Testing EXT4 & Btrfs On A Serial ATA 3.0 SSD
Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 16 September 2011. Page 3 of 5. Add A Comment

EXT4 continued to reign over Btrfs, this time for a six client Dbench run. The Btrfs performance did improve when using the compression mount options and when enabling space_cache, but it was not able to make a dent in the lead of the EXT4 file-system. However, based upon the reported transfer speeds, some memory caching ended up being used.

When upping it to 12 Dbench clients, Btrfs still was not able to compete with EXT4 on the blazing fast SSD, but as indicated by the EXT4 file-system speed above 600MB/s on SATA 3.0, some caching was involved with system memory.

Btrfs still fell behind EXT4 on the OCZ SSD, except when LZO compression was used for the first FS-Mark test run. Zlib compression was actually detrimental to the Btrfs file-system performance with this workload. The other non-compression mount options did not affect the performance a great deal.

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