What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 7 of 10. 45 Comments

601: * extra online accounts (instead of just google accounts)
* integration of Gnome-Tweak-Tool to the system settings
* better contact management in the contacts tool (take an example at the gmail contact interface)

Keep up the good work.

602: get ati drivers working

603: -Too much clicks in gnome 3 to launch a program using the menu
-Not tweak able enought
-Some issues of latency (but me cause of my system, I didn't search yet)

In gnome 3, maybe put an option for the panel with the list of the opened programs or/and windows cause it shock lot of people. My opinion is that I prefer using the exposition mode to fast switch between windows.

It could be fine to change some variables like the time of animation of the exposition to go faster.

The time to load application icons in the menu is really to high on my pc when I click on "applications"

Even if I propose lot of things to fix or change, I think gnome 3 is great! Good job !

604: exposing more settings in the settings manager

605: - Make it easier to change the desktop preferences through a GUI application.

Gnome 3 has to improve a lot to make it more usable to new users, as it was with Gnome 2.

606: Nothing at the moment. Gnome 3 is still to young to know. Maybe next year.

Thank you for solving the problem of deciding how many workspaces are enough/too many. Automatic creation and destruction of workspaces is probably the feature that convinced me to try Gnome Shell as soon as it came out.

607: *When files in Nautilus are in list mode I can create new directory with right click menu as there is no space between files. (ctrl+shift+n works though)

Keep Gnome 2.x alive... please...

608: Do away with the Fisher Price UI

Dump gtk

Dump reliance in pulseaudio

609: more customization

610: Please make libre/open office live up to the standards of Microsoft Office, or atleaset figure out a simple way of running microsoft office in linux.

611: Please don't be too "smple".
Hate having no configuration available for some settings

612: I would store user's configurations in a consistent directory tree, with only one root directory, separating each component in it's own file, and not in a single dconf file.
I would give the user to choose between shell and a full-featured GNOME2-like user interface, not just a fallback session that will eventually be deprecated.
I would show to the user most of the options that were present in GNOME 2 and now are hidden.

I think you just need to listen to users. It's nice to shift to a newer approach, but that has to be done gradually by not discontinuing the old version until the newest one has every feature/option that the previous one had.

613: more options.
more customisation.
less babby's first computer feel.

Allow easy customization of the desktop again! Put more advanced options into the GUI, and stop forcing users into one style of computing.

614: Give the fallback enough love to be feature complete in comparison to gnome 2.x. Stop hiding important features in g/dconf, and bring back some configurability

Try to work more closely with KDE, for example adopt akonadi/anaconda/strigi/et.c and integrate them with tracker/zeitgeist/the gnome PIM stack.

Do a xdg-protocol, a general protocol handler like xdg-mime but for protocols. Base xdg-browser and xdg-email on top of that. (this might be more of a freedesktop thing than gnome though?)

Please do more usability studies and take feedback from the community more seriously in the future.

615: 1. alt+right-click to resize (instead of ctrl+f8)
2. removable-devices icon from system tray
3. mono and mono apps

1. startup improvement - enlightenment is very fast
2. default icon theme
3. easier keyboard navigation

616: 1) More usability on desktop systems (faster windows' switch)
2) Ease of configuration (like in GNOME2)
3) A good office software or better integration with LibreOffice

I really like Vala. I think this simple language can do really big things for GNOME, above all attracting developers to GNOME.

617: More advanced configurations
Integrated development tools
A strong default look

My answer to 22 are suggestions of change

618: In gnome 3 i want the power off option, better overview of the programs/ windows I currently have open and move menus to the program icon in the top bar. Otherwise it's fairy useless to have a drop down menu with only an close option.

619: 1. Add a task bar
2. Make the system tray (in the right bottom) more visible)
3. Add minimize and maximize buttons !!!

Stop treating my 1080p display like a netbook screen

620: I would like an easy way to change DPI.
I have an HTPC on my fullHD TV, and it is really hard to read the screen. changing the font size doesn't solve all problems. there are no easy solution to have the same aspect of a 1024x786 resolution.

