What People Are Saying About GNOME [Part 1]
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 25 October 2011. Page 3 of 10. 45 Comments

201: - Gnome3 is a huge step forward and I love it, but it's not configurable enough (at least it's not as easy as for Gnome2).
- Add more window arrangement options (I was using a Compiz plugin on Gnome2 that used CTRL+ALT+NumPad for arrangement and it was the best thing ever! Can't remember the name but it was standard on Ubuntu). I think GNOME should learn some tricks from tiling wms.
- Tying GNOME to the cloud and social services is cool but it must be super clear who has access to what. I don't use the new online accounts because I feel I don't have enough control on what is happening behind the scenes.

Sometimes it's puzzling how some things can go undetected. The NumLock fiasco in GNOME3.0 is crazy. How could you miss that?
Regardless, I really like GNOME, I think it's the best linux DE.

202: The interface of Gnome 3, which plain sucks.

Yes, gtk3 is a nice improvement, and the refactoring of the libraries is great, but the new interface of GNOME 3 stinks, which forces me to use XFCE.

203: 1.- Kill gnome-shell with fire! I don't know whether it's pretty or not, but it gets in my way any time I try to do something.
2.- Improve the "fallback" mode to be as usable as gnome 2.32, get back the missing panel applets, re-enable the right mouse button (what's the point in having more than one button if I need to hold a key at the same time I press the second button?).
3.- Add back some features that where laid down because "user are idiots and we need to make it simpler for them" philosophy. Eliminating options isn't the only way to give users an easy to use environment, and by far isn't the best one.

With gnome3 you are exploring new ways of doing a lot of thing.

You could do that in parallel with keeping an usable desktop, and allowing the users to switch when they find it usable. But you choose to switch by default to an incomplete, immature interface, and what's worse, you broke the previous one, providing a fallback/alternative interface that isn't as complete as gnome 2.x, changes the way it works (alt + right click instead of right click is only an example), lacks features....

Is gnome alienating and pushing users away on purpose?

204: I'm going straight over to KDE as Gnome 3 is useless for me as I don't use or want a touchscreen and therefore don't want a stupid screen full of giant icons the size of golfballs.

205: 1. Improve memory and CPU usage
2. Improve upon the default theme.
3. Improve upon the fallback theme.

206: 1) The general hostility towards KDE. - to some degree these projects need to cooperate
2) their penchant for NIH syndrome and forcing crap like pulseaudio on EVERYONE.
3) the constant dumbing down and streamlining. - All you're doing by doing this constantly is alienating your users.

While I will never again be one of your users. (maybe if KDE 5.0 is a screw up...)
You guys need to listen to yours and not alienate them with the direction you wish to take GNOME.

207: 1) The new applications menu, it requires too much cursor movement and too many clicks to start an app that's not in the favorites menu
2) See 1)
3) See 1)


208: 1. Gnome needs more settings adjustable via System Settings collection. It is insane to have to enter multiple console commands just to keep the monitor from blacking out while watching a movie.

2. Gnome should adopt an indicator widget like the one used by Unity to allow it to do useful things, like show unread messages, the weather, and so on. Tray icons should be moved up there too (why keep things in two places?)

3. Online Accounts should be made more useful. For instance it knows about Google Calendar, why not tie that into the calendar that pops up when the date is clicked? Evolution should not be required.

209: Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

Bring back GNOME 2.X

210: Better desktop zoom.

I have my desktop connected to a 37 inch television. I used the desktop zoom feature in compiz everyday. The desktop zoom in Gnome 3 is not as good as the desktop zoom in compiz. Please improve the zoom feature in Gnome 3.

211: 1. stop a crashing GNOME Shell closing all my applications (e.g. when an extension fails)
2. add more/easily accessible configuration options (e.g. order of tray icons)
3. add a central GNOME Shell extension repository (along with some kind of quality control, automatic updates, etc.)

overall, you're going in the right direction :-)

212: 1. need better notifications, if i'm away from the computer and come back and someone sent me a message on Empathy, I didn't hear the one little beep, it could be hours before I notice the hidden window in the lower right. Same with email, I miss the one little beep, I never know.

