Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Under LLVM 2.9
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 26 March 2011. Page 2 of 3. 4 Comments

When beginning with the ioquake3-powered OpenArena game, LLVM 2.9 SVN was not any different from LLVM 2.8 when it comes to the LLVMpipe software driver performance. LLVM 2.8 and 2.9 were just one frame per second faster than LLVM 2.6/2.7. With the Intel Core i7 990X, OpenArena is playable using this software at resolutions up to and around 1024 x 768.

World of Padman at 1024 x 768 had also improved modestly from LLVM 2.7 to 2.8, but the performance is indifferent with LLVM 2.9 SVN.

With Warsow it's the same story, but even here LLVMpipe on the $999 USD Intel processor isn't fastest enough to do anything too useful at 640 x 480 for this game using the Qfusion engine.

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