What Linux Users Are Saying About GNOME In 2012
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 18 December 2012. Page 7 of 10. 66 Comments

601: Keep working in your vision. You're doing great.

602: Back to the roots!

603: kill designer before they reproduce. bring back real developers. decrease redhat power over the project.

604: We want one GNOME 3 that is work/desktop ready, and not only aimed at netbooks/tablets.

605: keep doing good job

606: suggestions:
-kill designer before they reproduce
-decrease redhat power over gnome, common sense must win (ex:GoA vs ubuntu-sso)

607: The latency of pulse audio is too long.

608: * API/connector for using Unity Lenses in GNOME3, given this seems to have spawned a richer ecosystem than pure gnome extensions.

* extensions.gnome.org could still do with some work, upgrading to a newer version of gnome shell results in most extensions being marked incompatible, but this doesn't always seem to actually be the case.

** Consideration could be given to converting some popular and widely installed extensions (User Themes? Quicklists?) into builtins.

** Consideration could be given to moving to a more curated "official" extensions page containing a small number of well documented, guaranteed working extensions, and a wider "universe" containing others.

609: Keep going with your vision! However, latest nautilus changes/simplification are not the best option for me personally, and please, please add more configuration options.

On a sidenote, why did you had to change alt+left click to move windows over to win key + left click to move windows? These kind of changes are troublesome...

610: The accessibility side is hopeless. I work with people who have multiple problems using a computer. Caribou is still work in progress and does not work yet. GOK works but is un-maintained and hard to use. What a shambles!

611: I choose my distribution, if they have proper Gnome3 support. Currently I use Fedora and it works great :)

612: I was looking forward to improving the desktop - especially integration 3d features and providing more eye candy etc. However, I was astonished how much customization options were removed (at first) and that I could not re-create my previous work flow on the new desktop. I would have liked a gnome 2 feel with improved interface designs and new technologies, but by beeing able to optionally add them to my previous way of doing things. As in: transition to new ways on my own where I like it, and stick with working work flow where it fits. This way I would have loved GNOME 3 as an "experimental" platform to try out new design concepts without enforcing it, at least until some proved to be superior and accepted by a wide range of users - and other ideas that did not play out could be sorted out without causing so much rage aggainst gnome.

Also: thanks to all the gnome devs for all their contributed time and brains. Even if gnome3 is not and will not be in the near future my preferred desktop, I much appreciate all the work that has been done, the dedication by the devs to provide a free software desktop and the risks that have been taken to take it further. I'm looking forward to the next versions and hope that gnome will improve further (and maybe rethink some concepts that did not work out well), so it will again become a desktop usable for a wide range of users for many different tasks in many different configurations again, as it has been so many years in the past.

613: Please introduce Global menu (Like in Unity)
Keep up the good work! Thank you! <3

614: Geat, great collection of projets.

Love the shell, the notifications, the overall simplicity, the extensions (updating them is a pain in the ass in 3.6 though).

As for the downsides, would like to see better designed multimedia apps. Rhythmbox *is not* a good looking application. Totem could be faster to open files. I just can't see the point in Epiphany. Firefox exists and is my default browser since 0.9 (Mozilla before that).

Another thing regarding connectivity. Love the way gnome interacts with Google. Would love to see more services in it. Like Twitter, G+ (although the api's are still read only?) and RSS.

Most of all, Gnome3 is great. Keep going !

615: I'm desperately trying to hang on to you, but I'm loving you less each day. I miss the old days, Gnome.

616: the way to stability is test,test,test

617: Think twice before changing user experience for daily tasks...

Nautilus Backspace is a disaster.
Nautilus and FileChooser recent may be nice, but Backspace for Home and STRG+L should be allowed right away.

Do not remove tabs in Epiphany unless you have a good alternative that works with Keyboard and 1 Click !!!

Stop thinking you are designing a tablet-touch device. I have a convertible and in the current direction of development GNOME degrades in laptop- as well as in tablet mode.
Focus on Desktop/Laptop mode and then support GOOD alternative ways for touch.

