Anonabox Tunneler & Anonabox Pro: Helping You Stay Anonymous Online
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 28 May 2016. Page 2 of 3. 4 Comments

The Anonabox Tunneler serves as a personal VPN router, offers integrated VPN support, is designed for business travelers to provide secure Internet access while traveling, and is also marketed as helping bypass content blockers by governments / workplaces / schools. Anonabox partnered with HideMyAss VPN and VyprVPN for security and encryption: a free 30-day trial to both VPN services is provided with the device.

The Tunneler VPN Router supports 802.11n WiFi (unfortunately there isn't 802.11ac) and is powered by a 400MHz Atheros AR9311 MIPS CPU with 64MB of RAM and 16MB of flash memory. The device runs OpenWRT. The Tunneler currently retails for $99 USD.

Anonabox Pro is a $119 USD device and continues to support HideMyAss and VpyrVPN plus the other capabilities of the Tunneler plus more. The PRO adds a USB port for file sharing, .onion hosting, bridge and relay support, and Tor access. The Anonabox Pro has only 802.11n WiFi but it features better hardware than the tunneler with having an Atheros QCA9531 MIPS SoC running at 650MHz, 128MB of memory, and 64MB of flash memory. Like the other Anonabox products, the Pro is powered too by OpenWRT Linux.

For just $20 more than the Tunneler, the Anonabox Pro offers a lot more functionality -- unless you are just after a VPN device, in which case the Tunneler can fulfill all of your needs and especially if using this for business purposes and your boss/management might be concerned about devices mentioning "Tor" or "deep web", etc. These devices are much more featureful than the original Anonabox that basically acted as just a Tor client. If you want to compare the Anonabox offerings for yourself, you can see their router comparison page.

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