2. Integrate better with existing powerful apps. I will NEVER use epiphany, it doesn't have the functionality or extensions of firefox or chrome. I love how ubuntu is integrating with firefox and thunderbird instead of putting effort into things no one will ever use.

3. EVOLUTION, if you won't integrate with Thunderbird, I'm willing to use Evolution but there is one pet peave that prevents me from using Evolution. IMAP doesn't have idle support, but IMAP+ doesn't let you configure the folder location (for sent, trash, spam). I demand both in one protocol!

I'm a Gnome 3 believer, I know it'll fill the voids, can't wait for extensions.gnome.org that's an awesome idea!

213: Maintaining a legacy Gnome for quick-boot distros
Bundling half a dozen graphical desktops instead of one default wallpaper
Advertizing main distros using Gnome (including how to use a Gnome Ubuntu)

Keep up the good work on this lean DE, and keep it easy on resources so that users can chose barebone-reactivity or compositing-sweetness.

214: 1. Make Gnome 3 like Gnome 2 by default

215: remove all those dependencies
slim it down
speed it up

216: Remove Gnome shell and make the fallback mode the default desktop.

Listen to your users.

217: Remove PulseAudio requirements. It is such a pain in the ass that I moved to KDE4.

Remove PulseAudio requirements. It is such a pain in the ass that I moved to KDE4.

218: Maintain Gnome 2 Layout. Optional Gnome Shell

Create Expert and Novice profiles.
- Experts: old layout: old taskmanager, applets, menu, etc...
- Novice: what you think is best for them.

219: 1) More configurable (I have years of muscle memory that ctl+alt+left or right is how I move through desktops)
2) A centralised link from Gnome settings to find/enable/disable the new desktop widgets/addons
3) Wrap around on desktop swapping (IE, going past the last desktop takes me back to the first and vice versa

Great work, I selected worse mainly from the three items above being in my face regularly in trying to use it, otherwise there's a lot of great work in there. Is there any chance of getting a compact version of the theme (with less white space)?

220: make turning off the computer simpler (thats you guys right?)
consider merging with unity
support 2x longer

i haven't tried gnome 3 or unity
the above is mostly from what I've heard

221: As a heavy console user and a programmer, I've tested and had a _really_ hard time to get used to gnome 3.x. And I'm worried that when future brings mandatory updates over time to desktop, the need to configure the desktop and the point-n-click nature of gnome 3.x would be also considered from our old-schooler's perspective.
I use xmonad with X on my dev machine, but I'm really tired of doing a lot of configuring with very simple environments and like to "just set up" my machine if needed without much hassle, but also give the configurability to simplify the desktop if needed.
Gnome 3 is great but it feels like something is missing when using it.

222: I would add a extended options button to every GNOME app that would function like about:config in mozilla products.

Remove any things moonlight/.net/mono

work to provide the best experience in Firefox and Thunderbird in GNOME over any other DE/Platform

Thanks for the great Job

223: Permanently visible status bar/notification area
More easily accessible configuration options in System settings
Lack of gadgets/plugins

Make notifications permanently visible

224: The documentation in order to allow more people to write more plugins.
Generally speaking, there is no clear path provided by the website to go from "checkout the source" to "open the project in a fairly good IDE" and then "compile and test your changes without breaking everyting for my daily usage". Clearly, there are lots of programmers that uses gnome everyday, but the way to build a developement environment on their own computer is barely documented. Of course, it is possible to hack into the process, but it raises the bar too high for occasionnal contributors.

Make the path clearer to go from user to contributor. This should be easy since the setup is hard, but the langage, javascript, is easy.
Provide a website for developper, much like developper.apple.com and alikes, with best practices, examples, global APIs, and not various dbus APIs scattered through tons of websites.

225: 1. In GNOME 3.X, which I have installed via VM to see how it evolves, I would move the application list that pops up when you click on the places tab to the left hand side of the screen. My mouse is already over on that side of the screen. Having to move all over the screen for clicking on things, rather than having them right near where the other event I activated, makes me less productive and seems less friendly to me.

