What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 4 of 10. 45 Comments

301: I would like more customizeability in gnome 3. I used gnome 3.0 for a while and there was no easy option to, e.g. change the width of the title bar.

302: less fashion and more usable

do not make the desktop, a commercial product

303: Not be forced move to gnome 3 with my next distro upgrade (or provide gnome2 features in the fallback gnome3)

Keep supporting gnome 2? or at least port the things everyone likes about gnome 2 (customisation etc) into the fallback gnome 3, which looks like gnome 2 but doesn't actually provide even simple features like moving the bars to the side of the screen instead of the top/bottom.

304: -Easy access to more advanced settings without a need for third party app or tinkering in config files
-Option for window list panel or dock
-Developing Gnome 3 with propertiary drivers in mind, I know it's ATI's fault but I want Catalyst drivers

Woooo, Gnome!

305: Handle Qt applications as well, rather than just GTK+
Softwares coming with Gnome
Some optimizations on using hardware resources

I am currently using KDE becouse of the well developed softwares. I do not like the new Gnome user interface, but that would not be matter if the softwares of the Gnome environment would be as advanced and powerful as KDE's ones. Just think of digiKam, Gwenview, Amarok, KTorrent, etc.

306: Get rid of the multiple, complicated, code that is gconf / dconf and SIMPLIFY it into something human readable and human modifiable text files /so they can be _repaired_ by a human/ on a text console. Straight XML with a validating schema works well. YAML is also a good choice for this purpose. I don't care about disk space, nobody should be caring about large config files these days.

GNOME 3.0 (gnome shell) was released way too incomplete. Even 3.2 is incomplete and /barely/ usable on a daily basis without significant tweaking and adding of various extensions. This is hurting your image.

307: - Add non-hidden Shutdown/Restart menu item
- Remove concept of "Saving" out of all core GNOME applications, autosave to well-known locations instead
- Add "Music", "Videos" etc. applications as complements to Documents

See question #22.

308: More customization options for power users.

Please don't ignore power users, don't ignore traditional mouse and keyboard and high resolution screen interfaces.

Making Gnome work well for inexperienced users and limited (touch etc.) interfaces is really great, but it should be achieved by having sane defaults instead of limiting customization options.

309: 1) Classical Alt+Tab mode. E.g. to be able to quickly switch OpenOffice Writer windows by left hand, while the right one is on mouse/trackball. Alternate Tab extension seems to bee still unusable in 3.2, and cursor keys are on opposite side of keyboard.
2) Some way to customize placement of extensions in top & bottom panels. Its very individual, what extensions should be always on top, and what should go offscreen when not in use. Perhaps mouse dragging between panels (like in Gnome 2) would be the best way.
3) Gnome-control-center. Categories labels (Personal, Hardware, System) are poorly distinguished from icon labels, looking like misaligned bold text. And the whole control center looks dull.

Mutter supports plugins, but there is no any HOWTOs to write them. Even no example plugins, as far as I know. As it is now impossible to use compiz with gnome shell, the flexibility of previous versions can be reached only by extending window manager by rewriting most appreciated plugins. But mutter uses hardware acceleration differently from OpenGL'ed comiz and kwin, so documentation and examples are really necessary for plugin developers. Now it is even unclear what to use as a starting point...

310: * Minimize Button for apps
* Ability to place tray icons in the top bar instead to have them running down right

311: Less removal of options (i.e. no way to change cursor theme, fonts etc. without downloading an additional package)

Don't distance yourself from distros

312: Make control center modular so plugins can be added/removed at runtime
GNOME sHell - give me back my window management!!!
Get Ease presentation creator finished and polished.

Please make control center modular so plugins can be added/removed at runtime.
And work closer with elementary project.

313: It would be nice to be able to configure your GUI programs with a GUI...

314: Efficiency: memory, CPU, latency.

The workspaces/expose combination needs a little more work. I find myself using one or the other but rarely both. This is similar to what I experienced on OS X. They've done work to merge the two ideas.

Maybe more work on bringing up the app suite up to standard.

Don't be afraid to be original!

315: That you can customize gnome like before.

