice of vote without seeming like I'm whining user ignorant of the benefits of change

768: autoruns
startup applications

769: more customizable sidebar in unity

770: I do not know.

Good job and keep it up :-)

771: 1) Add the ability to easily change auto mounting behaviour (MTP and USB mass storage devices)
2) In GNOME 3.x, have the 'search for application' feature behave more sanely: at the moment typing "system" does not produce any results for "System monitor", but typing "monitor" find it.
3) Make it *much* more obvious which window in GNOME 3.x has the focus.

Keep up the amazing work!

772: . It's very difficult to "jump" from a window to another in Gnome3, less handy than Gnome2

. More IRC support
. Better/detailed documentation

773: - position/autohide of notifications
- left click on dock for open app launches new instance instead of raising existing instance(s)
- left click on app within workspace switcher raises app instead of just going to that workspace and requiring second click (or double-click)

Keep along similar lines - do not move towards a Gnome 2 recreation

774: Stop this new tablet mode
Stop the clicodrome
Be more user friendly (as gnome 2 was)

I don't think so

775: Bring "the knobs" back. Don't alienate your advanced users. Provide an advanced options option in every menu, rather than removing them completely. Or at least provide a user experience level widget that unmasks "advanced options" when set to "expert".

I moved to XFCE from Gnome on Ubuntu 11.10. I know several others that are doing the same. I hope that the Gonme community will try to win us back with the next release. :)

776: 1. Have libpoppler display fonts with subpixel hinting
2. Somehow enable subpixel positioning of fonts for all GNOME applications, including Firefox.
3. Change the horrible looking Cantarell into something else...

You see, I'm a typophile. I dream of the glorious days of 300+ dpi displays...

Bonus thing: rewrite all of GTK to be declarative like Qt's Quick which must be awesome.

Keep going! I switched from OpenSUSE 11.3 with KDE 4.6 (been on KDE since 3.5.x) to Fedora 15 when it came out because I liked the gnome-shell so much :) It just felt good. I'm now using Unity on Ubuntu because of various technical problems with F15 and so far I think GS has the better concept. But maybe I'm just bumping into bugs in Unity or something. I'll see.

777: Better multitasking (gnome3) through task list easily available.
Thats it.

778: personnalisation
keyboard shortcuts
stability/memory (have installed gnome 3 fallback for my aunt, on archlinux, nouveau driver → no shell, often the pc doesn't respond → hard reboot)

adaptability must be there. Some people leave default, other want to change things. Don't focus on 1st and forget 2nds because often 2nds can become 1st when they are used to an environment.

779: Gnome Shell/G3 model seem to prevent serious work.
Mouse isn't a touchpad finger; it's meant for fine control, not fingerpainting.
If I wanted my fingers in the shift+alt+ctl+fn keys i'd use emacs.

Listen to your customers instead of ridiculing them. You can see this in Gnome bugzilla.

780: I would make the Workspace Indicator extension part of the default package.

I would add a Mute toggle button to the sound level "panel applet"/system tray thing.

I would make it easier for the user to decide which applications should be visible at all in the Activities/Applications overview. Currently it is CLUTTERED with nonsense unless you magically know how to clean it up.

I would make the Workspace Indicator extension part of the default package.

I would add a Mute toggle button to the sound level "panel applet"/system tray thing.

I would make it easier for the user to decide which applications should be visible in the Activities/Applications icon view. Currently it is CLUTTERED with nonsense unless you magically know how to clean it up.

781: Enable more keyoard shortcuts and make them easier to configure

I recently noticed that GNOME 2.6.32 (Debian Testing) was not completely translated into German, which made me pause for while. I had though that such a prominent project would enough resources to have complete translations for major languages. I can live with English perfectly well, but having a mish-mash of two different languages in the menus and on buttons, just annoys meI was quite taken aback. If the developers need help in this area they should more openly ask for it. I started translation work into German for GTKpod, as I noticed that at some point their translation efforts had suddenly stopped. I would think many non-developers out there might volunteer to get this straightened out.

782: Few more options for customization by default.

Keep up the good work :)

783: retain a traditional gnome2 style (customisable panel, old fashoned window management). improve usability when multiple instances of the same program (eg terminal) are running. make the title bars more compact.

i'd love evince to be able to accurately display and pdf I throw at it. i don't care if the bug is in poppler or cairo or whatever, from my point of view evince is sometimes broken.

784: Bring back 2.x. It worked and it worked well.

