DXG USA DXG-110 10MP Digital Camera
Written by Michael Larabel in Peripherals on 1 January 2008. Page 1 of 8. 3 Comments

Normally at Phoronix we don't look at any digital photography products, but the DXG-110 from DXG USA had caught our attention as being the first 10 megapixel digital camera available for under $200 USD (it retails for $170 to be exact). Higher megapixel cameras are often misinterpreted by consumers as meaning a higher quality product, while that is not always the case and with the DXG-110 you shouldn't set out looking to take professional-grade photographs. In this article we are also looking at some of the photo management programs available to Linux users.

From the press release to the product web-page, the 10 megapixel CCD sensor is advertised heavily, but some of the other features include a 2.5" TFT display, 3x optical zoom (4x digital zoom), 30 FPS of VGA video with sound support, and 32MB of internal flash memory. While many of you are probably not familiar with the DXG brand, the 10MP CCD sensor is manufactured by Panasonic. New to DXG cameras are also automatic contrast management, dynamic fill lighting, and an advanced flash control system. With this camera, you will also find other features common to consumer cameras such as TV-Out support for displaying the photographs, self-timer, face detection, and auto-focus.

The DXG-110 box was quite small and found inside were two AA alkaline batteries, wrist strap, DXG camera case, the 10MP camera itself, a USB/TV-Out cable, user manual, DXG sticker, DXG warranty information, and the DXG-110 CD. For what it's worth, included on the DXG-110 CD was VideoWorks and Mr. Photo Platinum Edition software, which is of very little use to Linux users. The included accessories were fine for being a budget camera, but be forewarned that the included batteries aren't rechargeable. No SD/MMC memory card is included but there is 32MB of onboard memory.

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