2. Much more easily be able to move the items around on the menu bar, like the clock and be able to add plugins again. Having that information available just by looking up is great. Having the clock right at the top of the screen is distracting. I'd rather have it to the right. It was easily done in GNOME 2, but in GNOME 3, when I did a little research, it was going to require much more work, and if I needed to set it up on multiple machines, when the setup wasn't being done close together, I'd have to go document how to do it all, rather than being able to easily figure it out.

If you are going to change how everything works in a system, to "improve the user experience", it seems to me that a heck of a lot of final and polished documentation should have come out at the same time explaining how to be able to do the same kinds of productive things one was doing in the previous version, when those things no longer work the same. Better GNOME 2 to GNOME 3 user documentation please, including basic customization beyond just using the tweak tool, since it's lacking a lot of things.

3. The whole concept of removing distractions sure seems like it needs a power user override. Maybe I just haven't used GNOME 3 enough yet, but those things you call distractions, are some of the things that make me more productive than my co-workers. I don't care if you change out the underpinnings, but keeping the same base functionality in some form would have been nice.

I'd really like to see a future integrated KDE/GNOME. There are things that both have figured out, where no similar functionality exists in the other environment. Half of the apps I use don't come from either project. The other half end up coming from a mix of the two projects. The irrational escalation of commitment (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escalation_of_commitment , if you aren't familiar with term.) in having two separate large GUI projects with a broad cross-over in capability sets doesn't make a lot of sense. It's time to get over the holy wars that might have previously existed, and make a real effort at finding a way to combine the two. (Yes, I'm aware of the conferences and get togethers between the two groups, which occur through out the year and on different sites where the collaboration is being done, but I'm seeing and hearing that it doesn't appear to be working yet.)

226: evolution (mail client) dependency;
control panel (desktop preferences);

gnome 3 is not good...

227: improve the development IDE Anjuta, is a good tool but is incomplete
Development documentation need easy examples
Theme creator tools

I going to install gnome 3 soon, and I will give more feedback

228: - More configurable panel on desktop (in cases with more panels on the same side of desktop)
- Clicking GUI for gconf-editor (more user-friendly)

Let users to forget KDE :)

229: 1. Make it faster and more lightweight
2. Start designing a free desktop standard alternative to menubar/Ribbon alternative
3. Be more open to OSS communities outside the core GNOME community

As said by Linus: "the project is only as useful as people actually find it.” http://h30565.www3.hp.com/t5/Feature-Articles/Linus-Torvalds-s-Lessons-on-Software-Development-Management/ba-p/440 Please be more cooperative with others and take note of feedback.

P.S. 20th question has me wondering if the GNOME in all the previous questions meant GNOME Shell.

230: Integration with KDE. Akonadi and some other integration layers are shared and do not have KDE dependencies, so GNOME can gain a lot from using and exploiting them.

I crave for the convertible-friendly interface in GNOME 3.2, so I want GNOME to interoperate with all my KDE data and Nepomuk information.

Stop the NIH, collaborate more with KDE, XFCE, and the other desktops. Use more shared pieces. If someone else is doing better with something, do not reinvent the wheel; help.

231: Message tray (notifications w/ icons)
Ability to configure static workspace layout (as it was in 2.x)
Alt-Tab behaviour

232: make a dock that will be at the bottom of the screen, make a Gnome 3.x applet for Workrave, reintroduce the desktop cube

beg mercy for the desktop users, the new desktop makes using the mouse frustrating, please make it more customizable

233: Screensaver options
Customization of the Control Center (add the ability for distributions to add custom entries to the Control Center)
Make the fallback version of gnome a higher priority or make a fallback version that resembles the shell more.

Other then the three things I said I would like to see changed or improved upon, no.

234: 1. Concentrate on the mouse not touch-screen, menu's are better than sausage-finger buttons.
2. Get rid of the full-screen assumptions.
3. Make simple things like shutting down work sensibly, and don't suspend a laptop just because the lid gets closed - why would anyone want that to happen?

Maybe as well as eating your own dog-food you should spend time finding out why LXDE and XFCE branded dog-food doesn't get stuck in the can.

235: On purely technical basis against 3.X ignoring extensions but rather what should be the default;

1. Alt-tab.
2. Suspend on lid close.
3. Configuration options.

While it's utterly pointless to try make and make suggestions to the Gnome developers and their "user interface designers" as they generally have their heads up their own arses, one must always try;

Stop ignoring technical users needs and requests as a insignificant minor group, compared to the alleged unspoken masses, that you no longer care about. We aren't. And the unspoken masses have needs similar to ours.

