RADV vs. AMDVLK vs. Radeon Software Vulkan Driver Performance - October 2018 Linux Gaming
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 4 October 2018. Page 2 of 4. 38 Comments

The RX 580 performance with Dota 2 on Vulkan was basically the same across the tested drivers while for the latest-generation Vega is where there still is some benefit to AMDVLK/PRO. RADV has picked up various Vega/GFX9 optimizations with time, but it looks like there still is more work to go. As well, it looks like in this game there still is some room for improvement within the AMDGPU LLVM back-end.

Dawn of War 3 was crashing with the PRO Vulkan driver in Radeon Software 18.30 while between RADV and AMDVLK the performance was similar for these Polaris and Vega GPUs.

The PRO Vulkan driver also ran into problems running F1 2017 while at least AMDVLK and RADV were running fine. AMDVLK did have some small performance advantages over RADV for this Vulkan-powered Linux-ported racing game.

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