What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 6 of 10. 45 Comments

501: More options.

More configurable.

502: 1.Better Compiz integration.
2.Easier customization.
3.Officially supported transparency for programs built with Gtk+/GNOME libraries.

I don't know if I like the direction GNOME 3/Unity are taking.



504: plain desktop without shortcuts, north panel, more customizations

Thanks for asking for user's experience, please ask the community for suggestions more often.

505: 1. quick and easy way to change between running applications (Ie bar at the bottom was much easier for me to switch between tasks
2. kind of cumbersome starting applications (ie menu bar at top was easier) but less of a pain that the switch between running applications
3. May be fedora quirk but when I want to shut down, seems odd to have to log out then shut down.

Overall I like the new look and feel except for the task switching. After many years of Gnome use on red hat then fedora, I am now looking at other desktops because of this. This new method has not been efficient for me

506: Awesome is the way to go.

507: 1. Do not split from Ubuntu Unity, join forces instead of destroying each other.

2. Then redesigning the GUI, don't invent the wheel others have already invented but reuse the tried and tested interface standards people already know from Windows, iPhone etc.

3. In the browser (Nautilus) right click a folder and select "Search for files", instead of having to open the "Places" menu that is completely detached from the file browser and having to navigate to the folder one more time (sigh).

Merge Gnome Shell with Ubuntu Unity. The current situation is splitting users into camps, killing the community and making it impossible for "normal human beings" to help each other using Linux.

Lay principles and pride aside and think consolidation. "Linux" as we know is doomed to peak at 1% unless there is more consolidation.

Do not try to invent the wheel again and again. The Windows way works. The iPhone way works. We do not need an additional 9 different standards for user interfaces, and changing them completely every three years. "People" want things that work, and things that look nice.

508: -bring back full featured gnome-panel
-bring back the customization we were used to from 2.30.x
-make the "dock" option stable, because switching windows in 3.2 is really pain in the (you know what), based on IOGraph, my mouse traces are worse than those from OS X...

509: Keep it simple

510: Uh, good question. Well I am still "stuck" with Gnome 2.x. I had a look on a live DVD with Gnome 3, well... well. Not that much my taste. On my main desktop I use KDE, the W32 NT5.1 (gaming, lol), and twm or xfce on lower end machines. Gnome 2 is fairly ok though it lacks the configurability of KDE. I can do my stuff at work with it which is mainly happening in LibreOffice and gcalctool. Don't know if there is something like Kalzium, would be ok since I work all day in a chemistry lab. :)

Cooperate with KDE, we need to pull the rope in (about) one direction. We need working free desktop environment(s). Have a good alternative to Windows.
Speed up Gnome (and KDE), both need quick reactions, sometimes they feel sluggish (and that's probably not the hardware).
And these experiments... people. 2 things:
a) Not everything is a stupid m.f.ing touchpad. There ARE still more normal Desktop machines with a sensible I/O (keyboard, mouse, big, readable screen). And we intend to WORK on them.
b) don't hide all elements from the user. Users are not stupid. We feel mistreated like fools. You can always opt in a "n00b" mode, so a beginner can hide confusing options but leave the configuarbility for advanced users please.

511: Go back to 2.x.

Go back to 2.x.

512: I have problems with gtk apps and my external monitor on udlfb on my main computer. It cannot properly place windows or popups.
So I use Qt and kde apps with awesome windowsmanager.

I once tried the Gnome3 and it looks very polished, cannot say anything to usability since I cannot use gtk :/
Still waiting for my new laptop and will give Gnome3 a shot, I prefer gtk apps and hope this works out...

513: - move the messaging indicator to the top bar (so its always visible) (control of offline/online is in the top right anyway)
- use the horizontal space of modern monitors to always display the taskbar (sort of unity-style, but without hiding) or at least provide an option for that by default
- a (windows-)firefox-style application menu in the top left of the window decoration (it's quite big anyway), which is IMO the best implementation of a menu.

really great work so far!
but why do you burden yourself with the development of yet another web browser that *nobody* uses instead of focusing the resources on something more important? (like providing an extra tab, besides windows and applications, for people/contacts in the activities-view? the way it's implementet now I have to manually start Empathy to see who of them is online, destroying the advantage of having contact management available in the DE).
thank you all for listening! :)

514: 1. Easy access to _online_ translation and bug tracker like in Launchpad.
I really-really tried to participate in translation but one wiki-page redirects me to another and so on, when I finally discovered where it really was, I didn't want to go any further. Launchpad is the best example of really easy and friendly use and access. I did there a lot of translations commits.
2. Make buttons, bars and so on not so huge. I adore them being big but not SOOO large. My 10" netbook display sometimes cannot cope with them.
3. FONTS!!! Cyrillic letters are hideous, though latin letters are quite nice.

