Xeon Gold 6250 vs. EPYC 7F32 - 8-Core Server CPU Performance On Ubuntu 20.04
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 18 May 2020. Page 2 of 9. 28 Comments

With the interconnect-focused HPCG benchmark the EPYC 7F32 performance came out 24~27% faster than the Xeon Gold 6250 in both 1P and 2P configurations. The EPYC 7F32 was right behind the Xeon Gold 6226R and Xeon Gold 5220R CPUs as well.

Meanwhile with NPB's Lower-Upper Gauss-Seidel solver, the performance was very close between both the Xeon Gold 6250 and EPYC 7F32 in both single and dual processor configurations.

The higher clock frequencies of the Xeon Gold 6250 did prove to be useful when running NAMD with the Xeon Gold 6250 coming out measurably faster than the EPYC 7F32.

One of the workloads where the EPYC 7Fx2 CPUs is performing better than the rest of the EPYC 7002 line-up is for the MrBayes molecular biology package. The other EPYC SKUs were slower than the Xeon Gold 6250 while the EPYC 7F32/7F52 did pull out ahead of that Cascade Lake processor.

Meanwhile the LAMMPS molecular dynamics simulator was performing much better with the Xeon Cascade Lake / Cascade Lake Refresh CPUs than Intel, which we've seen in the past due to AVX-512 optimizations, etc.

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