Btrfs Zstd Compression Benchmarks On Linux 4.14
Written by Michael Larabel in Storage on 13 November 2017. Page 2 of 4. 24 Comments

With the PostgreSQL tests, the test was filling without Btrfs compression due to failing up the entire 120GB SSD.. But of the compression options, Zstd was the fastest here in the single-threaded writes.

Zstd and LZO were consuming less of the CPU than Zlib compression.

When running PostgreSQL with "normal load", Zstd compression remained much faster than Zlib and LZO.

While the Core i7 6800K Broadwell CPU utilization results continued looking good for Zstd.

With the on-disk heavy contention test for PostgreSQL, Zstd continued performing much better than LZO and Zlib.

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