Keep in touch. I mean inform users of what is going on. I miss official news about GNOME, commits (those weekly digest commits), changelogs, summits (upload them on YouTube).

515: Expand/collapse tree node by [left]/[right] keys.
Port gnome-panel to gnome3 as is.
Fix long term bugs. (e.g.: smooth scrolling...)

Please listen to your users.

516: 1. Detect whether the user is using a Desktop Computer (Desktop, Laptop) or other mobile devices (tablet, phone) and give desktop user Desktop Usability Feature not Mobile effect.

2. Directory Icon color.

3. Default Gnome App to install and apply fonts.

Give my Desktop back, take away your mobile.

517: 1. Built-in the possibility to mimic completely the GNOME2-Desktop when using the fallback-mode.

2. none

3. none

518: 1. Easy/obvious way to open new window with keyboard (instead of switching to existing instance)
2. More centralized configuration (e.g. everything in dconf)
3. Provide "Computer" places access in file dialogs instead of only "Bookmarks"

519: Keyboard-only navigation (DO NEED!),
tiling window-management,
and a smarter Alt-F2 launcher.

Gnome3 is gorgeous (assuming you have the right hardware _and_ drivers, which isn't a given).
Keep up the good work!
(but please do enable us *not* to use the mouse, though)

520: #1 The perception that GNOME always removes functionality to dumb down (partly true, partly FUD) could be assisted by better documentation surrounding gconf/dconf w.r.t. the keys it can accept

#2 the "Application" part of GNOME 3.x defaults to listing all applications and the right hand side to sub-catigory. Would be more functional if some form of "most used" was listed there instead and an ALL catigory was provided on the right (with games,internet...)

#3 the dock (kind of annoying it is only visible via activities) doesn't have any decent separation between launcher and running tasks - OSX has done a reasonable task at this

521: Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell, Gnome Shell

Kill Gnome Shell

522: title bar size --> make smaller
larger portion of window accessible for resizing
larger titles (possibly in the centre of the window) when viewing windows in expose-like mode

keep up the great work.

Try not to remove functionality when moving to future versions of Gnome.

DO NOT mimic Apple's operating system. If I wanted to run OSX I would. I like the overall better functionality of Gnome and don't want to see Gnome look too much like OSX.

523: I'd like to see power off menu, when I can easily choose between "Shutdown", "Sleep" and "Hibernate" options.

524: Is important to be implemented native desktop search like Google desktop search or Windows Vista/7 System search. Zeitgeist is good base to rely on. It has to be something like Synapse > http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/synapse-gnome-do-launcher-app-review-ubuntu/

Focus on the stability and please stop moving/changing the ways in which work typical Gnome 2 user!

525: Inbuilt features to download themes and apply them from the desktop settings alone
Control mouse using the keys of my choice

You guys are doing a great job! I just hope that you would keep GNOME desktops clean and sleek forever.

526: - some windows are to large for netbook displays
- customisable animations and effects (especialy for netbooks)
- settings and customisations easier accessible or comments about config files in documentation

527: At the top of the list, I'd say the file dialog. Although some enhancements have been made in the latest years, navigation, picking folders, seeing thumbnails and other common tasks still seem harder than they should be (an in comparison with KDE's or windows xp's file picker).

It would also be nice if a classic mode is re-integrated into gnome 3: many people (especially older people I converted to linux, like my grandpa) have difficulty enough using computers, and having a bit more of customization in terms of panels and the desktop would help in making gnome more familiar to these people.

A better printing dialog, with simple inline preview akin to OSX would also be very welcome.

