Intel Celeron D
Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 13 November 2004. Page 4 of 6. Add A Comment

The first benchmark we ran in this review was Apache Benchmark. Apache Benchmark is a tool designed for displaying how many requests per second the Apache server can handle. For our testing, we used time ab -n 25000 http://localhost/test.html. Rather than gathering the average time per request, we used the total time required for 25,000 requests. The HTML file used was a simple 2KB file with some standard HTML markup.

Another common task in Linux is to create tar archives. For this benchmark, we measured the amount of time it took to create a tar archive of a 617MB FedoraCore ISO. We also measured the time required to extract that same archive.

Yet another task, which is generally quite CPU intensive, we measured the time required to compile LAME (3.96.1).

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