What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 5 of 10. 45 Comments

401: Thank you!

402: Add a proper dock.
Remove the very ugly default theme.
Stop making simple things complicated.

Stop making simple things complicated.

If things don't complicate, why remove them?

Only remove functionality if there is an alternative.

Do not remove, erase, clear, things for the sake of removing, without any valid justification.

I minimize.

If it's that hard to change the theme, the default MUST NOT SUCK SO MUCH.

If the shell is supposed to only be usable with extensions, why the heck do I need to install a TWEAK utility to change/add whatever?

403: 1) Make 2.x interface style a real option, not a fallback.
2) Configuration options - built-in, more, easier.

I don't like the direction Gnome 3.* is heading; it does not match the way I use my computer. I will seriously consider switching to another desktop manager with the next Fedora release I install (or the current one - 15 - if I get frustrated enough).

404: -I don't like Gnome 2's appearance, so aesthetic improvements would be nice.
-Gnome 3 although much better looking, isn't as flexible gnome 2. Most of the "functionality" of Gnome 2 should be restored if at all possible.
-Clean up the code.

Keep up the good work, but respect that users don't have time to learn a new system every year. Unity almost made me buy a mac, and Gnome 3 (the other option for Ubuntu) wasn't really ready when I tried it.

Ultimately nowadays, I'm semi-satisfied with XFCE, and distros that still support Gnome 2, and I'm forcing myself to learn KDE as well. Maybe that's good in the long run, but I really don't have the time to dedicate these pursuits making me either less likely to stick with Linux and less likely to recommend it to friends, because I can't really help them over the initial tough spots anymore.

405: D-Bus usability and debugability a the development level. It's currently awful to debug D-Bus apps, and difficult to write new ones without somebody holding your hand.

Fixing the inconsistent and obtuse separation of management functions into multiple panels, making it difficult to change something unless you already know where to look for the setting.

Vertical screen space taken up by menu bars in their only functional layout.

Take some UI design lessons from Apple and XFCE. They're kicking your ass.

406: More options
Less dumbing down
More regard for users' needs

I've stopped using Gnome since 3.x came out. I now use Compiz (stand alone), no DE.

407: 1. Give a user more choice. For example allow to stay in gnome2 desktop paradigm.
2. Robustness. Gnome-shell crashes more often then i want to.
3. Performance. Gnome still looses to lxde in this parameter, for instance.

408: 1) add a switch to toggle suspend / shutdown default in the status menu

2) allow Drag & Drop to sort worspace order

3) remind the developers not to focus on company services from google, twitter and faceboox too much, as there is neither freedom nor privacy.

Love you, you rock!

409: Get rid of the stupid restrictions on everything, and lose the need to press more than just delete to delete something.

This survey could be better, as Unity is technically using GNOME 3.2 but the questions do not mention Unity setup.

410: - reduce title bar size to improve wasted screen space
- make the title bar disappear when the window is maximized
- integrate window menu into title bar to improve screen space when window is maximized, a la Unity / Mac OS

Great job with GNOME 3, but for me it's still only a good concept, great for netbooks / tablets (if you have a decent screen resolution because of wasted space with title bars) but not as usable as GNOME 2 or KDE 4 for the real work.

411: 1) make (the features of) gnome tweak tool part of system settings by default. those settings really are too basic to be missed. this includes a theme switcher!
2) global menu at least as option. i know u aint mates with canonical, but i actually believe that global menu is a great invention (though their implementation could use some work). there is already a hack-on global menu for gnome 3, which looks like a decent implementation
3) i know this isn't something GNOME developers have a particularly big say in, but the AMD graphics stack needs some love!

i think GTK3 and Gnome Shell 3.2 are great products, definitely a step up from GTK2/ Gnome Panels. keep it up!

412: 1. Restore Nautilus "go to parent directory" button.
Also, not a change but a feature that us veteran gnome users have been waiting for ages:
2. Nautilus list view click'n'drag (aka lasso selection)

Congrats for having the balls to dump the old desktop metaphor !Keep up the good work guys, you're on the right path !

413: 1. Nautilus, it has a terrible design
2. Integrate Zeitgeist into applications. I saw some awesome concepts for Gedit + Zeitgeist a while ago
3. Be more open for other shells. Accept more patches from downstream to make it easier to integrate other shells, and avoid regressions. An example would be Unity, but not exclusively

Don't hate Canonical because they're doing something different! This won't help us bringing FOSS forward in ANY way!