Focus on what's important !
Multitouch is WAY less important compared to an OnScreen-Keyboard.
DLNA is WAY more important than a new look for Totem.
And PLEASE support plugins for GOA, so it becomes actually useful. Does not need to be application-extensible. Maybe allow for provider-extension separately from method-extension.

618: Keep doing such good work!

619: Keep up the good work, i like GNOME 3 alot
finaly is linux getting some sweet treat

one suggestion, i would appreciate if it was possible to have dock displayed all the time, not only in windows preview after pressing WinKey

620: If you just do read any tech-related blog you will see users are getting alienated. Branding is good to me, but you're breaking themes all the way down. Either disallow theming or don't fool developers. Themes are just an example, but on many things it looks like gnome is taking a direction you can be involved in only if you truly devote yourself to a kind of superior (religious and imperative) belief. Branding starts sounding like "my way of gtfo"... In my opinion, Elementary Project seems to be doing what gnome used to do. They have their own ideas, but they seem to have a better grip on users. They better mix their own distinctive vision with what users what. A kind of compromise gnome (and gtk3) seems to be unable (or unwilling) to lookk for. I don't think I have any particular bias: I have been using elive with enlightenment16/17, ubuntu on gnome 2 then kde on pardus for a couple of years; mint, ubuntu with xfce, window maker, blackbox. I have used unity for a while since earlier developer version and gnome3 and cinnamon. I am currently using e17 svn updating almost daily, and not thinking about switching back to gnome 3 anytime soon. Elementary would be (to me) a more viable option.

621: Usable Window Manager (I.E.: Gnome 2) should be their paramount priority for users who need to WORK with Linux.

622: Recognize that you are not a distribution ("operating system") that end-users use, but a set of packages used in distributions that actually deliver end-user software. Alternatively, if you really want to try, become a OS right now.

623: GNOME team, keep up the good work.

To everyone else: The GNOME hating (along with hating on systemd, pulseaudio, ...) is getting old.

624: Gnome 2 had it right, the simplicity and configuration and easy to see theme preferences... What you have now may be newer but not as simple to use... Try going back to Gnome 2 basics with the design and incorporate Gnome 3 features into that (with options to enable/disable)...

625: Don't fix it when it ain't broken!

626: Improve Evolution and add more configuration options or at least restore the old ones. Drop support for epiphany and integrate either firefox or chromium.

627: Keep up the good work.

628: please allow settings to let users keep a dock that support jumplists on the desktop, add close button for each player at the sound menu, and make the notification area stable and more options for advanced users would be welcomed.

629: Love the work you're doing. I would love a better better evince though. Subpixel rendering in poppler should be a priority. Also, evince should be able to read epub files.

630: Keep going on!

631: I loved the work Gnome 3 Team has done. Its clearly much beautiful than previous versions, but somehow the freedom that Gnome 2 gave is gone. The Nautilus looks like it has stripped down a lot. Also Minimize and Maximize buttons are needed. There is also a problem with the Hard disk mount notifications. They are there like forever until you click on them. Looks needs improvement, if it has to come at par with other closed source OS's interface. Gnome 3 though pleasing to the eyes, still needs improvements and needs to bring back what Gnome user loved in Gnome.

I have been a long time GNOME user, and recently I switched from Unity to GNOME3 and loved it.

Keep up the great work.

632: It's hard to extract valid suggestions from all bullshits seen on Phoronix, but I hope it will be possible to find them.

633: Don't listen too much to the haters; they're making noise way out of proportion to their actual numbers. And a lot of the gnome 3 criticism is incoherent, which is how you know you can ignore it.

A few bits of gnome 3 criticism do make sense to me, like the lack of a shutdown option. But those issues are mostly solved by extensions.gnome.org and tweak tool. Hopefully, data from e.g.o will help drive some design decisions in future gnome releases.

634: Make GNOME more touch friendly, develop more multi-touch friendly applications, and create a specified GNOME distro for tablets and other touch devices.

635: GNOME 3 just rocks my boat.

636: I agree gnome 2 is outdated and it needed an upgrade to meet the standards of other
environments, but gnome 3 was way overboard. I think of gnome 3 as being created by a bunch of hippies getting together smoking some weed writing its spec and designing it. You can still have cool new design without sacrificing configurability and functionality. The new KDE versions is way closer to achieve that then gnome 3 ever was and probably will be if it continues in the current direction.