I'm using AWN with gnome2, so it looks a little bit like MacOs. I tried Unity and Gnome 3.0, and i found them less usable than AWN.
I'll give a try to gnome 3.2 anyway ;)

621: Better multi screen support(with nvidia binary driver)
Support for panels in gnome3 or something alike

622: better handling of windows in Gnome 3
Easier way to add applications

keep up the good work

623: change GNOME 3 back to GNOME 2

change GNOME 3 back to GNOME 2

624: Migrate from Javascript to Lua;
More options for advanced users;
Gnome-Keyring never worked well for me.

I suggest you keep from depending of the gnome-keyring thing, like was done with empathy recently. Many don't like saving their passwords on it.

I hope you will overcome the pessimist wave from the GNOME 3 transition. Keep it up!

625: Improve the configuration without using gconf ( it's easiest with dialog boxes )
Add the rectangular selection for GtkTextView

Congratulations, you've done a fantastic job with Gnome.

626: 1. Get rid of the "Activities" menu and favorites bar in gnome 3 and give me a customizable task bar.
2. Provide documentation on how to customize features. I have had to spend too much time googling on how to set features in gnome 3.
3. Please don't assume all users want/like a single window theme. I think users want to be able to customize their experience.

First of all, thank you for all your efforts -- I realize this is FOSS and you are all volunteers. I appreciate having such a good professional alternative to MS Windows.

I really like gnome2.x with compiz-fusion. It is flexible and customizable. Why don't you continue to improve gnome 2.x?

It is OK to make radical changes (e.g., gnome3), but please give power users the ability to do things the way they like (and provide some minimal docs on how to do it).

I really want to be able to customize my own compute environment. I was ready to switch to something like Arch Linux, but have decided not to because of the lack of secure signed packages.

BTW: I don't like Unity either, if it matters :-)

627: 1. Window manager settings should be much more centralized, including themes, decorator settings, fonts, gnome appearances etc.

2. Window manager settings should be much more centralized, including themes, decorator settings, fonts, gnome appearances etc.

3. Window manager settings should be much more centralized, including themes, decorator settings, fonts, gnome appearances etc.

Keep up the good work and keep involving people.

Good job!

628: Log in screen needs some improvement. The Fedora logo is not well placed on the log in screen.

I would like an application to select start-up items.

I would like to be able to select a screen saver.

I would like the dock to work like the dock in Unity. I would like to be able to access the dock without having to use the super key or Activities. I would like it to have autohide function like Unity. I would like to be able to move the dock as well

Overall the experience of Gnome 3 is very slick and beautiful and I really enjoy using it. Keep up the good work

629: Make it easier to tune user interface.

630: I'd like to see distros add their brands and identities to their Gnome 3 desktops. Every distribution shipping Gnome 3 looks identical. While this has benefits, it denies distros the ability to differentiate. Is this a Gnome issue? I'm not sure, but it's worth mentioning.

Extensions are great for Gnome 3.x, but I'd like to see something a little more immediately available and end-user friendly, such as a shell tweak tool that lets a regular user easily change certain types of shell behaviour. For example, in Gnome 3.0 the shell workspace switcher would auto-hide all times. In Gnome 3.2 this has changed and workspaces are always visible when using more than one. It's a small thing, but I would like to easily change this back to the 3.0 version as I liked the tactility and responsiveness of the auto-hide. This added to the feel of the Gnome 3 desktop, and the ability to alter little things like this would be great.

Otherwise, congrats on the Gnome 3 project. :)

631: 1. Fix configuration system: GConf lost my entire desktop configuration 2 times when my machine crashed.

632: Drop Gnome3 Drop Gnome3 Drop Gnome3

You have probably driven more users to Xfce since embarking on Gnome 3

633: 1. Make everything easier to configure and customize for advanced users. Options to where to place certain things like the menubar etc. (Doesn't need to be visible to the "casual" user though.)
2. Replace metacity with a client-side window decoration with good CSS3 support. (With support for rgba and background images.)
3. Focusing more on providing a good gnome-classic desktop too. (The fallback mode haven't been improved much since 3.0 IMO.)

