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For the Flash Survivor GT, Corsair had used CNC-milled, anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. However, for the ATV Turbo, OCZ had gone with a rubber housing. Flash drives with a rubber exterior are not new, as we have seen them before on the Corsair Flash Voyager series as well as with the ATP ToughDrive. However, the rubber on the ATV Turbo did appear to be denser than the other flash drives we have used.

On the side of the ATV Turbo are rubber treads while on the front of the flash drive is the ATV Turbo moniker and on the rear is the OCZ Technology URL. This flash drive also has an orange LED status light for indicating connectivity/data transfers. The bit of rubber found at the end of the flash drive connected via a chain is designed to prevent you from losing the USB cap when the ATV Turbo is in use.

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