236: -a way to have multi-desktop re-arrange in square. (the only line on right is annoying)
-more flexible: using plugins is not the right way
-get back the screensaver

-good job technicaly.
-need more work for the interface. some things are good, some things are worst

237: It needs an initial setup dialogue: Maybe 2 or 3 simple questions about what the user wants. A "start menu" button, icons on the desktop, etc. Not everyone want the same thing, take the 3 most desired options, and present them to the user at first login.

238: Bring back the old UI with the new infrastructure

Don't hide settings. Most Users may be idiots but if they don't break things they won't learn

Be more open to working with the KDE folks

Don't lock gnome-shell down be forcing people to use mutter or whatever.

Remove every person from the foundation that has a "my way or the highway" attitude. You guys destroyed your reputation enough with Gnome3, don't need to hammer the nails in your own coffin by having those people representing you.

239: Better messaging integration so that when I return to my computer I can see if I missed any IM's. I think this could be best done by having the bottom area glow.

240: 1) Port Gnome 2.x to GTK3 and get rid of Gnome Shell
2) Get rid of Gnome Shell
3) Nuke Gnome Shell from oblivion

Leave Gnome Shell alone, let it die ... it needs to die.

241: more configuration options (no, not in gconf-editor)

242: commander with copy queue

243: 1. If composition is required for GNOME 3, make sure that every kind of video driver works. I have a hard time with VBox and fglrx. Fglrx, especially, makes it unusable.
2. At first glance, the GNOME 3 experience, especially without lables, is overwhelming. It seems random. (Why am i seeing all of these icons? What are these weird boxes on the right of the windows menu? What are these icons doing on the left? Where is my volume icon [earlier release]? Where are my desktop files?)
3. Bring back one-click-from-desktop-app-launch, "Places", one-click-from-desktop-task-switch and desktop files.

Thank you for your hard work! GNOME is much prettier, now. Honestly though, I have switched to LXDE until some more of the kinks are worked out. That is NOT a "wagging finger"! I use Fedora, normally, so that might be part of the problem, being cutting edge. I know the end result will be better, but I guess I'm just not catching the vision for all the changes, yet. I guess I think its all still too much clicking.

I think that GNOME 3 is the right way to go. A different, modern interface is what OSS needs. Keep up the good work!

244: Enqueue copies/moves of files, on the same destination, to preserve good speed and low fragmentation. This applies especially for copies to external flash drives.

245: 1. optimal zeitgeist integration
2. easy installation and web-interface of plugins
3. functional versions of gnome-contacts and gnome-documents

gnome-documents and gnome-contacts really do have potential. in any ways concentrate to improve them! please.

246: Dock always showing.
Faster search, like unity.
Global Menu.

I love the look of gnome 3, but window management is too cumbersome for me right now.
Having the dock always there without pressing super would be nice.

247: simple easy nice

Collaborate with other desktops, do not reinvent the desktop but use already developed stuff. Cooperate instead of compete.

248: - better use of the top bar in Gnome Shell
- constant access to the list of opened windows (same as the official "dock" extension)
- improve speed for netbooks (too slow right now)

- Congrats, Gnome Shell is awesome, both technically (butter smooth on modern hardware), conceptually and esthetically !

249: Eliminate small annoyances and obstructions to an efficient user experience.

- Conduct better usability tests.
- Gather user feedback regarding UI usability and appeal.
- Establish a beta-testing program where feedback is easily submitted (i.e. SIMPLE screen capture, desktop recording, and bug submission).
- Eliminate redundancy, streamline basic elements i.e. notification, start menu etc.
- Address "half-assed" feel of desktop functions, i.e. transient window notifications, alt-tab behavior, etc.