As for myself, I use gnome 2 at work, at home I use xfce, which is far superior to gnome 3 in usability.

637: Go Ducks!

638: Imagine that some Gnome3 users use it on work, where 20-30 concurrently running applications is a normal, and some of them have same type (several libreoffice windows, several Evince windows). In that case quick task switch is very important!

639: I stopped using gnome3 because not all the applets that I used worked well gnome3 notification tray. These applets were used for tracking time. It completely destroyed my workflow. Sounds petty but the notification area can be a crucial part of the DE

640: Make it more responsive! Also don't waste my limited space on screen.

641: The new Screenshield in 3.6 is just brain dead. Gnome is mostly (or still or will be mostly?) used on Desktop systems which still lack a Touchscreen. I would like to be instantly able to unlock the screen and don't need to wait for an animation to finish before unlocking the screen (this is just giving me the laughter from my coworkers).

The previous version had the ability to instantly open the password field as soon as I typed. This was pure awesome because I could instantly start entering my password without kicking the mouse or punching the keyboard first.

To say something positive: The UI Theme Design/Look is improving litle by little. I'm not talking about the overall design though, just the mere shape and the colors of the UI items like the button and lists. I'm a gnome user since gnome2 and the first version of gnome3 and I still don't like controls like the switches. I don't understand why a checkbox won't fit the purpose of disabling/enabling things.

642: Keep it up and don't listen to the haters!

643: Please do not ever do something aequivalent to this shopping lens thing in new ubuntu....apart from that, you're doing quite well to my perception and there really isn't anything I can suggest here.

644: Please keep on making sure that all UI/desktop interactions are super easy and fully supported via keyboard shortcuts.

Also help developers wherever possible to adhere to GNOME/HIG standards. And be consistent in that.

645: Trying to do single interface for tablets and desktops is futile. Microsoft is getting uproar over it. KDE realized that and has different ui for tablets.

646: I like it, would like it even more with better cloud integration.

647: Persistent on-screen panel would be nice. If you're going to "take inspiration from" OS X, just do it right and copy the whole damn thing.

648: I've been very hopeful since the first launch of Gnome 3, and have been using it daily since 3.2.

However, now it's beginning to feel like you've decided that your average user is a computer illiterate person with a tablet, and you're tailoring the entire DE around what you think this person wants to do - at the expense of the usability for everybody else.

In other words: You're turning into Windows - Easy to do "common tasks", difficult to do anything else.

649: Usability should be top priority.

650: I like the traditional desktop interface (panels). I tried cinnamon, and like it much more. If Gnome could take a leaf out of their book, I'd be very happy.

651: Removal of Type-Ahead-Find is the perfect example of how things should not done:
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=679900 (the removal itself)
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=680118 (reaction on this of users, misbehaviour of developers)

652: We love you!

653: Evolution should be more bullet proof against network failures

654: Backward compatible Gnome 3 so that previous versions of extensions and themes work.

655: Mind your users, not your ego!

656: Keep fallback session (no llvmpipe)

657: Separate tablet interface from traditional desktop, like the KDE project does.

658: Gnome 2.x was the right UI, Gnome 3.x / Gnome Shell unfortunately is not.

659: Keep advancing GNOME's innovative approach to the desktop without succumbing to the complains of the GNOME2 nostalgics.

660: Make a desktop for the users you have not possible future users. Incremental change, not revolution.

661: Without a dock, Gnome-Shell is useless for me. I use docky.
Switching between apps is very boring and a lost of time.
Don't forget big screens.

Except Gnome-Shell, I love all the others gnome apps.
Don-t give up, I still trust in the project.


662: There's no proper category organization of applications in gnome shell. By default you get a huge unorganized list of applications. The location of the categories on the right side of the screen is wrong: users need to go to the top left to open the Activities menu, then click on Applications, then go all the way right to select a category. This is very cumbersome, and a serious design error which is ignored in spite of complaints in bugzilla.