785: 1. make window borders, decorations and UI elements use less valuable space (like chrome browser do, I love ratpoison)

786: Open system setting
Can't change theme
prewiew music in nautilus

787: file system abstraction, remove menu-ba/emove left top empty space(windows), improve user-friendly tool to provide a recovery after configuration problems

788: More customisation
Taskbar avaliable (this is customisation)
Icones in the top systray avaliable (this is customisation too)

Gnome 3.2 is beautiful
Gnome 3.2 isn't ergonomic for my uses (need some customisation !)

789: 1.My tablet needs big shortcut buttons/a unity-like bar, it's really tedious to navigate the menu to lauch the most used applications
2.if possible, Differenciate the "mobile" version form the "destop" versiion
3.Address usability issues quickly

790: please go back to the old gnome 2 look and feel.

791: 1) Make command-line equivalents easily findable. If one opens something with "Movie Player" and it errors and one wishes to try reopening the file in a console to see what the error is, it is very hard to figure out what command "Movie Player" is.

2) Make keyboard shortcuts more discoverable. Many of the changes in gnome 3 require a lot more mouse work in order to do the things one used to, _unless_ one knows the keyboard shortcuts from gnome 3. However, if one doesn't read the blogs of gnome devs, it is hard to come across there (and no one is actually going to read through the list of keybindings, they must be brought up in relevant situations only)

This especially holds true for standard shortcuts in other desktops that are different in Gnome. For example, del to delete a file in a file manager does nothing in Nautilus 3. For such a standard shortcut, one must inform the user that del is ctrl+del for Nautilus.

3) Plugin repository. Currently finding plugins for Gnome Shell involves googling. It would be nice to have a central repository (maybe a specific category on gnome-look) where one could search for them.

792: _ Easier to tweak/Be more tweakable.
_ Be fully usable with the keyboard.
_ Make the number of clicks decrease (cf Lancelot...)

I guess it's not easy to build a new DE, so...

Keep the fight on !

793: 1. KISS
2. Find what users want and give it to them.
3. Enough already with all the infighting and concept wars.

I'm glad you're doing this, becauses I don't know how, and overall you've been doing some mighty fine work. Please consider more and better ways to get real-world user input and try to act upon it.

794: * A long-term design.

Unity is designed for touch-input, Gnome-Shell? It's visually
appeling but it seems to have no target at all: not ideal with
mouse input, not really usable on touch. So Why? To tell Canonical
other people can make nice GUI?

* Old release support till new release is really *ready*

Release early, release often is good, cut the support of an old
major release in hurry before the new relese become really ready
is *bad*

* Documentation and roadmap
Online-accounts, Gnome-contact etc *can be* really interesting: eg.
for a future LDAP integration, Google, $YouNameIt integration etc,
but *what are the plans?* Also GTk3 are veeery new ok, but please
consider to document stuff a bit more than API manuals!

Do what you do best. Canonical seems to do best in GUI design,
theaming etc, you seems to do best in "the engine". Please do
not compete, cooperate.

Competition is good for competence, is bad if you shoot in your
own foot to obstacle others!

Sorry for my bad English.

-- Kim Allamandola

795: Bring back features from gnome 2 to 3, like min/max windows, allow shortcut on desktop, allow customization on pannel

gnome 3 is terrible!

796: 1) The Titlebar to like the one in Ubuntu 11.10 this is awseome how they hide File, Edit, etc and just show it when you need it
2) Option to disable the trackpad because i use a Thinkpad and an option to disable it sometimes would be great.
3) Get stable boys if you release something test it before and don't let the early adopters be the testers. Because they are not your crashtest dummies.

The rest is just awesome ! Good work guys!

[email protected]mail.com

Good work guys!
Why there is no International Keyboard support in GDM ?

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797: Remove forced PulseAudio integration.
Please back to 2.x user interface. 3.x is useless joke! Together with forced PulseAudio it forced me to switch into distribution with KDE.

Do not treat your users as guinea pig!

798: 1) Multiple layouts for icons in activities panel

2) Themes/extensions repository

3) Smoother performance

799: (1) Better multi-monitor support (let me move the hotspots / quick launcher)
(2) Allow me to launch multiple copies of a program
(3) Let me manage the workspaces and choose where things appear

Gnome 3 is looking nice, my main gripes are spit and polish really.

800: 1. Make it use less resources, or make a seperate version that uses less resources. Netbooks would benefit from this.

2. Make it easier to customize.

3. Less effects, more stability.

Keep up the good work.

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