250: - customization capability of gnome 2.x in gnome 3
- avaibility of more organized menu in gnome 3

- Please don't disregard everything that has been done on gnome 2.x in gnome 3

251: 1. the two layers of window management
2. the approach which results in dumbed-down interface and...
3. "we know what is best for you, we won't hear your suggestions" attitude

Look at KDE! :)

252: better multiple gpu support for single desktop.

stop with the action based UI nonsense. I want my UI to be based on Files.

do usability testing

please don't stop working on gnome

253: Stop development of GNOME Shell, and instead make GNOME 3 an improved version of GNOME 2. Or at the very least, continue developing and supporting GNOME 2 concurrently.

Please don't let GNOME 2 die.

254: Configuration as easy as in xfce, e.g. Panels

Thank you very much for your efforts and your hard work!

255: 1) add a lot of configurability
2) create a variety of nice looking themes
3) add a whole lot of *useful* gnome shell extensions

256: More customization (layouts mainly)
Easier to find application without needing to type names

257: Please make gnome 3.X richer in features. The power user has needs too.
When gnome 2 becomes outdated i will have to make my move to KDE 4.

258: 1. better pulseaudio support for volume widget. I am using old gnome so this may very well be fixed in newer releases.

2. better multimonitor support. I have 3 monitors and configuring gnome 2.x for this is sometimes pain. eg. moving toolbars from one monitor to another is tricky at best. Again things may be better on 3.x land already.

3. none.

maybe I should find out how the gnome 3.x is installed on gentoo..

259: 1) Left bar should have an option not only to create new instance for programs and removing them from favourites but to close an application as well.

2) Search tool in the shell doesn't work fast enough when you first open gnome-shell. I am using extension with history for files, i know it is still in progress, just saying.

1) Either some extension(i know that there is one but its not working with gnome 3.2 and even if author will fix it, there is no telling if he'd do it if it will broke again) or out of the box ability to autohide top bar.

2) Nautilus should have an option to make larger icons, this is must on higher resolutions.

3) Out of the box solution for mass renaming files(like GPRenamer but with better interface since it should work in a chosen folder and subfolders, no need for browser in browser) using Nautilus.

4) Nautilus should have an old option for file/folder names. Right now its aligning icons by text, there should be an option not to display full text and align by icon.

5) When selecting something in Nautilus it should draw selection of the whole area of icon+text (like Dolphin for example), its more pleasant to an eye.

6) Option for Nautilus to create mass covers for folders and subfolders, for example by making the name cover for *.jpg, png, etc.

260: Change it to Gnome 2.32 (best DE I've ever used).
Change it to Gnome 2.32 (best DE I've ever used).
Change it to Gnome 2.32 (best DE I've ever used).

I would give the power back to the user (I want to use gtk apps nautilus, pidgin, chromium, eclipse with compiz and awn). Currently that is not possible with Gnome3 (I'm using XFCE).

261: Under Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) Evolution ist crashing almost EVERY DAY.
(just while doing normal tasks like writing or downloading E-Mails, planning an meeting, changing an contact, ...)
My first, second und third thing would be to stabilize Evolution!!!

262: Better bug resolving.
Fully working control center in gnome 3.

I have found Gnome3 as extremely helpful, practical and fast. Keep it up.

263: 1. GUI configuration options for _everything_ in GConf/DConf
2. Better window management options - sloppy focus, not auto-raise ...
3. More applets for the panel

Try and expose the options that make it possible for a power user to customize his desktop experience. I don't mind the defaults, they're good for many people, and power users can figure out how to configure their stuff, but the options have to be _in_ there _somewhere_ at least.

264: GNOME3 with the looks of GNOME2

Please give us some rest with innovation. GNOME2 was by far THE PERFECT desktop for me and my daily work.

265: - have the same interface as GNOME 2 in GNOME 3

266: too heavy, prefer xfce

dump gnome, it's slightly lighter than kde but worse

267: * Make GNOME shell at least work (not fallback mode) with Radeon 4350 (Fedora15)
* GNOME shell: integrate messages from bottom back to top bar
* GNOME shell: need shutdown option always visible in menu
* GNOME shell: integrate app title panel (not app main menu) with top bar for maximized apps
* GNOME shell: bring back minimize (or "hide") buttons
* GNOME shell: do not display my real name or login-name in top bar
* GNOME shell: need "run application" accessible thru mouse
* GNOME shell: do not make corners round for top bar
* GNOME shell: make space between "indicator" icons (on top bar) smaller
* GNOME shell: make activity button much smaller and use only icon (no "Activities" text label)
* GNOME shell: start every application maximized by default
* GNOME shell: built-in support for hardware monitor and system-monitor "applets"
* GNOME shell: split session-action (shutdown, restart, logout) from online/conversation status switch
* GNOME shell: make application categories more visible in overlay mode
* GNOME shell: need move clock from mid-position to the right
* Make ultimate multi-touch support
* Work to have Linux+GNOME a first-class OS for tablets and replace Android on most tablets

