GCC 4.6/4.7/4.8 ARMv7 Compiler Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Software on 21 October 2012. Page 3 of 4. 1 Comment

GCC 4.7 for ARMv7 Linux seems to regress noticeably for the Hiemno workload between GCC 4.6.3 and GCC 4.7.2 on Ubuntu 12.10.

There isn't much change out of 7-Zip compression.

C-Ray sees a dramatic performance improvement between GCC 4.6 and 4.7, but this isn't anything ARM-specific. As shown in many other Phoronix articles by now, GCC 4.7 boasted some very impressive performance improvements compared to GCC 4.6 for both x86 and ARM when it comes to this multi-threaded ray-tracer.

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