Work harder on replacing metacity with something more modern. Make it a very high priority.

And keep up the good work.

634: In fluxbox I have my key config set up to use alt+m to maximize the selected window, in GNOME I can do this as well. However the fluxbox key combination will toggle the window from maximized to previous size. In GNOME I can only switch to maximized, but can not switch back with the same key combination.

I would like to switch virtual desktops using the scrollwheel on the root window.

Make the GNOME terminal more friendly to use midnight commander (ie I am not looking to open a menu when I want to close mc...)

I think GNOME is great DE to help new users make a transition from the Redmond operating systems. I am impressed to see the evolution of GNOME over the years, and I will continue to recommend it to anybody that wants to use a user friendly DE. Keep up the good work!

635: More streamlined extension system, more settings out of the box (particularly font settings).

Font settings need to be included out of the box, they are expected even for a "simple" desktop environment.

636: gnome3 is freaking dumb

637: Better compatibility with KDE programs
Light and fast like LXDE

Best wishes!

638: 1. Bring back configurability
2. Make the top bar useful again like gnome panel was, eg. let me add quick launchers, workspace switcher, move the clock etc without messing with hit/miss extensions.
3. I would like to see a GTK3 traditional Gnome Panel. That thing actually worked pretty well!

The main reason I started using Linux over 15 years ago was that I could configure, tune and change everything to my liking. With Gnome Shell I feel this has been taken away from me, and I need to mess around with extensions that break as often as they work for the most trivial things. You can't even change the theme without an extensions! Really a sad development. Needless to say I'm on Fallback Classic Gnome on my Ubuntu 11.10 for now. Even this thing is more crippled than before.

639: 1. Icons on the Desktop

2. Back to the principle 'one app for one function'

3. Enhanced user interface/artwork like Mac OSX aqua

Quit making choices for the user, I want much more control over my desktop!

640: More online-account providers (exchange, generic xmpp)
smartcard (pkcs11) support voor gnome-keyring

641: 1. Stop desktop icons from appearing on top of others.
2. Implement the [Windows 7] feature that makes a window take up half the screen when dragging a window's title bar to the left or right edge of the screen.
3. Get rid of Mono/Gtk#.

642: Change the way the top Panel behaves, showing only the icon and name of an application + the option to close it is quite useless, maybe a global menu or something like that would be more useful

643: It would be nice if storing LDAP address entries for offline use would finally work right with Evolution.
Url handlers seem to be broken for whatever reason. Especially the mailto handler. Fixing that would be nice.
A Network Manager that supports profiles/automatic (and system wide) proxy setup depending on the network I am on would be great. Right now I have to resort to proxydriver (http://marin.jb.free.fr/proxydriver/) and some hacks to be able to just use apt/Synaptics, terminal, and other software behind a proxy.

I'm happy with GNOME the way it is... or was since GNOME 2.x will eventually not be maintained anymore.
Maybe something like "clear looks" for GNOME 3 would be nice. A nice interface without the gnome shell would also be good, since I actually use all of my (wide) screen space.

644: Bring back the old functionality instead of this new must-fix-what-ain't-broken tablet UI.

Please, at least make it optional to have GNOME 2 look in GNOME 3. I was hoping that with Windows doing a change for worse I could always use linux but now even Gnome has began doing similar changes

645: Default Synapse

Default Synapse

646: Enabling ability to scroll through tabs with the mouse wheel while holding my cursor over the tab bar

647: Gnome shell. I use KDE, but I like the concept Unity. I'd like Gnome to adapt Unity, because I consider it's much more usable than Gnome shell. There's a chance I'll install Ubuntu and give KDE a rest for some time.

I don't like you allow Icaza to post at planet gnome. Icaza's nothing more, but MS lobbyist. I don't like mono and I'd like to see it removed from Gnome. My votes aren't so good, but that's mainly because of Gnome shell.

648: The window manager needs better and more flexible configuration management. I used to use Sawfish instead of Metacity.