When you have things like Wine and Windows applications installed, it becomes even more of a mess. Lots of Windows applications install a menu item called "Uninstall". In KDE or the gnome-panel, this menu item would be in the submenu for the related application, but gnome-shell only has top level catagories and no sublevels, so you have no idea to which application this belongs.

663: More customize options will be better. For example, people may more like a dock like apple OSX than have to click activities to see the dock and another right click to create a new window if there is a instance of the app. It is too complicated, but I cannot decide the way it works.

A more stable long-support version maybe good.

664: Keep on the good work

665: I don't want my laptop screen to look like my phone. I need the laptop for work, and relaxation. Trying to make its screen into a big phone screen is just silly. They are vastly different in size, and used (mostly) for totally different things.

Gnome 2 was much easier to use then KDE, but now I find XFCE to be best.

666: I understand the new direction to unify the UI between different hardware. But don't stop work in the fallback mode. Hope you succeed with the new UI.

667: Bring more customization options to gnome (some ideas from popular extensions could be integrated, like dash to dock and a similar thing for virtual desktops).

Pay attention to the community feedback. Work on your communication and make it clear which direction you want to take with the gnome desktop.

Thank you very much for the good work :) I enjoy gnome every day

668: Window borders and task bar is TOO FAT, reduce dead space and put a taskbar.

Take lessons from pantheon and unity, gnome3 looks fat and bloated

669: Whichever compositor is used with GNOME 3 neuters my ability to play video smoothly through either VDPAU or XV output plugins in VLC, xine, and mplayer (I haven't tried/don't like any other players). Also, text in xterm is horribly disfigured in GNOME 3 due to the compositor (also visible in other environments like XFCE when 3D effects are enabled). I'm sure some of my problems are simple settings issues, but these bad experiences shouldn't be the default, and are why I always end up switching back to 2D-only XFCE after playing with the latest GNOME for a day or less.

For reference, I'm using (and always use) the proprietary NVIDIA driver.

670: Stop breaking shell and gtk themes and shell extensions with each new release.

Make gnome more friendly to mix of gnome stuff with third-party stuff (i'm thinking use of alternative window manager, support of indicators etc), to avoid balkanisation of the linux desktop.

And keep doing an awesome job !

671: Please, work on the resource-hunger of Gnome. The same laptop was running with ca. 5-10 Celsius less processortemperature in the gnome2-times - before opening any program that didn't start by default on gnome-startup.

672: better colaboration with KDE/Ubuntu/Mint team
more focus on desktop usability

673: You need to listen to your users.

674: Understand that powerusers using Gnome3 use extensions and tons of "hassle" to make Gnome3 as much similar to Gnome2, a more classical desktop.

Now I know and I'm sure Gnome3, Unity and so on are "involving" more "standard" users and maybe they are going to make *nix with more appeal to tablet and other device but really... what about that 1% user that have been your core-users group since... forever?

675: I want nautilus back (especially f3 option...)
Improve speed
continue integration of more cloud based services
Epiphany is useless. Why not just port chromium or Opera or Firefox to gtk3. Less work would be necessary and it would avoid me the pain to get another browser
more work on rhythmbox needed (more plugins, integration work spotify and deezer likes)

676: G3 has great features, but the configuration seems dumbed down for new users. There are so many configurations that I easily managed to do on G2, that seem impossible on G3, even after googling forever. I eventually gave up and reverted to xfce.
I really do like having a desktop, and don't believe it is incompatible with the G3 controls.
Intergration with other composting managers like compiz would be great

677: Ha! Where can I begin? Stop the project and let something else take over? Version 2 was a high light and version 3 is so bad I do not see any good future for the project and something else should take it's space.

678: Thanks a lot for GNOME 3, that's definitely better than GNOME 2 for me. With new lightweight applications (at least Mail/Calendar instead of Evolution) and other ones really integrated into the shell (gnome-terminal for example), that would be just perfect.

679: stop dumbing down.

680: 1. Butter smooth project like android (at windows animations etc)
2. Notifications are shown in two places - either in top bar or in bottom notification bar (confusing and frustrating).
3. add synapse project to gnome project (really fast search app)- something to use instead of alt+f2)
4. A quake style drop down console like quake console will be great.
5. Email + messenger notifications similar to unity. There is an extension for that, but it doesn't notify you for new messages.

