The CompuLab Airtop Continues Hitting Expectations As A High-Performance, Fanless PC
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 25 March 2016. Page 2 of 3. 13 Comments

Over the past month of using the Airtop PC, I've run into no thermal issues with the unit -- not even when running it while sitting at the top of a 24U rack or when running within the warm basement server room where the average temp is 70~75F (21~23C).

While running a variety of common CPU/GPU Linux benchmarks with the Airtop PC sitting on a desk in the server room, the average CPU temperature under load was 57C with a minimum of 40C and a maximum temperature of 76C.

The GPU temperature was 36C under idle and peaked at 83C during these tests. You can dig through that data via this result file.

For further beating the Airtop PC, I then ran some more demanding benchmarks for a greater duration of time... The Airtop PC still does well.

With this latest tests, even when running demanding multi-threaded benchmarks, the Core i7 5775C Broadwell wasn't breaking 80C. Again, the room temperature was around 22~23C.

The only time the GeForce GTX 950 ever got really warm with a peak of 87C was when loading it up with a ton of OpenCL compute benchmarks. The rest of the time, however, even when running Linux games, the passively-cooled GTX 950 temperature was very modest. You can dig through all of that data and the raw performance results via this result file.

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