The new Gnome 3.x user interface "experience" may be more shiny and Appleish, but definitely a downgrade from the 2.x-series.

I don't like the new ideology that defaults should suit everyone. This is Windows bullsh*t. For a reference, see, e.g., http://mcpierce.blogspot.com/2011/05/fedora-15-gnome-3-and-closing-your.html

I am currently happy with Xfce and won't go back to Gnome desktop, though I am still using some specific Gnome applications such as Evolution.

649: * Improve connection between the settings/options of GNOME 3 and the user. Users can still not change some aspects of the environment without further knowledge. This should have been done by now.

*More customization, without drastic action by the user (extending my first point).

*Improve 'GNOME fallback session'. Needs more love and attention mainly because users might not like the changes decided by the GNOME team. (Dare I say including me. Although I don't like the changes in GNOME 3 I am 'free' to pick another desktop environment. GNOME did need a change but not in this direction.)

650: More customization available.
Better main menu (mint).

651: - The ease of customization
- Possibility to choose between the old lay-out and the new lay-out.

Look more closely to xfce in relation to customization of the desktop environment. I like linux because the freedom of choices which you can make. But the newest Gnome version locks up most options in customization, what makes it very difficult to reorganize or change the look an feel of your desktop.

652: reinstate 2.x desktop environment under gnome 3

Stop trying to force users into your restrictive, inflexible workflow.

653: somehow make dependencies easier when building it / upgrading it.

654: Participate more with freedesktop.org (creating / approving standards)

655: GNOME shell, GNOME shell, GNOME shell

Please provide real alternative to GNOME shell.

656: * different wallpaper per workspace
* a way of having some kind of scriplets in dash mode
* alt ctrl tab should do the same in desktop mode and dasher mode

Just keep going in the direction of gnome 3

It roxx it's the best desktop user experience I ever had

657: More unique forward thing ideas not copied from any other desktop. Also keep it fast, uncluttered, and clean. Don't bloat it up.

658: 3.2
- Bring back the compact menus
- Make the panel configurable and hideable
- Re-enable a launcher creation wizard (like GNome 2.3)

- Tidy up Nautilus to display more files (current layout uses too much space for bread crumb, icons and menus)
- enable mouse back button in Nautilus and other apps other than the browser
- Implement a better engine for dynamic background transitions (current one causes stuttering when using CPU intensive apps)

I appreciate the hard work they do even if I don't agree many of their layout changes. Please remember the powers user when implementing new features. In fact, I would recommend accommodating the power users first, then bolt on the simple stuff later.

659: Default nautilus right click menu items.
mount iso image
open terminal here

660: 1. get your sense back.
2. number 1 is enough:)

get a sane design that don't try to save the world where there is no necessity to do so.

a happy xfce user at the moment.

661: Let people the choice!

You give the tools, We decide how to use them

no, sorry

662: More features
Easier to customize
An advanced user mode

Keep up the good work. You are taking the desktop environment in a new and interesting direction.

663: 1. Nautilus design, to be like nautilus elementary, and gloobus preview.
2. That they care from what we have to say about design and reflect on their products.

Tried ubuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell on netbook and it was very unstable, poor integrated (compared to unity or ubuntu with gnome 2.x). Please keep the hard work and listen to what users DO want to see/have.

Thank you.

664: - make it easier to customize
- make it easier to move the bar (is that even possible)
- more themes

665: Get rid of unity.
Get rid of Gnome Shell.
Use mint menu.

We do not need gnome for tablets or netbooks, we need a desktop for desktop computers with an interface not designed to slow us down with every action you intend to do.

666: - Create an overview of running applications (like on the old panel)
- Bringing back minimize and maximize buttons
- Style-Polish (GTK2-Adwaita-Theme, Font-Rendering)

Gnome 2.32 was the best desktop I ever used in my life. I hope you can bring that feeling back one day. Right now, I cannot feel it yet with 3.2, and it feels like I won't in the next few versions.