414: Gnome 3.0+ is terrible, go back to 2 and continue development from there.

See above.

415: I need more configuration possibilities in one tool. I don't want to use different tools like gconf, tweak tool etc...

416: 1) Stabilize the underlying graphics stack (Gallium3d with FOSS drivers) – this is the main reason I wouldn't yet recommend gnome-shell to non-bleeding-edge users.

2) Advance the maturity of gnome-shell (extensions/configurability and themes etc.).

3) Lose the users who don't contribute to GNOME yet confuse their subjective dislike with objective software badness, and complain loudly even though there are plenty of decent alternatives that would suit their preferences. Yeah, that's a tough one...

Keep up the good work and remember that satisfied users are always quieter than than dissatisfied.

Perhaps work more closely with Xfce (technically or PR or whatnot) as they provide a shell that could succeed the deprecated gnome-panel classic for those who prefer that, without burdening the GNOME developers with panel's maintenance.

417: Don't call Ubity a desktop environment because it's not. I use Unity but I use GNOME even so i don't use gnome shell. is like saying if you use thunderbird and not Evolution than you are not using GNOME.

Thanks for the grate job

418: Option to include a taskbar again
More customizable gnome shell

Thanks for the great work so far :)

419: GObject-Introspection needs to be amended to supply sufficient annotations for Java and .NET binding generation.

Tomboy needs to be integrated with the GNOME3 experience.

Tell the story for integration of social networking such as Diaspora* and Google+ with GNOME.

I would really love to see GNOME start to offer, for pay, webservices. I'd happily pay a reasonable amount, say 10-20 bucks a month for privacy respecting and secure webservices that can compete with GMail, Google Reader and Google+. Running say a Diaspora pod would be a great start. It would also be a great chance to work on single signon and unify that story (something Windows 8, Google ChromeOS, Android and others are doing as well).

420: Compatibility with AMD fusion, ability to configure somethings like the behavior of the midle click in the mouse to open a second instace of the app in the same desktop.

Keep up the good work!

421: Remove Mono
Don't focus on mobile/tablet
Less time on useless eye candy like compiz

Remove Mono

422: I would implement more "symmetry" on multi-head systems. The hot corner should be implemented on each monitor and the activity bar should provide access to the activities and the calendar on each monitor.

I would also drop the windows title bars of applications and move the window title into the activity bar.

Finally I would expand the possibilities of window tiling with more tiling options and a better keyboard access to the tiling.

423: 1. Direct access to workspaces, or at least not a swipe to the upper left corner and then all the way to the right screen border.
2. Refer to programs by their names, not their generic function.
3. Desktop customization should be easy.

1. Devotion to a Gnome "brand" is a counterproductive blind alley.
2. Sensible defaults should be only a starting point, not the destination.
3. There should be no error message that does not appear in user documentation.

424: Less Memory usage is always good

Configuration it stores internally is a bit daunting...

425: 1) Add taskbar to the GNOME 3 (or just add option to enable it). Switching windows via Activities is not convenient. For this SIMPLE reason I have switched to the fallback some time ago. This is the biggest issue I have.

2) Sometimes finding something in Activities view can be frustrating. Add an option to use a traditional menu. Eg. left clicking the 'Activities' button brings Activities view, middle/right clicking brings a dropdown menu. The other way would be adding a System Settings property "Use traditional menu" that would cause clicking the Activities button to show a dropdown menu.

3) Bring back the panel applets. It was a nice feature to have the applets that you could configure and position as you wanted to.

GNOME 3 is nice and it looks nice but it lost the flexibility of GNOME 2.x. I will point out some issues I have.

1) The biggest issue is lack of taskbar for me as switching windows via Activities is not convenient. Add an option to show the taskbar.

2) Sometimes finding something in Activities view can be frustrating. Add an option to use a traditional menu. Eg. left clicking the 'Activities' button brings Activities view, middle/right clicking brings a dropdown menu. The other way would be adding a System Settings property "Use traditional menu" that would cause clicking the Activities button to show a dropdown menu.

3) Bring back the panel applets. It was a nice feature to have the applets that you could configure and position as you wanted to.

