9-Way AMD Radeon Comparison On Ubuntu With Catalyst 14.1 Beta
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 13 February 2014. Page 1 of 6. 13 Comments

For those curious how AMD's Catalyst Linux performance is doing as we get 2014 underway with the first Catalyst 14.1 beta, here are benchmarks from nine different AMD Radeon graphics cards under Ubuntu Linux and running this latest publicly available driver when looking at both the OpenGL graphics and OpenCL compute performance.

The Catalyst 14.1 Beta Linux graphics driver was released earlier this month and now for your viewing pleasure today are a range of Radeon GPU benchmarks using this driver while running Ubuntu 13.10 with the mainline Linux 3.12 kernel. The graphics cards tested included in this article were the:

- Radeon HD 6450
- Radeon HD 6770
- Radeon HD 6870
- Radeon HD 6950
- Radeon HD 7850
- Radeon HD 7950
- Radeon R7 260X
- Radeon R9 270X
- Radeon R9 290

It's an interesting range of recent AMD graphics processors. This article is actually part of a much bigger hardware review in the days ahead; in that future Linux hardware review on Phoronix will be these AMD Radeon GPUs plus all of the NVIDIA GeForce graphics card testing and of other new hardware. Stay tuned for the most exciting content to come while this article is going out today since we haven't run any Catalyst 14.1 Beta 1 benchmarks in the days prior.

Of course, thanks to the power of the Phoronix Test Suite and OpenBenchmarking.org you can easily see how your own system's performance compares to all of these tested graphics cards in many Linux OpenGL and OpenCL benchmarks. To see how the performance compares, simply install the Phoronix Test Suite on your own Linux platform and then simply run phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1402126-PL-RADEONCAT14 to facilitate the automated downloading, setup, configuration, execution, and analysis of these results side-by-side against your own system.

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