Please consider adding options for a bit more customization, even it is hidden behind gconf: as I power user I feel that my software should no longer shape me, and instead it is I that should shape it to my needs, and it is because of that that even though I've used gnome off and on for several years (and do recommend it for most users, especially new ones), I still prefer using KDE.

KDE has lots more sharp edges and bugs, but having the power to have it exactly to my liking is something I'd rather have.

528: get back gnome2 desktop (unity is not usable for me, maybe for beginners...)

529: Audio subsystem (drop pulseaudio)
Tab scrolling (give it back)
Configurability (more of it)

530: You guys simply rock!

531: 1) Some options should go back in system setting capplets.
2) An upstream taskbar should make its way back.
3) You should do your best to make your apps real competition for their alternatives. Abandoning software or constant rewrites due to API changes doesn't do any good.

You should consider more user proposals and communicate better. Eg. allow users to anonymously propose some features and promise to create a website where you would answer them - with approval or disapproval and why. Like a blog.

532: Not sure.

533: 1. Upgrade from GNOME 2 to 3 must preserve more data (e.g. wallpaper, sticky notes applet, launchers in panels)
2. Provide an option to NOT log out in case the Shell crashed
3. Shell extensions to replace more of the old panel applets like sensors, system monitor, CPUfreq, disk mounter and better documentation about the migration and upgrade path

534: -better integration (look and feel) for non native (non GNOME/GTK) aps.
-push for common universal desktop standards (desktop manager independent).
-ergonomics of the desktop environment.

standardization, standardization and more standardization....dont invent new standards "your way", Gnome only, when not needed, and when needed would be great for a desktop independent standard, meaning ease way to use non native aps in your desktop manager of choice; i get mad every time i have to use Kde/Qt aps in Gome and Gnome/Gtk aps in Kde. The linux desktop fragmentation and lack of some tighter universal standards make linux desktop experience a hell some times, especially for the new linux "recruits". How to explain to some non technical person with M$ windows background that u have to set same thing for every desktop manager, graphic toolkit etc, as opposed to M$ windows where all aps (including gtk/Qt/wx/etc potrs) get the same color setting , file associations, icons set etc. This is because all toolkits ported to M$ windows use the already in place standards of that OS. All those "little things" hurt linux as a desktop OS. Freedom and multiple "options" are good as much time as they don`t hurt the overall user experience, so don`t confuse them with the current lack of standardization.

535: More personalization options (especially in GNOME 3, we shouldn't have the need for tools such as Gnome Tweak Tool)

Don't make too much choices on behalf of the user : we should be able to choose.
Just use the default settings that seems best for most users but keep a way to change them easily for the others.
Also, keep up the good work !

536: 1) The fonts and UI elements are gigantic in GNOME 3.x, would be nice if they were smaller

2) Font config available through a GUI

3) Color calibration without a colorimeter (like OS X) - bonus points if you can hand tweak the results

Love the work that's being done on GNOME 3, thanks!

537: 1. Please find the balance between aesthetics, control and intuitiveness!!!!

2. Maintain the control present in GNOME 2. It seems I can't simply right-click and add a launcher. I've had similar feelings doing other things. I added a launcher by dragging it out of the drop-down Applications menu and now I can't right-click it to remove it. I realize there probably still are ways to do these things, but this stuff needs to be intuitive and right-click was our way of doing these things in the past.

3. Power off from the desktop. Right now all I can do is log out (then I have to power off from the login manager - annoying).

I'm using Fedora 15 and upon update (new kernel and such), everything reverted from complete GNOME 3 to GNOME 3 backward compatibility (like GNOME 2) - I don't know why. Maybe some issues like this are dealt with in later GNOME 3.X or outside GNOME control, but its really frustrating.

The version of GNOME 3 I'm using (no shell) versus Unity - I like GNOME 3 better. They both make some similar regressions in order to simplify and clean up things. I'm OK with this to a degree, but I don't want to give up too much control. Unity has gone too far, but I think GNOME 3 can save it. The look is nice. Fedora 15 was nice until its updates broke everything on two different machines I have it on. Looking forward to see how Mint 12 will look using GNOME 3.2 (assuming they follow through).

