Xeon Gold 6250 vs. EPYC 7F32 - 8-Core Server CPU Performance On Ubuntu 20.04
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 18 May 2020. Page 3 of 9. 28 Comments

With the Nettle cryptography benchmarks the EPYC 7F32/7F52 jump out compared to the prior Xeon SKUs and this ended up matching the performance found by the 8c/16t Xeon Gold 6250 CPUs.

With Intel's oneDNN / MKL-DNN / DNNL software package the EPYC 7F32 was able to fend off the Xeon Gold 6250 in some of these sub-tests for this neural network library.

But in other DNNL/oneDNN cases the AVX-512 helped pick up more Cascade Lake victories for this popular Intel-developed open-source software library.

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