AMD FirePro V8700 1GB
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 13 March 2009. Page 5 of 10. 18 Comments

With the 3DS Max test in SPECViewPerf 9, the ATI FirePro V8700 was slightly ahead of the FireGL V8600. While based around the same GPU core, the Radeon HD 4870 only ran at about 60% the speed of the FirePro V8700.

The FirePro V8700 started to pull further away from the FireGL V8600 when with the Maya test run. The consumer HD 4870 had a weighted geometric mean here of just 26 where as the FirePro was at 215.

The SPECViewPerf 9 Light test was slightly in favor of the FireGL V8600 with about a 2% lead over the FirePro workstation graphics card. To no surprise, the consumer-grade RV770XT continued to fall behind.

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