316: 1. make the faillback mode more like gnome2 (fix those damn black toolbars! They just look ugly in faillback mode!)
2. emphany's missing system tray icon.
3. Don't do anything like unity! Unity sux.
4. Oh and please fix the sound applet ...make every speaker (when using more then 2 ) seperate balance ....not like it's right now only balance between left / right and one between fron /back ....
5. Speed up (maybe some better caching?) the application menu (when using gnome shell ) its really slow when working on older hardware..
The application menu (list) must behave way way faster.

Keep up the good work ppl :)

317: More "growl" like notification bubbles a la OS X or Ubuntu

A less butt-ugly file manager

More Zeitgeist integration

318: More configuration options; less need for typing; being able to drag and drop with two windows open on the screen at one time

Keep improving GNOME. It looks better and is progressive. I would not return to GNOME 2.x for anything. It drove me to KDE. You deserve much credit and thanks.

319: - make it lighter/faster
- more and better themes (window decorations)
- make toolbars (with date, tasks, shortcuts...) more vertical-friendly

Keep it up, I haven't tried Gnome3 and could dislike it, but Gnome2 kinda suits me (I very like some of its apps, and aesthetic), except I'd like to give a try to "tilable" managers, and also use lighter softwares (which are sometimes independent of Gnome), even if that means text-based ones.

320: 1. Allow the user to disable mouseover on the new taskbar/notification screen.
2. Add settings and places to the gnome shell.
3. Bring back all the useful applets (kill app, disable screensaver, etc)

321: - Have the shutdown option in the status menu by default

- Add "Theme Settings" in either Gnome Tweak Tool or under System settings to make it easier for those of us who don't know JavaScript to change the colours/font of themes for Gnome Shell and the Windows (Gtk)

- Add an official extension to hide the Accessibility icon

Over all I love Gnome Shell and it works beautifully on the desktop/laptop/netbook platform and I can see it working very well on tablets. However I don't think it would work as well on a smart phone (devices with a touch screen size of 5" or less), over all most of it would work well on a smaller screen but multitasking, in particular switching between open programs might be cumbersome. So an idea/suggestion for an official extension for smaller touchscreen devices is to have the applications open full screen automatically on a workspace and when a second app is opened on the same workspace have the screen split automatically to display both apps on the same workspace, if a third app is opened on a workspace containing 2 apps then it would automatically open on a new workspace. Another feature of this extension would be that the user would be able to drag one of the open programs currently sharing a workspace to another workspace by long pressing and sliding the program up or down to the desired workspace. It would also be nice if a horizontal swiping gesture of left to right would act like Alt+Tab and switch to the next open program. Then for switching between workspaces a vertical swiping gesture of up or down to get to another workspace, maybe have this gesture only work on either the left or right side of the screen so it doesn't interfere with the open app. Okay that's it for me, keep up the great work.

322: I'm using GNOME 3.2 here.

1. More improvements in notification area especially integration with non-gnome applications.
2. Easy access in Recent Documenets. I want to see them by days, remove some items or comletely clear, and Recent Places(Directories)

I want built in gnome 3 new themes (gtk+,icon,shell...). I hope it will com soon.

323: 1. I would like a panel modus that works like the BeOS/Haiku Panel (and can be used in it's minimal form)
2. The option to change the way the mouse button are assigned when clicking on the titelbar can only be changed using gconf. It should be easier to change.

I do not like the way that the desktop is used in Gnome3. They say that the apps you use get more focus than the desktop, but I just feel the opposite.
A desktop should work like a real desk. You place things (shortcuts) on your desk and remove them when not needed anymore.
In gnome3, the panel is too present when you want to choose an app.
Please take a look at BeOS/Haiku and try to use the Panel / Desktop combo in a way that they do.
I do think that Gnome3 is good in a lot of ways but the approach of the desktop fails.