426: memory consumption, environment more laptop friendly, reduce bugs and crashes

427: 1. Expand the graphical configuration options, system config is currently far from the hub of options that it should be. Many available options, and I am not talking geek-tweaks here, still require the user to dig in xml or dconf.

2. Increase shell-integration. Currently, the shell is a gimick. The user is still required to find applications for quick tasks that could well be integrated into the shell. Skipping songs, a pop-out hotbar with applications. More can be added to justify the existence of the shell.

3. Alter the default size of icons in the activities centre, this is just silly.

This change is good, I hope you'll be allowed to see it through.

428: bring back icon/list view button in nautilus

429: Less focus on "Just works"
More focus on "Config GUI's for things that need configuration"
Less focus on "Include every desktop app everyone might need"

After all is said and done, Gnome is a desktop environment.

Applications for this, that, and the other thing can be installed after the fact if the person that needs it wants to install it. I dont believe it should be an all inclusive "fat" environment. Evolution is the perfect example of what is -NOT- needed for a desktop environment.

There -ARE- some things that need configuration. GUI's should be made available for those things. For example, where is the disk management utility? Where is the WiFi/Network management utility? These are fundamental to a desktop environment that gnome should have endorsed and supported applications for.

430: Biggest issue I've found with Gnome is it's configurability. There is NO central configuration tools such as in KDE or more specifically in distrobutions with the KDE interface. Most configuration is done via multiple menu selections instead of having them centralized like KDE has their's. However, I still believe Compiz should be configured seperately whereas KDE does it through their own specialized configuration.

Work on customization similar to KDE's customization.

431: Make indicators the main way of interacting with non-active windows, as opposed to the bar at the bottom

More customization options eg. ability to pause file transfers like in KDE

Create a way of changing/controlling desktop effects like with CCSM.

432: Optimize screen real estate usage of Adwaita (might use another theme or tweak it for myself)
Autohide-feature for toppanel (GNOME Shell) (Thats what extensions are for...)

433: 1. dump gnome3 go back to gnome2
2. redesign new gnome (lets say gnome4) so it is usable and friendly not like gnome3

gnome3 design is really really bad, I stopped using gnome and moved to kde because gnome3 is so bad. Designing a single user interface that works well on all devices is probably great for developers, and cut development cost/effort, but no one managed to do it successfully and it's very unlikely Gnome team will do it (gnome3 is the best example that Gnome team won't do it).
Gnome3 looks like it's been designed to run on 10-13 inch lot resolution netbook. It is completely unusable on a desktop with decent size screen (like 20 or 24 inch). In addition laptop or even netbook usability is very very limited due the the fact that to run gnome3 you need 3d acceleration and it kills battery live.

434: Gnome 3 needs more customization options. Also GNOME config tools shouldn't hide options.

435: * Make things more configurable
* Make things more configurable
* Make things more configurable

436: * Better panel system
* Kill off GNOME Shell (3.x)
* Honestly, I don't have many complaints with GNOME 2.x

Drop GNOME 3.x immediately. It is the cancer that is killing GNOME.

437: Be able to customize gnome 3
Faster shell search (Unity is better for that)
Taskbar mode

438: Fork 2.x

439: 1) Don't autohide the virtual desktops
2) Make the application icons smaller
3) Enable separate horizontal and vertical window maximizations

Don't autohide the virtual desktops. Also, don't autohide the virtual desktops.

440: SOOOO used to panels and ability to add widgets where I want. New gnome-shell is not as mature and I struggle to find the little things that I am accustomed to for so many years.

I like the new shell - but it's too simplified. I need more advanced options/extensions/what have you.. these are still in development I guess.

441: - make Unity vanish
- don't change the UI too much, go for a slow transition

I'm answering this survey for my Dad (age 75, see above). He used Gnome 2 for a long time and was content with it. He just didn't cope with Unity, I didn't try Gnome Shell but moved him to XFCE straight away. Now everything works for him again.

442: gnome-panel
window managment
more options

hate gnome-shell, i want gnome3 apps but not the shell!

443: 1. Make it more lightweight,
2. Make it more bugs free,
3. Make it more configurable

Personal thinking, gnome have to more kiss(Keep it simple, but not simpler) for non-idiots(tech guys)

444: 1.) Easier customizing of GDM
2.) Gnome Fallback to be more like Gnome 2.x
3.) Use less system resources.

