A Closer Look At The AMDVLK vs. RADV vs. AMDGPU-PRO Vulkan Performance
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 27 December 2017. Page 3 of 4. 25 Comments

Onto Vulkan Linux gaming, here are the Dota 2 numbers at 4K with the five different GPUs. AMDVLK/AMDGPU-PRO does very well with Vega while for other cards the RADV driver was within frames of this official AMD driver.

The CPU utilization recordings by the Phoronix Test Suite during the automated benchmarking with Dota 2 showed that RADV did appear to yield lower CPU utilization than AMDVLK/AMDGPU-PRO.

Meanwhile, RADV was much more competitive -- and sometimes winning -- with Mad Max on Vulkan.

While the CPU usage for Mad Max between the three drivers didn't yield any surprising differences.

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