AMD FirePro V8750 2GB
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 6 August 2009. Page 4 of 7. 3 Comments

We briefly looked at the thermal performance of the FirePro V8700. We monitored the RV770 core temperature on the V8750 (through the OverDrive interface) and system temperatures (through the LM_Sensors interface) with the Phoronix Test Suite while running SPECViewPerf 10 for 27 minutes. Below are the results.

The FirePro V8750 in this EATX system ran between 76°C and the low 80s, which is warm, but still within reason for this ATI graphics processor. While the temperatures may seem high, the fan on this graphics card is very quiet. The GPU temperature was also quite stable even while under load.

Starting off by taking a look at the OpenGL performance with VDrift, the FirePro V8700 and V8750 both performed at about the same speed as the Radeon HD 4870 X2, which was 90 frames per second. The older FireGL V8600 was well behind with just an average of 47 frames per second.

With the 3DS Max performance as measured by the SPECViewPerf 9 test case, the FirePro V8750 was just slightly faster than the FireGL V8600, but further ahead of the FirePro V8700. Of course, beginning with these heavy workstation tasks is where the dual-GPU Radeon HD 4870 X2 begins to fallback.

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