I'm really looking forward to GNOME 3 with the infamous shell. I haven't used it yet, but I'd like to see what its all about. Sounds interesting. I love progress in the aesthetics direction, but I must have high system performance and control of the environment. Must have access to a terminal, utilities, system data, etc. at all times. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

538: Developers:
They don't listen to the users, and they forge ahead with things we say we don't want (like GNOME Shell), and they think we are stupid so they remove the options we have to customize things.

If they are working on something that they don't really care about much, then they will take forever to do it.

When it comes to features, bugs, or changes, if they don't want to change it because of their personal opinion, they just say no and tell us to shut up and take it. That needs to stop.

Start listening to the community and stop ignoring us, and stop telling us "we don't think X is a good idea because of Y (unknown reason)". Stop telling us to wade through mailing lists and get onto IRC. This is 2011.

Stop telling us how we want to use our computer for us, and telling us that the defaults you shove down our throats are good for us whether we like it or not. We're not your slaves, and while we appreciate the hard work you do (we really do), it would be nice if you listened when we made suggestions.

Complaints aside, congrats on breaking from the old 2.xx mould. However, don't forget most of the community didn't want GNOME Shell to be the direction taken, and you forged ahead anyway. You've ruined GNOME Panel by not putting much effort into it, and you're ruining our experience (and some people's computers) by not providing some sane options (or making the options that do exist impossible to find).

539: Change back to gnome 2.

Just start working again on Gnome 2.Gnome 3 doesn't cut it for me at all.It uses up more resources,it's slower for me,I'm slower with it,it's bad to use and looks awfull with most of my applications.
Sorry you do great work

540: 1
Dark theme with dark background for nautilus like atolm for gtk2
Rounded top inner corners make no sense and is a strange aesthetic choice considering that gnome 3 wants to give its users less chrome and less pointless graphics
Default theme must be totally color neutral

Window borders break your "remove chrome" philosophy of design. Good starting point would be to come up with much more abstract close "button" design.
Now some brutal honesty!
Your folder icon is total crap and looks worse than any folder icon on any mac os ever

541: Can't think of anything.

I admire and respect the designers and developers choices. Carry on. Also, gnome OS sounds very interesting. Would be nice to see progress made on that front.

Also, provide other payment methods for making donations to the foundation. Paypal sucks.

542: - fix issues with AMD's proprietary driver (support of Gnome 3 via Catalyst 10.10 is still bad!)
- add applets to top bar which show CPU usage and temperature
- fix issues of 3D applications under Gnome shell+AMD proprietary dirver (example: 3D MMORPG game Regnum Online crashs every time the gnome shell application switcher is opened)

- please fix bugs which appear with AMD's proprietary driver and test gnome shell with this driver too
- add options in gnome shell that it isn't launched over the whole screen AND/OR add more features to Gnome fallback mode that it is as extensible as GNOME 2

543: More configurability

544: * Enable Desktop
* Add system shutdown menu in GNOME 3
* Allow saving files on desktop by out-of-the-box on GNOME 3

I think useability needs a review here. GNOME 3.0 was useless until I had to install plugins to get basic funtionality back!! Do you really USE gnome 3.0 and see how painful it is. This is on a Fedora 15 box.

545: better documentation for gobject-introspection hooks into projects like mutter, to enable devs to create windowmanager extensions that run as gnome-shell plugins. Mutter's API documentation is basically nonexistent.

Also, the gnome lookingglass needs a TON of work. it needs to be like chrome's devtools.

bad documentation for certain gnome projects caused me to not contribute to gnome as a developer, because it was just too much work to read through bare code to figure out what APIs i could work with, and what they even do.

546: Need a row of window buttons for multitasking, without this, it is completely unusable for me, just as Unity is. It would be nice to have more built-in customization options. Other than those, good job!

Focus more on usability for power-users.

547: Gnome 2 is a good usable desktop. Gnome 3 has some aesthetic benefits, but also some annoying show stoppers. In gnome 2 I could set window behavior to my liking, disable the annoying login sound, etc, but in gnome 3, I see no way to affect any of these things. Is this sort of thing just something my distro has dropped, or have those knobs simply gone missing in gnome 3?

548: 1. admit that red hat employees run the show and most recently guide things in a way to artificially enhance their own competition with other environments due to incompatible technologies which in some cases are copies of existing ones.