445: Allow users to change their theme.
Allow users to set what to do on closed laptop lid.
Make network-manager better

Anyway, nice job guys.

446: Gnome Panel should be resurrected in Gnome 3
Applet migration tools for Gnome2 applets
Drop mono based apps and migrate them to Vala.

447: GNOME Shell needs better search.
Default icons are pretty dated.
Should have more customization built in as opposed to having to install gnome-tweaks for example.

GNOME Shell was an awesome innovation. I find it hard to use anything else and be as productive.

448: The implementation language
the old-fashioned look
problems with compiz

449: unity and gnome-shell reunited

450: 1. More options & settings (stop dumbing it down)
2. Being able to select a screensaver
3. Better integration with nautilus for previews and more.

451: Forget "Gnome OS" idea.
Address advanced users, not only average and incapable ones.
Accept gnome-shell extensions (more or less stable API).

Accpet other's 'right' sometimes.

452: propose another interface instead of gnome 3

453: Simply, cancel GNOME3. Or at least continue GNOME2. I'm sorry, but as a desktop user, GNOME3 is a unacceptable interface on anything except a netbook.

454: Less UI and tools "dumbing down" obsession...

455: 1. I want to have the launchpad (or whatever that side bar is called) show me the categories by default. I hate having to navigate through it (or searching through it by typing the name --like I know programs by name) to get to my applications.
2. I want to be able to open mulitple instances of a program when necessary (not in a tab like Firefox for instance; both methods have their place and I don't like that you changed the method and effectively said one of my methods was completely invalid).
3. I want to be able to grab application icons from the launchpad and place them on my desktop.

I understand that you are trying to make Gnome platform independent; great. However, I use Gnome on the desktop and I truly miss and I am agravated by the loss of functionality going from Gnome 2.x to 3.x or worse yet unity. Please understand that we all don't use phones or tablets to run linux, so some of the changes you made for those platforms don't work well for desktop users. I don't mind that you made some things easier for new users, but I do mind that you did it at the cost of removing other functionality.

Basically what I am saying is that you need to do actual end user testing and usability studies before you force massive changes like this on everyone that isn't you.

P.S. Expecting new users to know that they have to press escape after the "screen saver" activates is ridiculous without some type of occasional prompt or response to user input after it is locked; I kept thinking my PC was crashing.

456: Gnome 3 is virtually unusable if you use focus follows mouse, have lots of windows up many from the same app (eg browser windows, terminals, emacs) and have large dual screen desktop. Gnome 2 worked perfectly so this is a major regression - fix it.

I am missing all the applets I used to have - cpu frequency, system monitor, disk mounter, temperature monitors, battery time remaining etc.

Make Gnome 3 at least as usable as Gnome 2. I'm on the verge of giving up completely.

457: 1) Simplify inter-dependencies between projects from gnome community so it would be easier to use by other projects without having to install almost all the gnome plataform.

2) Focus on having a stable and coesive plataform is already there, but it should be easier to change components and control all the associated services running (for example, it's hard to use other login manager besides gdm; replace nautilus completly by other fm; etc)

3) Work better with other communities like kde, xfce, etc. Try harder to get things done on freedesktop standarts.

Listen more to the advanced users and stop having the mentality of "i'm doing this for very very dumb users that don't know how to use computers". Important users are getting away from gnome because of this.

458: 1. Easier access to basic configuration options (i.e. without having to use gconf/dconf or install external tools)
2. Better documentation.
3. More easily accessible bug reporting.

459: Change the shell back to gnome2 days....

460: 1. App Searching hangs for seconds, fix it ASAP
2. Customization, customization, and did I say customization?
3. Better interoperability with KDE and KDE applications.

Work better with Qt and KDE.

461: Add a taskbar to GNOME 3.x

They should stop playing with there computer.
And think of people who work with their PC.

Not everyone likes to use a keyboard.
Just imagine using GNOME 3.x without keyboard.
There is no taskbar.

Everything else is okay, I like it

462: Better compatibility with KDE/QT applications
Include an "expert" mode that is significantly less "user friendly" and more customizable
Better online account integration

Gnome 3.x is a quantum leap ahead of Gnome 2.x, at least as far as beginner usability is concerned, but please try not to alienate the more "advanced" user community... I really like Gnome over KDE/Enlightenment/etc... but some of the changes in Gnome 3.x are rather annoying... just my 2 cents...