324: - better sync experiences, sync everywhere not only to the cloud
- tracker or document searching
- handle scientific data, as scientist we deal a lot with huge data files, a quick preview that loads all 500MB in a text file does not make sense, also a gedit which gets slow wenn a line is really long

- be more friendly to new ideas, even if they do not fit in the overall pictures

325: - improve Alt-F2 launcher : at least memorize the latest app I started
- I don't like the Applications tab : big heterogeneous icons, lacks some filtering (I don't think presenting 'bc' or 'bash' is useful)

For suggestions:
- see question 22
- remove title bar from application: show the title + close icon in the top panel. I'd probably try to hide Menu bar by default, and make it accessible via a button (a la Firefox or Chrome)

Otherwise, good job for Gnome 3.X release, I think this is definitely an improvement over Gnome 2 and over DM/OS.

326: Integrate Ubuntu's appindicator into GNOME 3.

restore ability to just blank screen on laptop lid close (as opposed to sleep)

You're starting to go too far in the direction of lack of choices. GNOME is never going to be Mac OS, so you need to keep power users at least a little happy. The lid-close thing is an example of a simple, painless preference that pisses off people for no reason

327: 1/ make network-manager better
2/ make a panel to expose advanced configuration option, using command line is very boring --> I only want to configure thing one time but it would be better if I can do without command line and if my option were not overwritten which each update
3/ would be nice to have a desktop option in gnome-shell : you know icons on the desktop and list of open windows in a corner

You have to listen your users (and not just the newcomers) and make what it's best for them but perhaps not against their will ;)

328: More Configuration options
Speed up the search/launcher because I use it to start Programms

329: Great works ! Continue in this way ;)

330: Make gnome-shell snappier. The small pauses when searching break the flow.

Re-implement the "Don't keep user list" feature (Bug 660660)

Make sure that any release passes usability testing. The really little things get really annoying given time.

331: - Give the power back to the user: more control
- At least provide a basic editor (gui) with *consistent behavior*
- Again, provide more options, don't try to keep everything hidden.

Listen to the users. Well, this survey is a good point.

332: I would add taskbar to 3.0
Make it more configurable (Level of 2.0 was ok)

333: I appreciate the work being done on GNOME and I apologize for never having been able to take the time ho join and help. However here are my three advices:

1) Give credit to user's feedback: Nautilus has never been nor good looking nor feature rich if compared to its main competitors. Users have been ranting about that for years!

2) Spend more time working with end users to improve usability: I still can't do some easy things in a easy way (eg. drag and drop with gnome shell has become very rusty)

3) Gnome Team is amazing when developing technologies but is a bit lazy when assembling that in a solid, usable, good looking product. Improve on this field!

Yes, I have comments. Despite the critics I've just stated above I can't imagine myself using anything different by Gnome. A big thank you to all the Gnome Team.

334: Being able to launch an application without leaving the activities screen.

The application / activities search being powered by Zeitgeist

An option for the visibility of the accesibility button

335: 1. Bring back the old louncher
2. Give up on Shell
3. Ad some better looking candy

Im afraid Im not going to use Gnome 3 because its a step back from version 2 in a visual way. It looks like its made for children

336: 1)Make it faster, a lot of programs start slow and there are menus that you have to wait to see
2)Integrate search everywhere, including file content
3)Create wider developer community, to write more applications

See above

337: Add more options to the touchpad configuration setup (The KDE's one is quite complete). I know, it will potentially "confuse" some users but it's really a showstopper for me, really...

Add a little bit more of configurability in gnome shell. I'm not asking for something like KDE but still.

MacOS X has some good ideas but please don't copy everything.

338: level of polish for multi-touch support
death of brasero
network manager as strong as utility as wicd

you are heading in the right direction. i'm confident that gnome 3.x will be even more awesome as gnome 2.x has become. keep on rockin' ya'll..

339: Horizontal virtual desktops, auto-hide app menu, customizable menu

340: Would like the weather and system performance in the menu bar.

Love Gnome 3, keep up the good work.

341: Going well with 3.0 - just needs polishing up and rounding off a few corners. Slightly inflexible with fonts etc at the moment, but getting better. Needs to have more depth in the System Settings for power users.

Would be good to have a better official e-mail client. Evolution should have much better integration tools (i.e. GMail sync, Google Contacts sync etc). Desktop contacts sync with GMail would be brilliant for me.