667: Continue development of gnome 2.x series, or backport some improvements from gnome 3 to 2.x

668: continue gnome tradition by offering a gnome 3 version similar to gnome2, take a pole before releasing a version of gnome that is useless (gnome 3) obviously many users will abandon gnome once gnome 2 becomes to old to integrate with their distribution. when this happens i will use xfce as my main desktop unless gnome gets their act together. after i switch over to xfce i will use pieces of gnome integrated with xfce to make a complete desktop.

don't release a desktop that you THINK people will like, unless your goal is to abandon your loyal user base. it's sad that after so many years of being proud of the gnome desktop i will soon have to abandon it because it has changed so much that it is a SHELL of it's former part.

669: More regularity, less split between gconf and dconf for example

670: Please make Gnome 3 as configurable as Gnome 2 was :)
Otherwise, keep up the good work :)

671: 1)basic configuration (make it easy to extensively alter font settings, make it possible to auto-hide top bar without need for an extension, themes (I understand the branding perspective here but keep in mind that even when this is available most users will still just use the default...see old Gnome for instance where most screenshots tended to be just vanilla Gnome))
2)full Tracker integration--finding and reminding was supposed to be a very large part of Gnome 3 but it keeps getting pushed further away;part of the solution has to be something like Tracker regardless of developer politics
3)overview needs to be of more use-- it seems a tremendous waste to have this place, which could be very dynamic and rich, but is simply used to switch and launch windows
4)(yes I know, one more than 3...sorry) visually searching for applications is quite hard (on my Android it is even worse since I have so many apps) and the search bar isn't fast or smart enough to completely replace it as a result I often use the Synaptic launcher but I'd much rather have this capability in the Shell

The notifications need to be smarted. Currently it is all or nothing, but when working I still want to be notified of the urgent email (so marked) and that is something that could be parsed and passed along as exceptions to be shown--perhaps something similar could be employed with IRC, but there doesn't appear to be an easy solution there.
An important feature I'd like is GS to anticipate my needs better. To make frequently grouped actions more easy to do. An event logger of some sort could used here (Zeitgeist?). Understandably this is a hard problem, not just on how to do it but how to present it, but the tools seem to be there just not the will.
If you'll recall the original Gnome Shell design paper, it was originally supposed to be something that would adapt to the user. So things are easy for both novices and advanced users. This is the single largest failing of the actualized Gnome Shell.
Lastly, please start logging the Gnome design meetings.

672: Allow the theme to be changed more easily

Resize icons in the applications menu so they aren't so massive - I'm not blind, thanks :)

Allow you to move panels around more like in 2.x

Keep up the good work - thanks for allowing icons on the desktop again (that was my biggest complaint in 3.0 :p)!!

673: - easier plugin/applet installation

Good job, keep on working/inovating.

674: give back useful (graphical) system tools, don't try to look like OSX, an efficient interface allows to do all things clearly, not hidding options to avoid irritating short tempered or dumb users. gnome 2.32 was quite good yet perfectible but ... what went wrong with since 3.x ?

CPU & GPU is for my apps, games, USEFUL deamon or services, not for animating f---ing windows with sparks and 3D effect just for reducing a square of pixels ... i'm tired to see a "fully decorated christmas tree" everytime i make a fresh install (KDE isn't better on this point).

And a forum isn't a clean documentation, it's a pain to find something relevent in it and it's even worse when english isn't your native language. Maybe a WELL INDEXED wiki could do the job.

675: I just ask for one: Support virtual desktops arranged in a grid (eg. 3x3 matrix).

Thank you for reading this!

676: Allow permanent re-sizing columns in Nautilus;
Right-click 'move to';
Improved weather applet.

Continue support of Gnome 2.
Don't fall in love with change for its' own sake. Just because you CAN do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
Eat more fiber.
Ban 'Reality' television.

677: kill gnome-shell and keep the fallback mode.

work with the compiz team.

678: 1. Better interoperability with non-GNOME environments (in my case, Openbox).
2. More keyboard friendliness.
3. More stability, less eye candy.

Keep it simple, keep it lean, keep it modular. Stop adding frills to Telepathy, I won't even install it until it supports GPG encryption.