Anyway, keep up the good work! You guys have produced an overall product!

463: 1. Improve settings management in Gnome3.
2. Make customization easier in Gnome3.
3. Work on Gnome3 some more.

Continue improving Gnome3, it's awesome!

464: Bring back the good old task bar and main menus
Give me an applications menu like I had in Gnome 2
Make it a joy to use on multiple windows

Make a useable desktop not just a netbook style interface, some of us have real work we need to get done and Gnome3 just gets in the way.

I know I can seach for my applications but why should I have too? I preferred to my applications under categorised menus

465: Themes support, ad-dons like firefox, dropind gdm and replace it with lightdm

It must listen to its users more, the idea of not including restarting, shutdown, hibernation buttons was really stupid

466: These are all towards gnome 3:

1. Gnome needs an extension management like firefox, some repository or ...
I have written an extension like gnome old netspeed, I like to share it with other people so they also enjoy my work also give me feed back

2. Handling Full-Screen Windows,
* Avoid compositing overhead for them, important for full-screen games
* The top-bar should be always hidden, it is just sometimes hidden, this should be handled in a nice way somehow
* and what Lion is doing regarding full screen apps and considering them as virtual desktop is a good idea

3. More than one screen: I would suggest each screen should show a virtual desktop, and there might be a case 2 screen showing the same desktop, so the position (state) of the windows should be per (virtual desktop,screen) pair

1. There is some help to howto create an extension but it is mostly creating the skell, the api (for the objects) are barely documented

2. Gnome needs some bug fixes and stabilizing (for example once a week I need to kill gnome-shell process because it is taking 99% CPU and not doing anything)

467: -> Listen to users
-> Developers stop being smug
-> Polite community

468: - integration
- api cleaning & optimization at all
- functionality (more options and settings)

Don't ignore user suggestions about functionality!
Change this ugly tabs's style in default theme.
Also icons in default theme must be moved to /dev/null.

DON'T REMOVE FUNCTIONALITY THAT WORKS PERFECTLY, JUST BECOUSE IS "OBSOLETE"! Like missing Shutdown/Restart in ... main-menu-something `yes, i know about holding ALT - it's not very comfortable).

469: 1. NO GNOME 3.x
2. NO GNOME 3.x
3. NO GNOME 3.x

Gnome 3.x sucks hell... tried it and it's just horribly bad and awful!

470: More customisability! For example, a Nautilus option to move the navigation buttons to the left / make the toolbar stay on top of the sidebar etc.
Better UI design for 3.x (that black is ugly).
Better fallback mode! People actually got used to the 2.0 interface, some (including me) say it was better.

Listen to your users.

471: Nautilus Filemanager: merge tree view and places view in the left sidebar (like e.g. MS Explorer)
Nautilus Filemanager: Improve Performance for directories with many files.
Nautilus Filemanager: If a folder is shared via SMB with write-access for guests and a guest is pushing files into the folder, the new files have the wrong owner (user nobody on ubuntu)

472: Be more like xfce ;)

473: Add much more customization options (by default; that don't require gconf).
Delegate and work closely with developers to make better stock applications without spending all the resources in doing so. Bring note-taking to the present; add IDE/collaboration features to Gedit; etc. Innovate!
This one is just wishful thinking... Talk to the guys at KDE and make your systems more modular and well-behaved. DEs should be modular and we should be able to run 5 or 6 at will on the same distro with the same Home.

I'm not angry at you people, I understand transition processes are hard.

Right now I think gnome3 has a lot of missing features, which allied to the current kernel power problems and the Ubuntu transition to Unity (it's a shame that they didn't work together with you on a new common shell) make this a lousy period for Linux as far as I'm concerned. You each have your share of responsibility for that, but it's a necessary evil to bring a better, stronger Linux experience. I know it has to get worse before it gets better, and I'm counting on you to make it much better!

Keep up!

PS: Your survey motivated me to contact you and do a better job myself, I'll see to it that I file bug reports and wishilist features in the coming days.

