The AMD Radeon R9 Fury Is Currently A Disaster On Linux
Written by Michael Larabel in Graphics Cards on 29 July 2015. Page 8 of 10. 82 Comments

Next up are the thermal and power consumption data as automatically logged by the Phoronix Test Suite.

Here's a reminder of the CS:GO data at 4K.

The Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury had an average temp of 57C with a peak of 63 while running this popular Source Engine game. The average and peak temperatures were a nice improvement over the Radeon R9 290 graphics card.

This Core i7 5960X Haswell-E system with the Radeon R9 Fury peaked at 338 Watts while running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while the average power draw was 222 Watts. The average power use of the GTX 980 Ti meanwhile was 255, but with much better results, and the R9 290 averaged out to 231 Watts.

Thus in looking at the energy efficiency of the Sapphire Radeon R9 Fury, it came out ahead of the Radeon R9 290 Hawaii but behind all of the GeForce GTX 700/900 series hardware, thanks to the poor Catalyst OpenGL performance on Linux.

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