Keep going. Gnome 3 seems lost on some people refusing to let go of Gnome 2.x. It's a clear step forward. Would be good to bring Unity back into the fold and have a single clear strategy going forward instead of the splinter.

Great work though.

342: Go back the functionality that was in gnome 2. The ease of customization and usability in Gnome 2 is why I like it so much, and the loss of that is why I haven't moved to Gnome 3.

343: 1 >>power settings!<<

2 leaders vs community

3 shell/desktop logic and aspects

do not take much unpopular decisions!
revert much controversial changes.

344: bring back GNOME2 user interface: usability and flexibility in configuration

Listen to user needs. Give us the choice of the old UI, like KDE4 does. What currently is offered as fallback is NOT EVEN CLOSE to what was GNOME2.

345: add a lightweight option, can't think of anything else

346: 1) Better System Configutation. Fedora's Conffiguration programs/applications are much more flexible. (Network Connections, Printers, etc.)

2) A Colorblind accesibilty app/plugin/extension like "WhatColor" (http://www.hikarun.com/e/) It really rocks to colorblind people when choosing the right colors when designing documents/reports/persentations...

3) Better Zoom Options in gnome 3.x ...

Same thing that i would like to change:
1) Better System Configutation...
2) A Colorblind accesibilty app/plugin/extension like "WhatColor"...
3) Better Zoom Options in gnome 3.x...
4) By default, remove User's name form desktop. I dont like to show my user's account/name on screenshots.. (yes i can hide it, but i just don't like it)

347: 1) Put "Power off..." back in the menu.
2) Change the Adwaita theme to use less padding

These are the only niggles I have with GNOME.

Thank you for developing GNOME. :-)

348: Please make it easier to remove all of the crap, I primary use fluxbox (without DE) and awesome (also without DE) because the crap both GNOME, KDE, [insert DE here] forces on me.

And most IMPORTANTLY, I use multiple separate X screens (sometimes 3+) so I can switch workspace individually. GNOME does not handle this as smoothly as I'd like it to be. Is there any sane person who uses workspaces _spanning_ across 4 monitors? With simple WMs like *box, awesome, etc it is very easy to run multiple screens with individual workspaces, allowing you to switch workspace on one monitor without affecting the others. Last time I tried (with GNOME 2) all but the first screen went blank.

I do use GNOME 3 on a laptop and for its purposes it works quite well, mostly check email and web while traveling. For real work, not so well. ("real work" from my point-of-view consists of lots and lots of terminals, nicely tiled).

349: Please integrate tracker search with gnome-shell searchbox.

350: Migration to Gnome 3.X

351: Get rid of Unity.

Stop trying to make it more like a mobile phone/tablet and make it into a real desktop again. or Branch it and do both.

352: abandon .Net / mono
offer a real GUI with Options
better interoperability /cooperation with other projects (freedesktop, kde, other wm, Qt... )

Don't decide everything for the user... offer options

353: Be simple!
Forget 3.2 and back to basic that workdable.

Replace my icon and mmenu on my desktop.

Never release a unfinish product like this.
Gnome 3.x is not good at all!
cryptic, where is the preference with the setting,
where is my trash can ?!

Oh! forget it..
I installed KDE this morning and look very STABLE and elegant after all.

good bye

354: Better settings for power management (laptop lid for example).

Some kind of support for "desktop wall" instead of just vertical. The vertical one is nice for laptops, or computers you reboot often but not on a 24/7 desktop where I want to keep my 10+ programs open.

"Power off/Reboot" menu item, it really should be there.

Listen to your users. Both the "What happens if I close my laptop lid"-option and the "power off/reboot" menu item were brought up along with some really good reasons to include them, but it seems the criticism was completely ignored because you had already made up your mind.

Also, keep up the good work. Gnome 3 is awesome. :)

355: 3.2:
It should be more configurable, i.e. adding/removing indicators to/from the panel (e.g. Accessability icon should be removable, most people never need it); changing icon size, spacing, padding (I know it can be done by modifying the theme but its uncomfortable).
Global menu (as in Unity). Almost every laptop/tablet/new monitor is widescreen which is good for watching movies but for other common usages (web browsing, office work, etc) would be more comfortable with bigger vertical space.

