AMD Athlon's R3 Graphics: RadeonSI Gallium3D vs. Catalyst
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 15 April 2014. Page 2 of 5. 13 Comments

Within this article aren't any Source Engine benchmarks since the HL2: Lost Coast / Portal / Team Fortress 2 / Counter-Strike: Source tests since they failed to launch on the open-source drivers due to an DRI3 XCB error. However, an article coming out in the next day or two is specifically looking at the Source Engine performance with Catalyst on Linux to see the viability of these AM1 APUs for Steam Machines.

While OpenArena was already made three times faster with the Athlon 5350 Radeon R3 Graphics when upgrading the kernel and Mesa, its performance still doesn't match the Catalyst driver. The binary Catalyst driver for this new hardware was still close to 50% faster than the best-case scenario with the open-source driver of the Linux 3.14 kernel and Mesa 10.2-devel.

When running Unigine Sanctuary on this ~$60 APU, the Catalyst driver was still 20% faster than the best-case numbers from the open-source driver.

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