2. admit that lack of features is the result of lack of manpower to technically support rich features with user help.

3. quit hiding the above items behind the name of usability.

Quit bikeshedding and stop creating news hyped "standards".

549: 1) The time and date at the to top-center screen should have 24h mode
2) It should be default to have close/maximize/minimize buttons on the left side of the window titlebar.
3) I miss the classic menu bar from Gnome 2. I know where my things are. I don't need to "search" for them. But I would not change that. I will get use to it.

You are doing good job. I think gnome 3 is the state-of-the art desktop environment of today (across all platforms).

550: 1. Missing icons on the desktop
2. A GUI to tweak the currently active theme (change the height of the titlebar and icon size in applications (they are too large at the moment), ...), manage extensions, hide accessibility applet in the panel; in essence, a more user friendly way to tweak GNOME Shell
3. Add minimize button - quite useful to temporarily hide windows

At first I was disappointed with the GNOME Shell and its lack of customization, until I found out that it can be configured using the command line and editing the configuration files. After tweaking the theme, enabling icons on the desktop and adding several extensions (natural window placement, theme selector, alternative status menu, bottom panel with taskbar (I used it until I got used to the Activities view, helps with transition from GNOME 2.x), no a11y extension), I quite like GNOME Shell.

- I haven't tried the new login screen in 3.2, but it looks better than the one in 3.0 (which looks outdated).
- Totem needs an option to change skip (seek) duration - I like to perform small skips (10-15 seconds) using the left/right keys and long skips (1 minute) using shift+left/right. Totem is the only player that has this reversed by default (and unchangeable).

551: less steps needed to just get an application running. What I mean by that is I shouldn't have to click the upper left corner, then in the search bar type the application name then run it. That is lost productivity and not very intuitive. Also have desktop icons/shortcuts enabled by default.

I like the new look, but usability has dropped since GNOME 2 for reasons described in question 22.

552: 1) improve configurability
2) revamp the notification bar
3) get rid of corner activation

553: Make it more friendlier for Desktop(Gnome-Shell particularly)...
1. No Power Off until u press Alt is not good at all for novice users, they get scared away... No one knows about that tricky hidden feature when they use the Shell for the first time.
2. If I select an app from the side bar than it means I want to open an instance of it, I don't want to get switched to an already opened same app, if I would want to select the app already opened I would press on the app in the Windows selection(I see them in front of me, if I want to open it I will press on it in the "Windows" selection, but if I press on the side bar than I want another instance, why do I get switched, like I can't press my self on that big Image sitting in the "Windows" selection).
3. Make sure it is easy to install and has good integration with Ubuntu cause there is the user base, let's be realistic... For example, in Ubuntu 11.04 I tried to install Gnome-Shell but it had bad integration so I tried KDE and I fell in love with it, so now I use only KDE(still free software user but anyway).

You are doing a great work, keep doing it. Btw, I love Gnome-Shell, it's sexy as he**, just needs a little bit of bugs fixing and some minor changes.

P.S: My responses to the survey are based on the previous Gnome 2.x and Gnome 3.x experience. Not using it currently but I can still appreciate it based on 2-3 years of experience with Gnome.

554: Fix random Segfaults, Integrate with Compiz instead of mutter, Messaging integration could use some polish...

Bother AMD to make drivers that work with Gnome-Shell

555: Not enough power-user graphical settings and tweaks.

Don't think you have the same user base as apple.

556: One thing - developer attitude.


557: Proper support for two monitors on top of each other with gnome-panel on top of the bottom screen. Currently menus from panel bug a little but I use it like this never the less.

This goes also for gnome-shell which was broken last time i tried it with two monitors on top of each other.

Enforce display settings always if the same kind of display is seen. Even if X.org disconnects and reconnects the display when I signal undocking (lenovo dock).

I don't like gnome shell but thanks for your work.

558: Keep up the good work, but please don't try to reinvent the wheel. Remember KISS!

559: Keep the GNOME 2.X way to work :-)
NO Javascript.
faster and minimal footprint.

NO Javascript and CSS.
Look more at lisp/scheme for a good interactive dev. system.