474: Resizable diablog window (ex: firefox popup)
Close minimize maximize button on titlebar

user extension repository + easy installation

475: Better compatibility with KDE and KDE-Apps and other Qt-Apps

Don't fight with the KDE guys, but try to create a good desktop experience. Apple and Microsoft are not sleeping.
Especially Microsoft did some impressive improvements lately.

476: 1) Option to run GNOME in a 2.32 mode - not everyone runs their desktop as a finger-smudged tablet mode.
2) Customization, customization, customization. This is NOT Windows 8.X. Why are we limited in how our desktop looks like. Stop forcing YOUR view of what GNOME should look like upon us.
3.) Nautilus-open-terminal. A Terminal where ever I need one. Why did you take this out? (Available as a DEB, RPM or port at least)

Stop trying to make GNOME into a cell-phone screen. Windows 8.0 is going the same way and Microsoft is already feeling the heat. A desktop is NOT a touchscreen. We actually do real work on our desktops.

Large application icons - without labels - may look good on the cell-phone screen but if there are more than a pages' worth, the page of icons becomes unwieldy. Again, this might work with the limited applications on a cell-phone - but a desktop?

Hot-spots. On my GNOME 3.0 desktop, I was triggering the application icon screen four-five times a day with my mouse. I would have to move my applications to the far right side of the screen to avoid triggering the hot spot. I have finally learned to turn it off - but worrying about the hot spot made me almost load XFCE right there and then.

An emphasis on one task at a time, lest people get 'distracted'. Excuse me? Perhaps for cell-phones. But real users of desktops have multiple applications open at the same time.

I'm keeping my GNOME 2.32 environments on Fedora 14. GNOME 3.0 and Fedora 15 has been a real disappointment. As for Ubuntu, I am deleting all my installations. As bad as GNOME 3.X is, Unity is even worse.

477: Add power off to the standard install, Fix wireless so I don't need the root password for connecting to AP's other than the automatically connected AP, and add screen-savers other than a blank screen and monitor poweroff. Frequent power cycling of the CCFL bulbs shortens the lifetime of the bulb.

Overall I do like the efficiency of the Gnome 3.2 UI. Helps keep focused on work.

2) Burn GNOME v3.x with fire
3) GOTO 2

Also, allow for more customizability ala KDE (don't give me that lame excuse that most people can't handle it). It drives me nuts when I can't change some feature or behavior.


479: 1. Fixing existing bugs and improving the current design should be more important than scrapping everything and starting over;
2. Release versions are supposed to be stable, not largely untested crap;
3. New "features" should add more functionality than they remove/break—in fact, they should remove none

When you do things without even thinking about your current users, don't expect to keep any new users you get

480: Notifications, and specifically the fact that I miss them quite often, in empathy is a problem. I understand and appreciate the philosophy behind non obstrusive notifications. But in this case I miss a lot of them. I'd like to see a reminder always present in the top bar, just for this one.

Epiphany is not supported and developped enough. Gnome needs a browser (probably the most important software nowadays) that looks and feels like a gnome app. It needs an innovative UI, it needs plugins.

Work on a simpler mail app for gnome. Evolution is great as an enterprise mail and calendar client, but completely fails for the average Joe. And it looks completely different from the rest of gnome. Too complicated too many options not good looking.

Keep up the good work guys! What you're doing is awesome!

481: The Status Menu : shutdown is not directly available. I don't care using the alt key to have it shown, but my relatives who are noobs do care about such 'details'.
I was very angry when I acknowledged that Gnome 3 lacked half of Gnome 2 tweaking possibilities.

I cannot understand how, on the one hand, you could pretend to interest total beginners in computer when, on the other hand, you make so non-simplistic choices (e.g. alt key for shutdown).

482: Window control
More settings control
More Gnome Manuals

Allow more control

483: Back to gnome2.
Easier customization of gnome-panel (3)
optimized towards mouse+keyboard rather than touch.

head out of your ass, you have responibility as one of the most used linux desktops.

484: More features
More customization
More everything :)

Keep up the good work, and it's really refreshing to see that you think new. It can only get better.
But please make it easy (and possible) for the user to customize and configure more of the desktop.

