Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 EATX
Written by David Lin in Enclosures on 1 August 2007. Page 4 of 6. Add A Comment

After the power supply was in place, it was time to put in the hard drives. The drive mounts remind us of hot-swap mounts that used to be in old server tower cases. There is a bar that acts as a handle that allows you to pull the drive out (after removing the securing screw of course). However, the drive rail system is rather rough in my opinion; Antec's solution was much smoother and more elegant in the P180 hard drive boxes. The design in this case is aluminum with a plastic film attached. The drive mounts, of course, have rubber grommets since this is a silence-oriented case. Ruling out custom suspension mounts, this is one of the more effective solutions.

The last thing we needed to do before we connected all the power is to install the DVD-RW drive. There is no drive rail system needed here. All you do is push the drive in the space, align it, press the blue button on the drive cage, and you are done. I have only seen such a clever mounting system once before, in a Foxconn TP-544 case.

Now that all of the major pieces are in place, the Gigabyte 8800GTS can be inserted, sound card seated, and power cables connected (yes, this part was easier said than done). Everything is now in place, time to test it out. Note for water-cooling: This case also has two predrilled holes for tubing. It looks like it will be able to take 1/2" tubing which is a nice touch.

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