679: - the mindset in regards to what is absolutely the best for users - it fails to account for the simple fact that many users have different personal preferences
- being able *not* to suspend when I close my laptops lid (I need to keep my network connections)
- co-operation with Ubuntu's Design team and KDE for creating a better desktop experience

Stop making such nonsensical choices. It's not making me happier, it's making me more sad.

680: 1. Occasionally when I boot one of my panel applets doesn't load, I get a choice of deleting the applet or not. I say no and then have to restart the panel to get everything working fine.

2. See above.

3. See above.

I was very much looking forward to gnome3. However the changes to the panel and having to use the activity window have really put me off. Would it really have been to much trouble to provide the old functionality as optional plugins?
I see that 3rd party people are writing some replacements, but this won't be the same as first class support. My current gnome 2.32 desktop works so well, and is so easy to use I can't understand why you abandoned it. Please drop this touch interface obsession and let us have a usable desktop.

681: Configurability on the notifications.
More collaboration with KDE/qt
No mono

Ask people to contribute with things you know they can do. Make it easy. This survey is a good idea.

682: Icons, folders are grey and aweful.
Nautilus, remake the entire gui, or rewrite it, it's somehow slow and ugly, maybe take inspiration in marlin.

It would be great if the Ease project would be continued and made compatible with openoffice and msoffice.
Abiword definitely needs a gui remake and be better integrated to gnome

683: More, easily accessible preferences (no suspend on closing lid, don't switch listing mode (icons, detailed list, etc) when entering a subdir in nautilus, ...)
Get rid of most mouse "gestures" again (like window switching by pushing the cursor to the top left; this is on fedora 15, I hope it's them who removed an easy way to shutdown)
Third ... well, maybe use the same technique for displaying a directory in nautilus as they have in windows' explorer (selectable /and/ clickable)

Stop taking out essential options for minimalism. Command line just isn't acceptable for setting those options. Hide them behind an "Advanced"-Button or something, but don't force us to use google to find how to do something. Good defaults are important, but the ability to quickly change settings is as important. Don't be another Apple, please !

684: Please do make Gnome 3 interface as configurable as Gnome 2 (I can do what I want with the panel for example). I'm _less productive_ with Gnome 3 than with Gnome 2 because I have to use it the way you want not the I want and need.

Big thanks for Gnome anyway,
Best regards

685: Quickly catching up with customization and extendability of Gnome Shell to be on par with Gnome 2.X

686: -Make it easier to customize things (themes, the layout, and extensions, etc.)

-Make the theming support all consistent and usable (not all the same functions are available in GNOME-Shell themes and GTK3 themes)

687: 1. More (easily) configurable

2. Support widgets

3. FGLRX compatible

While I appreciate the spirit of experimentation, I think the abandonment of Gnome 2 was premature. Gnome 3 on FC15 is (so far) an interesting experiment, with incremental improvements since release, but it still falls short of alternatives in many key areas -- I hope you succeed in finding fixes.

688: The notification area: I understand the initial objective to minimize distractions. However the implementation in 3.0 (and seemingly 3.2) is clunky. To open something like gnote I don't know exactly where it is on the notification bar so I must first move my mouse to the bottom to expose it, then move it to the gnote icon (which moves as you hover it) and then finnally click it. The separation between the system functions on the top right (audio, bluetooth, etc) and the notification area is vague at best. I think they should be merged.

689: 1. Tablet UX

As tablets, and other touch-based formfactors, gather marketshare, GNOME needs to polish its appeal for these formfactors. GNOME Shell is without doubt a good step in the right direction, but what about the rest of the GNOME ecosystem? Many potentially deprecated structures (window bars [for maximized applications], menu bars) still play a significant role in the ecosystem. I would love to see these structures being replaced, where possible, by touch-friendly alternatives. Now I am aware that such initiatives are being worked on within the GNOME community so I will say no more. :)

2. GNOME strategy

It looks like the GNOME community has matured a lot in the past few years, accumilating in a global GNOME strategy. This in itself is a good thing, but the proposed end-goal seems iffy. GNOME as an OS (or distribution) raises a lot of questions, especially in terms of provided software. I am honestly worried about GNOME (OS) turning into a walled garden in which it's GNOME's way or the highway. So, in other words: I hope that, in the future, I will maintain my *freedom* to use whatever software I want in a GNOME environment, and that I will not be restricted to GNOME-only/approved applications (despite the wonderfull UX).

