AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X / 3960X Linux Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 25 November 2019. Page 5 of 14. 34 Comments

In the Golang benchmark which isn't multi-threaded it shows the significant generational improvement in performance from Threadripper 2970WX/2990WX to 3960X/3970X.

Similarly, the Java-based Renaissance benchmarks show a huge leap in generational performance for these new Threadripper processors.

The Rust Prime benchmark showed a significant improvement in Threadripper performance but this was one of the rare cases where the Core i9 10980XE came out the strongest.

The Rscript workload is another case albeit single-threaded where the Core i9 10980XE was faster than the new Threadripper parts while the Ryzen 9 3900X was the fastest.

For Python scripting performance, the Threadripper 3960X/3970X now roughly match the Core i9 10980XE Cascade Lake performance where in the past AMD has tended to well trail the Intel results.

Even Perl benchmarks show a nice generational improvement with the new Threadripper processors.

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