268: stop forcing bad design choices on users (minimize, shutdown, padding)
don't simplify everything (network, proxy, other conf)
don't put everything as a dependency for everything

work together with kde and canonical for a strong floss environment, don't work against them

gnome looks simple, small and elegant, but it's big, bloated and sometimes unintuitive... so be clear about your goal: either small and simple or big and powerful...

269: Evolution.
Music players. (I use Quodlibet)
Nautilus cannot massively rename files.

Stability is the most important concern.

270: Kill the Gnome 3 interface, or at least get a proper fork of Gnome 2 to replace my desktop.

271: Beef up the "Fall Back Mode" with features and rename it to something else so it doesn't sound like a last resort option when using GNOME

Take ideas from unity

272: 1:Completely rethink the access to the application.
In GNOME2, we could place shortcuts in the panel or click on applications. Now we had to go to left side of the screen and type for the application name EVERY TIME we want to launch it.
Right-click and left click are the same.
Set actions, shortcuts,... are easier if accessible by click than going to the system configuration each time.
2:Reintroduce bottom panel, it necessary to know the windows opened in each workspace.
3:Reintroduce customization. We cannot set the panel orientation, opacity, localization. We cannot set the place of the clock, of the notification area in the panel. We cannot even set the clock in GDM! The desktop has no utility. Tray icons are always hidden. It's a serious issue when you use music players, torrent managers or software like easystroke.

Please reintroduce right-click. Smartphones and tablets support it, doesn't they?

When you click on a icon of the notification, it shows a menu with switch widgets.
But when you change the state of a switch widget in the notification area, the menu disappears and nothing tells you if the switch work or not.
Let the menu shown after a change in order to tell the user that the change has been made will be a better solution.
The user will not have to click two times on the same icon to made two changes in the same menu.

IBus should have been incorporated from the start.
Since Gnome 3, I can not write in Japanese on gedit.

Why give to the accessibility icon such place in the notification area ? It's full of things most people do not use and that have their place in the session menu.

GDM3 is not (well )documented.
For example, I do not know why the Exclude users option do not work, and I have nothing to refer to.

You can add next to the notification area a 'tray icon drawer' that shows only the last active tray icon.
By right-clicking on it, it could show the other tray icons and a scroll with the middle button could shows the next tray icon.

Gedit is great, I only miss the plugin to remove tabulations and code folding.
Nautilus is also great but it will be greater if we can set a different background color by folder.

Please stop copying Mac OS... Gnome 3 is a lot more beautiful than Gnome 2 but you cannot the things you did with the former.
Do not tell me how should I use my computer but let me set it like I want.

273: Better window manager with effects. Improve performance and stability of mutter and gnome-shell on older hardware. Lose the shell and/or provide means for more customization of shell env, including color customization.

You all went the wrong direction IMHO. Really dislike the change from 2.x to 3.x, such that after a decade I am not running KDE and loving it. Why Gnome has nothing comparable to KWin or the rest. I do find many gnome apps to be superior like Evolution. But quite pleased with KDE 4.7. Much more so than gnome 3.x. Not to mention the default gnome 3.x theme sucks, scroll bars waste much more space and are larger than default metacity theme clearlooks. Just all around very displeased, but some what moot. Made the switch to KDE and not going back. Despite lack of applications like ekiga, cheese, and some others.

274: 1) Chat improvements. Fully integrate chat so I never need to see another empathy chat window and give me an easy way of starting conversations, perhaps on the bottom left corner.

2) Calendar improvements. Make it so when I add my google account to gnome-shell the google calendar and tasks entries show up in the gnome-shell calendar/clock widget. I never want to see another app, I just want whatever online account I hooked up.

