Benchmarks Show Firefox 57 Quantum Doing Well, But Chrome Largely Winning
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 28 September 2017. Page 2 of 4. 89 Comments

Going from the current Firefox ESR release to the newly-minted Firefox 56.0 yielded a 20% boost in performance, but surprisingly the performance did regress under the new beta release of Firefox 57 (Quantum). But even with this regression, Google's Chrome 60 stable browser was much faster than any of the tested Firefox releases. Chrome 60 was about 21% faster than Firefox 56 on this Intel Linux ultrabook.

With the ARES-6 JavaScript benchmark there is a huge speed-up between Firefox 52 ESR and Firefox 56. With Firefox Quantum Beta, the performance is slightly better than the current stable release... With regards to the recent Mozilla comments about Quantum being twice as fast as a browser from one year ago (as with 52 ESR), that is accurate at least in some of these cases. While Firefox saw a huge speed-up recently with ARES-6, it remained much slower still than Chrome 60.

Going from Firefox 52 to 56 with Speedometer yielded a 59% increase in performance while moving onward to the Quantum Beta squeezed out an additional 11%. Chrome 60 meanwhile was 50% faster still than this week's beta of Firefox Quantum.

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