AMD Cool 'n' Quiet, Turbo Core Impact On Linux
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 16 November 2011. Page 6 of 7. 8 Comments

In the OpenArena game, which is single-threaded, the game's frame-rate was boosted by 8%. Cool n Quiet barely hurt the game's frame-rate, which was already several hundred FPS...

...but the CPU temperature remained higher with Turbo Core due to its elevated frequency.

The Nexuiz frame-rate went up by about 8% as well with Turbo Core 2.0. COol 'n' Quiet was not detrimental to the system's performance, as some have feared in the past due to the (small) amount of time that it takes the processor to return to its default frequency when under pressure.

The Unigine Tropics test, which is taxing on the GPU and its engine is multi-threaded, was not benefited by Turbo Core on the FX-8150 platform.

Looking at the CPU frequency during this process shows the GPU being the bottleneck and that Cool 'n' Quiet was commonly able to drop the operating frequency when running this tech demo / benchmark.

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