Corsair TX750 750W
Written by Michael Larabel in Power Supplies on 25 November 2007. Page 3 of 4. 1 Comment


We had installed the Corsair TX750 in a very power hungry system. The system hardware included two Intel Xeon E5320 Quad-Core "Clovertown" processors, 4GB of DDR2-533 FB-DIMM RAM, an ATI Radeon HD 2900XT, Seagate 160GB Serial ATA 2.0 hard drive, Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card, Tyan Tempest i5000XT motherboard, Sony DVD-RW, and Sony DVD-ROM. All of this hardware was housed inside of a SilverStone Temjin TJ09 chassis. When installing the TX750 in this case, we hadn't run into any problems and the cables were of adequate length.

In operation the Corsair TX750 was extremely quiet and hadn't run into any stability problems or issues related to the voltage. This test system was running Ubuntu 7.10 with the Linux 2.6.22 kernel. We had monitored its voltage while idling within the GNOME desktop. Load voltages were recorded after running Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for 30 minutes. These voltages were recorded using a digital multimeter.

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