356: Unity and gnome 3 are a huge step backwards for a desktop pc.

357: 1. Right click to install a launcher anywhere on the desktop

Respect your users

358: Adding better screensaver controls in Gnome 3. More usability testing, with use cases for both new users, as well as experienced users.

359: notification bar, better chat notification, better alt-tab

360: Increase profile

Carry on in the current direction. I changed distos to have a pure GNOME experience and I am not alone. The simplicity and ease of use of the current GNOME 3.2 desktop is liberating.

Beef up your marketing, the new website and videos were a start but seemed to go nowhere, each subsequent point release in the 3 series should have videos of new features.

Linked to above stop being so modest, I am forever reading of new features in X disto which are in actually upstream GNOME enhancements. sites like OMGubuntu and webupd8 are forever trumpeting the latest change in Unity and/or Ubuntu, why no GNOME equivalent?

361: Drop Gnome 3

I have run Redhat/Fedora with gnome for my desktop since I started using Linux (well over 10 years).

After 2 weeks with Gnome 3 I switched to KDE

362: Update gnome 2.32 to gtk3+
Improve customisation of gnome3

363: Add calculator to "katapult" feature (alt+space luncher). I want to be able to put there for example "2+2" and output should be some vindow with "4".

Add something like krusade/totalcommander. I probably use a lot of transparent access to other filesystems (smb://, fish://...).

Global key shortcuts like an emacs (fluxbox) have.

As an happy user of fluxbox, just to wish many new users.

364: Easier customizing of the applications view.
Fewer problems with using ATI/AMD graphics devices and GNOME.
Having the login prompt select the default user when pressing "enter".

365: More Options
Standard desktop metaphor
Forget Gnome 3, stay with Gnome 2

The standard Desktop metaphor is useful, don't force new Desktop metaphors on people. Also options don't confuse people, more people are confused by the lack of options.
Keep your programs accessible from the outside; I'm mostly using Awesome WM and it has become increasingly hard to use Gnome programs (like Power Manager applet, volume control applet). It is also a bad joke, that the Battery applet doesn't lead to the Power Settings anymore in Gnome 3. Also, the Gnome 3 Power Settings have become rather useless, I mean, they don't even allow you to set the machien to shut down when the power button is pressed.
Gnome should not forget power users, otherwise they will all desert to other WMs, as did Linus.

366: More customization for the gnome3 fallback mode..

Easy yo use extensions.

Easy to use themes.

Overall, customization.

The shell has some nice idea but the gnome2 layout and its customization is definitively a miss. Im also kind of switching to xfce to recover that good productivity.
I tried the gnome fallback mode but its not even close to the original gnome2..

I can appreciated the will of innovation with the shell, but probably not for me

367: Be more like Gnome classic, not exactly like classic mode but be bore inspired, think evolution not revolution around Classic mode.

Lissen to the people, make the new Gnome3 interface optional.

368: 1. postpone the switch to gnome 3 by a few years. or decades :)

Thank you all for the hard work and the wonderful desktop!

369: I still prefer classic gnome 2.X desktop

370: - Shutdown option in gnome shell.
- folders section in activities.
- Gnome shell extensions web site.

Listen to the people, don't remove options.

371: 1) Better Cloud Integration
2) Better Office Doc Support (Gnome Apps for Office)
3) Gnome-Preconfigured Hardware like Tablet (Bundles)

- Full Integration of Zeitgeist (no more need for Filesystem)

372: make it to adapt to experienced and to less experienced people, like make it 'freezable' so that Grandpa can't mess it up, and more configurable for experts. And let me make the decision for this setting.

Question 20 should be split into two
a) which environments have you worked with on a day-to-day basis, and
b) which ones have you invesitgated/experimented with

For me a) is Gnome 2 and KDE 3
and b) is KDE4, Unity, Gnome 3, xfcs, and LXDE

I don't like KDE4, Gnome3. Among the others, Gnome2 is preferred

373: Multi Monitor support for active desktop.
More settings.
Easier to change settings.

