The New AMD GPU Open-Source Driver On Linux 4.2 Works, But Still A Lot Of Work Ahead
Written by Michael Larabel in Display Drivers on 25 July 2015. Page 3 of 5. 12 Comments

Even with lack of power management for Tonga on Linux 4.2 with AMDGPU, I still decided to run a few initial open vs. closed-source driver benchmarks on the Radeon R9 285. With the Linux 4.2 Git + Mesa 10.7-devel Git from Alex Deucher's AMDGPU branch + Alex's libdrm branch + LLVM 3.8.0 SVN I ran my fresh AMDGPU benchmarks. The Catalyst driver tests on the same hardware and Ubuntu 15.04 operating system were done with Catalyst 15.7.

Most of the common tests ran fine with the RadeonSI driver in conjunction with the AMDGPU kernel driver exposing OpenGL 3.3 support.

However, for Xonotic with demanding visual settings did yield some stability issues and a lot of schedule IB / BO_VA errors from the AMDGPU driver on Linux 4.2 Git. I also ran into a hang on the R9 285 with AMDGPU while running Furmark with similar driver errors.

All of these initial AMDGPU vs. Catalyst benchmarks were run via the open-source Phoronix Test Suite software.

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