560: New alt-tab switcher of gnome 3.x
New panels (no flexiblity)
"Actions" approach

Please count the number of clicks to get a job done between 2.x and 3.x

561: -fork the gnome2 branch
-provide traditional task-bar capabilities (in gnome3)
-overall desktop configuration fixes

-get over the "I want a mobile interface everywhere" craze
-allow the users decide how they want gnome - i.e. traditional or shell

562: instead of trying to emulate MAC osx desktop feel, it would be much much better to try for a more MS Windows feel.

also, there should definitely be a "apply" and "cancel" or "revert" button on any window.

nothing except that Unity is utterly crap.
and i will continue using gnome 2.0 (ubuntu classic)

If I don't want to use unity or stupid software that makes everything harder then give me the option! Give me the normal classic desktop back! It's faster, easier to use, and it's way way nicer. DIE GNOME SHELL FOR 3.0 and DIE UNITY.


If this doesn't work then I have to create my own desktop envoiroment! And that is going to take time :/


564: 1 - Work better with ATI display adapters. The main reason I use Unity instead of gnome-shell is unreadable elements on the screen.

2 - Easier to customise without special add on applications (e.g., shell extensions).

3 - ?

Just try to listen to what real users want,

565: GNOME Shell
Configuration defaults
Theme simplification

Listen to users

566: List of applications should be preloaded to somewhere.
Its really anouing when it would be actually faster
to just go trought the list of apps installed, than
wait for gnome3 to find it XD

567: Better and more configuration options

568: - Integrate glick2
- Add search in gnome-terminal
- Fix nautilus keyboard navigation regressions

Please also accomodate desktop/dual-boot setups (reboot/shutdown menu).

569: 1. Feature parity with GNOME 2 (like, I dunno... weather application?)
2. Automatic disabling of fancyShell for intensive applications (example: Windows disabling Aero for games)
3. Thunderbird compatibility with shell. Let Mozilla handle those applications; the more widely used cross-platform apps the better.

For the "bigger" applications (browser, e-mail, etc.), let those go in favor of those adopted by all platforms. You can typically make it easier for people to switch if you grant them the power to use the same applications and have it embedded into the new environment. Wasting time on that is similar to KOffice still existing while LibreOffice is around.

570: Give us back a decent set of customization options.
Give us back a decent window list / dock.

571: Open nautilus faster

Open Applications faster in general

572: My problem is not so much with Gnome itself. My problem is with Gnome forgetting that multi-card / multi-screen under X11 prevents compositing (two Nvidia gtx570, four screens). I would have to use Fallback mode on my desktop for that reason. I find fallback mode repulsive.

When Gnome shell came, it meant being satisfied with fallback mode, as a second class user with a high-end machine, or using something else! Gnome left me behind without considering that X11 prevented the actual Gnome, as it is currently meant to be, from functioning properly. Hence, I'm not using Gnome on the desktop (xfce) and considering switching on the laptop to xfce for reasons of uniformity.

573: #1
An option to run the actual desktop environment without compositing, where it looks identical to how it should when compositing is enabled. The problem here is that it can be nice to have visual effects when casually using the desktop... browsing, email for example. HOWEVER, some of us do things which need to have compositing "toggled" off. For instance when playing opengl games or other graphics intensive programs. Games + compositing = slug mode. People don't want to have to log out into something reminisent of 'winblows safe mode' every time they want to play a quick game.

Bring back the traditional menu for applications. A barrage of 256x256 icons plastered on the screen is very laggy, and unproductive. It takes a very long time to find anything. I do wear glasses, but even i find this insulting as if the gnome dev's assume my eyes cannot see past my feet.

Get rid of the netbook/mobile phone interface because, Desktop computer != toy. Lack of configuration to customize anything gives the appearance that gnome dev's are targetting disabled people as an audience. I mean no offence to people with accesibility needs, however i think that when you try to "hide everything under the bonnet" you'd just as well be writing software for windows users.

Gnome 3 is simply ususable.

I realise how open source projects work and am grateful, but as it stands i will not be using gnome ever again. I mean, people thought the KDE transition from the 3.x - 4.x series was a disaster.... i am completely speechless at what gnome 3 has turned into, and it makes the early KDE 4 releases look polished and professional, which is quite ironic.

