Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooled Case
Written by David Lin in Enclosures on 14 January 2008. Page 3 of 7. 1 Comment

In order to minimize the installation time, the water cooling system arrives completely assembled. Thus the water block is secured to the center of the motherboard tray in order to prevent damage during shipping. The insides of the case seem to also be made of aluminum. The locking mechanism for the 5.25" drive bays is different from many other cases on the market. You simply slide in the drive, push the white bar forward, and the lock down the tab by pushing downwards. The tubing is elegantly routed along parts of the case and are completely unobtrusive. It would be almost impossible to make a custom installation that matches this design. Instead of using the usual screw-down PCI card bracket, Gigabyte has made use of a tool-less clip style retention bracket. These aren't often used cases, but it's nothing too new. It can be a convenient feature but we found it to be a little annoying at times, because all cards have to be nicely aligned before the clip is locked down. This can be rather hard to do with, say, three PCI cards, and a massive PCI-E graphics card.

In the back of the case, there are two 120mm exhaust fans. The 3.5" drive bay on the bottom right of the case features a tool-less, push-in rail system. In order to install a hard drive, simply push the rails onto the sides of the drive and slide it into the rail.

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