AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X & 2970WX Linux Performance Benchmarks
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 29 October 2018. Page 6 of 11. 24 Comments

Prime number benchmarking? Yep, Threadripper 2 is running strong on Ubuntu 18.10.

Some Rustlang benchmarks were recently added to the Phoronix Test Suite / One of the most surprising results to the downside was the AMD processors performing significantly slower than Intel CPUs with this simple prime number benchmark in Rust. Though this Rustlang test is a bit peculiar itself in that the 7960X comes out ahead of the 7980XE.

Granted there are also cases on the other end where in workloads like the M-Queens test profile for N-Queens, Threadripper easily dominates over the Intel Core i9 CPUs.

In OpenSSL signing performance, the Threadripper 2920X came in a bit lower than expected with it competing with the Core i9 9900K while the Threadripper 2970WX was competing with the much more expensive Core i9 7980XE.

On a performance-per-Watt basis, the Intel CPUs had a small lead over the tested AMD parts with the exception of the 2990WX.

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