Benchmarking Amazon's Graviton2 Performance With 64 Neoverse N1 Cores Against Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 15 May 2020. Page 5 of 12. 33 Comments

With the OpenMP-threaded GraphicsMagick there was much better performance on the M6g instance types over M5 and M5a. It's important to keep in mind with the Xeon/EPYC instance types to get to the same vCPU count, SMT/HT is being relied upon while for Graviton2 instances they are all backed by physical cores without SMT.

The M6g performance did come up short for John The Ripper but still much better than what was seen out of the original Graviton CPUs.

While not impressed by the original Graviton CPUs, with Graviton2 the performance is a hell of a lot better.

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