3) Working with files and apps:
The ability to group/categorise/tag files and applications together. Improvements to nautilus?. Integration of the above to improve suggestions in the shell overlay. For example, if I am on a workspace with libreoffice the shell should provide easy access to documents associated with that app (perhaps mime type and zeitgeist assistance would also help?).

Thanks for all your hard work. You make my life better every release. It'd be nice if you could make the improvements above too.


275: Honestly, more customizability, that old thing about removing the ability to disable suspend on lid close was just dumb

If you have to dumb the desktop down, don't take away the ability to customize because of it, gnome 2 was a good solid desktop but I can't really get around to learn the 3.x series now, because of lots of things/settings missing, so I switched to KDE and only gripe is that kwin is a bit slow with the defaults, but that can be fixed easily.
Overall gnome-shell and co was a good development, I think it just got a bit "shoved down the throat" of people, since there was no "old look mode" for a period while the stuff was getting fixed up(Graphics drivers, lid switch etc).

276: 1. In the Activity menu of Gnome Shell, I think the buttons "windows" and "applications" are not enough obvious. It took me time to understand that they were buttons and I used the search field to get to applications at start.

2. Gnome Shell is very customizable, but it is difficult for average users to personalize it. Integration of extensions such as HotNewStuff used by KDE would be very useful. I think for example it should be more easy to get the dock always visible, as I think there is no clear majority of people preferring it hidden or visible.

3. GTK applications are not well integrated into non-gtk environments such as KDE, while Qt apps use the gtk theme while used under Gnome. Fixing this would increase the use of gtk applications on KDE, and thus promote Gnome applications.

I am very happy that the GNOME team has a clear vision of where they want to go with their project. I think it is good to have an objective and to do everything to reach it. However, I am a bit worried that they could become isolated in the open source community, as cooperation with other communities such as KDE or Canonical seems to be less important than reaching those objectives. I know this lack of cooperation is not only the fault of the GNOME community, but that is not a reason for doing things on your own and not trying to improve what others have already done. I think Desktop Summit is a huge step forward, and I hope Canonical will be more present next time. So in short, I would like that thinks that are relevant for every desktop environment could be discussed with developers from other projects and become freedesktop.org standards.

277: More configurability, better looking (compiz is a start but the metacity look is ugly), more configurability

The perpetual downgrade cycle where every release of GNOME removes functionality which is in use is disheartening.

278: ship with extensions (eg. mpris, shutdown and maybe an optional taskbar)

Please see 22. It makes no sense for the user to _hunt_ those on the net. Include them.

279: 1. Put a minimize button next to close button. Click the minimize button to minimize to the dock (like docky does) or put the window to the bottom (like gnome-tweak-tool does).

2. Hover the cursor to the left border of the screen, and the dock appears (not whole Activities view, but only the dock).

3. In order to save the power and the planet, the shutdown button should be able to be directly clicked instead of holding on alt key first. It wastes more time and energy now.

Good job on GNOME 3! But keep on polishing it! :)

280: - Add more customization
- Improve customization
- Make it more customizable

Keep up the good work! :)

281: I want to be able to customize my desktop that's the first thing i do.

Put all the add ons and plug ins back from gnome2 ,if you cant make new ones for unity and gnome 3

282: would make gnome-tweak-tool part of default package.
gnome-shell-extensions should be part of the install options

Great Work so far!!

283: 1. PLEASE make the notification bar(s) useable! i miss a lot of messages at the lower notification bar, and the upper notification bar (don't know nhow u call it) has no function at all and wastes screen space
2. customizable task bar -> switching by alt+tab is annoying and always having to move the mouse to the upper right corner makes people to uselessly move their mousecourses for miles
3. please make it gnome3 more customizable

guys you are really doing a nice job but you should listen to the users - i love it how simple you made the desktop. you made a desktop out of a piece, but a lot of people simply don't like some basic concepts (notification bar, task bar). if you think that know better what people wants than they do theirselfes -> PLEASE make it at least customizable!

284: 1) Don't make disappear the desktops when they are empty it messes the mental order of my work. Right now to avoid I place a useless terminal on each to avoid this to happen. 2) I want to be able to open as many terminal as I want with one one click not only the first. 3) I want my bar back, honestly I don't find any easy to surf between windows. I have often open more than 15 terminals with their correspondent 5 tabs.

