AMD Catalyst Linux OpenGL Driver Now Faster Than Catalyst Windows Driver In Some Tests
Written by Phoronix Media in Operating Systems on 2 January 2015. Page 4 of 4. 52 Comments

With Unigine Tropics, the Catalyst Linux vs. Windows results came out the same while this is one of the more demanding OpenGL tests where the open-source Radeon Linux driver is still trying to play catch up.

While Tropics ran at the same performance for Catalyst between Windows and Linux, with the older Sanctuary test Windows 7 seemed to have the upper-hand on many of the graphics cards.

Well, that's the short story for the current AMD performance levels with the latest open and closed-source drivers on Linux compared to Microsoft Windows with Catalyst 14.12 Omega. Stay tuned for more Windows vs. Linux results shortly and be sure to let us know what else you would like to see on Phoronix in 2015.

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