485: Reduce number of clicks to access applications
Introduce a drop-dwon terminal ala yakuake
Greater and more accessible customisation options

486: 1. Stop the fight between RedHat and Canonical. (work together to bing some good changes made by Unity back into Gnome. Without completely removing some of the old elements.)
2. Less MONO please. Mono is a great project to ensure interoperability between Windows and Linux, but Gnome should not depend on it.
3. Last but not least, Work better with KDE on handling common task like userdata and program configuration settings. Freedesktop.org.

Like Ubuntu please spend some limited time on small paper-cut bugs before each release. This will make Gnome look more polished.

487: Give an option to power off without keeping Alt pressed in the menu. Closing the lid or pressing the power button both make my notebook suspend, the current way to power off is not user friendly.

Implement more compact window borders and other measures to save vertical space, such as the option to auto hide the panel. The vertical resolution on many notebooks is limited to 768 pixels and GNOME doesn't use that limited space efficiently. It was worse in 3.0, but is still a problem in 3.2.

488: * Make it configurable
* Stop taking users for retards
* Stop sabotaging freedesktop

See above.

489: 1. More transitions and animations (including smooth kinetic scrolling), specially for Gtk+.

2. Better IDE, and developer tools.

3. Better support for multitouch gestures out of the box (both API and app wise)

I would suggest not only making Gnome usefull and simple for users. Gnome should make good tools for developers. Right now, it's a nightmare to start writing an app for gnome, as there aren't much tools. C+GObject and Emacs are only an option for hardcore developers, the rest of the mortals want high level languages with powerfull and easy to use IDEs. Just watch Windows or Mac, their APIs are well documented, and their tools are very easy to use. Vala could be a central point on all this, but it lacks for a *good* IDE and also *good* documentation.

Image is everything nowadays. Users tend to use some product over others just because they look better. I think Gnome could do a better job on this, using some transparencies in some places (look at the scrollbars on MacOS) and adding animations and transitions on some widgets (Epiphany's address bar looks ugly when loading a web page).

And definitely, more and better apps.

490: I would go back in time to stop Gnome3 to become sentient. I don't like Gnome3 at all.

Keep up the good work.
Make a classic mode for Gnome3 so I can use the gnome I know and love.

491: reduce the "dumbing down" and oversimplification of the settings available to end-users

GNOME is a wonderful achievement... but i switched to KDE because it feels like more of a cohesive and master-planned working environment.

492: GNOME 3.2 is missing an option to change the refresh rate of my monitor. That was quite useful If I watch an movie I change it to 50Hz, because it fits better to 25FPS, that most movie's in my region have. So in other words GNOME should bring back that option.

Better cooperation between ubuntu and gnome

493: Availability for other platforms which are not *nix, to make users of that desktop even more :]

Don't follow Unity, it is unusable and unintuitive. G3 is much better!

494: 1. Turn the desktop handling back on by default, at least in the Fallback mode.
2. Include the Gnome Tweak Tool by default as an official part of Gnome.
3. Improve dual head support, for both Xrandr or Xinemera/Zaphod Mode.

Keep the Fallback mode, make it better documented, and push it as an option for conservative users. Maybe port over some of the classic GTK2 gnome themes to GTK3 to help people better acclimatize to the new system. The Gnome Shell can still be your flagship, but give some of your long time supportive users an option to stay with you instead of going somewhere else.

495: 1. A good lockdown and "kiosk" type setting(s). Right now, I have to rely on SELinux to restrict Guest accounts etc..., but Gnome 3 should come with the ability to (easily) lock things down, especially the wallpaper, icons etc...

2. Better support for legacy apps that leave their windows running at the bottom (remmina for one)

3. Simplify notifications, right now they pop up in two places.

Keep working on it, I like it!


497: NetworkManager! I cant assign IP address to interface manually if its not active(Gnome3).

Need more desktop effects like compiz in Gnome3.
Need more extensions.

Thank you for Gnome3!

498: While I mostly like the streamlined interface, the option-hiding has gone slightly too far in some places. That "power off" is hidden unless you hold alt seems like one of those places, for example.

499: More convergence and collaboration with Unity and KDE and less abstracting away of basic features such as adjustment of display dim time etc (or offering an "expert mode" that exposes them).

We need to work actively towards making the GNOME community even more gender balanced and welcoming towards women e.g. organizing local outreach events - we still have a long way to go!

500: 1) Do not translate names of programs into other language, just keep 'em in English
2) Try to use sidebar or something else, than drop-down menu

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