I suggest you stop calling it a desktop environment, because gnome 3 is NOT for the desktop. In my eyes, and almost everyone else i know which has used gnome, agrees it has become nothing more than a tablet interface for kiosks or toddlers.

I don't mean to be rude, but this is the problem. Why did the gnome team not work on an environment for DESKTOP COMPUTERS, and then "fork" that into a netbook interface. The KDE team realises that netbook + desktop don't go together and thus they have 2 seperate desktop layout/appearance modes.

574: 1 : Mouse wheel active on tab.
2 : Binding allocation options for most buttons on a wide variety of widgets (ex: see first point).
3 : Pure GNOME shutdown button.

Mouse wheel is important (to some of us).

575: gnome shell must be optional
gnome2/gtk2 theme support
focus on the Desktop, mobile is not a priority.

1. gnome3/gtk3 needs to support gnome2/gtk2 themes, by not supporting them countless man hours of people making gnome 'their' desktop just get thrown out the window - all because of some fancy 'design-concept'
-> gnome shell must be optional.
2. same 'design-concept' or even ridiculous allures towards the 'gnome platform' just be kicked out. bring back customisability and modularity to the gnome world, KDE's big weakpoint is its lock-in regarding look and feel and choice of apps.(at least from gnome's standpoint)
3. forget the mobile front. we still don't have a proper linux DESKTOP, 2.32 was close, by going 3.x 'just' for a larger 'platform-variance' focus was lost.let others do mobile.

576: 1. prettier default font, love Lucinda Grande from OSX
2. easier to read mono font for development, OSX has a nice one
3. I like the wobbly windows from compiz

I absolutely love Gnome3/Gnome Shell. The interface is minimalist, clean, unobtrusive and crashes much less than Gnome2. Keep up the great work!

577: Provide an optional gnome-2 like interface suitable for desktop users built on top of the gnome-3 libraries. If you have no interest in that, fair enough. I strongly dislike gnome shell and unity for desktop use, so I switched to Xfce and am fairly happy with it. Lxde was less nice but I could have lived with it.

578: Stay with GNOME 2

drop the shell

579: Make it much easier to resize windows: the area in which the cursor must be to turn into a resize cursor is much too small.
Make it easier and more robust to arrange icons on the panel.
Improve Nautilus start up time.

I totally adhere to Gnome's values of consistency and simplicity over configurability. Keep up the good work!

580: 1. Change Evolution as main email, calendar client into something more stable and nicer(thunderbird comes to mind).
2. Single folder for programs, related to gnome desktop, configuration
3. Ability to cycle through messages in the notification area by keyboard.

581: Power off option in user menu
Date should be shown next to the time
more online accounts should be supported in gnome-online-accounts

Good job. Gnome-shell gets better and better!

582: - Implement an easy to find "expert mode"-button to unhide all those options and settings menu items and buttons that were more and more hidden in the last years. I hate to have to use the "gconfig-editor"-tool when wanting to change something.

- Give nautilus more functionality

- Concerning Gnome 3: letting the user choose where on srceen the app-starter and desktop-choosers are

Keep up the good work.

583: A hard dependency of e.g. the calendar applet in Gnome Shell on Evolution might be replaced by a generic 'Calendar application' (like a hyperlink opens in the default browser, not necessarily Epiphany)

584: 1) A global menu would be lovely!
2) I really love the android "share" system, something like that would be nice for Gnome (although Copy + Paste works great)
3) I love Banshee and its a great Music Player but I feel the UI could be a bit more attractive. Something like Cover Flow would go a long way.
4) The Linux desktop could benefit from more Avahi integration, perhaps this could be integrated more visible in Gnome? Both Pulse Audio and Banshee (using the "Telepathy" extension) offer some nice social options but not a lot of user know about it.

Sushi is awesome! Exactly what I wanted for a long time, I love the new Nautilus and the new settings menu :)

Also much love to the Evince and Empathy team, both are amazing and great pieces of software.

I know thats it's not really a Gnome thing but the Linux desktop would greatly benefit from a update for GIMP and some usability enhancements (saner defaults!) for LibreOffice.

585: 1. Support of custom widget/applets from the get-go. I need a weather widget!

