CompuLab Fitlet 2 Is A Mighty Fine, Low-Power PC Preloaded With Linux Mint
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 9 March 2018. Page 6 of 8. 13 Comments

When running PyBench for Python performance testing, the Fitlet2 continued performing in line with the pre-SandyBridge Core i3 CPUs, not bad for a 10 Watt Celeron chip today.

And there was similar performance out of PHPBench.

While the performance-per-Watt obviously is doing very well.

The Celeron J3455 is a bit slower for being a video encoding system but still performing better than the previous-generation Intel NUCs.

Its performance-per-Watt was actually the highest of the systems tested for x264 video encoding.

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