690: Compiz integration
Restore features that were removed since version 2 (screensavers, themes, etc)
Improve the system settings menu (there basically aren't any)

Stop throwing away features and replacing them with useless applications which most users have no use for when you have core applications that are barely functional eg. the telepathy notifications and integration were a major "feature" of the last release, while at the moment there is no way to change the password of a keyring, delete wireless access points from network manager, a total inability to configure the WM for secondary display, configurations for docked profiles, and so on; and the "feature" itself is intrusive and buggy. On a side note the all this clicking to unlock every single sub menu in to change a setting makes the pain that is Windows UAC look like a trifle by comparison. The shell itself is totally functional and I venture to say useful, but please stop destroying functionality and removing configuration.

691: + That gnome alternate desktop be more polished and more near to gnome-shell:
- Clock like gnome-shell clock, with same functionalities.
- Gnome-shell plugins on alternate desktop, like monitoring plugins, temp plugins, etc.
- Use same icons as gnome-shell, like the network-manager icon.
- etc.

+ A titlebar-less maximized windows. In gnome-shell the titlebar, when the apliccation windows is maximized, only add padding. You can close the window clicking on the it's name on top bar. I mean, I don't want a universal menu like osx, that is ugly and a step backward! The aplication menu will be next to top bar, not the titlebar. If you want to un-maximize you can click the name on the top bar and drag it on the desktop area.

+ A third thing? Ohhh my brain has crashed...

Keep rocking!

692: Nothing really springs to mind. Configurability could be easier, I suppose.

693: compiz miss me
easily change the appearance and configuration
more extensions

thanks for gnome-shell
very beautiful and easy to use
but please Listen user requests

694: These all relate to GNOME 3.x

1. Bring back the old GNOME layout or at least have it as an option.
2. Make options easier to change, I don't want to edit gconf
3. Listen more to what users want

Everyone I know, myself included, really loved GNOME 2.x and really hate GNOME 3.x. Everyone I talk to is either sticking with GNOME 2.x or switching desktop environments because of this. I do think GNOME 3.x has some great features and improvements like being able to chat without bringing up the window. What really kills GNOME 3.x for me is how I have to use mouse actions or keyboard short cuts just to do simple things like changing windows. I like having a task bar with all my running windows so I can easily switch to them. I really don't mind the new way of opening apps as I don't that often but I do switch alot. Just bringing back the task bar with currently running apps, a clock, system apps(volume, pidgin, etc), and a way to switch work spaces would make most people I know really like GNOME 3.x.

695: Click on the sidebar opens new window (rather than ctl+n)
Get better Fonts (the fonts in Ubuntu look much nicer)
More customization options

Keep on with the great work!!! THX

696: a dock in the bottom.
a more customizable panel.
a better and more complete control panel.

take the good things of gnome2 and bring them to gnome-shell.

697: More control over compisiting effects and more configuration. Sometimes I like to customize and tweak the way things look and work, and Gnome 3.2 doesn't give alot of control. Thankfully it at least supports extensions, but there isn't alot at the moment.

Make it easier for power users to customize the appearance and functionality of the shell.

698: 1. applications menu
2. applets
3. default background

699: 1. Improved ability to customize / extend ... or rather better documentation regarding the Gnome Shell CSS layout
2. Better integration of online accounts with Gnome-Shell. I very much like the latest work, however it's not quite there yet.
3. Improved configuration panel.

700: A Power-Off entry in the menu (without having to press Alt),
a noscript-like plugin for epiphany
and a visual cue in overview mode that a click will not affect widgets but the whole window (for example by shading the window on mouseover).

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