Turning A Basement Into A Big Linux Server Room
Written by Michael Larabel in Computers on 29 March 2015. Page 7 of 10. 36 Comments

Finally it was time to start building a lot of the servers, etc.

I've already written about some of the server equipment purchased. The initial rack cabinets are three 42U StarTech server racks. The most common 4U cases used are this $50 4U server chassis while the micro-ATX systems are within these low-cost 2U server cases. Due to the system components being stationary, rails weren't important and was working to keep the costs low.

These TP-Link TL-SG1016 16-port Gigabit network switches were used on each of the racks. They're low-cost at Amazon, passively-cooled, Gigabit, and have been working out fine for my needs.

A few different rackmount power strips were used.

The systems in this Linux benchmarking farm range from older, low-end hardware to Haswell Xeon systems and various low-power systems. There's also more systems still to be commissioned.

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