I get that you want to have sane defaults for new people, but some of those new people will graduate to more advanced usage. Enable a sliding scale of options/settings presented to user based on their desire.

374: documentation for evithing for noob's to avance.
iser way to contributed.
better multi screen setup.

375: a gui configuration tool for session startup services
a zoom more like the one in compiz
gnome-tweak-tools should be part of system settings

less memory leaks in gnome-shell could be great, an option for less graphic intensive animations so it can be run in not so powerfull graphic cards, great work in general, gnome 3.2 has not reach the usability of gnome 2 but you're almost there

376: menu accessibility from gnome 3
applets like gnome 2

377: More more customisation

378: - make it easier to configure the desktop, like power management. This seems to be real awful on Gnome 3.
- have a proper file manager, like Total Commander
- better multi monitor and screen space management when having many programs and windows open

- do more surveys
- do not try to hide all the config settings, Gnome 3 is a real pain for this. Coming from Gnome 2 you feel like half the stuff is missing.

379: 1. abandon Gnome3 Design, contiune Gnome2
2. stop dumbing down, give advanced options to users without need of text-editor
3. fix bugs

since Gnome3 I hate you more then I like you because of Gnome2

380: Stop pandering to Windohs tards.

381: +global hotkey for console (eg. ctrl+esc)
+built-in simple sidebar/dockbar showing desktop icons when mouse passes border
~more responsive menu/gui

good work ;)

382: Gnome-Shell : Should be 'Gnome-Desktop Tablet Edition' & reserved for touchscreens

Gnome-Fallback : bring back the functionality & user settings of Gnome 2 for people who use real computers with keyboards & mice.

Get someone with some experience in design & make Gnome asthetically pleasing instead of the usual butt ugly.

Comment: Why?

Suggestion: Do you know about Compiz? It's nicer than Gnome-Shell.

Do you know about KDE? It's nicer & more functional for a desktop user than Gnome-Shell.

Have you heard of a company called Apple? They make a very polished DE with a focus on functionality & design. They also make another OS for their touch devices...huh? it's not the same DE? Why?

Touch interfaces are for tablets, not laptops/desktops. Fallback is completely inadequate.

Gnome devs have previously been accused of not giving a shit about their userbase. Gnome3 is proof.

Ya I'm bitching, but I was a gnome user for 4 years up till the 'switch'...Seriously, Vista was less horrible than Gnome3.

Thanks a bunch for 'removing a choice' from the linux ecosystem...

Oh, & Nautilus? Do you guys not see the Elementary project? Seriously?

Oo! & cheers for the abysmal documentation! Don't know how many hours/days/weeks I spent researching GTK crap to alter the butt ugly default theme shipped with Gnome. It's not 1995 anymore!

um....what else?

Mono? Thanks, really useful having .NET in *nix.

Off to qt & KDE I guess. Cheers for making the decision easy!

383: configurability
choice of window manager

384: I like the desktop the way i configured it at the moment with gnome 2.x
Regarding gnome 3.x
- being able to minimaze task to taskbar/panel
- smaller (application)menu that doesnt use up the whole screen
- smaller icons

I have tried and used gnome 3.2 and i like it allot better then unity or gnome 3.0 but have the feeling these new desktop enviorments like gnome 3.2 and unity are more aimed at touchscreen interfaces with there huge icons and lack of a normal applications menu. However i like certain features like the new small taskbar/panel. It would be nice to be able to implement these features in gnome 2.x or to make a gnome 3.x version with an option that has a normal menu and allot smaller icons to save window space for other stuff, like multitasking.

385: better ways to swtich between tasks, with 3.2 it takes to many steps
Finding a better way to cluster your favorites, like in cairo dock
better stability, Gnome 3.2 sometimes quits all together, not stable enough yet

make adaptability an issue: ridiculous to install gnome-tweak-tools before getting any customisation possible....