Just one, think in this: " if you have to look in internet how to do something, it means that it is not easy: e.g. How to shutdown my computer (ALT)

285: Get rid of unity, slim it down, keep it simple

286: Given the availability of XFCE, LDXE etc, I've decided not to move to 3.0 or Unity due to the bad press. Once the dust settles, I may give it a go.

287: -support for gnome2 applets
-adding hidden options in menu (even though "advanced buttons"
-make fallback mode able to work like gnome 2 (more little panels, allow easy movements of items, 3 levels main menu...)

stop following macosx...

288: Revert back to the tried-and-true desktop model (GNOME 2.x), bring back options and preferences that were removed, and stop acting like Apple with "we know what's best for you" mentality.

Don't change for the sake of change. Don't base decisions from reading materials: users are real, while reading materials are only theory. Humble yourselves and just accept the fact you are doing this for users, not yourselves or your own ideal fantasy of how a desktop should behave. The software must work FOR the user: the user should not be expected to adapt or get used to it.

289: 1. Unify Unity and Gnome Shell
2. Raising Slovak localization team headcount
3. Financial model needs to be much more successful like KDE eV

Contact universities to calaborate with your team

290: More configuration options needed for GNOME applications.
Make Nautilus more crash proof when opening multiple tabs, dealing with thousands of files, and managing thousands of files.
Nautilus also becomes a hog at 100% cpu and becomes unresponsive for minutes, when moving thousands of files to other folders locally.

Focus on UI desktop productivity and not gimmicks like Unity.

291: - lack of options (configurability)
- much too heavy (bloat)
- forcing a mobile UI on desktop users (!)

If someone doesn't prefer the official way and bothers to say so, it would be nice not to respond with "you're holding it wrong", to paraphrase.

292: 1. easier network sharing setup
2. automated email tie-in to give email clients other than Evolution the same integration

293: More customization
Logos (not in 3.0)

294: Get rid of the damned Gnome Shell
Restore the precious Task Bar at the bottom
Get rid of whoever's leading Gnome towards tablets and get someone who leads Gnome towards usable desktops and laptops

I love Gnome (2.32), but Shell made me switch to KDE.

295: Implement gnome-pie.

296: In gnome-2, for Desktop icons they should all be the 'same size' including thumbnails. It's a little awkward when you have a slightly larger thumbnail of some photo on your desktop and next to it a normal sized .desktop icon.

For GNOME 2.x again, I'd like it if when I use multiple monitors to extend one wallpaper accross both monitors, or two different wallpapers on both rather than 'cloning only.'

Well, for the third, a move to GTK3? But honestly, I can't speak for 'Gnome' since I don't use GNOME 3 too often. This is more of a wishlist than anything to be honest.

297: Here I mean Gnome 3:
1) The new design has good stuff but it also worsens the usability a lot in that you can't access stuff as quickly and easy anymore.
2) Replace Nautilus with a snappier application.
3) Allow users to easily customize their font and theme settings.

With Gnome 3 accessing an app requires clicking and moving the mouse around the desktop a lot more than it used in Gnome 2, so my suggestion is - usability must be more important than design in those cases when the (new beautiful) design worsens the usability.
Always ask yourself this: Is the new design requiring the user to do more mouse moves, clicks & brain cycle waste, if so, ask yourself: is the new design worth it? Does it need to change?

298: Quit dumbing it down.

You are losing respect of the Linux community at large, and if you succeed in doing that, they won't recommend Gnome to less experienced users, and you'll lose your user base altogether.

299: Fix Nautilus desktop icon layout
Completely rid Nautilus of spacial browsing (folders each have their own zoom, view settings still)

Stop bickering with the Unity people, support appindicators.
Fix gnome shell text rendering, it's butt ugly.

300: 1.easy theme changing with in-app ability to see, share, rate and download themes, icons etc
2.show desktop icons
3.a quake style (dropdown) terminal like yaquake.

Keep up the good work. I'm using gnome 10 years now, I've experienced all work and changes all that years. The new gnome 3 really rocks!

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