2. Manually add shortcuts to the left bar (debian gnome doesn't see everything I want, specifically, it doesn't see akregator anymore)

3. Have a fallback interface that looks and feels similar for 2d. Enlightenment did it, so can GNOME.

You people rock! Gnome 3 is wonderful and is only getting better. I can see how people who have been hacking on linux for 10+ years can't adjust, but for the newbies and those who can adapt their workflow, it's fantastic!

586: Go back to basics
Stop tryimg to copy Unity..it sucks too
A bit less memory use

587: Improve fallback mode - make it more like gnome 2

588: 1. A more modern file browser (nautilus is great, but it's the same since years!
2. Integrated advanced services like clipboard manager (glipper) etc.
3. More courage, Gnome is like it was YEARS ago, that's half a good and a bad thing. World is changin very fast :)

As Unity is spreading through Ubuntu, Gnome team should work hard as it never did to offer a valid alternative.

Focus on usability and HARMONY! Gnome strength is (was) the solid-feeling. Port it to gnome shell and you'll be able to fetch more users (and maybe make Ubuntu switch back from Unity (that is't perfect at all, but has some good functionalities)

589: Log in screen needs some improvement. The Fedora logo is not well placed on the log in screen.

I would like an application to select start-up items.

I would like to be able to select a screen saver.

Overall the experience of Gnome 3 is very slick and beautiful and I really enjoy using it. Keep up the good work

590: 1. Customize my desktop
2. Volume control vertical again
3. Better calendar (Look at KDE's for an example)

1. Don't change things for the sake of change.
2. Stop "simplifying" by taking away options.
3. Work more with KDE/QT teams. This issue of only using Gnome/GTK apps or only using KDE/QT apps is ridiculous.

591: Log in screen needs some improvement. The Fedora logo is not well placed on the log in screen.

I would like an application to select start-up items.

I would like to be able to select a screen saver.

I would like the dash to work like the dash in Unity. I would like to be able to access the dash without having to use the super key or Activities. I would like it to have autohide function like Unity. I would like to be able to move the dash as well

Overall the experience of Gnome 3 is very slick and beautiful and I really enjoy using it. Keep up the good work

592: Put back the screensaver, improve the default movie and music player with better and easier to use features. And make some of the extra addons for gnome shell default instead of a need to be installing third party addons.

593: 1) Stop sacrificing functionality for estatics
2) Provide much more options and customizations (like KDE). Introduce ability to hide them if wanted.
3) Make it possible to use machine with GNOME without console for all tasks.
-) Lessen bindings to gnome own libraries and files, where it makes sense to do so.

- Port K3B! Or make usable software to burn CDs without residing to K3B
- KDE plasma is nice. In fact, single nice thing about KDE4. Adapt it.
- Please dump mono and Icaza altogether. Beside starting the project, he has done everything to destroy it since hired and bribed by microsoft.

594: Make it more light weight, reduce the amount of padding on buttons and the title bar,

595: GNOME's current theme seems somehow ugly when compared to other desktop environments or operating systems (like KDE, Unity, Windows 7 or Mac OSX for instance).

When I'm using gnome shell I cannot stop noticing that my cpu usage is quite high which leads to a weak battery life and high cpu temperature, also the current gnome-system-manager is really slow when compared to the 2.x version.

596: 1. Fix "minor" bugs in a timely manner. Although rated "minor," there are a lot of user-interface bugs that negatively impact user productivity but exist for years, for example https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=552093.

2. not applicable

3. not applicable

1. Please always remain receptive to user feedback and concerns.

2. Please improve responsiveness to fixing user-interface bugs that may be marked "minor" but that are encountered everyday by users, for example https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=552093.

3. Keep up the great work!

597: Put in a proper menu bar again, even Unity has a sidebar that shows what is running. Give us window buttons back!

Stop thinking you are UI designers, you clearly have no idea what you are doing.

598: Bifurcate Gnome into 2 branches - one for mobile devices and one for the desktop.

599: For someone who has movement issues ie cerebral palsy type jerkiness the ability to slow the mouse down as slow as in windows.

Thank you for a great product GNOME .

600: 1) Make the "backend" stuff like search, metadata, etc. work with other DE's various technologies.

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