681: better/complete configuration for example for buttons and the way alt-tab works and keep a history of notifications cause often I loose some of them by going down and up with mouse by mistake (this is the most disappointing thing)
for the rest I'm happy about GNOME 3 and I thank you a lot for your work

682: I'd like to use some kind of Software center/store app. over spartan Packagekit.

683: Don't remove "fallback mode" from GNOME 3. Put it on top of GL if you must, but it's the only OS X inspired UI that seems to have a clue about what it's attempting to copy. It's the only one that can be coaxed into something that properly leverages Fitt's law without wasting huge amounts of screen real estate. I don't want shiny bling; I want to get work done.

684: Please add gedit link to nautilus context menu

685: The alt+tab functionality when windows get grouped together, normally I want to quickly change between those, and with the recent functionality it is a bit slower.

686: I really looking forward the possibility to choose a wallpaper per (virtual)desktop.

687: I think its way better than gnome 2, the way it feels is that it was made for touch screen devices. The way you can navigate with the keyboard is awesome, i wish the same can be said for the mouse

688: Do not touch Nautilus.

Just don't.

689: Provide a stable API and SDK for gnome shell extensions (or users and developers will have to change extensions every new version).
Improve online accounts with more features (email notification, photo integration in shotwell, import calendar etc) and drop evolution once for all. It's old, unstable, slow and ugly.

For everything else: great job!

690: After all the negative comments on changes in Nautilus 3.6, I just would like to give some positive feedback: It's much better and more beautiful than the old version, in particular the search functionality -- though that is sometimes still a bit too slow. Before 3.6, I could navigate to subdirectories quickly by typing (the first) part of their name, now it waits for results from Tracker (I suppose that's how it works?) before showing anything. Maybe it could be changed to immediately show files and sudirs in the current directory and add Tracker results once they are there. Otherwise, great work!

Oh, and being able to reorder workspaces in the overview would be fantastic :-)

691: Listen more to users! And if GNOME devs really consider that GNOME is for the Desktop - they should really stop making it like more for tablets.
elementary OS Luna is something that should be considered as a nice touch of GNOME 3 so they should look at it in order to develop some of the good ideas there (if simplicity is so important in the end).

692: The removal of features from Nautilus is very worrying. Losing the bookmark ability and the split pane view was bad, since I use those. I'm already looking for an alternative file manager for the worst case that GNOME continues to remove features regardless of users needs.

If you can stop the feature removals then I will stick with Nautilus. Otherwise, I see no need to continue using a piece of software that will soon be nothing but bare bones.

693: In my opinion seperate concepts for a desktop enviroment and a tablet are a better way than throw it together. Please never make such a hard cut again. A slow transition from an enhanced classical desktop to a new concept would not result in such extreme criticism from the news mazines. I like the extension concept in Gnome3, but I have not enought livetime to figure out the best solution - the second thing is you don´t want to upgrade your distribution, cause you lose all your installed extensions.

694: Maybe it woild be nice to integrate some "Privacy Features" into Epiphany(Cookies, Java Skript, Track me not)!The new version is a real step back... I even dont know ow to set a startpage...

695: Stability, performance and configuration

696: Make Gnome portable to other platforms again.

697: For performance reasons, I can't use GNOME these days; I instead use awesome...

if GNOME were to be once-again responsive and fast, I may be able to use it again. Although I've come to enjoy awesome quite a bit, I may not at this point be able to go back.

698: On UIs Minimalism is always better than maximalism. Don't exaggerate any user need. Be simple, intuitive, yet keep a full set of features.

699: - Easy adding of custom launchers needs to be reintroduced.
- Language settings need improvement and integration to the new settings layout.
- Have still to get the online accounts feature to work properly, although the idea seems pretty awesome.
- More system settings need to be integrated.

700: The Gnome Shell extensions are hard to find, install or even trust. A good centralized repository, where the extensions are checked for malicious code and general behavior could be nice along with making it easy to install from within Ubuntu.

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