386: - Vitual file system management (not own, just mount or somethings that works from console, kde/qt applications and (older) gnome applications.
- More options to tweak (although compiz handles most of my needs)
- Easier integration of different themes (think integration in the appearance GUI and some repositories with good/up-to-date/actual used themes)

Don't always try to reinvent the wheel and do something on your PR. You guys for some reason always and up being _described as_ the bullies/non-cooperating/ignorant on most mailing list discussions, fora and slashdot articles (at least the ones that I read).

387: Decouple window management from gnome-shell.

Please! I want Compiz and Gnome together again!

388: 1. Do not require a 3d video card for GNOME3.
2. Keep the required libraries to a minimum.
3. Help port popular software from GNOME2 to GNOME3.

389: Nothing comes to mind, (1) I know the messaging integration has been sorted in 3.2 as well as (2) Evolution calendar support for the date/time widget.

More to do with Evolution, better support for Exchange.

390: the gtk default theme all three times.. it's not really a gnome issue but it's really ugly.

391: - Gnome 3 Needs to be much more configurable via GUI (Eg Changing Groups for users)
- Allow other applications to add their own section in the Gnome 3 control centre (Eg Nvidia has disappeared)
- Bring back tab scrolling

Improve documentation of PyGobject (Python Gtk3)

392: 1. Unity should be a different project
2. Unity should be a different project
3. Unity should be a different project

Yes, please continue developing the old Gnome with a desktop where you can place files :(

393: 1. Resume active development of the fallback mode and make it easy to switch (calling it fallback mode makes it look inferior).
2. Restore customizability for both Shell and fallback mode.
3. Don't force heavy dependencies like webkit-gtk.

What works on tablets doesn't necessarily work on desktops. Cater to both worlds separately.

394: Better task bar (gnome 2.x)
Permanent dock (gnome 3.x)
More configuration options (gnome 3.x)

395: interface lag
easier window switching and window management
same look (and as much of the feel) for fallback mode to the actual Gnome 3 desktop. If I want to use binary ATI drivers I don't want my Gnome 3 look like Gnome 2 and behave worse than it.

Keep up the good job, work better with the KDE team and build in some restrictions for Qt apps for accessing system memory (Skype and any other Qt app are killing my desktop when ran in Gnome 3).

396: Make the application launcher thingy smaller for big monitors. Having a bunch of icons spread across a 22" monitor makes it difficult to find stuff.

397: - I just NEED a taskbar! I need to see constantly what windows I have open. I use tint2 now, but that's just a hack.
- I miss the gool-old panel. Everything is gray now, so it's harder to just look up and see what's happening e.g. with my CPU temp. Same goes for the notifications: you can just miss them. Oh, you skyped me two hours ago? Sorry, I'm running Gnome Shell now.
- It's a pain that I cannot move my most frequent programs to the panel. I now have a side panel plugin, but it takes away some of my screen.

The new Gnome Shell is nice, but for a power user usability decreased at some parts. Please do listen to all the complaints! It's a PITA that I need more keypresses/mouse moves to achieve things compared to the previous version. I understand that the new Gnome is very flexible, but where's a good control panel to access all those flexibilities?

398: gedit: autoclose paranthesis & brackets.
gedit: syntax highlighting for more languages (Razor, JSON, wiki)
gedit: code folding

GNOME 2.32 was the greatest desktop environment ever!
GNOME 3.* sucks, I am very disappointed.

Improve gnome-panel in 3.* so it works as good as 2.32.

399: Don't go too fancy. I need a light panel with the start button

400: Add an "expert" switch somewhere in the preferences to increase configurability. There's a huge gap in configurability between KDE and especially GNOME 3. They are so far from each other that plenty of users are hardly satisfied with any of the two. Having a bit more functionality in GNOME (not by fussing around with GConf-Editor) would be *SO* nice! :-)

I love the GNOME 2 Look-and-Feel with Compiz and plenty of effects.
I also love the new GNOME 3 Look-and-Feel at first. But I can hardly work with it. Since you can't configure anything and everything seems to be totally static, I was really annoyed by it. I tried to like GNOME 3 when I tested it for two weeks or so, but it just feels totally castrated. My Desktop should be adjustable to fit my needs, but GNOME 3 is just a beautiful, useless toy in its current state.

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