Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooled Case
Written by David Lin in Enclosures on 14 January 2008. Page 4 of 7. 1 Comment

The water cooling system is installed very professionally. It includes a 400 L/hr pump, 1200mL Gigabyte coolant, a reservoir, 120mm radiator, pre-installed tubing, a manifold, and flow meter. The system uses a clamp-barb system, which is generally preferred over push-in plugs. Push-in plugs have more of a chance of leaking than clamp barb systems. The manifold allows two additional blocks to be installed. All of the barbs have valves which make additional components very easy to install. The 120mm radiator has two 120mm fans attached in a push-pull configuration to maximize cooling. However, since the space in the top compartment is limited, they are mounted flush with the radiator. Usually this means that the fans will be QUITE loud when operating at a reasonable speed. When we fired up the fans to high, I was instantly reminded of the Vantec Tornados from the past.

Gigabyte has also fitted the system with a loud screechy low-water level alarm. This will help prevent overheating due to lack of liquid circulating through the system. The water block in this system looks to be a low resistance, high-flow block.

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